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Get ready because today, I want to take you on an exciting journey with an amazing rap expert, A$AP Rocky


If you really like cool beats, awesome lyrics, and super stylish stuff, then you’ll love what’s coming your way!


A$AP Rocky, born Rakim Mayers, rocketed onto the scene with a style as unique as his name. I’m talking of an artist who rose from Harlem’s gritty streets to the global stage.


So, why is the spotlight on Rocky today?

Asap Rocky total awards

Well, hold tight because I’m diving into his evolution from a rising star to an absolute icon. 


From his humble mixtape beginnings to rubbing shoulders with fashion elites, I’ve got the total Asap Rocky’s awards rundown that paints a vivid picture of his meteoric rise. 


So, grab a seat and get ready to groove through the pages of accolades, anecdotes, and a whole lot of A$AP magic. 


Let’s roll!


How Many Awards Does Asap Rocky Have


How many awards does Asap Rocky have? Asap Rocky has a total of five awards from 38 nominations across the globe. 


Some of the prestigious awards Asap has been nominated for include:

Asap Rocky and Rihanna with daughter
A$ap Rocky, Rihanna and their daughter.
  • BET Awards
  • Grammy
  • World Music Awards
  • BET Hip Hop Awards
  • MTV Europe Music Awards
  • MTV Video Music Awards
  • BBC Sound of…
  • MTV Video Music Awards Japan
  • mtvU Woodie Awards


So let’s find out about each award won by Asap Rocky and also for which song he received the most awards. 


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List Of Major Awards Won By Asap Rocky


Let’s talk about the A$AP Rocky Awards. But before I do, let me fill you in on what the music scene looks like. 


Alright, imagine music is like a big, friendly playground where everyone loves to play their own tunes. 

How Many Awards Does Asap Rocky Have

Like a super cool game where each artist tries to come out with unique sounds to see who can make the best of it. 


That calls for hard work. I mean to be the best, you must work hard, right?


And one thing I can tell you is winning these special awards, especially in music, isn’t as easy as a walk in the park. 


It’s like a musical contest, where each musician wants to be the superstar and win special prizes. 


They use their instruments and voices to create fantastic melodies and rhythms, which, if loved by fans worldwide, they get awarded. 


Now Asap Rocky is like a superhero of music, making awesome tunes that everyone loves. A$AP Rocky didn’t just get one or two gold stars; he got five of them! 

All Asap Rocky Awards

So, what are these awards? They’re like super special prizes A$AP Rocky got for being unbelievably good at making music.


But wait, there’s more! 


I’m going to spill the beans on each award, step by step. I’ll look at why A$AP Rocky is so awesome and how he wowed the music world to earn these fantastic awards.


But first, Here is a list of awards and nominations received by Asap Rocky.


Award Name No. of Nominations Times Won
BET Awards 6 1
Grammy Awards 2 0
World Music Awards 6 0
BET Hip Hop Awards 15 2
MTV Europe Music Awards 2 0
MTV Video Music Awards 4 0
BBC Sound of… 1 0
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 1 1
mtvU Woodie Awards 1 1
Total 38 5


Let’s dig deeper into Asap Rocky all awards.


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BET Award


Alright, let’s dive into Asap Rocky’s major global award, BET Award. Asap Rocky’s story of winning his BET Award is an intriguing one.  


Let’s jump right into his cool journey at the BET Awards.

Asap Rocky BET awards

Have you ever received prizes for being awesome at something? 


I hope you have. So you can understand what I’m talking about because the same way musicians get special awards. 


I count Asap Rocky among the music stars who have been part of the BET Awards adventure. BET Awards is a short form for Black Entertainment Television Awards


During the BET Awards, if you have ever watched, it looks like a super special party for all the amazing black and diverse entertainers. 

How many awards has Asap Rocky won

Each and every entertainer who shines in music, movies, sports, and even doing good things for others. 


Picture this: back in 2001, the Black Entertainment Television network said, “Hey, let’s have a big celebration to honor these super-talented folks!” And that’s how the BET Awards were born. 


The BET Awards event happens every year, where they give out awards and have incredible music performances. 


Asap was nominated as follows:


Back in 2012, Asap Rocky was nominated for Best New Artist, Best Male Hip-Hop Artist, and Video Director of the Year.  

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Remember, he got massive recognition in the entertainment industry when his single “Peso” was miraculously leaked online. 

List Of Major Awards Won By Asap Rocky

The song received massive airplay, giving him recognition in the music industry. But unfortunately, he didn’t win any of the three nominees.


The following year, 2013, he was nominated for making an amazing music video for the song Fuckin’ Problems. 


The song is a collaboration of Asap Rocky, Drake, Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar. It’s like saying, “Hey, you’re really good at this music thing, and we notice!” 


And guess what? Asap Rocky hit the jackpot with this song. 


Out of three nominees for the video: Video of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Viewer’s Choice, he won the award for “Best Collaboration.” Let’s know about other Asap Rocky Awards.


BET Hip Hop Awards


Before we dig in, understand that BET Hip Hop Awards are under BET Awards, just in the Hip Hop category. 


Let me give you a scoop on Asap Rocky’s BET Hip Hop Awards story. Asap Rocky got nominated 15 times for the BET Hip Hop Awards and won two times.


Rocky on Padlock Neck Chain

It also started in 2012. He was nominated as an individual for the following awards:


  • Rookie of the Year
  • Best Live Performer
  • Made-You-Look Award


He didn’t make it to win any of the awards. 


In the same event, he was nominated for the following awards:


  • Best Hip Hop Video Song for the song “Goldie.”
  • Best Mixtape for the album LIVE.LOVE.A$AP
  • Himself (with Sam Lecca) for Video Director of the Year
  • Himself (with A$AP Ferg) for Video Director of the Year
Long Live Asap
Source: GQ

Unfortunately, he also didn’t win any of these awards.


Then came 2013, Rocky, one of the most popular musicians in America, was nominated and won as follows.


He was nominated for the song “Fuckin’ Problems” (featuring Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar) for the following awards.


  • Best Collaboration, Duo or Group
  • Best Hip-Hop Video
  • People’s Champ Award
  • Best Club Banger


He won the Best Collaboration, Duo or Group Award. Rocky also won the Made-You-Look Award on the same day.


In 2014, 2015, and 2016, Asap Rock was nominated as an individual for the Made-You-Look Award.


Unfortunately, he didn’t win it in any of the years.


But was that all? No, there is more.


MTV Video Music Awards Japan


When we talk of Asap Rock as one of the most popular musicians in the world, that includes Japan too.


Japan has taken notice of Asap Rocky’s good music and awarded him with the MTV award. This one is a version of MTV Video Music Awards but is now for Japanese musicians and entertainers. 


Well, in this cool event, artists in Japan get awards for their awesome songs and videos. People who watch the same channel can vote for their favorites, just like when you pick your favorite ice cream flavor.


In the beginning, Japan was part of a bigger awards show called the MTV Asia Awards, where lots of countries joined. 


But Japan has so many different kinds of music they decided to have their very own awards starting in May 2002. It’s like throwing their own party.


And here’s something amazing: in 2011, they turned MTV Video Music Japan into a special event called MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011. 


So, that’s the story of the MTV Video Music Awards Japan. It’s among Asap Rocky international awards. 


He won the award in 2013 for Best Hip Hop Video for the song Fuckin’ Problems. 


mtvU Woodie Awards


I do know if you have ever heard of the mtvU Woodie Awards. 


If you haven’t, I’ll give you a vivid picture of it-It’s like a bunch of young music enthusiasts coming together to celebrate their favorite artists and bands.


So, let me spill the beans: these awards are all about giving a big shout-out to musicians who are making waves in the music world. 


And you know what’s really cool? The winners aren’t chosen by fancy judges in suits.


It’s the college crowd who gets to decide. They vote for their most-loved songs and artists online, just like picking the best pizza topping.


The mtvU Woodie Awards are like a fresh, hip version of those big awards shows you see on TV. 


It’s all about celebrating music that speaks to the young and vibrant spirit. 


So, next time you hear about the mtvU Woodie Awards, remember – it’s like a super cool party where college students call the shots and make sure the music they love gets the spotlight it deserves!


And they seem to love Rocky to the point of nominating him and ensuring he takes the award home. 


Rocky was the mtvU Woodie Award winner in 2014 as the Best Collaboration Woodie for the song “Wild for the Night.” 


There you have Asap Rocky total number of awards


Did Asap Rocky wake up one day and become one of the best musicians in the world? No, there is a story to it. 


Let me fill you in on Asap Rocky’s early life and entry into music.


Early Life And Entry Into The Music Industry


Let me take you on a groovy trip down memory lane and peek into the early life and music adventures of one of the most popular musicians in the world, A$AP Rocky. 


Once upon a time, in the lively streets of Harlem, New York, a young star was born. A$AP Rocky. 


He was born on October 3, 1988, in New York City, U.S. His real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers (yep, like the famous Rakim the rapper).


Rakim was just a regular kid with a passion for rhymes and rhythms. He grew up surrounded by tunes and found his love for music early on.

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The world of rapping opened its doors to Rakim when he was just a nine-year-old kid. 


And guess who his secret rap teacher was? His older brother, the one with the cool Cornrows hairstyle that A$AP Rocky would rock later on. 


Life threw a curveball when Rakim was 13 – his big brother, his mentor, was tragically lost in Harlem. 


It was a heartache that ignited a fire in him.


Suddenly, rapping wasn’t just a fun pastime. It became a serious passion, a way to remember and honor his brother’s memory. 


As Rakim grew, he looked up to the Harlem-based rap wizards called The Diplomats. They were like his musical superheroes, showing him the ropes of the rap universe.


But here’s the twist – A$AP Rocky didn’t start off as a rapper. Nope, he was also all about fashion and style, living the swag life. 


Fashion was his first love, and he rocked it like a pro.


But how did it all start? I mean his rise to prominence and international recognition. 


I’m covering that below right now.


Rise To Prominence And International Recognition.


A$AP Rocky started rapping with his pals, the hip-hop collective ASAP Mob, crafting words that matched his street-smart vibe.


The magic moment came when his first track single, “Peso,” was leaked online. Boom! It was like a musical explosion, catching everyone’s attention.


People loved his style – both in fashion and music. Soon, A$AP Rocky was climbing the ladder of fame, and his mixtape “Live. Love. A$AP” was a smashing hit.


Music big shots couldn’t ignore this rising star, and before he knew it, A$AP Rocky was making waves in the music industry. He’s now among the most influential artists in the world.


He signed record deals first with Sony Music Entertainment worth $3 million. Then he started dropping hit after hit, collaborating with other famous artists, creating a symphony of success.


I have talked much and even covered the Asap Rocky total awards, but what is the impact of the awards on Asap Rocky’s career?


Impact Of Awards On Asap Rocky’s Career


Are you ready to dive into the thrilling world of awards and how they played a rocking role in Asap Rocky’s career? 


Okay. I would say it’s like adding the perfect sprinkle of stardust to his musical journey.


Imagine this: Asap Rocky, the young music sensation, working hard, creating beats that make everyone groove. 


Then, bam!


His talent gets noticed, and he starts winning awards. It’s like getting a big thumbs-up from the music gods!


The first big boost was the BET Awards. 


Asap Rocky, one day, just a street boy standing in a room full of applause, cheers, and cameras flashing to receive a shiny award for “Best Collaboration.” 


But that was just the beginning! 


It is like the BET Awards were launching Asap Rocky into the spotlight. 


People started paying even more attention to his music. And suddenly became the talk of the town as far as the UK, making him one of the most popular musicians in the UK


And here’s where the magic happened – his songs started climbing the charts faster. More people started listening, streaming, and dancing to his tunes.


Asap Rocky music videos now get millions of views on the internet. It’s like his songs became the soundtrack of people’s lives, playing everywhere, from parties to car rides. 


I know he hasn’t made it to the list of the highest-paid Instagram influencers in the world, but he’s definitely on his way. 


The awards acted like a superpower, making his music even cooler and more popular.


But you know what’s super cool? 


Asap Rocky’s journey didn’t stop there. The awards he won were like stepping stones to even bigger stages. 


They helped him to win collaborations with A-list musicians, perform at massive festivals, and become a true music icon.


Has Asap’s career grown? What has he achieved in the process?


Get your curiosity served below.


A$ap Rocky Career And Achievements Overview


When A$AP Rocky released his debut mixtape, “Live. Love. A$AP,” it was like an explosion of musical magic. 


This was A$AP Rocky’s very first album. It swooped right in and nabbed the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart.


And guess what? 


That’s not all – his album rocked so hard that it got this super cool double platinum badge from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It’s like a shiny medal that shouts, “This music is pure magic.” 


People can’t get enough of his smooth rhymes and fresh style.


And guess what? 


A$AP Rocky isn’t just a music star – he’s a fashion icon too. He rocks some of the coolest styles, turning heads and setting trends. 


His fashion has seen Asap Rocky win some massive endorsements with fashion powerhouses. 


Read about that in 9 Asap Rocky endorsements deals and learn which fashion powerhouses I’m talking about.


But here’s the real kicker: A$AP Rocky isn’t just about music and fashion. Nope, he’s got a sharp business mind too.


He has dived into the world of entrepreneurship, starting his own fashion and art ventures. In 2013 he released his A$AP merchandise brand.


Now, let’s talk numbers – A$AP Rocky’s net worth starts climbing higher than a rocket. 


He’s not just making music. He’s making bank. 


Well, he isn’t among the richest musicians in the world, but a net worth of $23 million, is a step toward that.


His bank account has helped him to live a lavish life that we can only admire from afar. He’s living the high life with fancy cars and stunning houses

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Read Asap Rocky Cars here to learn more about Rakim’s cars. If you want a scoop on Asap Rocky’s net worth, click here, Asap Rocky vs Travis Scott’s net worth.


Well, it sounds like someone who has had it all. 


But how has Asap Rocky influenced the American music industry and its representation?


Influence On The American Music Industry And Representation


A$AP Rocky has become a game-changer in the American music world. He’s opening doors for artists from different backgrounds.


He’s always showing that music is for everyone, no matter where you’re from. 


And guess what? 


Other musicians are joining the party too. It’s like a cool club where everyone brings their own style. 


A$AP Rocky is the host, making sure every sound is welcome. In most of his songs, you’ll realize that they address the issue of being oneself. Like telling everyone to be proud of who you are, and let your light shine.


Well, they are not the “cleanest” with words, but I know you get the message. Songs like “Everyday” have lyrics that go like, And only God can judge me (yeah), And he don’t like no ugly. I look so fucking good…


The songs also remind us to be kind and accepting. 


Asap Rock is like the superhero of representation, fighting for a more inclusive and vibrant music world. 


As his beats hit the airwaves, people start listening, and they start relating. A$AP Rocky becomes a voice that speaks to a generation, reflecting their experiences and emotions. 


Do you agree with this? This is all for discussion. Maybe you have a different point of view. Before then, what are Asap Rocky’s biggest collaborations? Any collaboration with an international artist?


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Collaborations With International Artists And The Impact


Since his fame back in 2012, A$AP Rocky, the American music sensation, has joined hands with artists from all around the world. 


These collaborations are like musical passports, taking us on a journey through different cultures and vibes. A$AP Rocky’s voice mixing with the rhythms of African beats or the tunes of Asian instruments.


From collaborating with Skepta from the UK in the song “Praise the Lord (Da Shine).”


  • Drake, Chainz, and Kendric Lamar for the song Fuckin’ Problems
  • “Good for You”- (Selena Gomez featuring ASAP Rocky) 
  • Norwegian Alan Walker in the song “Live Fast.”
  • “Cockiness (Love It)” (Remix)- (Rihanna featuring ASAP Rocky)
  • “Yellow Tape”- Fat Joe featuring Lil Wayne, ASAP Rocky, and French Montana), etc.


He has been like a bridge between cultures, sending messages of unity and understanding. 


It’s like A$AP Rocky is using his platform to create conversations that go beyond melodies, inspiring us to connect on a deeper level. 


As these international tunes hit the airwaves, they become anthems of cultural exchange and artistic innovation. 


It’s like A$AP Rocky is breaking down walls and building musical bridges that span the globe.

That is probably my opinion. What are your thoughts?




So, there you have it – A$AP Rocky’s story in a nutshell. 


He’s a music hero who’s mixing up sounds that are touching hearts worldwide and earning him awards in the process. 


A$AP Rocky went from a rising star to a total music icon, and his awards tell the story. From Grammy nominations to BET wins, he’s like a shining star that keeps getting brighter. 


Each award is like a pat on the back, saying, “You’re awesome!” 


A$AP Rocky’s music is a treasure, and these awards prove it. So, next time you hear his tunes, remember – behind those beats is a music legend who is rocking the stage and our hearts.


If you want more juices on celebrities in the world, this link will direct you. 


Frequently Asked Questions


I know I have gone into detail on all Asap Rocky awards. But there might be those questions you would like direct answers to. 


Then, let’s get down to it.


How Many Awards Has Asap Rocky Won in His Career?


Asap Rocky has won five awards throughout his 17 years career. These awards are a BET Award, two BET Hip-Hop Awards, an MTV Video Music Award Japan, and a mtvU Woodie Award. The Awards have come as a result of his artistic achievement. Also is a result of his contribution to the music industry. 


What is Asap Rocky’s Most Prestigious Award To Date?


Asap Rocky’s most prestigious award is the BET Award. He received this award in 2013 for Best Collaboration for the song Fuckin’ Problems. The song is a collaboration of Asap Rocky, Drake, Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar. The song is all about, well, some problems in relationships. It talks about love and all the ups and downs that come with it. And guess what? The song’s success helped A$AP Rocky become even more famous.


Has Asap Rocky Won Any International Awards?


Yes, Asap Rocky has one international award-MTV Video Music Award Japan. It’s an international award because it’s not from his country of origin. He received this award in 2013 for Best Hip Hop Video for the song Fuckin’ Problems. The song’s music video is so creative and catchy that it caught the attention of the folks at MTV. It wasn’t about singing – it was like telling stories with images and sounds. MTV VMAJ is all about celebrating these fantastic music videos. 


How Many BET Awards Has Asap Rocky Received?


Asap Rocky has received three BET Awards. There is the major BET award he won in 2013 for Best Collaboration for the song Fuckin’ Problems. Then under BET Awards, there is the BET Hip Hop category. He has won two BET Hip Hop Awards. One for the song Fuckin’ Problems as the Best Collaboration, Duo or Group in 2013. The same year he won the Made-You-Look Award as an individual.


Has Asap Rocky Won Any Grammy Awards?


Asap Rocky hasn’t won a Grammy Award in his career. Well, he has been nominated twice in the year 2014 for Best Rap Song, for the song Fuckin’ Problems. Then he was nominated in 2016 for Best Music Video for the song LSD. 


How many Awards Has Asap Rocky Won For His “Long Live Asap” Album? 


Asap Rocky’s album “Long Live Asap” hasn’t won an award yet. The album has been nominated twice. The first time was in the year 2012 as the Best Mixtape. Next was in 2014 as the World’s Best Album, but it still didn’t make it to win. 

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