Richest female musician in Nigeria
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Tiwa Savage net worth made our list of top 50 richest musician in Nigeria alongside the likes of Davido, Wizkid, and Don Jazzy, check out her biography now.

Tiwa Savage Net Worth and Biography (1)

But what you may have noticed is that she is often compared to Yemi Alade.


Yemi Alade, on the other hand, has been phenomenal with two of her songs in 2019.


Her two 2019 hits are Bounce and Oh my gosh featuring Rick Ross. Ricky’s voice didn’t quite add up to the song but overall it manages a score of 6 on Shoutmeceleb ratings.


Having said that, today what you will get from this post by the time. you finish reading will thrill you but not just that.


In today’s post about Tiwa Savage net worth 2020, I will do my best to cover everything you need to know.


Name: Tiwa Savage
DOB: February 5th 1980
Stage Name: Tiwa Savage
Nationality: Nigeria
State Of Origin: Lagos
Hometown: Esale Eko
Net Worth: N2.5 Billion, $7 Million
Ex-Husband: Tunji Tee Billz Balogun
Children: Jamil Balogun


This means I won’t just be talking about Tiwa savage net worth 2020 Forbes but also about her biography. and how everything started for the Mavin ex-Queen.


Tiwa savage was recently signed to UMG music group. which is a brand that’s fully operational in more than 60 countries worldwide.


I mean that like a very huge deal right?


Her time in London doing back up and writing songs for some popular names has paid off.


Before I dive in I want to answer a question you might be thinking of right now.


I am like trying to predict what you are thinking right about now, please stay silent let me do my thing.


Here is your thought in the below subheading and I will follow. it with the answer in a simple one-line paragraph.


Tiwa savage net worth and Yemi Alade Net Worth who is richer


Tiwa Savage is richer than Yemi Alade in 2019 ranking. but then what’s Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade net worth then? Tiwa has a net worth of $7 million and Yemi has a net worth of $1.4 million.


There’s a huge financial gap between new UMG signing and Alade.


but the two have honestly been outstanding in their individual career.


So without further ado let’s start with the biography of the Mr. Lova Lova crooner.


It’s gonna take some time to get to our destination but hold on tight because I got you alright?


Tiwa Savage Biography Net Worth


Some times you and I let the negativity of other people to stop you from taking some bold steps.


but this isn’t the case for tiwa’s career, as a female trying. to get into music in her country, she did get lots of discouragement but guess what?


She soared despite when she was told that she isn’t going to succeed in the Nigerian music industry.

Sometimes it’s so insulting how a person can be so negative, the funny thing is if you are not. very careful, you may contact the person’s negative vibes.


never do that to yourself, you deserve more and no one can better believe in you like you.


Where is Tiwa Savage From?


Tiwa is one in a thousand Lagosian musicians as well as Davido and Olamide. amongst some other notable names of producers in the west of Nigeria.


Savage, as I like to call her, was born in Ikeja and if you are familiar with your 36 states and Capital. usually taught in prenursery then you know Ikeja is the capital of Lagos State.


However, if you don’t know already, check out the 36 states of Nigeria and it’s capitals here.


Lagos is in the West of Nigeria, a state with nice-looking beautiful buildings but I won’t dive into its history. You can read?

more about the history of Lagos state here.


Did you that Tiwa Savage did not grow up in Nigeria?

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She spent her childhood and adolescents in the United Kingdom. At the early age of 11 tiwa’s parents relocated from Nigeria to UK.


When was Tiwa Savage Born?


Tiwa Savage was born in the year 1980 February 5th to Mr and Mrs Savage. She clocked 39 year 5 months ago.


But the thing is many a time I see questions on Google that ask questions such as…


Who is Tiwa Savage


Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter and actress.


So, what is Tiwa savage real name?


Her real name is Tiwatope Savage but popularly known by her stage name Tiwa Savage.


Her first telecast as an actress came during the Nigerian blockbuster movie Colored Girls. alongside popular actress and icon Joke Silver.


Her musical prowess has seen her on collaborations with the likes of Wizkid on Fever.


You can’t skip the name Wizkid judging from the hit and outrageous comments that followed the video of Fever.


Many Nigerians were absolutely unhappy that Tiwa simply acted and did not sing even a line.


While a popular Itsekiri named Mr Jellof coined the phrase everywhere stew…


In an Instagram skit done by the Warri and Delta State-born, he held a dry gin while he was on a speed boat.


The gin according to how it was scripted was to appease Wizkid on a job well done with Tiwa Savage on Fever video.


It didn’t take long for the video to go viral and the next thing we know. the phrase “everywhere Stew” became popular in the country.


A phrase which at the time even earned him a chance to eat and dine with Wizkid.


Where did Tiwa Savage School?


As a child that grew up in the UK, Tiwa fancied the musical instrument Trombone in her high school days.


While her high school days were pretty quiet, it was her degree and musical classes. that made headline on the internet.

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While in the UK Tiwa savage gained admission into Kent University, where she studied. business administration and secured a degree in her final year.


Unlike some countries in Africa, where after graduating, you need to start trying hard. but fruitless in trying to secure a job.


One of the happiest moments in a graduate life is the day they graduate.

Tiwa Savage Net Worth

However, if you show me that one person who is so happy after graduation then I will show. you a country where after your graduation you are left more frustrated.


Don’t ask me the name of the country please lolz!


Okay now that you know where she schooled I want to quickly. walk you through her life after school.


as a kid growing up, I was made to believe that school is everything and it’s the easiest way. to secure a job and live a life of financial abundance.


Guess what!


It was all lies!


In the country where I come from there isn’t the word a secured future.


You must be wondering why I said that right?


Here’s the deal


School is only a way to develop yourself most especially if you are from Africa. Going to school does not guarantee you will get a job.


So, if you are among the class of people with such thoughts, please change it.


Write this down somewhere!


most especially if you were raised to believe the same. bullshit I was raised to believe.


“Graduating with a good certificate is not a criteria to secure a good job”


Also, write this down!


You would never become rich working for someone…


Tiwa Savage worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland before putting in for a music school.


Tiwa Savage Music School


While Tiwa savage decided to go into a music school to develop her musical talent, she cited that. it was the energy of the young students that motivated her.


She enrolled at Berklee college of music and by 27 years old, she graduated there to become. one of the finest musicians in Nigeria that the world has ever known.

They say the white man’s land is a land of golden opportunity but let’s ask Tiwa if these were true…


I bet it is a land of huge opportunity because savage worked at the age of 16 Tiwa savage. already did backup for George Michael.


Imagine that right?


Just in case you don’t know George Michael is please read this article. it should acquaint you with his history and biography.


Tiwa Savage Early Start


In 2006 she took part in the UK X factor edition and made it to final 24 lists.


But further screening saw the Naija music singer fall from the remaining 12 man list.


In her words she said:


At the time I couldn’t deal with the spotlight that came with the X factor, as a matter of fact, I did not handle it well.


So, when I heard I wouldn’t make it to the 12 man list, it felt like a pain in my heart.


but you can’t cry out there because there are people that want to see that you are strong.


People that believe and have faith in you, so, I kept all that tears inside and let it out at home.


I almost forgot to tell you that Tiwa tope did backup for the likes of Mary J Blige.


Some other popular names she did vocals for are:


  • Chaka Khan


  • Andrea Bocelli


  • Kelly Clarkson


  • Ms. Dynamite


In addition to this list, Savage Tiwa has shared a stage with the likes of:


  • Black eyed Peas


  • 50 Cent


  • Eminem


  • Robbie Williams


  • Destiny child


You can say that when you become better at something, you decide to do it for yourself.


I recently watched a TV show America Got Talent on YouTube. On that show, I saw a Taiwan boy who has been creating magic for 10 years.


He won the Asia Got Talent show and letter proceeded to America got talent.


Before coming on stage he said he only started performing magic 6 months ago.


I realize that you could even spend all your years creating something for someone else. when you can even be benefiting more when you do it for yourself.

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I guess Tiwa discovered that writing songs for herself paid a lot better than doing it for someone else.


The moment you decide to take that one big step forward, you can bet everything will start changing for you.


Tiwa Savage Debut Studio Album and Signing into Mavin Records


In 2012 Don Jazzy signed Tiwa Savage into Mavin records.


and after a 7-year spell, she bid the record farewell after signing a deal with UMG for an undisclosed fee.


But first considering this post has to with the net worth, it’s okay if I compare. Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy net worth right?




So let’s take a look at least this way you don’t have to start wondering or guessing.


If you need certainty that’s what I bring in my posts on net worth. Everything tiny details thoroughly researched before writing.


So this isn’t half baked and trust me when I say its the real deal… lolz let’s get right in on it, shall we?


Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy net worth who is richer


Don Jazzy has a net worth of 7 billion-plus according to 2019 Forbes ranking. and this puts him on the forefront of some of the wealthiest African musicians.


While Don jazzy has consecutively made the list of Nigerian richest artist the top 10. and featuring at position 3 one above Dbanj.


Tiwa Savage has managed to show up in the list of top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria. with a net worth of $7 million.


On this regard, Don Jazzy is richer than Tiwa Savage at least in 2019. you and I will see what 2020 list holds for these two.


Here is a breakdown for you in bullet points.


  • Don Jazzy net worth $20 million


  • Tiwa Savage net worth $7 million


That’s like a huge difference of $13 million!


Tiwa Savage 1st Studio Album Once upon a time


The recording of the album once upon a time started in 2009 but after the deal with Mavin. the album was scheduled to release in 2013.


Prior to the album release, Tiwa had held an album listening gathering at Wheatbeaker Hotel. in Ikoyi to announce her debut album and it’s features.


Finally, on June 3rd, 2013 once upon a time album was released. but first on iTunes and the following day it was released to the public.

The album had songs like Kele Kele love, love me, without my heart, ife wa gbona, folarin, olorun mi and Eminando.


For better viewing below is a list of songs in her first album…


  • Kele Kele love


  • Love me


  • Without my heart


  • Ife wa gbona


  • Folarin


  • Eminando


  • Olorun mi


So how many track was in Tiwa savage 1st album?


That’s 7 tracks in total but Eminando featuring Don Jazzy and kele kele love stood out the most.


During an interview when asked what was the drive for the recording of her first album.

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She said as a kid growing up I wanted to show the world that you can do anything provided. you put your mind to it and work really hard.


In 2014 Tiwas first album had earn a nomination in Nigeria Entertainment Award(NEA). on the category of Best album of the year.


and on Headies as Best RnB/Pop album of the year.


Tiwa Savage Co-Own Record Label 323 Entertainment


Did you know that Tiwa Savage establish a record label prior to joining Mavin records?


323 entertainment was co-owned by the Tiwa savage and ex-husband Tunji Tee bliz Balogun.


The record label later partnered with Mavin records as Tiwa Savage was a lead act. on Mavin compilation album Solar Plexus.


A album that features Mavin stars back in 2012…


Tiwa Savage Second studio album R.E.D


Prior to the released of her second album RED savage had collaborated with Flavour on Oyi.


Funny thing was that after the collaboration she decided she would do a cover for the song.


But the one that took Nigeria by storm was Dorobuvxxi a song by the mavin crew.


I remember how fresh it was in memory because of the Dorobucci T-shirts. that was worn all over the country.


The 2014 Dorobucci is a collaborative album from all mavin stars and Mavin’s first-ever collaboration album.


It featured vocals from Tiwa Savage, Korede Bello, Reekardo Banks, Dija, Dr Sid, and D’Prince.


But before I go you remember the song African rising right?


Tiwa Savage Collaboration With African Stars on Africa Rising


In June 2014 savage collaborated with Mi-casa, Lola Rae, Sarkodie, Diamond Platinumz, and Davido on Africa Rising.


A DStv song encouraging African to participate in community based social investment project.

Tiwanage Net Worth 2019

The video of the song was shot and directed by Call Back Dream in South Africa(SA).


In 2015 savage released second album red an acronym for Romance, Expression, and Love.


The album feature guest appearances from the likes of olamide 2 face Dr Sid and more.


It was Primarily produced by Don jazzy with additional production from Baby fresh Altims spellz and P2J.


The luxurious edition of d album was released in 2016 featuring Wizkid and Psquare. according to research gotten from Wikipedia.




Mind you Wiki has one of the most complete Databases on almost any celebrity that ever lived.


It has everything you can think of from even the origin of the earth itself lolz.


I mean those guys are gigantic but I hate how the text on the site cling together.

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Red was recorded under the pregnancy of Jamil Balogun, Tiwas and Tunji ex-husband offspring.


I know you are still wondering who is Tiwa savage ex-husband. don’t worry I will get into all of that much later in this post.


For now, just stay with me okay?


The album was released under MTN music and within its first 24 hours of release, it became. MTN music most-streamed album of all time.


Tiwa Savage Sugarcane album


In 2017 Tiwa savage released a sugarcane album featuring artists like Wizkid and Maleek Berry.


The album is said to explore a love theme but my take from the album is that it featured producers more.


Some of the producers featured on her 3rd album are


  • Spellz


  • Maleek Berry


  • P2J


  • Baby fresh


Tiwa 3rd studio album was supported by two singles that stood out which are All Over and MaLo.


The following year after Wizkid sold out at the O2 indigo arena, Tiwa Savage is the 3rd Nigerian. after Davido to sell out all her tickets hours before the start of the event.


You can say Headlining a concert isn’t big news for the likes of Wizkid and Davido. since the two are one of the most compared in the country in terms of net worth.


The concert at O2 Indigo venue saw performances from Awilo Logomba, Don Jazzy. and other Mavin stars such as Reekardo Banks, Dr Sid, and Di’ja.



Tiwa Savage Personal life


Like most musician that wants to settle down, the Mavin Queen decided to tie the knot with Tee billz.


The traditional marriage was held at the Ark in Lekki Lagos.


Be damn sure there were lots of dignitaries that Grace the occasion.


Among such names are Don Jazzy Tiwa Savage boss, Banky W amidst others.


Tee Bliz tied the knot with Tiwa on the 23rd of November. and the White wedding took place 5 months after in Dubai at Armani hotel.


On the 1st of January 2015, Savage took to the public to announce the expectation of their first child Jamil.


The following year precisely April 28th, 2016, Tiwa Savage and his husband had a falling out.


She was accused by Tee Bliz Balogun of infidelity, but during the interview with Pulse. she rubbishes the claim stating that her husband took to excessive drinking.


Later on the interview, she revealed that her marriage to Tunji Balogun was over.


She was not only accused of infidelity but her husband called his mother a witch.


Having said that, Tiwa Savage son Jamil Balogun was born in 2016 and is currently 3 years old.

Tiwa Savage Son Jamil Balogun

Let’s dive deep into Tiwa savage net worth in Naira!




How Much is Tiwa Savage Net Worth 2020


Here is your answer:

How Much is Tiwa Savage Net Worth 2020? Tiwa savage net worth in dollars as of 2020 April 4th is $$7,121,234. but then if I should convert this figure to Naira, I have 2.5 billion Naira plus.


Let’s look at this from the point of her investment and sources of income.


Yes, I know that after the deal with UMG Tiwa savage current net worth may have gone up. that’s why this session will explore her major source of income.


Her major source of income is music, endorsement deals, and shows.


You and I already establish that Tiwa savage is a Nigerian musician right?


But much like Wizkid, her major source of income. comes from her songs, her charges per show, and her endorsement deals.


It is said that London brought up the queen of Mavin accepts anywhere. from 3 million Naira to 5 million Naira just to perform on a show.


This means assuming with a minimum of 3 million if she bags 2 shows a month that’s 6 million. just by performing in your show.


in a space of 12 months, that’s like 72 million Naira in a single calendar year.


This figure might be more or less but going by her minimum charges per show. the above figure is what she can be made in a single year.


What is Tiwa Savage net worth


If net worth is every of Tiwa Savage assets minus what she owes then according to Forbes estimate. Tiwa savage net worth Forbes is $7,121,234.


This is an interesting question, right? but you don’t need to crack your head to answer this!


Here is a quick definition of a net worth just in case you do not understand the above one.


Net worth is how much a person owns, this may be car houses, assets, gold, diamond. or general valuables.

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But the total figure can only be achieved after you subtract the total debts they have incurred.


So, therefore, net worth is everything own minus what you owe.


Take for example!


Mr. Rocky is has a net worth of 10,000,000 US dollars and he owes 5,000,000 US dollars.

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Going by the above definition which is


Net worth – Debt


$10,000,000 – $5,000,000


Mr Rocky’s net worth= $5,000,000


I hope this simple analogy fully breaks down what net worth is for you.


Here are an additional resource for you to satisfy your wild taste for knowledge. Feel free to go through it at your own leisure time.


List of Tiwa Savage Endorsement Deal


  • Penned an endorsement deal with Pepsi for over 50 million Naira


  • Signed an ambassadorship deal with MTN for a reported fee of over 30 million Naira


  • Penned a deal with Fort oil for an undisclosed fee


  • Signed an endorsement deal with pampers


  • Signed a writing deal with Sony Music


  • Penned a management and publishing deal with Roc Nation
  • Signed with Mavin Records
  • Penned a record label deal with UMG


Although Tiwa Savage has been a contributor in writing some songs for a number. of UK and US musicians, her break into Nigeria music industry changed everything.


So for this reason when I want added Mavin records above, its because that was the key moment.

The moment where she went from just writing songs for others and start writing and singing for herself.


I feel that moment happened for her at Mavin records.


Endorsement Deal With Pepsi


In 2013 superstar Tiwa became the first African female artist to bag a contract with Pepsi.


The contract was worth more than 50 million in Nigeria Naira.


and ultimately sealed her place as a star to reckon with. because after this deal more just kept coming for the queen and mother of Jamil.


Ambassadorship Deal with MTN


While Pepsi may have beaten the telecom giant to her signature, however the brand. wasted no time in securing her on a deal in 2014.


In 2014 MTN and Nigeria born superstar born took to the various platform to announce. that both parties have agreed on a deal.


But it was Pulse NG that disclosed the amount of the deal to be worth more than 30 million.


Management and Publishing Deal With Roc Nation


In 2016 Jay Z and Queen Beyonce signed Tiwa Savage on a management and publishing deal.


Yes although nothing was said about this deal in terms of amount the deal is worth. however, if Jay Z and Queen Bey deemed her fit and decided to procure her services then its gotta be worth something.


Pay no heed to this because this is more of a gut feeling than fact. If you ask me how much this deal is worth, I will say between N7 million to N10 million.


Note: the above figure is based on a gut feeling rather than on data and statistics.


Endorsement Deal With Sony/ATV Music


In mid-2009, she signed a music writing deal with Sony. remember I said she wrote songs for some really popular artists right?


Well, this deal brought that to the table, she wrote songs for the likes of Kat Deluna, Monica, Fantasia Barrino, and Mya.


In 2010 she got nominated for the Grammy award because of her collaboration. with Fantasia on the song Collard Greens and Cornbread.


The credits were also given to her for writing Kat Deluna’s Push Push.


Tiwa Savage was also credited after her role in Monica’s song “Catch Me”


But wait that’s not all


with information gathered from Suernigeria, it disclosed that Savage also wrote Jaicko’s “Oh Yeah”, which feature superstars like Snoop Dogg.


UMG Deal


Tiwas UMG deal happened in May 2019 for which the singer announce leaving Mavin records.


Earlier on this post, I said Universal Music Group(UMG) is fully operational in more than 50 countries. Well, you have to believe the company is worldwide.


and in May 2019 Davido tweeted congratulating Tiwa Savage on bagging such deal.


Other popular musicians to have sent her good wishes include his ex-boss at Mavin Records Don Jazzy.


Fort Oil and Pampers Endorsement Deal


Tiwa savage parents gotta be proud of the achievement of their daughter. among other endorsement deals lined up in her name, it also includes Fort oil and Pampers.


Although for some reason the financial aspect was never disclosed, however, sources told Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. that the deal is worth altogether more than N15 million Naira.


That’s that for this session, now let’s see her cars and houses.


Tiwa Savage Cars and Houses


Having everything you want is not far off when you measure the life of a musician this successful.

Tiwa Savage cars and Houses


Image Source: Supernigeria

Tiwa Savage has a good house in Lekki reportedly worth an estimated 68 million Naira.


Leaving as a celebrity ultimately means spoiling yourself with some luxury right. After all, what is the point of having all that money if you can’t give yourself some treat?


One such treat she gave herself was when she bought her favorite Volkswagen convertible.


She also has a boat, with which she can go on a chill. on the blue sea of Lagos with a couple of friends.


Another of luxurious cars include Toyota Prado SUV 2015 Model worth 25 million Naira.


So, how much is Tiwa Savage net worth in dollars, pounds, and Naira?


I will list each of these figures below


  • Tiwa savage net worth in dollars is $$7,121,234


  • Her net worth in Naira is N2.5 billion


  • Savage net worth in pounds is 5,460,000 pounds


Before I round up this post there is always this question that’s asked among people.


The question is Wizkid and Tiwa savage net worth who is Richer…


So, for the next 30 secs let me answered that for you.


Wizkid and Tiwa Savage Net Worth Who is Richer


Wizkid net worth in 2019 is $22 million and Tiwa savage net worth in 2019 is $7 million. So, in a nutshell, Wizkid is richer than Tiwa savage.


Wizkid ranks in the top 10 richest artists in Nigeria occupying the number 2 spot behind Davido.


Don Jazzy, on the other hand, sat in the 3rd position on this list followed by his ex-partner Dbanj.


Tiwa Savage List of Awards


  • FAB Magazine Award for a most stylish female artist – 2011
  • City people entertainment for best female artist of the year – 2014
  • African Muzik Magazine award for best female West Africa – 2014
  • Nigeria entertainment award for best R&B/pop artist of the year
  • NEA award for best female artist of the year
  • Channel O music award for most gifted female – 2014
  • MTV Europe Music Award for best African category – 2018
  • COSON song award for the best collabo
  • Dynamix All youth award for the most promising act – 2011
  • The Headies award for best reggae/dancehall single – 2014
  • City People Entertainment Award for the female musician of the year – 2011
  • Channel O music video award for the most gifted R&B music video of the year
  • Headies Award for best female vocal performance – 2012
  • Nigeria music video award for best highlife – 2012
  • MTV Africa music award for the best female of the year – 2014



In this post, I have tried to unveil everything about Tiwa Savage’s net worth and biography.


But the net worth of celebrities changes quite often so I will always update this post with any new changes.


Over to you guys!


How will you predict the Tiwa Savage net worth 2020, will it rise or it will fall?


Leave a comment below with the comment box, and I will indulge in the debate.


Thanks for reading and one more thing Please share on Facebook and Twitter. with the button hanging on your screen.


Cheers and thanks for reading!


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