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So how much has Sound Of Freedom made in the US Box Office? 


Once upon a time, a movie called “Sound Of Freedom” was made. This is no ordinary movie, but a film based on the real life of a brave man named Tim Ballard.

How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

Tim worked for a group called US Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), kind of like a super-hero, for 12 years.


He left the agency after 12 years to found his own company Operation Underground Railroads (O.U.R). You can read all about the company here.


The actor Jim Caviezel, who you may remember from the movie “The Passion Of Christ,” played the role of Tim.


This movie tells Tim’s story of fighting against bad people who hurt children.


And it’s a must-watch for friends and family across the globe, so we raise the collective consciousness of everyone.


Because once the world becomes aware of this problem, the next thing would be how you and bind together to solve it. 

How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

But how much has Sound Of Freedom made thus far, or better still, how much has Sound Of Freedom made the US Box Office?


I will answer the question below:


How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made


How much has Sound Of Freedom made already? Sound Of Freedom (also SOF) made a remarkable $14.5 million on its opening day. In addition, it raked in $27 million in the second week. The SOF, since July 4th, has grossed $100 million in sales. It is projected to make $120 million by the end of the year.

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How much has Sound Of Freedom made


But wait, that’s there is more!


What Is The Cost Of Sound Of Freedom


How much did it cost to make Sound Of Freedom? Sound Of Freedom (SOF) cost the producers a staggering $14 million to make. This excludes the cost of marketing the movie, which made it a box-office success barely a month after it was released.


With that out of the way, let me tell you briefly the details you didn’t know about this movie.

How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

It turns out some pretty powerful people did not want the movie to be released (but who exactly, we don’t know).


The Issue of Child Sex Trafficking


You might be wondering, what is Tim fighting against? He fights against something very sad and scary called child sex trafficking.


This is when bad people sell and buy children for their own bad reasons. Sadly, America has the highest number of people who buy these children, and Mexico has the highest number of people who sell them.

How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

Over the last 5 years, this terrible problem has grown 5000% more. This movie, “Sound Of Freedom,” wants to tell people about this problem and encourage them to stop it.


Jim Caviezel seems like the right person for the job after his role in The Passion Of Christ.


Tim Ballard handpicked him because he was religious and shared some of his views.


When I wrote the article most popular actors in the world, Jim did not make the list.

How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

Because he hasn’t done many movies after The Passion, which blacklisted him on Hollywood.


But still, the article most popular actors in America makes for an interesting read.


The Success of “Sound Of Freedom”


“Sound Of Freedom” is not just a movie with a good message; it’s also a big hit!


On its first day, it made more money than a famous movie series with Harrison Ford called Indiana Jones.

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How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

It has earned over $89 million, and it might even reach $100 million.


The people who watched the movie loved it so much that they gave it a 100% score on a website called Rotten Tomatoes. That’s like getting all the questions right on a test!


If you ask me, I wish I had made the article best actors in the world today because Caviezel would make the list.


The Role of Marketing in the Film’s Success


One big reason why “Sound Of Freedom” is so popular is because of smart ideas from the people who wanted to tell everyone about the movie.


They created a special offer where anyone who bought a ticket could also buy tickets for their friends and family.

How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

Word spread fast, like whispers in a classroom, and more and more people wanted to see the film.


Also, the movie’s message about fighting against child sex trafficking and its real-life story made it even more interesting to watch.


Challenges Faced by “Sound Of Freedom”


Just like in any good story, the makers of “Sound Of Freedom” had to face some big challenges.


At first, a big company named 20th Century Fox was supposed to distribute or share the movie with theaters all over. 

How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

But then another big company, Disney, bought 20th Century Fox, and they decided not to release the movie. 


That’s like having a great story to tell but not being allowed to tell it!


The movie’s producer, a man named Eduardo Verastegui, worked very hard for more than a year to get the movie’s rights from Disney. 

How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

But as soon as he got them, something else happened: a worldwide disease called COVID made it hard to show the movie in theaters.


Triumph Over Challenges


When Disney let go of the movie’s rights, something wonderful happened. A studio named Angel Studios decided they wanted to help share the movie.


They asked people to help raise money to tell everyone about the movie and bring it to theaters. 

How Much Has Sound Of Freedom Made Worldwide

Guess what? People gave over $5 million in just 2 weeks! Now, the movie had enough money, $14.5 million in total, to finally be shared with everyone.

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So, how much did “Sound Of Freedom” make or how much has Sound Of Freedom made, was it successful, was it a true story?


What I can tell you is SOF isn’t just a movie; it’s a journey. It’s a story of a brave man, a big problem in the world, and how a movie can help fight against it. 


Despite challenges, it has become very successful. Who knows, it might even earn $100 million! But most importantly, it’s a movie that’s helping to shine a light on a problem and make the world a better place.


Despite Jim Caviezel not being the most popular actor or even one of the richest actors in the world, he is speaking up.


Let’s hope more and more people watch it and join the fight against child sex trafficking. After all, even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.

People Also Ask (FAQs)


What burning questions do you have? Below I have answered quite a few in hopes that it helps you find answers to the questions running through your head.


What is the “Sound Of Freedom” movie about?


Answer: The movie “Sound Of Freedom” is about the real-life story of Tim Ballard, a US Homeland Security Investigation special agent. He spent 12 years working on cases related to child sex trafficking. The movie aims to shed light on this dark issue and inspire action against it.


Who plays the role of Tim Ballard in “Sound Of Freedom”?


Answer: The role of Tim Ballard is played by Jim Caviezel, an American actor known for his role in the successful film “The Passion Of Christ.”


How successful has “Sound Of Freedom” been at the box office?


The movie has been very successful. On its opening day, it even outperformed the Indiana Jones franchise, earning $14.5 million. So far, it has made over $89 million and is projected to gross $100 million.


What challenges did the movie “Sound Of Freedom” face before it was released?


The movie faced several challenges before it became a box-office success, including distribution and budget issues. After Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, the movie was shelved. The film’s producer, Eduardo Verastegui, spent more than a year getting rights for the movie from Disney. The COVID-19 pandemic also posed challenges to its release.


How did “Sound Of Freedom” overcome its challenges?


Answer: After Disney released the rights for the film, Angel Studios picked it up. The studio used equity crowdfunding to raise money for its marketing and distribution. In just 2 weeks, they garnered funds worth $5 million from 7000 people, aiding the movie’s successful release.

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