Diamond Platnumz and Fally Ipupa Net Worth 2020
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Diamond Platnumz and Fally Ipupa net worth who is richer? Did you know that both stars are worth more than $22,123,627 combined?

Diamond Platnumz and Fally Ipupa Net Worth 2020
Fally Ipupa and Diamond Platnumz


Music in Africa continues to evolve and with it some great talents.


What is Fally Ipupa’s net worth?

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What is Diamond Platinumz’s net worth?

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and today you and I will be diving into Fally Ipupa and Diamond Platnumz net worth 2020 to see who is richer.


Okay, that’s just the tips of the iceberg… 



So what will you get from today’s post? 



A short answer would be A LOT! 



Here is what you will get from this post on Diamond Platnumz and Fally Ipupa net worth 2020



Here what you know about these two greats! 



  • Diamond Platnumz brief bio


  • Who is he


  • Where did he school 


  • How did his career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • What is his source of income 


  • How much is he worth 


  • Fally Ipupa brief bio 


  • Who is he 


  • Where did he school 


  • How did Fally Ipupa career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • What is his source of income 


  • How much is Fally Ipupa worth 


  • Who is the richest between Fally Ipupa and Diamond Platnumz 


  • Conclusion 



This post will break everything down that you need to know about who is the richest between Diamond Platnumz and Fally Ipupa



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Now let’s dive in, shall we? 



Diamond Platnumz Brief Bio 


A couple of days back I was playing one of Diamond Platnumz’s latest songs Jeje which was produced by Kel P. 



I love that track honestly and I really think you should listen to whenever you have the time. 


It has this really nice sound on my beats by Dre. 



I spoke about that song because it reminded me why Diamond is one of the most decorated stars in Tanzania. 



Diamond has won several awards on the road to success. 



and also I feel like he is one of the artists in Africa with the most international features. 



Speaking of features did you know he featured the ex Psquare duo in a song titled Kidogo? 



To date I still find myself playing that song over and over again. 



but wait let’s jump into Who this guy is for those of us that do not know him too well. 



Who is He 



You and I while spending a little time on YouTube must have stumbled upon the name Diamond Platnumz right? 



I don’t know about you but that’s how I found out about him because I was a huge fan of Psquare from day one. 



Then one day I was on YouTube and I the headline Diamond Platnumz ft Psquare. 



That drew my curiosity Anthena, you may understand that. curiosity you get when you see your favorite artist in a new song right? 

Diamond Platnumz Net Worth 2020


Well, it was the exact same thing I felt… 



I quickly hit the play button to find out what was in store for me… 



I can’t tell you that’s the moment I took a liking to Platnumz and his songs. 



I don’t even understand some of his lyrics but I have to say the guy is good. 



He can dance, knows how to flow and keep you glued to your screen with his quality videos. 



These days it becomes difficult to even know the name of your favorite artists. 



because fame in most cases has hidden the real name… 



If you take an artist like Wizkid from Nigeria, I would bet that without doing a Google search. some of his fans won’t be able to know his real name. 



and this brings me to ask you what is the real name of Diamond Platnumz? 



Diamond goes by the birth name Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack… 



but you and I, I believe we could settle for Diamond Platnumz since that’s. what the world now knows him by. 



So what year was the Tanzania singer born? 



Diamond was born in the year 1989 precisely on the 2nd of October in Tandale Dar es Salaam which is located in the Eastern part of Africa. 



Tanzania to be exact is the country of the African superstar… 



Diamond Platnumz currently has been having issues with his wife. 



both divorced after the wife of the singer claimed he is having an affair outside their marriage. 



Tanasha Donna is the culprit whom Diamond had an affair with and both have a son together. 


A situation which during an interview according to Tuko, Tanasha said it was never her plan. to get pregnant for the Tanzania star. 



and Ali Kiba may have shot an arrow to the chest of Diamond as he decided that. this would be a good time to hit Diamond by using his wife as a video vixen. 

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When there is no artist without controversies in their word. 



As a matter of fact it’s show business and people want you to show them about your life. 


So who is Diamond Platnumz? 



Diamond Platnumz is a Tanzania singer, songwriter, dancer and a businessman. 



and currently one of the best and most successful artist from Tanzanian. who made the list of African richest musicians in 2020



I remember when he featured Davido on his hit song Number one. 



I mean that song was a hit and Nigerian singer star Davido killed his line really hard. 



Where Did Diamond Platnumz School 


Diamond Platnumz joins the list of artists who had it rough while growing up. 


I mean the singer and his mom had to rent out their apartment so that the bills can be paid. 



In so doing, Diamond was able to attend Tandale Magharib’s primary school. 


By 2002 he was able to graduate with a primary school leaving certificate. 



However, his decision to further his secondary educated saw a bit of hurdle. 



but mama Diamond was persistent and wished his son well through secondary school. 



Mothers have this instinct of survival, at least in my own opinion. 



I have seen lots of mothers single-handedly raise their son into a millionaire. 



I guess that could be the reason while as kids grow up they are so attached to their mothers. 



Having said let’s transition into how his amazing career started… 



How Did His Career Start 


The career of Diamond Platnumz is one filled with bumps in every turn. 



but when you have a mother that’s willing to assist you on the road to success. you can be sure the sky is your limit. 



Diamond Platnumz developed a passion for music during his primary school days. 


As a kid growing up, thinking, breathing and living music was all he did think about. 



So did you know what his mother did? 



He literally bought him records from several artists worldwide. 


She would take Diamond Platnumz to shows with the hope that one day fortune would smile upon her son. 


Yeah, the truth is there were some who thought he should concentrate on his education. 



but after high school, the singer decided to dip a toe in the water and released his debut album in 2010.



but hit songs like number one really shot Diamond Platnumzs career above the roof. 


The song did so well that it literally garnered millions of views on YouTube. 



Take a look at this screenshot… 

Number one by Diamond Platnumz YT views


That’s the number of views on YouTube and Number one was one of the key deciding moment which shot the artist to stardom. 



Album and Songs 



I don’t know about you but with a decade of experience in your boots, I am positive the sky is your limit. 



Well, Kwamkambe is Diamond debut studio album that quickly racked up some good streams. 


and then in 2012, he released Lala Salama which had a total of 10 tracks. 



Diamond continued to soar to heights which have seen him pick up the title of the most popular artist in Central and East Africa.



and this also helped increase the net worth of Diamond Platnumz in dollars altogether. 



Here are some of his albums on bullet points you have missed… 


  • Kwamkambe released 2010


  • Lala Salama released 2012


  • A Boy from Tandale


Well, Diamond Platnumz net worth 2020 may have been increased by some of the aforementioned albums. but is that the only source of his wealth? 


In other to answer this question, let’s see where his money comes from shall we? 



What is the Source of his Income 



Diamond is a dancer, a singer a songwriter and a businessman right? 



Well, this means most of his money comes from endorsement deals with big brands. 



Did you know that he currently has an endorsement deal with Pepsi? 


and also that he makes money from a number of shows? 



Diamond Platnumz currently charges between $4000 to $7000 for shows. 



and of this, these couple with his amazing hit songs have helped to improve Diamond Platnumz’s net worth in Dollars. 



If that’s the case then how much is he worth then right? 


let’s find out in the next subheading, shall we? 



How Much is Diamond Platnumz Net Worth 2020



Okay, I know you are still trying to wrap your head around some of the details right? 



but when I converted Diamond Platnumz net worth in Shilling to dollars, here is what I got:



I got a whopping 6 million US Dollars…



Yes, there are names like Davido in the Africa music industry with bigger net worths but Diamond has been flying you could say that right? 



what is the net worth of Diamond Platnumz? Diamond Platnumz net worth is on a constant rise and here at SMCE, we estimate Dimaond Platnumz current net worth to be $6 million. This is the value gotten after converting Tanzania Shilling to a dollar. 



and here is some details you may have missed… 



  • Real Name: Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack


  • Stage Name: Diamond Platnumz 


  • Date of Birth: October 2nd, 1989


  • Nationality: Tanzania 


  • Occupation: Musician 


  • Source of Wealth: Music, endorsement, and shows 


Net Worth: $6 Million 



Okay, I am done with Diamond now, let’s transition into Fally Ipupa… 



I know you can’t wait… 


but be patient you hear me… 

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It’s going to be fun. 



Fally Ipupa Brief Bio


Hmmm, Fally Ipupa! 


What can I say about this guy other than he is the great one. 



I mean music in Africa has evolved right to that point when there are some names in the industry you just have to love and respect. 


Fally Ipupa Net Worth 2020

Among such names alongside Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomude, will the name Fally Ipupa echo. 



This is because you and I have enjoyed his soukous for years and we still do right? 



One of his most recent works came in 2019 when he was featured on the Diamond Platnumz Inama track



I literally woke at about 3 AM that night to check my YouTube channel. 



Then suddenly YouTube bombarded me with this notification Diamond Platnumz ft Fally Ipupa Inama. 



Mind you I was subscribed to both their channels so it wasn’t like YT just bombarded me for no reason. 



I clicked on the track and there these two great were doing their thing. 



I was speechless because I got glued from the beginning of the song right to the end. 



The dance moves were just a killer and the video was words beyond amazing. 



Wait, I am not kidding when I said the video was entertaining so check it out below. 



Fally Ipupa first came on my radar back when he was featured on J Martins Jukpa video. 



and right from that moment, I kept track of everything the singer has done leading right up to this moment. 






It’s not stalking, it’s a crazy attitude with fans! 



and despite being a Nigerian I am fascinated by how he sings and dances. 



Fally Ipupa over his more than a decade career has received lots of awards as well as endorsement deals. 



and did I forget to tell you that he was signed by the biggest music label in the world? 



Can you guess? 



Well, it’s UMG which is an acronym for Universal Music Group



It is one of the biggest music company in the world with operation in more than 50 countries globally. 

How Much is Fally Ipupa Net Worth


and yes it’s the same company that signed Tiwa Savage Mavin ex-Queen. 



Now let’s get to know a bit more about Fally Ipupa net worth. 



but first  you would love to know of the tiny details about this guy right? 



I will give it to you in a bit… 



Who is He



Frankly, I have to say prior to writing this blog post I can almost swear I only knew his stage name. 



and that’s Fally Ipupa… 


Don’t blame me, okay? 



I may be a fan but I really didn’t know his name until I decided to put pen to paper to write this post. 



Now, how’s that for truth? 



Even the likes of Davido who is one of the richest singers in Nigeria, I do sometimes forget his name. 



It’s common because their stage name is how musicians are mostly addressed all their life. 



but you are free to make an argument if you think otherwise. 



I have said that what is the real name of Fally Ipupa because I am sure you are burning to ask me. 



Here is your answer! 



Fally Ipupa’s real name is Fally Ipupa N’simba…



and he was born on the 14th of December 1977 in DR Congo with Kinshasa being the singer’s hometown. 



Sometimes in February Fally held a concert that commanded 20,000 people in attendance in Paris. 



and after the singer’s performance, he took to his Instagram handle thanking all of his fans for a memorable experience. 



Especially because he made history as the first DRC musician to have performed in Paris in over 2 decades. 



Fally Ipupa won a couple of awards in France all through his illustrious career. 



and you can say he is well loved in Paris with quite a loyal fan base. 



So who is Fally Ipupa… 



A short answer would be he is a musician… 



A longer sentence would look something like this:



Fally Ipupa is a Dr Congo musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and above all a Philanthropist. 



and credit could be given to the likes of Koffi Olomide for discovering such an amazing talent. 



Although Koffi is sometimes aggrieved that Fally Ipupa would mention the. name of his band while promoting some of his songs, but Quarter Latin International would always be home to Fally Ipupa. 



Especially if you consider he was conducting the Orchestra after briefly joining the group. 



Soukous has always been the strong suit of Fally Ipupa and sometimes you could feel that passion when he sings. 



How Did His Career Start 



Fally Ipupa started his career as an Adolescent performing in several shows in Kinshasa. 



but having been raised as a Roman Catholic, his singing ability and passion did start from the choir. 


but records will always point to New City to be the grass root of his career before stardom. 



Eventually like most artists, Fally attracted attention from all over Kinshasa. 

Net Worth of Fally Ipupa


but that key breakthrough that shot him to fame came after joining Koffi Olomide founded Group Quartier Latin International. 



Fally Ipupa quickly rose up the rank and even help to incorporate the elements of his tune into Koffi album. 


I remember my first breakdance group that ended in 2005.



We literally danced our way into churches, and before you knew it, our names were being mentioned in every local party around at the time. 



but the sad truth is a group would always end and you are left to start your career or project. 

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but that takes a lot of creativity and thoughtful planning. 



My brief story is to tell you that at some point, you would have to leave. 



Don’t know why but that’s just how it is… 



So Fally Ipupa did leave the Koffi Olomide band to start his solo career. 



and that big break you and I keep looking for came when he released his debut studio album Droid Chemin. 



Droid Chemin was released in 2006 and guess what? 



That album literally sold over 100,000 copies in Paris which led to him being awarded a Golden record sales. 


Here is one of his tracks on YouTube that has done more than 5 million views on YouTube. 



Here is a screenshot… 

Ecole YT Views


and speaking of songs let’s dive a bit into his album and songs, shall we? 


Album and Songs 



Post Quartier Latin International, you could say Fally Ipupa had a really amazing career. 



Especially after releasing his debut solo album in 2006 which did cement his place as a force in the Congolese music industry. 



The singer’s second studio album was released in Danger De Mort which was also a critical success. 



Over the course of a decade, Fally Ipupa has shared the stage with the likes of American female rapper Eve. 



He has also joined the likes of 2face and Dbanj on stage and finally here are some of his album you may have missed. 



  • Danger De Mort 


  • Droid Chemin 




 I would suggest you listen to the Droid Chemin album it has a nice track you probably wouldn’t have thought about. 



Don’t worry I have linked to some of his favorite works which you should find interesting. 



All the above albums helped increased the net worth of Fally Ipupa in dollars. 



but wait to speak of dollars what is his source of income then? 



Well let’s get into that now that you have asked shall we? 



What is Fally Ipupa Source of Income



Major artists around the globe make money from their music. 



and so does Fally Ipupa, a larger part of his income has come form his music. 



but wait, it’s not just that right? 






You know how when you invite someone to perform you pay them right? 



Well, Fally Ipupa is no exception to this rule as an artist. 



He charges between $5000 to $7000 for an hour performance wherever he gets invited to in Africa. 



and last but not the list, the singer has a couple of endorsement deals which overall increases his net worth. 



Having said that, how much is he worth then? 



How Much is Fally Ipupa Net Worth 2020 



So I hand to convert Fally Ipupa net worth to dollar in other to get this figure you will find below… 


Mind you this figure was converted from Congolese Franc to the US dollar. 


Here is what I got… 


What is the net worth of Fally Ipupa? Fally Ipupa current net worth stands at a whopping  17,000,000 million US dollars ($17 million). and this figure was achieved by converting Congolese Franc into the United States dollar. 


and here is a couple of details you may have missed along the line… 



  • Real Name: Fally Ipupa N’simba


  • Stage Name: Fally Ipupa 


  • Date of Birth: December 14th, 1977


  • Nationality: Tanzania 


  • Occupation: Musician 


  • Source of Wealth: Music, endorsement, and shows 


Net Worth: $17 Million 



Okay now here comes the question that has made you read all of this article… 



How Much is Diamond Platnumz and Fally Ipupa Net Worth 


While I was writing this blog post I wanted it to be as entertaining as possible because it was a bit lengthy. 



So I hope you really enjoyed it and if you did then SMASH that share button on your screen. 



Okay, you have to know that the difference between Diamond Platnumz and Fally Ipupa net worth is substantial. 



I mean Fally Ipupa is worth about $11 million more than what Diamond is currently worth. 



but this may be due to factors such as how long each has been in the music game. 



So Fally Ipupa and Diamond Platnumz net worth who is richer? Fally Ipupa currently worth $17 million as compared to Diamond Platnumz $6 million. The difference between their net worth is $11 million by the time SMCE published this post. 



but then what is a net worth right? 



I have been talking about net worth since this post began and I have not even taken the time to give you a proper definition. 



So I am going to give you two definitions of net worth… 




The very first definition will be from a lame man’s perspective… 



and the second will be from a professional and well-renowned site on the Web. 

Fally Ipupa and Diamond Platnumz Net Worth


Lame Man’s Definition: A net worth is an Asset minus debt… 



Expert Definition: In accounting, net worth is defined as assets minus liabilities. Essentially, it is a measure of what an entity is worth. For an individual, it represents the properties owned, less any debt the person has. For a company, net worth is the value of the company.







I know you did good sticking around to the very last part of this post. 



and I want you to know that this means a lot to me. 


So there you have it Fally Ipupa vs Diamond Platnumz net worth well outlined for you. 



Now it’s your turn! 



In your opinion who should be richer between these two if both were born at the same time? 



Fally Ipupa or Diamond Platnumz? 



Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this post then follow us here on Facebook and please don’t forget to Smash that share button on your screen. 



Thanks for reading and I love you… 



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