Top 10 Richest Artist in Nigeria (The Ultimate List)

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The list of top 10 richest artist in Nigeria keep changing. It’s 2019 now and I have a new complete list for you, so let’s continue.


Top 10 richest artist in Nigeria

Not long ago the list of the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria was presented to the world by Forbes according to


But first thing is first!


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Who is the Top 10 Richest Artist in Nigeria 2019?


The number one on the list of the top 10 richest artist in Nigeria 2019 is Davido. Davido Net worth has surpassed Wizkid, Don Jazzy, and D’banj Net Worth.


Did you know that he(Davido) bought a Rolls Royce Phantom worth $350 million?


I know you are probably thinking these guys spend money like hell. The truth is that they really do spend money.


Okay but wait!


Did I introduce myself? Lemme quickly do that before you and I move on to discuss. the list of the top 10 richest artist in Nigeria and their net worth.


Hey there, it’s your Gee Mr. Classic Money here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. and today I will be unearthing who the richest musician in Nigeria is.


The guys who made this list have got to be stinking rich. Because this is like the ultimate list.


So, let’s dive in proper!


Latest top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2019


Lemme ask you this if I ask you to make a wild guess who the richest Nigeria artist is in 2019. What name will first come to your mind?


If you have your answer then please use the comment box to share it. It’s very entertaining when you participate here.


  • Olamide Net Worth $8.8 million ( converted to Naira is #3.168 Billion)


  • Banky W net worth $9.5 million ( convert to Naira is 3.42 Billion)


  • Timaya net worth 2019 $13 million ( 4.680 billion Naira)


  • Rudeboy Net worth $15 million ( 5.4 billion  6Naira)


  • Mr P net worth $16.3 million ( 5.868 billion Naira)


  • face Idibia net worth 2019 $16.5 million( 5. 940 billion Naira)


  • D’banj net worth $16.7 million ( 6.012 billion Naira)


  • Don Jazzy net worth 2019 $20.2 million ( 7.272 billion Naira)


  • Wizkid net worth 2019 $22 million (7.920 billion Naira)


  • Davido net worth 2019 $24.5 million(8.820 billion Naira)


So, there you have it, the complete from number 10 down to the number one spot. I bet that did tally with the answer you gave in the comment session right?


Look at the bright side!


Should someone ask you what’s Wizkid’s net worth in 2019, am positive you now have the correct answer right?


But wait this happened!


We can’t just list their net worth and not talk briefly about their early career.


But wait!


who is the most famous top 10 richest artist in Nigeria


If you have your answer then you know what to do right? For those that do not know what to do okay!


Here is a brief direction for you. Go straight to the comment box and type in your answer then send and I’ll personally read and reply.


The most famous top 10 richest artist in Nigeria is Davido. He has the largest following as an artist in the country.


Let’s break it down bit by bit!


Olamide Net Worth $8.8 Million ( 3.168 billion Naira )


Olamide Net Worth 2019

Known for his spectacular style of songs, he has been very active in the Nigeria music industry.


According to Naijanews Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Olamide Badoo, also makes our list of the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria in 2019, with a net worth totaling the sum of $8.8 million (₦3.168 billion). His consistent performance paid shows and lucrative endorsement deals with top brands have done enough to earn him a well-deserved 10th place richest musician in Nigeria.


What is Olamide Real Name?


Olamide real name is “Olamide Adedeji” also known by his popular name baddo. He released his first studio album in the year 2011 which was titled Rapsodi under coded tune according to informationcradle


How old is Olamide Baddo


Olamide Baddo is 30 years old. He was born on March 15th, 1989 in the town of Bariga of Lagos City.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Adedeji, Olamide Baddo parents died a few years apart. His mother died two years after the father passed on.


How many Awards has Olamide Won?


Olamide has won lot’s of several awards but I won’t waste much time on it. The reason because I will provide you a link where you can read up on that on your leisure time.


So, quickly visit 36ng for a complete list of Olamide Awards and nominations here. But one of the favorite awards he has won a few numbers of times the Headies Award.


How many Album Does Olamide Have?


He has more than 7 studio album to his name and I will be listing that album shortly.


Did you know that over the course of when Olamide first studio album Rapsodi debuted, he has recorded more than 5 extra studio album?


Today’s Hottest Picks:


This foot has made the Nigeria hip hop singer one of the most consistent in the music industry of Nigeria.


Below is the list of Olamide Studio album!


  • Rapsodi released in 2011 with a total of 16 songs


  • YBNL released in 2012 and has a total number of 19 songs


  • Baddest Guy Ever Liveth released in 2013 with 21 songs


  • Street OT released in the year 2014 with 22 songs


  • 2 Kings released in 2015 contained 10 songs


  • The Glory was released in 2016 with 14 songs


  • Lagos Nawa is the 7th Studio album of Olamide with 17 songs


  • Mafia Family is his 8th studio album with YBNL crew


Do you want to guess what am thinking right now?


Honestly, this guy is the real OG and Shoutmeceleb Entertainment is looking to have him on set. That will be nice right guys?


If you think having Olamide hip hop singer on an interview would be good please comment below. I am positive that will be good right guys.




How much is Olamide Net worth 2019


Olamide net worth 2019 is $8.8 million. If you and I do a conversion of this figure from dollars to naira then we have about 3.168 billion Naira.


So, therefore, Olamide net worth in Naira is 3.168 billion Naira.


What’s next!


Banky W Net Worth $9.5 million (3.42 billion Naira)


Banky W Net Worth 2019

I love to call him the man that made Wizkid. After spending part of his life abroad, Banky W came back home to give Naija a taste of what good music feels like.


Banky W sits comfortably in the number 9th spot of Top 10 richest artists in Nigeria. Although before the year runs out, this list might be updated.


But for the time being, recently married Banky W is Shoutmeceleb man with the 9th place. Having said this, what do we know about Banky W?


Let’s dive into the details!


What is Banky W real name?


Banky W real is Olubankole Wellington. Banky W is the stage which he became popular in the world.


Olubankole Wellington is a Nigerian singer, per time actor and a rapper. Wizkid is the talent he discovered which brought him more fame.


However, that quickly ended when Wizkid decided to break out and form his own record label. You may knock yourself out with the details here.


So, can you guess how old he is? If you can without doing a Google search. Please leave your answer in the comment box.


How old is Banky W


Banky W is 38 years old. He was born on March 27th, 1981 to parents George Bankole Wellington.


Born in the United state of America, by age of 5 Banky W parents relocated back to Nigeria. The RnB singer made his way into the heart of Naija fans with his first studio album Mr. Capable.


Banky W List of Awards


  • Best RnB singer Male and best music video of 2010 City People Entertainment Award


  • Best Male vocal performance Hip hop world awards 2009


  • RnB single of the year 2010 Hip hop award “strong thing”


  • Best RnB video, Nigeria Music Video Award 2008 “don’t break my heart “


  • Best International Album Nigeria Entertainment award for Mr capable


  • Best Male RnB Artist, urban independence music award USA 2006


  • Best RnB Artist, Nigeria Entertainment Award 2006


Banky W Album


The Naija RnB singer has 9 studio albums to his name. and below I will list the album because you, my audience deserve to know all you can once you are here.


Below is the list of all of Banky W studio album


  • Mr. Capable released in 3008


  • Back in the Buildin dropped in 2006


  • Songs about you  released in 2017


  • The W experience 2009


  • RnBW 2013


  • According to X 2015


  • Versus (the battle line is drawn)


  • Welcome to the Factory 2013




How much is Banky W Net Worth


Banky W stands among the list of latest richest musicians in Nigeria with a net worth of $9.5 million.


When the Shout me celeb Team converted this figure, we got around 3.42 billion naira. That’s a huge sum to put him just one step below Timaya Mr Egberepapa 1 of Bayelsa.


The next best to talk briefly about on shoutmeceleb Entertainment list of Top 10 richest artist in Nigeria is Timaya.


So, therefore, let’s go cracking it guys!


Timaya Net Worth $13 million (4.680 Billion Naira)


Timaya net worth 2019

The Egberepapa 1 of Bayelsa aka Timaya is one of the finest to have graced the Industry in a decade. Timaya biography is particularly one that’s intriguing.


According to Allmusic Nigerian pop singer, Timaya was born Inetimi Alfred Odon in Port Harcourt, Rivers State in 1980. He was one of many children in a large family, and quickly developed a passion for music, preferring to participate in various hip-hop projects rather than studying.


But because this post is about the top 10 richest Artists in Nigeria, I will keep it concise.


Here is the good news!


I know you really would love to read on his biography. so please visit this link to learn all you wish to know about the Bayelsa born.


But wait!


What is Timaya Real name?


He is quite popular for his style of songs but let me still ask you. What is Timaya full name?


Use the comment box to communicate your answer please before I continue. I think you must have to drop your answers by now.


So here’s the answer you have been waiting for. Timaya real name is Inetimi Alfred Odon. But popularly known by his stage name as Timaya.


How old is Timaya


Timaya is 38 years old. He was born on August 15th, 1980.


The Nigeria songwriter and singer was born in Rivers State to a banker and a trader. Timaya’s father was a banker and the mother was a trader.


How Many Album does Timaya have?


Timaya list of album below!


  • True Story 2007


  • Gift and Grace 2008


  • De Rebirth 2010


  • LLNP Long life and Prosperity 2011


  • Upgrade 2012


  • Epiphany 2014


How Much is Timaya Net worth 2019


Timaya net worth 2019 is $9.5 million. We converted this figure to naira and got 4.680 billion naira. This is how much he is worth in the year 2019.


Someone is currently above Timaya in this tree of top 10 richest artists in Nigeria. He is no other than Rudeboy aka Paul Okoye.


Rudeboy Net Worth Paul Okoye $15 million (5.40 Billion Naira)


Rudeboy Net worth 2019

Paul Okoye known by his recent stage name Rudeboy is the former member of duo Psquare. A top musical group that split recently.


Rudeboy has been very remarkable in his solo career just like his twin brother Mr. P. the two finally called it quits after a brief misunderstanding saw them part ways.


How old is Rudeboy



Rudeboy is 37 years old. He was born in Jos in the year 1981 November 18th to Mr. and Mrs Okoye.


He is a twin with his brother called Mr P or Peter Okoye. Before their breakup in 2017, the two brothers belong to the music group Psquare records.


The older brother Jude Okoye produced the two superstars for years. Kingrudy is popularly known by the Nigerian fans as the voice of the disbanded Psquare.


Rudeboy Reason with me is his latest song in 2019. Simple style made the song to really resonate with lots of fans.


List of Rudeboy Singles


  • Fire Fire 2017
  • Nkenji Keke
  • Somebody baby 2018
  • Somebody call heaven
  • Together 2018
  • Reality 2018
  • Is Allowed
  • Tonight 2019
  • Flex
  • Double Double 2018


Rudeboy is yet to win any awards as a single artist but together as a group, they won several awards his twin brother.


How Much is Rudeboy Net Worth 2019?


Rudeboy sits at number 6th spot with $15 million and it’s equivalent in Naira 5.4 billion naira.


As a solo artist who just went through a disbanded group. I think sitting number 6 among the elites of the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria is quite an achievement frankly.


Let’s talk about his brother Mr P who has been quite fine for himself too. After their reported breakup.


Mr P Net Worth $16.3 Million (5.868 billion Naira)



Forbes richest musician in Nigeria 2019 list keeps Mr P of defunct Psquare at #5. His solo career began in 2017 after their split was confirmed by several media outletsMr P net worth 2019.


How old is Mr P


Mr P of the former Psquare music duo is 37 years old. He is the older brother of his twin brother Rudeboy.


He was born in 1981 to Mr. and Mrs. Okoye and Jude is the eldest brother of the twins. Well, before now Peter Okoye and his twin brother used to be the top 10 richest musicians in Africa.


But that quickly changed after their breakup which saw their wealth also divided into half. The split gave Davido the edge which saw Davido net worth 2019 to rise up.


Just like his twin brother, he was born in Jos on November 18th. Mr P solo career has been excellent with singles like One More Night and For My Head.


How Many Award does Mr P have?


Since starting outing under the solo name Mr. P he has won just one award to his name. But as a collective group, the two won several Nigeria and Africa musical awards.


So, for the fact that you and I are talking about him and his solo career, we would only take into account the award he has won in his solo career.

But do not fret, in the coming days, we will cover Peter and Paul Biography. and all of the awards they won as a group.


How Many Singles Does Mr. P have?


Mr. P singles after his breakup from Psquare record label Square records has been a phenomenon. These are some of his single track on his solo journey.


  • Ebeano
  • My Way
  • Wookie Wookie
  • Zombie
  • Cool it down
  • For My Head


All which have seen quite a good view for someone just starting out as a single artist. So let’s take you to Mr P net worth 2019 quickly.


How Much is Mr P Net Worth 2019 (Peter Okoye)


Mr. P net worth according to Forbes ranking in the list of top 10 richest artists in Nigeria puts him in the number #5 place. With a net worth totaling $16.3 million.


If you convert that sum to Naira you will have something like this 5.868 billion naira. Very impressive right? He is our number 6th man on the list of top 10 richest artists in Nigeria.


Honestly, guys, I wouldn’t have tipped him to fall into number 5 spot. Because of the break up that happened.


The next person on this list is 2Baba aka 2Face. From the 90s till date he has been nonstop with his great songs.


But wait till we reveal it


2Baba Net Worth 2019 $16.5 million (5.940 billion Naira)


2baba net worth 2019

You just cannot talk about Nigeria music and how it evolved without mentioning 2Baba also known as 2Face. His contribution of great sounds like African Queen will take 100s of years for Nigerians to forget.


Just like Psquare he used to be part of a group called the Plantashun Boiz. The group comprise of Blackface, Faze and 2FACE.


Like many music groups that we have seen split, Plantashun Boyz met a rocky end and 2Baba. and the rest of the group moved on.


So far 2Face has been the greatest achiever of the 3 ex Plantashun Boiz group.




How Old is 2Baba aka 2Face


2Baba is 43 years old now. He was born in Jos in the year 1975 to Mr. and Mrs. Idibia. He got married to Annie Idibia.


Itsekiri Billionaire Ayiri Emami was rumor to have spent heavily on that marriage. Some claimed he bought Annie and 2baba a car as a birthday gift and single-handedly sponsored the flight that took people to and Fro.


How Many Albums does 2Face Have?


2Baba has 6 studio album in his collection as Naija musician. With his first being FACE 2 FACE in 2004.


This is the list of Tuface album below…


  • Face 2 Face released in 2004


  • AwGrass 2 Grace released in 2006


  • The Unstoppable came out 2008


  • International version of Unstoppable 2010


  • Away and Beyond 2012


  • Ascension released 2014


What is 2Baba Real Name?


Re real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia. He is a singer-songwriter in the Genre of Afrobeat.


2Baba Awards


Tuface Idibia has received several awards both locally and internationally. and I will list it to you shortly.


Below is the list of All of 2Baba Awards


  • MTV Europe Music Award


  • World Music Award


  • HEADIES Award


  • Channel O Music Video Awards


  • BET Award


  • MTV Africa Music Award


  • MOBO Award


  • KORA Award




How Much is 2Baba Net Worth 2019?


2Baba net worth in 2019 is $16.5 million and when converted to Naira, we have 5.940 billion Naira. He takes the 5th spot for the top richest artist in Nigeria.


This is how much he is worth currently in 2019. and


far he has been one of the most successful and blistering Nigerian Superstar.



D’Banj Net Worth 2019 $16.7 million (6.012 billion Naira


D'banj net worth 2019

D’banj is known for his Mohit days with Don Jazzy. At least that was how I perceive him because that was the climax in his career.


His career took a downward spin after his breakout from Mohit. Though his popularity dwindled his account is still very heavy.


What is D’Banj Real Name?


D’banj real name Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo. He was born on the 9th of June 1980.D’banj parents are Mr and  Mrs. Oladapo.


He was born in Zaria Kaduna State in the Northern part of Nigeria.


How Much is D’banj Net Worth 2019?


Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo has a net worth of $16.7 million. Which is about 6.012 billion Naira. He occupies the number 4th spot in the list of Top 10 richest artist in Nigeria.


Next on this list Don Jazzy. He is the number 3 in the top 10 list of Nigeria richest Musicians. So, dive in a little.


Don Jazzy Net Worth 2019 $20.8 Million(7.272 billion Naira)


don Jazzy net worth 2019

If you look at the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2018, you will find his name there too. Fast forward to 2019, he is still sitting comfortably there.


Don Jazzy does not look like he is leaving the top 10 any time soon. The reason is, he keeps giving value to young stars. Here is a brief biography of the artist found at Buzznigeria.


Knock yourself out!


He founded Mohit record label and then moved to Mavin records. He has discovered popular stars like D’banj, Reekardo Banks, Tiwa Savage amongst others.


What is Don Jazzy Real name?


Don Jazzy’s real name is Micheal Collins Ajereh. Don Jazzy’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Collins Enebeli.


How Old is Don Jazzy?


Don Jazzy is 36 years. He was born on the 26th of November 1982 in Umuahai. Don Jazzy’s age puts him among some of the youngest millionaire musicians in Africa.


He is an entrepreneur, songwriter, and singer. Some of his popular songs include Dorobucci which was released in 2014 by Mavin records.


Another of his songs is Adaobi. What stands him and Davido out from other stars in the country is how much they invest in young talents.




How much is Don Jazzy Net Worth in 2019


Don Jazzy has a total net worth of $20.8 million but if you convert the same figure to Naira. Then, we are talking about 7.012 billion nairas.


His 2019 net worth also ranks him among the list of 10 richest African Musicians. We may write a post on that later but for now, enjoy everything about African richest musicians here.


Let’s move on to the 2nd person in the list of richest Naija artists. He is no other person than Wizkid.


Wizkid Net Worth 2019 $22 million (7.920 billion Naira)



This has been very exhausting to write honestly. But then again I have you to entertain so, no complaint.


Let me quickly ask you!


Who is your most favorite artist between Davido and Wizkid?


Just answer that with the comment box. I mean it’s exciting to see the different opinions of who the best is between them.


Holla at Your Boy is the song that brought Wizkid to spotlight while he was with Banky W. His quick rise to stardom is pretty compelling but it was well deserved wouldn’t you agree?


However, he didn’t stop there, he’s currently one of Naija Celebs that’s featured, Drake. But let’s find out a few fun facts.


What is Wizkid Real Name?


Wizkid’s real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. He’s a professional songwriter and singer. According to Wikipedia, he started recording at the age of 11.


How old is Wizkid?


Wizkid is 29 years old now, He was born on the 16th of July 1990. Wizkid’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Balogun.


He is the father of Boluwatife and two other of his children which were birthed by different women. I am no stranger to Naija Celebs and Other World Celebs who have fathered children from different women.


But wait! Where is Wizkid from?


Well, I am glad to answer that without much stress. He is from Lagos state and was born in Surulere. Which is the Ghetto of Lagos?


We will talk about Wizkid’s biography in some of our future posts. But for now, let’s see some of Wizkid and his album.


How Many Album Does Wizkid Have?


Wizkid Ayodeji Daniel Balogun has 3 studio album currently. He has his debut album Superstar and two other albums.


Below is the list of Wizkid Albums


  • Superstar released in 2011


  • Ayo which was released in 2014


  • Sounds from the other side 2017


It beats my imagination to think that with such great success, he only has 3 albums. Even the likes of 2Baba have more than 5 for average.




How much is Wizkid Net Worth in 2019?


Wizkid net worth 2019 is $22 million. Shoutmeceleb Entertainment did a conversion from dollars to Naira and what we got had my mouth closed.


Wizkid net worth 2019 in Naira is 7.012 billion Naira. These guys are super rich I will say. You agree right?


Lol, who wouldn’t agree? I like to talk about these guys because they are super-rich. It makes me commit myself to be rich because I honestly need to make that kind of money.


Davido stole the number one spot in our top 10 richest artists in Nigeria and their net worth. He has been super famous after Davido Assurance lyrics and video had fans talking.


Davido Net Worth 2019 $24.5 million (8.242 billion Naira)


Top 10 richest artist and their net worth

We have covered a post on this in Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. Here is a quick link to Davido net worth 2019.


I covered in depth of his net worth in that article. also worth mentioning is the recent feet he achieved on US Billboard




How Much is Davido Net worth in 2019?


His net worth is $24.5 million but when we converted it to Naira, it is 8.242 billion Naira.




The top 10 richest artist in Nigeria and their net worth in reverse other goes:


  1. Davido
  2. Wizkid
  3. Don Jazzy
  4. D’banj
  5. 2Baba
  6. Mr P
  7. Rudeboy
  8. Timaya
  9. Banky W
  10. Olamide


So there you go, guys!


Come 2020, who is the artist you think will top this list. Use the comment box to drop your answers.


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