Simi and Yemi Alade Net Worth 2020
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Simi and Yemi Alade net worth who is richer? Yemi Alade and Simi currently have a combined estimated net worth of over $1,132,735. but let’s see how much each is worth individually today. 


What’s up guys, today you and I will be looking at the sacred topic Yemi Alade and Simi net worth 2020.


In this post, I will touch every tiny detail that you need to know from who they are to how much each is worth. 



I will dissect how Simisola’s net worth has increased tremendously as well as how Yemi Alade’s net worth has increased greatly. 


but wait there is more! 


I will go as far as unearthing how much each of these two African celebrities charges per show. 


Do I have your attention now? 

Yemi Alade Net Worth 2020

If no then perhaps let me spell out everything you will get on Simi and Yemi Alade net worth 2020 in bullet points. 


Here we go! 

  • How much is Simi net worth 2020


  • How much is Yemi Alade net worth 2020 


  • Who is the richest between Simi and Yemi Alade


  • Simi Brief Bio 


  • Who is Simi 


  • How did her career start 


  • Album and Songs 


  • What is her source of income 


  • Yemi Alade brief bio 


  • Who is she 


  • How did her career start 


  • Album and Songs 


  • What is her source of income


  • Conclusion 


As a matter of fact, I have further made it easy for you to skim through this text by using a table of content. 


So if you scroll down just below you will see a JUMP to ANYWHERE button, you can use it to skip to any session that interest you. 


Look, every detail that you get from this post took my team and I days to put it together. 


So you can be sure you are getting a ton of value just by spending your time to brush this. 


Having said, let’s now get into more details on Simi and Yemi Alade net worth, shall we? 


So what is the net worth of Simi? 


How Much is Simi Net Worth 2020 


How much is Simisola’s net worth? Simi’s current net worth is valued at an estimated 16.8 million US dollars ($16.8 Million). I arrived at this figure after converting Simi net worth in dollars to Simi net worth in Naira and here is the value she is worth in Naira N182000000 (N182 Million).



and here is a quick conversion from dollars to Naira that I have put together for you… 



$1 = N364


$500,000 covered to Naira becomes… 



$500,000 X N364 = N182000000



and here are a couple of details you may have missed along the way… 



  • Real Name: Simisola Ogunleye 


  • Stage Name: Simi 


  • Date of Birth: April 19th, 1988


  • Occupation: Musician 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


  • Source of Income: Music and shows 


  • Total Net Worth: $500,000 or N182 Million



How Much is Yemi Alade Net Worth 2020


How much is Yemi Alade net worth? 2face current net worth is valued at an estimated 1,400,000 million US dollars ($1.4 Million). I arrived at this figure after converting Yemi’s worth in dollars to her net worth in Naira and here is the value he is worth in N504,000,000.


and here is a quick conversion from dollars to Naira that I have put together for you…


$1 = N364

$1.4 million covered to Naira becomes… 

$1.4 million X N364 =  N504,000,000


and here are a couple of details you may have skipped during your read… 


  • Real Name: Yemi Eberechi Alade 


  • Stage Name: Yemi Alade 


  • Date of Birth: March 13th, 1989


  • Occupation: Musician 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


  • Source of Income: Music, Endorsements, and shows 


  • Total Net Worth: $1.4 Million 


Okay now you and I got that out of the way let’s look at How much is Simi and Yemi Alade net worth in 2020 shall we?


let’s get into it because I know in your head you are already asking Simi and Yemi Alade net worth who is the richest? 


Hell yes, you may even be asking Who is the richest between Yemi Alade and Simi? 


I will answer your question shortly in the next subheading so hold on tight… 


Who is The Richest Between Simi and Yemi Alade


What is the net worth of Yemi Alade and Simi? Yemi Alade and Simi have a total combine net worth of 1,900,000 US dollars ($1.9 million) as of 2020.


So who is the richest between Simi and Yemi? 


Simi Net Worth 2020

Yemi Alade is the richest of the two Nigeria celerity with a net worth of 1,400,000 US dollars ($1.4 million) while Simi networth is way below at an estimated 500,000 US dollars ($500,000). 


Simi networth currently runs into millions of Naira when converted to the Nigerian currency and so does Yemi Alade net worth Forbes. 

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Simi Brief Bio 


If you are not in love with her voice then the chances are you have no clue what a golden voice is. 


Look I have seen lots of musicians come and go, but Simi with her unique voice, I think she might be staying a while longer. 


From Thief to Joromi, she has been simply amazing no doubt about that for me. 


Simi and Yemi Alade Net Worth 2020
Simi and Yemi Alade

As a matter of fact, if I am to rank the top 30 best musicians currently, I would put Simi up there among the A list artist in Nigeria today. 


because she just deserves all that she brings to the game. 


A couple of days back I was playing Cobhams Asuquo We Plenti featuring Simi. 


If you haven’t listened to this song then I really can’t explain it better because. you have to listen to it to really be able to feel it. 


Cobhams was super great but then when Simi took over her lines I was like damn this girl is good. 


The only thing I have seen so far is that Nigerians aren’t really into Afropop or inspirational songs. 


They prefer songs that can get them all dancing and tweaking. 


Having said that, let’s get to know Simi a little bit better, shall we? 


Who is Simi 


Look, Simi is great at what she does but I have realized artists, their real name gets forgotten easily. 


It’s fame and the name that takes center stage and for many singers, it’s like that. 


I bet you don’t even know Simi’s birth name without having to turn to BIG DADDY. 

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So what’s Simi’s real name? 


Simi’s real name is Simisola Ogunleye


and she was born on the 19th of April 1988 in the suburb of Surulere precisely in Ojuelegba. 


Ojuelegba is Wizkid suppose birth Place also… 


Simi and her husband recently took to Instagram live to advise Reekardo Bank to get married somewhere in Gabon. 


Well, that’s how they love joking all the time… 


but one that really got me was when Falz the Bahd Guy ask Simi and her husband Adekunle Gold when last they had s*x. 


Adekunle chuckles a little and replied that one no concern you. 


The husband and wife have been known for entertaining the public with their humor. 


So who is Simi? 


Simi is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and actress who debuted in the Nigerian music industry with the song Tiff. 


and since her debut, she has gone to bag several awards. 


but one of the most notable year in her already blossoming career can be chalk back to 2018. 


At the 2018 Headies Award, the singer literally got more than 2 awards to add to her already luxurious gallery. 


but before then she also took home the award for the most promising Act to watch at the 2015 Headies Award. 


and here is a list of some of the awards that the singer has won over her career. 


  • Most Promising Act to Watch by NEA 2015


  • Best Recording of the Year 2018 Headies Award


  • Best Collabo of the Year 2017 City People Entertainment Awards


but where did she school right? 


Well, Simi studied Mass Communication at Covenant University where she graduated with Batchelor’s Degree. 


but before University, Simi attended Stars International College, a secondary school in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

How Much is Simi net worth

There she concluded her secondary school education before picking up to further her education at Covenant University. 


So how did it all start for the singer? 


How Did Simi Career Start 


Simi’s career started in the church like quite a number of artists in the Nigerian music industry. 


She reminds me of a friend of mine who back in the day only wanted to become a musician. 

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My friend’s dream was to become a musician but guess what? when she told her dad, it almost got her thrown out of the house. 


I mean that’s the time I grew up in when parents thought that if you are a musician then you are wayward. 


and no one wants to be associated with someone wayward. 


but if you fast forward 30 years later, every parent now wants their kid to become a celebrity. 




By the way, my friend I just spoke about is now a lawyer but I just hope she finds joy doing that… 


Here is a Quote by Mone Nuel: 


Do more of the things that make you happy because a happy mind brews a healthy body, a healthy thought, as well as a healthy life. 


Simi’s career as a musician began in the church as a choir and in 2008 she released her first album Ogaju. 


However, it was not until 2014 that things changed for the better. 


's Quote by Mone Nuel
Quotes by Nuel Mone

In 2014 Simi released her hit single Tiff and Tiff soon became the national anthem between inhabitants of the country. 


As a matter of fact, it did so well that it quickly racked up a lot of positive reviews from critics. 


This was the defining moment in her career… 


Here is a Quote by Mone Nuel:


Life has taught me that you have to always be ready for when that one opportunity that will turn the tides in your favor comes knocking.


and as such Simi was the right girl at the right time at the right moment. and that one song made all the difference in picking up from nothing to a millionaire today. 


As a matter of fact, check some of the numbers this song has done on YouTube already… 

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and speaking of songs let’s look at some of her albums, shall we? 


Albums and Songs 


but first how many albums does Simi have already? 




Simi currently has more than 3 studio albums credited to her career which began in the late 2000s.


In 2008 Simi released her first studio album which she titled Ogaju. 


Ogaju had tracks like Iya Temi and Ara Ile and it was produced by Samklef. 


In 2014 Simi released RESTLESS an EP that brought X3M to the front with a record deal. 


Her 3rd studio album Simisola was released in 2017 at took the number 5 spot at Billboard World Album Charts. 


Simi departed X3M music after her contract had expired and she formed her own record label Studio Brat. 


It was under Studio Brat that she released Omo Charlie Champagne Vol 1. 


This album was dedicated to her father who had passed away before she found fame in 2014. 


but to make it a little easy for you, here is a list of her albums in bullet points. 


  • Simisola 2017


  • Ogaju 2008


  • Omo Charlie Champagne Vol 1


The above album has helped increase Simi net worth 2020 Forbes and firmly puts her as one of the most talented female artists of her time. 

Net Worth of Simi 2020

Speaking of net worth, let’s how much is Simi net worth Forbes right? 


I know you can’t wait, but first, let’s see the sources through which she makes her money. 


What is the Source of Income of Simi Net Worth 2020 


For this subheading, you and will look at what has helped increase Simisola Ogunleye’s net worth in 2020. 


Much of Simi’s income comes from her music over the years. 


and that’s pretty straight forward because it has to do with her occupation as a musician. 


Simi also makes money from shows, and she charges between N900,000 to N1.5 million to grace shows and perform. 


Yemi Alade Brief Bio 


Do you remember when Yemi Alade released her first single Johnny? 


That song literally drove my kid sister madly in love with the singer. 

How much is Yemi Alade Net worth

It got to a point that you just don’t want to say anything bad about Yemi Alade in her presence. 


She just won’t think twice holding back on you as she lets it rain. 


I was confused because I can’t understand why she was a huge fan of the female singer. 


I probably didn’t understand her because I was more of the Psquare, Wizkid, Davido guy you know. 


Then one day I played a couple of her songs like Oh my Gosh featuring Rick Ross. 


I was literally blown away by her vocals because they were powerful and amazing.


and today here I am writing about the net worth of Yemi Alade


Yemi is currently one of the most decorated female singers in Nigeria today. thanks to her love for staying true to herself, her values, and morals. 


So I guess this beckons the question who is she right? 

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Yeah, I guess! 


So let’s take a sneak pick, shall we? 


Who is She 


I would say Yemi Alade remains the very Nigerian musicians who her stage name does not have a significant difference from her real name. 


For her, her identity as a musician and as a person can’t be differentiated by using the names. 


If you take artists like Wizkid, there is a huge difference between his name and his stage name. 


but you and I probably would not understand why she opted for the simple right? 


At the end of the day it’s Yemis world and no one knows how to make choices and decision that guides her life better than her. 


So what is Yemi Alade’s real name? 


Yemi Alade real name is Yemi Eberechi Alade. 


As you may notice, the difference between her stage name and her real name is Eberechi. 


Eberechi is an Igbo name by the way just in case you are wondering… 


Yemi’s most recent work is Shekere a song on which she featured multi-Grammy award-winning superstar Angelique Kidjo. 


Check out the video here on… 

It was a massive hit particularly because the video centered on an amazing story. 


Plus you really should watch it if you are having a stressful day. 


I am positive it can get you smiling and singing along in no time. 


Having said that who is Yemi Alade? 


Yemi Alade is a professional Nigerian singer-songwriter of the genre Afropop. 


She was born in the year 1989 in Abia State with its capital as Umuahia precisely on the 13th of March. 


Like many Nigerians A list celebrities, she made the richest musicians in Nigeria 2020 list


and with her towering career, Yemi has enjoyed adding a couple of awards to her gallery. 


One of the most notable of these is the Headies Award 2019 for which she took home the award for the Best Performer. 


Here is a couple of some awards she has won in her blazing career. 


  • Headies Award for Best Performer 2017 


  • MTV Africa Music Award for Best Female Artist in West Africa 


The list goes on but let’s stop at that at least… 


Yemi Alade attended St. Savior British Primary School and later attended Victory Grammar School in Lagos.


Alade then furthers her studies at the Lagos State University where she studied geography. 


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but you may wonder what does Geography has in common with music right? 

She should be working, teaching in a school or maybe behind her desk working for some organizations right? 


If you are surprised then welcome to Nigeria where the rate of unemployment has caused men and women to improvise. 


but wait how did her whole career come together? 


Well, I am glad I asked because I am jumping into that right now… 


How Did Her Career Start 


Yemi Alade started gaining prominence after winning the 2009 Peak Talent Show. 


She literally won the show and just like that her journey to fame began but hey it didn’t happen overnight. 


but then what happened? 


Well, with a few cash she made, she put all that into the making of Johnny. 


and she was right to have put her faith in her talent because Johnny turned out to be a hit song. 


Johnny quickly rapped the hearts of Nigerians with love and thus received a positive review from music critics. 

Net Worth of Yemi Alade 2020

As a matter of fact, Johnny by Yemi Alade remains one of the songs with the most views on YouTube by a female African artist. 


This was the song that shot her to stardom in the Nigerian music industry and solidified her place as a voice in the industry. 


Check out the views Yemi Alade Johnny video has done since it published below…


I have the screenshot below for you… 

Other hit songs came after this which you and I will talk about shortly. 


Album and Songs 


If I can tag her with one English word then that would be consistency. 


Yemi has been so consistently dropping hits after hits since she debuted in the industry. 


and it all started with her debut studio album King of Queens


King of Queens featured vocals from Ghanaian R2Bees, Selebobo, and heck even Diamond Platnumz. 


Its success can also be attributed to producers that worked tirelessly to make the album a success and these producers include OJBJezreel, Godspelondebeatz, etc. 


As usual King of Queens got a positive review and set her career right on the flying path and this all happened in 2014. 


Her second studio album came in 2016 which Yemi Alade titled Mama Africa


If you didn’t check that album out then you are probably missing a lot. 


because it features appearances from big names like Psquare, Flavour heck even Sauti Sol. 


Now here is a list of some of her albums in bullet points… 


  • Mama Africa 2016


  • King of Queens 2014 


  • Black Magic 2017


  • Woman of Steel 


All the above albums contributed to the rise in Yemi Alade net worth 2020 Forbes


and also helped her secured a spot on Forbes top 50 richest musicians in Africa list


Speaking of her net worth, let’s what is the sources of the singer’s net worth, shall we? 


What is the Source of Yemi Alade Net Worth 


One of the most difficult things for a musician is actually kick-starting your career as a musician. 


You need all the right ingredients in place to start such as a record label to first shelter you. 


Then you have to pray so many songs from popular stars already in the industry aren’t being released. 

Simisola net worth

All of these play a huge factor in the life of a musician when he or she is starting out? 


Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot easier now unlike before okay? 


back in the 80s, there was no YouTube, right? 


No Facebook even! 


but today you have all that to promote yourself and the quality of your music. 


So even without the label, you could still do okay but experience plays a huge role in all that falling into place. 


Having said that here is how Yemi Alade makes her money… 

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The number one on this list should be through her songs… 


Her songs are the number source of income of the Yoruba Igbo singer. 


and with more than 3 studio albums already, you could Yemi Alade net worth in Naira may only look to grow rapidly.. 


Her #2 source of income is from shows! 


You see every musician once in the spotlight gets invited to perform on shows. 


and Yemi Alade is one avid performer when she hits that stage. 


She is almost like Niniola in this aspect who takes the take like her playing ground. 


and Yemi Alade Charges between N2 million to grace shows with her presence. 


Imagine just being booked for 10 shows a year, that’s like an additional N20 million Naira. 


Her 3rd source of income is endorsement deals with brands around Africa. 


Yemi Alade is the Queen of Ankara and she’s got this endorsement deals with the Ankara brand. 


She also currently has a deal with one of the world’s biggest music companies which is UMG. 




Yemi Alade holds this strong fan base who believes so much in the strength of delivering monster tracks. 


and Simi sola, on the other hand, holds the golden voice which can get anyone to instantly fall in love with her. 


Both artists have been a huge role model for some of the current upcoming stars. 


and it’s quite cool knowing you inspire a lot of people to want to be better and do good music. 


Plus one of the reasons I wrote this article on Simi and Yemi Alade’s net worth is to show you the upcoming aspirants that anything is possible. 


Now it’s over to you! 


How would you predict Simi’s net worth in the coming year? 


and how would you predict Yemi Alade’s net worth come 2021?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this article then please hit the share button and Follow us here on Facebook. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you… 


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