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Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 06:26 pm

Davido is a famous superstar in Nigeria. The “Dami Duro” singer has made Africa proud by creating beautiful Afrobeats and globally contributing to his country’s global recognition.


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It’s no secret that he has fans worldwide who wait eagerly for what he might buy next. Whether it’s cars, houses, or jewels, Shoutmeceleb covers everything about Davido.

When I looked into Davido’s cars, I found out he likes buying fancy houses, too. Guess what? He’s good at choosing excellent properties.


The same goes for Burna Boy and Wizkid, who people often compare to Davido. If you want to learn more about their investments and how much money they have, you can read about it in the article Davido vs. Wizkid vs. Burna Boy’s Net Worth.


So, fellas, today I write my post on Davido’s houses for you so that you can enjoy how your beloved star likes to spend money.


Let’s wait no further and find out the details about Davido’s houses, which I bet would be a journey worth taking. But before that, an insight into his career milestones and how he became the best Nigerian musician.


Davido Career Overview 


Davido became famous with his single Dami Duro and never looked back. With superhit singles like “Ekuro,” “Overseas,” “All of You,” “Gbon Gbon,” and “Feel Alright,” he rose as one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria.


But this was just the start of this rising artist. He stole the show with blockbuster numbers “Skelewu” and “Aye,” and critics rated him as one of the best musicians in Africa.

Davido mesmerized his fans by creating singles like “If” and “Fall.” “If” generated worldwide social-media activity, while “Fall” became the longest-charting Nigerian pop song in Billboard history. And Davido earned his place as the most popular musician in Africa. 

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One of the most followed Nigerian musicians on Twitter and Instagram, Davido reignited the fire with his immaculate collaboration for “Hayya Hayya,” the Fifa World Cup song, making him the most awarded artist in Nigeria


You can see how Davido has captivated the hearts of his fans with his music. 


Moreover, he keeps his fans abreast of his updates on social media, where he usually flaunts his new purchases. This superstar has signed heavy endorsement deals, and Davido’s endorsement deals include Puma, Pepsi, and Infinix, which is an extraordinary achievement, adding to his fame.

Top 11 Most Expensive Davido Cars 12

And today, we will learn more about Davido’s houses individually. Let’s dig in.


How Many Houses Does Davido Have? 


How many houses does Davido have? David Adeleke Adedeji, also popularly known as Davido, owns three (3) homes—one in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and two in Nigeria. Of the two houses in Nigeria, one is in Lekki and the other in Banana Island Lagos.


Below is a table of all Davido houses and the cost:


No House Location Price
1 Davido’s Lekki Home Nigeria, lekki N140 million ($182,424.05)
2 Davido’s Banana Island Mansion Nigeria, Banana Island $1.5 million
3 Davido’s Atlanta Georgia Home USA, Atlanta Georgia $20 million
  • Davido’s Lekki Home 


Davido’s purchases always attract a lot of attention from the media. It is especially true when it comes to his houses. And with his most recent album solidifying his longevity, it’s hard not to love OBO. 


Regarding his album, I wrote a beautiful piece on the album, crossing a billion streams on 5 major streaming platforms.  


Davido owns some of the most impressive houses and has taken the time to decorate them with expensive materials.

davido houses

His Lekki home is considered one of the most well-designed houses in Nigeria. The combination of grey and beige stones on the outside can catch the attention of anyone. 


But the singer has recently renovated the outside look and chose white color, which the singer likes.


In his opinion, things should be simple and classy. Let’s get into further details in the following subheading about Davido’s home in Lekki.


Description of Davido’s Lekki Home 


Davido has an excellent taste for buying things. He is a collector of the finest things. Plus, his love for buying houses also depicts that.


Davido’s house in Lekki is a two-story building, apart from the basement. It is a two-flat duplex with four bedrooms.

Davido house

The white mansion has granite dark-shade countertops on the outside. The rooms are spacious and have large windows and balconies.


According to sources, decorators have perfectly decorated each room to the latest fashion. Additionally, they used expensive items to furnish the entire house. 


Well, Davido can afford anything expensive in the world. So, let’s find out the cost of this house and its location. Let’s get into the details, shall we?.


Location and price of Davido’s Lekki Home 


Davido’s houses are not ordinary ones. And that is so true about his house in Lekki.


Location-wise, this house is in one of the most luxurious areas of Lagos, where many wealthy people of Nigeria have bought real estate properties. 


So what is the price of Davido’s Lekki Home?


According to sources, Davido’s house in Lekki costs roughly N140 million ($182,424/.05), which is jaw-dropping.


The cost is high for a posh area like Lekki, and you can see many artists join the league of Davido, like Iyanya, Don Jazzy, etc., who own apartments in the highbrow area of Lagos.

Davido house1

Next, you will find out its features and amenities, which are also breathtaking.


Davido’s Lekki Home Features and Amenities 


Location-wise, this house has a significant wow factor; everything on the outside and inside is impressive about this Lekki Home of Davido.


Let’s see further what features and amenities this house has that keep attracting Davido’s fans.

Davido house1

One exciting thing about this house is the spacious living room, where Davido often sits on his sofa and enjoys his free time with his friends.


Talking about the kitchen, it boasts the latest version, equipped with ultra-modern appliances. 

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Besides that, the Lekki house has a large parking area, gym, swimming pool, and jacuzzi.  


Moreover, Davido’s house has rust-proof steel pipes, modern gadgets like automatic doors, and CCTV cameras everywhere to ensure security. 


And that is what I expected from Davido’s home; the latest furniture, fine finishing, and excellent location all add to its value, making it a dream house.

Davido house44

But this is only the beginning. Next, you and I will have a detailed overview of OBO’s Banana Island Mansion. 


  • Davido’s Banana Island Mansion 


Davido always takes the chance to pick an ideal house whenever he has the opportunity. His Banana Island Mansion is one of the best, particularly concerning its design and location. The finishing of Davido’s house is up to the mark, making it one of the finest properties on the Island.


This mansion is called the Giuliano de’ Medici, named after the Medici family, a powerful family that captured the ideals and principles of the Florence Renaissance.

Davido house10

Adding to its value, Sujimoto Constructions, a prominent developer of premium real estate in Africa, created the house.


Let’s delve into more details.


Description of Davido’s Banana Island Mansion 


Davido’s houses offer a sight to catch a glimpse. Banana Island is a perfect choice for a millionaire. His net worth is estimated at $28 million. How he earned it is covered in detail in my blog post, Davido net worth.


The banana island is considered a favorite among affluent investors who want quality time in a safe and secure environment. It’s called a real estate paradise home to many wealthy families.

Davido house5

Moreover, Davido’s house completely steals the show, and why am I saying it will be unveiled in a while? 


Davido’s Banana Island Mansion Location and Price 


Every house, whether small or big, is costly on this island. The location is posh, with a clean environment and first-class security. This island has all recreational and sports facilities. 


So what is the cost of Davido’s Banana Island Mansion?


The Cost is mind-blowing, about $1.5 million, and I expected it to be close to this figure as the mansion owned by Davido is exotic. It is undoubtedly an excellent addition to the collection of Davido’s houses.


We still have to discover its features, which I am sure would be exceptional. Let’s wait no further and dive in.


Davido’s Banana Island Mansion Features & Amenities 


It comprises ten apartments, two on the rooftop, the penthouse, and eight luxury 5-bedroom terrace apartments. Besides that, it has a spacious living room with excellent furniture that contrasts the walls’ color. 


The kitchen is fully furnished with essential equipment, including induction cookers and the latest appliances. Again, the lights and the color coated on the kitchen cupboards add to the beauty and contrast of it. 

Davido house7

The following stunning features that add to Davido’s house’s value are  

the master bedrooms with a personalized living room. Another exceptional feature is the walk-in closets. Plus, families can enjoy many guest rooms and living rooms at different times.


Additionally, every washroom has a jacuzzi and vanity, and exceptional attention to detail is given to restrooms to match the theme of the whole mansion.


For swimming, there is a private dedicated pool in the house where one can enjoy a sunny day without any disturbance.


Like any other Davido house, this one has also been equipped with security devices but at a higher level than the other houses.

Davido house8

First, there is an electronic gate, and each apartment’s front door has a key card, like in hotels. You’ll find an elevator inside the house when you open the front door.


Moreover, the entire house has control panels. Davido controls the entire house with these.


CCTV cameras watch the entire mansion. This mansion is extraordinary and showcases the art of architecture.


It is stunning, and Davido is fortunate to have the opportunity to buy such a perfect property for himself.

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Guys, there is one more house of Davido that you need to know about. It is in America, so keep scrolling as I spill the beans of his next luxurious house.


  • Davido’s Atlanta Georgia Home


Davido was born in the USA, so it was easy for him to buy a house in Georgia in America. Being a celebrity and the son of a billionaire, people were skeptical that he must have inherited this home from his father. 

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But speculations were wrong as the singer earned his house with his own money, as he believes in making everything from scratch and being independent.

davido 29

Let’s dig deeper into his Atlanta, Georgia, house features and how Davido enjoys his vacations here. 


Description of Davido’s Atlanta Georgia Home 


Davido’s houses are luxurious, expensive, and well-equipped with cutting-edge technology. From the outside, it is a beautiful two-story building made from red bricks. The houses in the surrounding area are more or less the same, with similar patterns from the outside. 


The mansion is constructed in classic style and painted in pastel beige and sand. And Davido is seen enjoying his balcony, where he has made a corner for grilling food. 

davido 23

Plus, an oversized garage is where Davido packs his cars. In one of his posts on Instagram, Davido flaunts his Bentley in front of his house in Georgia. 


Well, fellas, if you are curious about its price, let’s peek into Davido’s house price and location in the USA.


Davido’s Atlanta Georgia House Location and Price 


Davido loves the smell of good things, and this is evident in his decision to buy a house in Georgia. The Atlanta house is situated in Georgia’s most elite neighborhood. According to Davido, the surroundings are peaceful and comfortable.


Outside is a big parking area; the roads are clean and wide enough, giving one the feel of less traffic and a clean environment. 

Top 11 Most Expensive Davido Cars 15

Additionally, there is lots of greenery, a fountain, and recreational spots for visitors. It’s a perfect choice for staying private and enjoying holidays away from the world’s noise.


So what is the cost of Davido’s home in  Atlanta, Georgia?


It is expensive, and Davido bought it in 2015 for $20 million. Our favorite and most popular musician purchased it when he was 22, and I am blown away by how Davido acquired it. Kudos to him for his choice.


Next, you and I will see how Davido’s house in Atlanta stands out from other houses.


Davido’s Atlanta Georgia Home Features & Amenities 


His fans are always super excited about his luxurious purchases, whether it’s a car, house, or jewelry. And Davido keeps surprising us, isn’t that right?


The Hayya Hayya pop star’s Atlanta House is worthy of a tour. 

davido 28

So, guys, the building features spacious wrought iron balconies on the first floor and the same patio on the ground floor. Each room has long, narrow windows, and this technique helps in giving a spacious look. Additionally, rooms are well-lit and bright with up-to-date furnishing.


Moreover, another thing that adds to the beauty of Davido’s house is the wooden floor, giving great contrast with off-white walls and windows.


A classic-style staircase connects both house floors with carpet and dark brown wooden handrails. The ground floor has a kitchen equipped with the latest appliances. And there is also a dark marble tabletop where one can thoroughly enjoy making food.


Furthermore, there is a living room, which is bright and adequately illuminated, having a large plasma tv and comfortable couches. 


After reading this, Davido’s fans can’t stop thinking about Davido’s Houses; isn’t that correct?  

davido 20

Davido is one of the richest musicians in Africa, and his net worth is commendable. His Atlanta house is expensive and decorated with pricey furniture. It is an excellent place to enjoy vacations with his family. Davido’s kids are often seen in snaps shared on Twitter having fun with their dad during vacations.


Davido’s houses are a representation of his taste and style. And they all are fanciful.


So, friends, all of Davido’s houses have the latest architecture and up-to-date furnishing.




Davido is one of the Richest musicians in Nigeria who can buy anything luxurious. Davido’s Houses remain the center of media attention, and he keeps his fans updated about any investment he has made.


His great fortune allows him to buy expensive houses which have distinctive features. And I am genuinely impressed by his choice.  


Moreover, Davido’s houses have modern architecture, making his homes stand out more than the rest.


I hope you enjoyed this roller coaster ride of Davido’s Houses with me. 


Please leave me feedback and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Stay tuned to get more information about celebrities in the world.


People Also Ask (FAQs) 


Now it’s time to answer your frequently asked questions. Let’s find out the answers to your questions.


How many houses does Davido own? 


David owns three houses, one in Atlanta, USA, and two in Nigeria. One is in modern Banana Island, and the other is in Lekki Lagos state.

All three houses are marvels of construction. These are elegant on the outside and equally stylish on the inside. His fans and media are always interested in his new purchase, and Davido is not shy about sharing the details. He keeps his fans and media updated about his investments. 


Where is Davido’s main house located in Lagos, Nigeria? 


David lives in Lekki, a city in Lagos state in Nigeria. His home is posh, and the house is a treat. The house is painted in decent colors with superb finishing on the inside. It is a dream house for anyone. Davido’s Lekki house is a  two-flat duplex with four bedrooms.


On the outside, it’s a white mansion with granite dark-shade countertops. The rooms are spacious and equipped with large windows and balconies; according to sources, each room is perfectly decorated to the latest fashion. In addition, expensive items are used in the furnishing of the whole house.  


How much is Davido’s house worth on Banana Island? 


The Cost is mind-blowing, about $1.5 million for this house is a big mansion with many apartment sets. It is equipped with modern technology like electronic gates, CCTV cameras, control panels, and elevators. Plus comprises ten apartments, two on the rooftop, the penthouse, and eight luxury 5-bedroom terrace apartments. In addition, the surroundings are secure and peaceful, adding to its price.


Where does Davido live now?


Davido has moved out of his house from Banana Island, where he was recently staying. He has put this house on rent for the present while. And now, he stays in Lekki in the Lagos state of Nigeria and spends his vacations in the USA as he has the nationality of both countries, so he keeps moving back and forth between the two countries.


How many houses did Davido have in use? 


Davido has been using all three houses. It was in the news that he moved to Banana Island, but recently he has moved out and put it on rent. His Georgia home allows him to get refreshed whenever he is in America to enjoy peaceful vacations. And when he is back, he usually stays in his Lekki residence, where his house is near his father’s home, and he can enjoy quality time with family. 


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