Dbanj and 2face net worth 2020
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Dbanj and 2face net worth who is richer? Both artists are estimated to have a combined net worth of N11 Billion or $32 Million. Let’s find out 2face and Dbanj net worth individually then.



You and I can’t escape the fact that musicians in Nigeria are wealthy right? 



With enough endorsement deals, shows, and albums making up a larger part of their net worth, you and I could agree on one thing. 



and that is there is a lot of money to be made in music. 


What is Dban’s net worth?


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What is Dban’s net worth?


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Having said that, today’s post on Dbanj and 2face net worth 2020 will answer all the hidden questions you may have. 

Mone Nuel Fame Quotes
Mone Nuel Fame Quote


because I have particularly centered this article on Dbanj net worth 2020 and also 2face net worth 2020. 



With that said, now let’s see what you will be getting from today’s post on D banj and 2baba net worth



Here is all that you will get… 



  • 2face brief bio 


  • Who is he 


  • How did his career start 


  • Album and Songs 


  • What is his source of income 


  • How much is 2face net worth 2020


  • Dbanj brief bio 


  • Who is he 


  • How did his career start


  • Album and songs 


  • What is his source of income 


  • How much is Dbanj net worth 2020


  • How much is Dbanj and 2face net worth in 2020


  • Conclusion 



Meanwhile, if you want you can use the JUMP TO ANYWHERE to go whichever part of this post you wish to go to. 



Now I also want you to know that the figures you will see from this post are one that took me several weeks to put together. 


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As a matter of fact, I had to manually sieve through tons of websites online just cross-reference the net worth of each of these celebs. 


In other words, you can be sure that whatever details you are getting from this post has been thoroughly researched. 


Now that you know what you will be getting is of utmost value, let’s dive in deeper now shall we? 



2face Brief Bio 


If I were to put you through a test right now and ask you to pick the top 10 legends of Nigeria music who would you pick? 



Quickly leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Dbanj and 2face net worth 2020
Dbanj and 2face

In 2005 I remember having this conversation with my childhood friend KD on who is the legend in the Nigerian music industry. 



and guess who he opted to pick? 



Spoiler Alert: It’s not 2face! 



My childhood friend KD opted to pick Fela Anikulapo Kuti who is the father of King Afrobeat. 



Well back then he is the face of Afrobeat but my friend and I were having this convo 6 years Fela had died. 



2005 to now is like 15 years plus right? 



Well, while Fela is the crowned king of Afrobeat 2face can come at the number 2 spot as a legend of Afrobeat. 



Especially if you and I consider his achievements in the industry since debuting 20 years ago. 



Having said that, let’s talk about him a little bit more shall we? 


Who is He


You and I probably know him by his popular stage names right? 



You can either opt to call him 2baba, Tubaba, 2face or heck even Tuface. 



but here is the crazy part, I would bet that half of the 2face fans don’t even know his real name. 



If there are fans that can come up with his real name then perhaps a little Google search would have helped in the process right? 



Look at Tiwa Savage, for instance, I conducted a poll that asked the question who is Tiwa Savage? 


but with the strict instruction that no one should use Google Search… 



Guess what of the 100 people that took this survey, only 10 persons came up with the right answer. 



That’s like 10% of 100 which when you think about it is just crazy. 



but do you know the reason for this? 



It’s because you and I only care about the version that’s more popular so to speak. 



and for musicians, their stage names is usually the most popular as when compared to their birth name. 



I could apply this same principle to 2face and you and I might get the same result as with Tiwa Savage. 

How much is 2face net worth


Now that you know! 



What is 2face real name? 



The real name of 2face is Innocent Ujah Idibia



and he was born in the year 1975 in Jos Plateau State precisely on the 18th of September. 

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So who is he? 



2Face is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, record producer, activist, philanthropist and humanitarian.



In over his 2 decades career, 2face Idibia is one of the most influential celebrities in the Nigerian music industry. 



What this means is an endorsement from him could literally skyrocket your music career. 



His strong wield of the fastest rising genre in the modern 21st century has sealed him as one of the greatest singers to have emerged from Africa. 


2face attended Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School in Makurdi, Benue State.



and further, pick up an admission form to study business administration at the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu state. 



However, 2face did not complete his studies due to his passion for music. 



Sometimes you have to do what you love and have passion for. 



I have seen a lot of people chase the wrong dream and. were utterly left unhappy because of their parents making those choices for them.



I believe upon looking back, you and I could say dropping out of school to pursue a musical career turned okay for the Implication crooner. 



Now let’s see how his music career started considering that’s the reason he left school. 



How Did 2face Music Career Start 


I have seen a couple of celebrities whom their career started in church. 


but 2face Idibia career ultimately started at IMT in Enugu where he performed in other universities. 



While he was still finding his feet, he also started performing Jingles for Enugu State Broadcasting Service. 



Until the formation of Plantashun Boyz which solidify his stand in the industry. 



Plantashun Boyz had so many hit songs but the group comprising of 2face, Blackface, and Faze later broke up. 


In 2004, Plantashun Boiz started having issues that led to the group splitting. 



This is the beginning of 2babas solo career which has so far spanned a decade. 



African Queen is the song that brought Tubaba to limelight but not with so many back and Fort trouble from ex group mate blackface. 



African Queen was so popular despite it being recorded in a time when you and I didn’t have access to the Internet… 



Take a look at this number of views from YouTube on the screenshot below. 


Blackface claimed 2face recorded African Queen without his consent. 


I won’t go into all of that but you can certainly catch up all of that details here.



In 2019 2face celebrated 20 years a king inviting several artists like Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Burnaboy to help entertain the audience that was present. 



and in 2020 2face, unleashed a monster album featuring Nigeria’s high profile singers like Olamide. 



Albums and Songs 



If there is anything I can predict about 2face right I would say, he is not looking to slow down soon. 



Especially if you consider his most recent work which is the Warrior Album in which he features Wizkid and other mega superstars



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2Face solo career began with his face to face album in 2004. 



Like you may know, it isn’t like now when we have modern-day technology in every nuke and cranny of the world today. 



back then I remember listening via Delta Rainbow Television, and it was fun honestly. 



2face second studio album Grass to Grace was released in 2006. 



Grass to Grace was ultimately another successful album further sealing his place as the hottest male at the time alongside ex Psquare duo. 



2face released his 3rd studio album Unstoppable in 2009 before opting to release the international version of Unstoppable in 2010. 



Here are some of the albums which have helped increase the net worth of 2face in his career. 



  • Face 2 face 2004


  • Grass to Grace 2006


  • Unstoppable 2009


  • Warrior 2020



All the above albums did some really good numbers which ultimately helped to increase 2face net worth 2020 Forbes. 



Meanwhile, if you wish to download some of 2face songs then I suggest you search here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment to get some of his songs. 



I have covered quite a number of his songs from old to new… 


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Now quickly let’s see what his major source of income was during these times. 



No doubt there are other factors which have boosted Forbes 2face net worth right? 



Guess what? 



This is what you and I will be covering next so let’s CONTINUE… 



What is the Source of Income of 2face Idibia 



2Face Idibia net worth didn’t just rise to what it is today without hard work and dedication. which is why you and will be looking at the factors that played a huge role in why 2baba net worth is what it is today. 



So the first one will be his Songs and albums, right? 



With more than 3 albums to his career, 2face generates quite a handful of his money from record sales. 



The number 2 factor would be endorsement deals… 



Look 2face no doubt has enjoyed lucrative endorsement deals from huge brands in the African continent. 



and one of such brands includes Nigeria Breweries and Campari. 

2face Net Worth 2020


3rd on this list would show… 



2face charges between N4 Million to N10 Million to grace occasions with his presence. 


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and lastly, 2face has his own personal record label with which several upcoming artists are signed to. 



All this has helped boost 2face net worth in Naira and places him firmly as one of the richest musicians in Africa today.


So I believe the next question in your head is probably how much is 2face worth right? 



Let’s get into that now if you don’t mind…



How Much is 2face Net Worth 2020 



How much is 2face net worth? 2face current net worth is valued at an estimated 16.5 million US dollars ($16.8 Million). I arrived at this figure after converting 2face net worth in dollars to 2baba net worth in Naira and here is the value he is worth in  N5.940 billion.



and here is a quick conversion from dollars to Naira that I have put together for you… 



$1 = N364


$16.5 million covered to Naira becomes… 



$16.5 million X N364 =   N5.940 billion 



and here is a couple details you may have missed along the way… 



Real Name: Innocent Ujah Idibia


Stage Name: 2face Idibia 


Date of Birth: September 19th, 1975


Occupation: Musician 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Source of Income: Music, Endorsements, record label and shows 



Total Net Worth: $16.5 Million 






Now let’s get dissect the Forbes Dbanj net worth 2020



After all, this post is about Dbanj and 2face net worth, right? 



Dbanj Brief Bio 


If you are on the lookout for one of the most decorated. Nigerian musicians in 2000s then Dbanj is your guy.


He is charismatic and enigmatic just to put it mildly. 


Here is a quote by Mone Nuel:


Music has this way of bring out the best in you even when you struggle to find your place in the world. 


and I have seen a ton of people in my life who turn to music just to heal from bitterness and hurt. 


Dbanj thrilled you I with songs like Why Me, I mean who doesn’t remember this song right? 

Mone Nuel popularity Quotes

I could literally watch a room filled with people dance to this song all day and they won’t even feel exhausted. 


Dbanj and 2baba come across as LEGENDS in the modern era of Nigeria music. 


and this is because of their huge contribution to African music. 


Did you know that both artists are currently one of the richest in Nigeria alongside the likes of Don Jazzy, Davido, and Wizkid? 


Well, sorry to drop that bomb on you but Dbanj and 2face net worth 2019 really made it into the SMCE list of Nigeria’s richest musicians


Now let’s get some facts right shall we? 


Who is He? 


There are kids who are born in the 2000s that still don’t know who Dbanj is and I owe it to them to tell them right? 


Well, D banj is popularly known by his stage name which is D-banj right? 


D banj Net Worth 2020

but what’s is really name? 


Like what is the birth name of the Kokomaster? 


Over the years you and I have been very used to the name Dbanj so much so that. we don’t remember the name of this artist. 


but can’t anyone blame us? 


Here is another quote by Mone Nuel:


Fame has a way of making people around the globe forget your real name especially if you are a musician as such keep these two identities separate while showing the world the real man behind the songs. 


Enough of these quotes already right? 


Dbanj real name is Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo… 


He was born in the year 1980 in Zaria Northern part of Nigeria precisely on the 9th of June. 


Dbanj has been out of the music world for quite some time but he marked the end of his hiatus with sound music. 


and you can download the song Vacation here featuring 2face Idibia. 


A couple of days back the Tongolo crooner took to his Twitter to say this:


“I do not want peace for just myself but for everyone in the world” 


and the current Trending Gist is that Dbanj aka Kokomaster as decided to link up with Seun Kuti on a new song titled Stress Free. 


However, this song has been scheduled for a later date after the coronavirus that threatens the world. 


but I am yet to answer your question on who is Dbanj? 


Dbanj is a Nigerian musician, a rapper, Entertainer, songwriter, singer, TV personality, and an Entrepreneur. 


Over the years of doing music, Dbanj has won a lot of accolades around the world. 


but one of the most notable awards the singer has added to his award archive is the MTV  Europe Music Award in 2007. 


A mentor who had a huge impact in the life of the singer is Fela. 


Due to his love for the popular King of Afrobeat, Dbanj fused Afrobeat and Afropop together to create scintillating music. 


but where did he schooled? 


Dbanj had a brief spell at the Nigerian military school but did not finish due to his passion for music. 


He also tried out in the Navy School and completed his secondary school at Ibara in Ogun State. 


but the dream of Mr. and Mrs. Oyebanjo’s dream is for their son to become a Military man just like his father. 


He also tried to study mechanical engineering at Lagos State University but this equally failed as he dropped out to pursue his musical career. 


and Dbanj simply wasn’t buying into his parent’s dreams. 


How Did His Career Start 


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Dbanj noticed his love for the musical harmonica when his older brother died in a plane crash. 


A couple of Femi Oyebanji’s belonging was brought home but guess the only one thing Dbanj picked…


He picked up his brother’s harmonica and just like that he fell in love with the instrument. 


However, it was while in the UK that Dbanj linked up with now Mavin record owner Don Jazzy. 


Don Jazzy at this point was still also discovering himself as a singer and a producer. 

both returned to Naija and the birth of Mohit records happened. 


Under Mohits Dbanj recorded his first hit single alongside Don Jazzy titled Tongolo. 


and according to Wikipedia, the song’s video was paid for by Daniel’s mother. 


Tongolo quickly saw a positive rating and Nigerians embraced him with open hands. 


This was the moment that changed everything for the singer. 


As expected Dbanj debut studio album No Long Thing received a lot of positive reviews. 


It was No Long Thing album that solidified his presence in the industry as a force to reckon with it. 


Check out this screenshot below of one of his most popular songs Mr Endowed which took him internationally. 

2face African Queen Youtube views

still speaking of album and songs, do you have a minute? 


If your answer is yes then let’s take a look at some of Dbanj albums shall we? 


Albums and Songs 


For Dbanj the death of his brother triggered a journey that took him on this path of self-discovery. 


Today no doubt Dbanj has more than 3 studio albums in his illustrious musical career. 


In 2005 Dbanj released No Long Thing, an album that won him the love of fans in Nigeria. 


and then in 2006 Dbanj release Rundown Funk You Up, an album which included hit single Why Me. 


Why Me was obviously another success, I remember vibing and dancing to this song honestly. 


In 2008, Kokomaster dropped his 3rd studio album The Entertainer which hit songs like Ogbono Feli Feli robbing Nigeria of their senses. 


All of these albums helped increased Dbanj net worth 2020 Forbes and here is a list below… 


  • The Entertainer 2008


  • No Long Thing 2005 


  • Rundown Funk You Up 2007 


What is his source of income you may ask right? 


Especially if you and I consider the success of his albums… 


I will get into that shortly… 


What is the Source of Income of Dbanj 


Dbanj is a man of many talents and thus his sources of income come from different places. 


The number one source of income for Dbanj is his music… 


As a singer and songwriter Dbanj has recorded lots of hit songs which is one of the reasons D banj net worth 2020 has grown this substantially. 


. The number two factor is the singer’s Entrepreneurial mindset. 

Dbanj Net Worth 2020


This has caused him to dive into several businesses such as partnering with MTN to launch C. R. E. A. N. which is a musical platform meant to discover young musical talents. 


Daniel Oyebanji’s 3rd source of income includes shows and endorsement deals. 


Dbanj reportedly charges as high as 3 million Naira for shows in the country. 


and his several endorsements deals with the likes of Sony Music Entertainment Africa. and Globacom has also helped to tremendously increase Dbanj net worth in dollars. 


Now how much is he worth? 


How Much is Dbanj Net Worth 2020 


How much is 2face net worth? 2face current net worth is valued at an estimated 16.8 million US dollars ($16.7 Million). I arrived at this figure after converting 2face net worth in dollars to 2baba net worth in Naira and here is the value he is worth in N6.012 billion



and here is a quick conversion from dollars to Naira that I have put together for you… 



$1 = N364


$16.7 million covered to Naira becomes… 



$16.7 million X N364 = N6.012 billion



and here are a couple of details you may have missed along the way… 



Real Name: Innocent Ujah Idibia


Stage Name: 2face Idibia 


Date of Birth: September 19th, 1975


Occupation: Musician 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Source of Income: Music, Endorsements, record label and shows 



Total Net Worth: $16.7 Million 


Finally here is the biggest question you and I have been waiting to answer… 


Dbanj and 2face net worth who is the richest? 


Heck even! 


Who is the richest between Dbanj and 2face? 


I will answer your question shortly in the next subheading so hold on tight… 


How Much is Dbanj and 2face Net Worth 


What is the net worth of 2face and Dbanj? 2face and Dbanj has a total combine net worth of 32,000,000 US dollars ($32 million) as of 2020.

So who is the richest between 2face and Dbanj? 


Dbanj is the richest of the two Nigeria celerity with a net worth of 16,700,000 US dollars ($16.7 million) while 2face networth is slightly below that at an estimated 16,500,000 US dollars ($16.5 million). 


Dbanj networth currently runs into billions of Naira when converted to the Nigerian currency and so does the net worth of 2baba. 




There you have it, D banj and 2face Idibia net worth in the year 2020. 


both artists have had a brilliant career and with such a career comes the wealth that both have enjoyed today. 


No doubt both are one of the finest that will go down in the history of Nigeria music. because of the positive impact both have had so far on upcoming artists who see them as a role model. 


It’s over to you now! 


How would you predict Dbanj and 2face net worth in 2021? 


Will it witness a steady rise or will fall? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this post then please hit the share button and follow us on Facebook here. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you… 



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