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Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 06:25 pm

Hollywood celebrities keep surprising us with their love of buying luxurious things. Most get media attention for buying expensive houses, cars, and jewelry.


Talking about ASAP Rocky, he also loves to flaunt his fancy collections on social media, whether it’s his new house or car.

Asap Rocky 33

The superstar has gathered much hype for his exquisite taste in houses.


And that is so true, as his stylish homes took me aback and I would like to give you a tour as well.


Just put this out there, all these are made possible through lucrative endorsement deals.


Speaking of endorsement, I covered all Asap Rocky endorsement deals here.


Today I will discuss ASAP Rocky houses for you in this post. Though I previously covered ASAP Cars, he can afford all kinds of vehicles, from a 1967 Ford Mustang to a BMW series five sedan.


But in the context of ASAP houses, guys, he has the most elegant collection, and I am sure you will be astonished by his taste; his mansions have hypnotized me already.

Asap Rocky02

Brace yourself for diving into ASAP Rocky House’s collection, but before that, here is a brief overview of his career milestones. 


Let’s take a look.


Asap Rocky Career Overview 


ASAP Rocky started from humble beginnings. He mentions that he took solace in music and rapping while going through a tough time. 


Becoming one of the best rappers isn’t easy these days, as there is tough competition in the music industry. Some of the best musicians in the world have succeeded through persistence.

Asap Rocky03

You will be hooked by ASAP Rocky’s stunning numbers, which became super hits. Here is the list of his popular songs: 


  • Praise The Lord (Da Shine)
  • Sundress
  • Peso
  • Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2
  • r – Cali
  • Holy Ghost
  • F**kin’ Problems


Acquiring a position in the crowd of many talented artists is difficult. Most popular musicians in the UK unfold the story of such artists who have worked dedicatedly, just like ASAP Rocky.


Having said that, his albums have debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top 200. His most acclaimed albums are;


  • Long. Live. A$AP 
  • At. Long. Last. A$AP. 


Moreover, Rocky has won a BET Award, two BET Hip Hop Awards, and nomination for two Grammy Awards, six World Music Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards and two MTV Europe Music Awards. Superb!

After getting recognition, the singer earned more fame when he met Rihanna, whom he calls the love of his life. She is one of the richest musicians in the world. 


And together, the couple bought a luxurious mansion. Many other artists like them are also into buying mansions like Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj, and their assets I have shared in Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B’s net worth is a post worth reading.


Actually, Asap Rocky houses gained more media attention after the couple purchased their new mansion, details of which will be disclosed later in this post.


So, fellas, I will discuss the Asap rocky house list, their costs and location with you, and how ASAP made them look gorgeous by close to ideal decorations.

Asap rocky

Let’s see the astonishing features of his Beverly Hills Grove Home.


Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Grove Home 


ASAP Rocky’s career success allowed him to sign heavy endorsement deals, especially with Guess, Adidas and Christian Dior. A good amount of accumulated wealth helped him buy his own home. 

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So, the superstar bought his first house in 2015 in a central location between Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard. This central location has its perks that I will mention later. 

Asap rocky cars list 4

First, we will take a look at ASAP Rocky’s home to find out what makes it unique.


 Description of Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Grove Home 


Asap Rocky’s house in Beverly Hills Grove is cubically shaped, simple, and elegant from the outside.


But don’t get dodged by its outside appearance because the inside of the house is spacious and decorated with exotic material. 

Asap rocky cars list 7

Moreover, the house covers an area of about 4,321-square-foot and all five bedrooms are upstairs. That’s Cool!


So what about the ground floor? Like many new houses, ASAP Rocky House follows the same style. And that is an open floor. Yeah, that’s right, it means that the whole ground floor is like one mighty room which looks stunning and goes with the latest fashion.


As you enter the house, it gives an open and airy feeling. There is a living room which is fully furnished and has a fireplace. And also near it is a recessed conversation area where the singer relaxes in his free time.  


Just behind the living area is a dining space equipped with comfortable chairs for a family meal with a view.

Asap rocky cars list 10

Then comes the cooking area; the house’s minimalist “Italian kitchen” is equipped with modern appliances. Plus, It looks fabulous for having an olive-green-and-blonde-wood paint scheme. 


Moving on to the top floor, as I mentioned, there are five bedrooms, but there is one additional feature about the upper floor, which is interesting in ASAP, Rocky’s house. It is an open-sky patio lounge with a fireplace and some hanging plants that give a beautiful sunset view. 


Furthermore, the main bedroom is huge and well-designed. Though some designers criticise that ASAP Rocky’s master bedroom has fewer decorative elements. But less is more. So I like it the simple way. What do you think?


Another feature added to ASAP rocky house value is the backyard. The backyard has a plunge pool and spa. I wonder how the home designer managed it all in this small space. Anyway, it looks impressive.

Asap rocky cars list 11

Now I will share its location and price.


 Location and price of Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Grove Home 


Fans and media love to talk about ASAP Rocky houses, and why not? His houses are pieces of art. 


Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Grove House’s location is one factor contributing to its price. It is near Melrose Avenue, which runs north of Beverly Boulevard and is considered the hub for shopping, dining and entertainment in Los Angeles.

Asap Rocky01

While Beverly Boulevard is also a few miles away, again, it is famous for its shopping centres and hotels. 


Fellas, you can see ASAP Rocky house enjoys the central location; the next question that comes to mind is its price.


So what is the cost of Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Grove Home?


The cost of this fantastic house is mentioned as $3 million, which is jaw-dropping. But for Asap Rocky, it seems an easy purchase. The singer enjoys staying in his beautifully designed house and revives his energy for the next tour.

Asap Rocky06

Keep scrolling ASAp Rocky houses to get further details of his house’s features and amenities. 


 Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Grove Home Features and Amenities 


Regarding ASAP Rocky Grove home features, the ground floor entrance has massive wooden doors, white oak flooring, and endless rows of recessed lights. 


Furthermore, the house is well-lit and bright, thanks to the cream and grey colour scheme, which gives an airy and spacious look. There are stairs which connect the first floor to the second. And the upper floor has the same colour scheme as that of the ground one. Plus, the windows are wide, enlightening the rooms and giving positive vibes.

Asap rocky cars list 2

The amenities around Asap Rocky House locations add to Asap Rocky House’s worth because there is a walking distance to all sorts of fabulous restaurants and shops, including Jar and Angelina Osteria. And, of course, the world-famous Sunset Strip is only a 10-minute drive away. 


Next, we will take a detailed tour of ASAP Rocky Beverly Hills Mansion, which earned hype because of its enormous area and amenities. Let’s dive in.


Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Mansion 


ASAP houses exhibit his love for architecture. And now it will get more interesting when you learn about the mansion where he lives. 


The singer started dating Rihanna, whom he calls the love of his life. Together they have bagged one of the most expensive properties in Beverly Hills. With an epic location and mind-blowing features, this mansion is mentioned as Asap Rocky’s BEST House and deserves a tour.

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 Description of Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Mansion 


Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have been dating since 2020. Asap Rocky is lucky that he fell in love with the most awarded artist in the world; that’s correct.


Rihanna has earned more than 600 awards, making her stand out from the other artists. Moreover, she is super glamorous and rated as one of the most popular musicians in America. 

Asap rocky 001

Besides that, the rich Riri is always in the news for giving tough times to her contemporary singers, including Beyoncé, who is also famous for her luxurious purchases.


To get insight into their net worths, read Beyonce and Rihanna’s net worths, and I bet this post will jolt you.


Both the singers are rich and love to spend. And Rihanna, after getting engaged to ASAP Rocky, is getting more attention for her newly renovated mansion in Beverly Hills.


The Mansion was built in 1938, but it was completely renovated after ASAP Rocky and Rihanna bought it, making it one of the best properties in the Asap Rocky House collections.


The Mansion has been given an overall new look and redesigned with modern and traditional elements. 


You will be drawn to its outer look, white on the exterior with a black finish. This adds to the elegance and simplicity. Talking about the area, the mansion sits on 7,628 square feet and comes with a guest house.

Asap Rocky 22

This one of ASAP Rocky’s houses comprises two living rooms. The formal one is well decorated with a fireplace on a marble wall.


And it also opens into the courtyard. So one can enjoy the fresh air while sitting in the living room. The informal living room is more cozy, gives a swimming pool view, and opens into the breakfast room. 


Then comes the formal dining area, which connects with the patio and is well decorated, including a gigantic sculpture of Yak.



Another feature of ASAP Rocky house is five en suite bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The master bedroom on the first floor takes you to another level of comfort and has a marble bathroom and a large private terrace for a panoramic view of Beverly Hills.


The white marble-themed primary bedroom bathroom also opens to the outdoor sitting area.


Then comes the nursery dedicated to Asap Rocky and Rihanna’s child. This room carries the theme of the jungle.


The bamboo furniture, the green and white walls, a brass cot and lots of stuffed animals all give you the feeling of being out in the woods. It is well-designed for their little one to enjoy.

Asap Rocky 20

Next, in this mansion, we can’t overlook the kitchen; it is a wow factor adding to ASAP Rocky house cost.


And I will tell you why: an open-plan gourmet kitchen has high-tech ovens with two marble islands, plus it also opens into an outside sitting area where one can fetch his food directly from the kitchen and enjoy the outside.


Moving on to its location and price on our post of ASAP Rocky houses, which will likely blow your mind.


 Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Mansion Location and price 


Speaking of ASAP Rocky houses, he won’t pick any ordinary place. Right? It is an expensive home owned by the couple ASAP Rocky and Rihanna and is located in the premium Beverly Hills Post Office neighbourhood on Heather Road.


The home lies on the same star-studded street as Rihanna‘s “FourFiveSeconds” collaborator Paul McCartney. And celebrities are dying to buy homes in this part of the city.

Asap Rocky 9

It’s posh, luxurious, having all the living essentials, including shopping malls and restaurants.


So what is the cost of Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Mansion?


According to resources, the couple shelled out $13.75 million for their Beverly Hills oasis. Wow!


No doubt the property is worth the price. And I’m loving it already. 


Let’s find out more about this mansion.


 Asap Rocky Beverly Hills Mansion Features & Amenities 


As I discussed earlier, the ASAP Rocky house in the description, it’s a huge mansion which boasts all the necessities of an affluent lifestyle.


And guys, it is one of the best Asap Rocky luxurious houses. This mansion represents a stylish modern farmhouse with French white oak hardwood flooring.

Asap Rocky

Besides that, the amenities include a breakfast room, cabana, gym and pools. It’s Fab!


The breakfast room has expensive leather seats for having comfortable morning meals. You can’t take your eyes off the leather seats used to fill the breakfast room. 


Then comes my favorite part, the cabana space, which speaks for itself. It is the best place to enjoy a sunny day by reading books on comfy sofas.

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This is followed by another exquisite feature of having a personalized gym, which is well-equipped. It overlooks the courtyard with an open wall of windows. A cool place to work out.

Asap rocky cars list 8

Moreover, the mansion has a cozy bar with built-in bookshelves and is well stocked with a good collection of champagnes.


And what adds to the beauty of this bar is the black and gold themed walls which makes it more attractive.


Another recreational addition is having two swimming pools. One is in the front courtyard, and the second is in the backyard. 


And this is not it. The whole mansion is surrounded by gigantic walls and trees, which make this ASAP Rocky house more secure and far away from the public eye. Amazing!


The next ASAP Rocky residence is his penthouse in London; let’s see what I have to share about it.

Asap Rocky Penthouse Suite Mayfair London 


Having a house in London is just like a dream come true. ASAP Rocky houses are famous for their central location, so this is the case with this ASAP Rocky penthouse.

Asap rocky cars list 5

Moreover, his fans are thrilled to know that he owns a house in London. Let’s see what’s exquisite about the ASAP Rocky penthouse house.


 Description of Asap Rocky Penthouse Suite Mayfair London 


ASAP Rocky, with his talent and hard work, has earned a huge fortune and his net worth is often compared with his fellow rappers.


After researching, I compared Asap Rocky vs Travis Scott’s net worth, and I was hooked by their investments and earning resources, a must-read post.

Asap Rocky04

Coming back to ASAP Rocky houses, it is surprising that the singer has yet to share his Mayfair London apartment details on social media. 


Let’s see if anything is shared about the penthouse price and location.


 Asap Rocky Penthouse Suite Mayfair London Location and price 


Mayfair London is one of the most sophisticated areas, and ASAP Rocky loves to stay in London. As he mentioned in one of his posts, London is my home away from home.



No one outside his trusted circle knows the exact location and how much he bought it for. According to my research, it is a luxury apartment.

Asap Rocky

Undoubtedly, it is expensive, but what is the cost of this ASAP Rocky’s Apartment?


Again, fellas, not much is said about it, but the place speaks for itself. It is expensive and only affordable for rich people. 


 Asap Rocky Penthouse Suite Mayfair London Home Features & amenities 


Mayfair is renowned for the quality of its local amenities and is considered one of the safest and most desirable areas to live in.

Asap Rocky05

As I have mentioned earlier, all the details have yet to be revealed to the public. The superstar wants to have private moments in peaceful suburbs.


Also, Rihanna and ASAP want some privacy away from the paparazzi; that’s why everything about this house is under wraps making it the best place for couples holidays.




Asap Rocky is one of the rising rappers, singers, and producers. His fans and critics appreciate his work. After earning good fortune, the singer has invested in multiple projects. And one of the highlights from those is ASAP Rocky’s Luxurious Houses.


He is talented and loves to share his experience of staying in expensive homes. However, the singer tells everything about his house, from inside to outside to the decorations. But his London apartment stays a big secret to date. 


Moreover, the superstar is busy searching for another spectacular house. Hopefully, It would make an excellent addition to ASAP Rocky Houses.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Stay tuned to get more information about celebrities in the world.


People Also Ask (FAQs) 


Now I will answer some of your frequently asked questions. 


How many houses does Asap Rocky own?  


Asap Rocky has three houses of his own. These are Beverly Hills Grove Home, Beverly Hills Mansion, and London Mayfair Penthouse. All three are expensive, in beautiful locations, and well-designed. ASAP  has spent much money and time designing and decorating these houses.


His houses stay at the center of media attention, and fans love knowing more about his houses. 


Where is Asap Rocky’s main house located in the USA? 


ASAP Rocky’s main house is located between Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard. So his house enjoys the central location.


Being near Melrose Avenue, which runs north of Beverly Boulevard, makes shopping, dining, and entertainment close to his house.


While Beverly Boulevard is also a few miles away, again, it is famous for its shopping centers and hotels. 


How much is Asap Rocky’s house worth in Beverly Hills Mansion?  


It is one of the most expensive houses in ASAP Rocky collections. Roccky’s Beverly Hills Mansion is worth $13.75 million. Beverly Hills is ideal for celebrities to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and nearby amenities. No doubt the property is worth the price.


Where does Asap Rocky live now? 


Asap Rocky lives in his Beverly Hills Mansion. It is one of the best ASAP Rocky houses. It is in the premium Beverly Hills Post Office neighborhood on Heather Road. After getting engaged to Rihanna, the couple spends more time in 


their Mansion. And they have excellently designed and decorated their house. Besides that, living there would be a dream come true for any celebrity.


How many houses did Asap Rocky have in The US? 


Asap Rocky has two houses in the USA.


One is located in a central location between Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard. And it’s called Beverly Hills Grove home, while the other is his mansion in Beverly Hills.


Both houses are worth a tour. They occupy good space, are airy, and well-maintained. The singer has invested a lot of money in designing and decorating both houses. Plus both houses are fully equipped with the latest technology.

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