Top 50 Richest Musicians inThe UK
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Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 07:34 pm

Who are the richest musicians in the UK in 2024?


In this post, I will guide you through the compilation of the wealthiest musicians in the United Kingdom.


Having said that, I will also include tables to show you who the richest UK musicians are.




Well, I want you to have nice clean visuals of the information you seek upon deciding to use Google.


Now if you have not read my post on the most popular musicians in UK, then do check it out.


With that out the way, come let’s dive into the top 50 richest musicians in the UK, shall we?

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Top 10 Richest Musicians In The UK in 2024


I will be breaking down the list into sections so that you can take a good view of our newly compiled list.


So let’s dive into the top 10 list.



No Artists Net Worth State of origin
1 Paul McCartney £ 1.12b($1.28 billion). Liverpool
2 Andrew Lloyd Webber £1.05b($1.2 Billion). South Kensington
3 Sir Elton John £422m ($480 million). Pinner, Middlesex
4 Coldplay £418m ($475 million) London
5 Mick Jagger £316 million ($360 million). Dartford,
6 Ringo Starr £308m ($350 million) Liverpool
7 Keith Richards £299m ($340 million) Dartford
8 Roger waters £272m ($310 million). Great Bookham
9 Sting £264m ($300 million) Northumberland
10 Phil Collins £264m ($300 million) London


1. Paul McCartney 


I mean, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t familiar with this extraordinary artist, who initially rose to fame as a member of The Beatles and later embarked on a successful solo career.


And over the years he has earned so much that in our list he is the Richest musician in the UK in 2022. His net worth is about £ 1.12b($1.28 billion).

Richest Musicians UK
Paul McCartney during his birthday.

Besides that, I am myself a big fan of Paul McCartney.


He is an English singer and songwriter and a superstar who has given masterpieces like “Yesterday”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Blackbird” and “My love”. And the list goes on and on.


This artist has been a winner of 18 Grammys and many other honours like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Paul McCartney has been releasing his albums till 2020 and his fans are waiting for his new songs. He has Instagram followers of about 3.9 million.


2. Andrew Lloyd Webber                                                                                         


Andrew Lloyd Webber is an acclaimed English composer renowned for his prolific contributions to the world of musical theater. He has created and organized numerous captivating and iconic theatrical productions.


This star comes second on our list with a net worth of £1.05b($1.2 Billion).

Richest British Musicians
Andrew Lloyd Webber

He has given a lot to theatrical music and created masterpieces which we will talk about below.


“Memory” from “Cats”, “The Music of the night” from “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Don’t cry for me Argentina” by Evita and so on. The musical masterpieces have been reinvented and covered by other artists many times.


Andrew Lloyd has won many awards including three Grammys, an Academy Award, 14 Ivor Novello awards, a Golden Globe and an Emmy.


His company is one of the biggest names in the industry of theatres in London called Useful Group.


Besides that Mr Lloyd is a fellow of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors. The composer is still creating music and reigning the theatrical scene.


His Instagram followers are 219.3 K and his Facebook followers are 641K.


3. Sir Elton John


Sir Elto John is a British singer and composer who has ruled the music industry by creating excellent tunes which are unforgettable. His net worth is £422m ($480 million).


Having said that, Sir John has released 31 albums and the hit songs are “Your Song”, “Rocketman”, “Candle in the wind”, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”, “Circle of life”, “Can you feel the love tonight” and so on.

Elton John Most Popular UK Musician

He has performed with many artists and many singers of today have covered his songs.


A biopic about Elton John, the Rocketman was released in 2019. John has won 5 Grammy Awards, five Brit Awards, and two Academy awards for contributing to the soundtracks of The Lion King and two Golden Globes.


Sir Elton has been given many honours and that’s why he is in the top 50 best musicians in the UK. His honours include the Hollywood walk of fame. John was awarded the Society of Singers Lifetime Achievement award in 2005.


He has a fan following across the globe hitting 4.2 million followers and on Facebook about 8 million followers.


You can read my article on the top 50 richest musicians in the world too by following this link to  50 Richest Musicians in the World 2022 


4. Coldplay


One of the best musicians in the UK and has a net worth of about £418m ($475 million). Coldplay was formed in 1996 and made its mark with its single Yellow. After that, there was no turning back.


This band has Melo tunes and remarkable lyrics that leave an impact on us. The best singles that they have given us are “The Scientist”, “Clocks”, “Paradise”, “Fix you”, “A sky full of stars”, “Universe” and “Higher Power”. 

Coldplay Most Popular UK Musician

Clocks and Fix you are included in the 500 Greatest songs of all time. The band have won seven Grammys and nine Brit Music Awards. 


They have sold 100 million albums worldwide and are the most successful group of the 21st century. They have 18.8 million Instagram followers.


And for these reasons, Coldplay is the richest musicians in the UK.


5. Mick Jagger


Mick Jagger, an iconic figure in the music industry renowned for his impeccable style, boasts a staggering net worth of £316 million ($360 million). As an English singer-songwriter, Mick has left an indelible mark on the music world and is widely recognized as one of the influential members of the legendary band, The Rolling Stones.


Mick Jagger is the most influential personality in the world of rock and roll. His hit numbers include “Dancing in the street”, “Just another night”, “Lucky in love”, “Sweet thing” and many more.

Mick Jagger Most Famous UK Musician

Winning many awards Mick is the superstar. “Old habits” die hard won a Golden Globe for him plus many MTV awards. He has been honoured in the Rock and Roll hall of fame and the UK Music Hall of fame. He knows how to stay popular and you can go on and read my article on how to become popular.


This stylish rock and roll singer has 18.8 K followers on Instagram.


6. Ringo Starr


Ringo Starr is an English musician who is on our list of British richest musicians in 2022. In case you might wonder who he is. Well, he was also an ex-member of the Beatles. One of the best bands of all time.


Ringo Starr has made a net worth of about £308m ($350 million) today. And all this has been earned by creating his music, appearing in multiple films and having written five books.

Ringo Starr Most UK Musician

“It don’t come easy”, “Photograph”, and “You’re Sixteen” are Ringo’s evergreen songs other than Beatles.


Winning many awards as a band and then as a solo artist including Grammys, and Academy Awards for Let it be filmed. Starr has been inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.


In 2022 Starr received an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Berkeley College of Music. With Instagram followers of 1.2 million, Ringo Starr is in reality a big Star and we are waiting for more to come from this artist 


7. Keith Richards


Keith Richards, a revered figure in the music industry, boasts an impressive net worth of £299m ($340 million), entirely amassed through his extraordinary talent. Hailing from Britain, this iconic musician is renowned as a singer and songwriter, notably recognized as a co-founder and co-songwriter of the esteemed band, The Rolling Stones.


Richard is one of the richest British musicians in 2022. He has earned all his fortune by writing and performing those songs which are in the list of 500 Greatest songs of all time.14 of his numbers are in the greatest songs list.

Keith Richards Most Musician In UK

Keith has been a member of the band The Rolling Stones but provided vocals for “Happy”, “You got the silver” and “Connection”. He is also the lead guitarist in the band.


Keith is the winner of the Grammy awards, Scream award and Shockwave NME awards. Plus he is number four on the list of the top 100 guitarists.


Instagram followers of Keith Richards about 1.4 million.


8. Roger waters


Roger Waters is an English musician, singer and songwriter with a net worth of £272m ($310 million). If you don’t know him then you might remember Pink Floyd from memories of the past. He was the co-founder and bassist of this amazing band. 


Roger has earned so much through his talent and hard work. His solo career is a successful roller coaster ride for him. With millions of singles and albums sold worldwide this superstar reigns in the rock and roll scene. With this, he has earned all his wealth and assets.

Roger waters Most Musician In UK

His songs worth listening to are “Home”, “Watching tv”, “5:06 AM” and many others. He has been nominated for many awards like Grammy for best music film “The Wall” plus many Billboard awards.


With his career showing no signs of slowing down, and new work still ring released his net worth can increase in future. Roger has Instagram followers of about 1.1 million.


9. Sting


Sting is one of the greatest singers and artists in the UK. He is an English musician with a net worth of £264m ($300 million). Previously he was a member of the band called the Police.


Sting has composed memorable songs and at the top of the list is “Every breath you take”. Others included in the list are “ All for love”, “Desert Rose”, “Rise and fall”, “Until” and “Whenever I say your name”. 

Sting Most Musician In UK

The list is long so to cut it short I am a big fan of Sting’s work. It’s decent and worth listening to.

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He has been awarded 17 Grammy Awards, 25 American Music Awards, 3 Brit Awards and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But Every breath you take has won 2 Grammy awards and Ivor Novello Award for best song musically and lyrically.


It stayed on top of the charts for many weeks not only in the UK but also in the US and many European countries. And for all these reasons he is the top richest on the Forbes list too.


Sting has Instagram followers of 1.2 million. 


10. Phil Collins


He is the name that everyone knows who has a total worth of about £264m ($300 million) and is a multi-talented star. 


Phil has proved himself as a superstar both as a solo artist and as a band member.


He is a self-made person and with his hard work he stood out as a prominent musician of the late 90s still today he is working hard on every musical piece.


The masterpieces created by him are “Groovy kind of love”, “Against all odds”, “You’ll be in my heart” and “In the air tonight”.


Phil has won Grammys, Brit Awards, American Music Awards, Academy Awards For You’ll be in my heart and Hall of fame. The list of awards is long as Phil continues to impress his audience.


His Instagram followers are 649 K.


11. Robbie Williams 


Robbie Williams is a super-talented artist and member of the band Take that with a net worth of £264m ($300 million).


He has performed many hits with Take that but his solo career gave him a major break. “Angels” is his signature song which has broken many records. Following this track, Robbie gave many hits like “She’s the one” and “Millennium”.


After staying away from Taking that, Robbie rejoined the band for their Album Progress but later left again for his career.


Robbie has earned this fortune by selling millions of records and his albums are included among the best albums of all time. His 14 studio albums were number one on the UK charts.


This star is the winner of many accolades including Ivor Novello awards for his songwriting, MTV awards and Brit awards.


Robbie is a role model for the coming generations and he has made his mark as the richest musician in the UK. 


Instagram followers of Robbie are about 2.5 million.


12. Eric Clapton


This British singer-songwriter had a successful career in rock music and was graded as 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Eric has a net worth of about £264m ($300 million).


After becoming part of many bands finally Eric started his solo career in 1970.

His signature song “Layla” is considered the greatest rock song of all time. 


Then came the Grammy award-winning song “My Father’s Eyes”. Followed by 3 Grammy awards winners “Tears in heaven”, which is also hailed as 500 greatest songs of all time.


Eric is a superb representation of hard work and talent. All of his net worth is because of the sale of more than 100 million albums and as a best-selling artist in the world.


That is the reason he is in our top 50 richest musicians in the UK list in 2022.


On Instagram, he has 558K followers. 


13. Rod Stewart


Rod Stewart is an English musician and songwriter with more than a million albums sold worldwide.He has worked in the band Faces as a solo artist and earned a net worth of £264m ($300 million).


This artist has 10 number-one albums and 31 top-ten singles in the UK. His work includes “You wear it well”, “Maggie May”, “You are in my heart”, “All for Love” and many hot ballads which are still played on radio and tv.


Rod has received accolades for his work in the form of a Grammy and a Brit Award.

He has earned all the fortune by working hard on every project and giving his best.


Rod Stewart has Instagram followers of 1.2 million and that is why he is the richest musician in the UK.


14. Dhani Harrison


Dhani Harrison, well if you don’t know him he has a fortune of £220m ($275 million). Let me introduce him to you. He is the son of Olivia Harrison and George Harrison. He came into the limelight by assisting his father, a former The Beatles bandmate in recording his last album.


Dhani has created beautiful masterpieces like “All about waiting”, “Motorways”, “Downtown tigers” and the “Light under the door”.


Dhani won Grammy for best boxed and Best pop instrumental in “Marwa Blues” and a nomination for best musical score for the documentary


This artist has earned so much through his hard work and out-of-the-box thinking. So in my opinion a well-deserved place with Instagram followers of 181K.


15. Tim Rice


Tim Rice is an English lyricist and author who is well known for his collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber. His net worth is £193.6m ($250 million).


His success in earning hundreds of millions of dollars is due to his talent as a lyric writer and author. And that’s why he is considered one of the most successful celebrities and the top 50 richest musicians in the UK in 2023.


The most memorable works done by Tim are “Musicals of Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Evita”, “Festival” of the “Lion King” and many more. He has earned many nominations and awards including Oscars for “The Lion King” and “Aladdin” soundtracks.


His work is impressive and has many Instagram followers.


16. Ozzy Osbourne


John Micheal Ozzy is an English singer and songwriter and a reality tv star with a fortune worth £193.6m ($220 million). This superstar was the lead vocalist of heavy metal called Black Sabbath.


After 1979 Ozzy went on to have a solo career, and became successful and received multi-platinum certification for selling over 100 million albums becoming one of the 50 richest musicians in the UK.


The songs which Ozzy made memorably are “Shake your head”, “Bark at the moon”, “Close my eyes forever” and “I don’t wanna change the world”.


He earned much of his fortune from Ozzfest which became a big hit. Ozzy’s impressive and out-of-the-box work has won him Grammy awards and a Walk of fame too.


His Instagram following is about 5 million. And I wish him good luck in his future work.


17. Adele


Adele, a name that cannot be erased from the music industry. This lady has sold millions of albums worldwide and her net worth is about £193.6m ($220 million).


Adele gave us extraordinary hits in such a small time like “Rolling in the deep”, “Set fire to the Rain”, “Someone like you”, “Hello”, and The Academy Award-winning song “Skyfall”, the soundtrack of James Bond’s movie.


Her first album won her 6 Grammy awards and Brit awards. And the second continued the legacy winning her 5 Grammy awards. Adele is on our list of the most popular musicians in the world as well.


One of the best-selling artists winning over our hearts and her accomplishments in the music industry are unforgettable.


With Instagram followers of about 50.8 million, she is one of the richest female UK artists in 2023.


18. Ed Sheeran


Who doesn’t know of this young and talented singer who has earned fame and money and made millions? He belonged to a humble background but his talent has made him earn a fortune worth £176m ($200 million).


This British singer has given us songs like “Bad Habits”, “Shape of you”, “Perfect”, “The A team” and “Castle on the hill”. Shape of You from his list of songs is currently one of the most viewed music video on YouTube UK.


Ed has been the winner of many awards like Grammys, American and Brit Music Awards along with Billboard music awards for his extraordinary work.


Still going well in the charts, and fingers are crossed for more work from this great artist.


Ed has an Instagram following of about 40.7 million and he stays to be the richest artist in the UK in 2023.


19. Brian May


If you don’t recall who Brian is then we will take you down memory lane, he is the guitarist of the British rock band Queen. Brian May’s net worth is about £176m ($200 million).


Brian has written songs for Queen including “We will Rock you”, “I want it all” and “Who wants to live forever”. Thanks to the ongoing royalties from the Queen’s albums Brian’s earnings have remained consistent throughout.


Brian has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and has received a Lifetime Achievement award at the Grammy awards.


Brian’s work will always be remembered. His Instagram followers are 3.1 million.


Top 20 richest musicians in the UK


As the list goes down you will be surprised how artists of the 90s and early 2000 are still making fortune and money. This reflects their hard work.


So let’s check out the rest of the richest musicians in the UK.


20. Robert Plant


Robert Plant is an English singer and songwriter famously known as the lead vocalist of the band Led Zeppelin. Ranked in the 100 best singers, Robert has a net worth of £176m ($200 million).


The singer has enjoyed great success in the music industry winning a Grammy for the single “Most High”. Please read the Letter became the next big hit in his solo career winning his Grammy for Record of the year.


One of the richest music stars of today, who has earned income by royalties from his singles and albums. And is expected to climb through his continuous efforts.


The star has been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame and has Instagram followers of 684 K.


21. Roger Taylor 


Roger is an English musician, singer and multi-instrumental talented drummer of the rock band Queen. He is rated as the 8th best drummer in classic rock music and has a net worth of £176m ($200 million).


Being a Queen band member he wrote songs like “These are the days of our Lives”, “Innuendo”, “Under Pressure”, “Radio Gaga”, “Heaven” for “Everyone” and “Breakthru”. One after another hits were given by this superstar.


Roger has won two Grammys and the Rock and Roll hall of fame. His work as a member of Queen has earned him so much fame and wealth that he has made his way to our list of the top 50; richest musicians in the UK in 2022.


22. Nick Mason


Nick Mason is an English drummer and song composer who has been a member of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd plus Nick has collaborated with many artists and is himself an entrepreneur. His net worth is about £158.4m ($180 million).


His earnings are due to the release of some of Pink Floyd’s best-selling albums bringing in huge amounts of royalties.


This drummer who is a star in his band has given many epic songs like “Wish you were here”, “The Dark side of the Moon” and “Animals” plus their songs have been featured in many movies.


Winning many awards like the Grammys and getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, Nick stands out as the best drummer. He took the band to the next level.

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In the recent past, he formed his band Saucerful of Secrets, which is also doing tours to promote its music.


Nick Mason has Instagram followers of 34.5 K.


23. Jimmy Page


Jimmy is an English musician who has served as the guitarist of the band Led Zeppelin giving different kinds of texture to the guitar sound. 


His total worth is £149.6m ($170 million) making him another richest musician in the UK list.


Page is one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time. Page is at number 3 in the list of 100 greatest guitarists by Rolling Stone magazine.


Jimmy generates his fortune from royalties earned from his songwriting. His talent speaks about him and his earnings are also from his albums that have sold millions of copies worldwide.


I adore his guitar-playing skills and songwriting style and recommend you to listen to his guitar and his collaboration with various artists.


Jimmy Page’s famous songs include “Whole lotta love”, “Immigrant song”, “Black dog”, “Kashmir” and many more.


The award list includes Grammys, Grammy Hall of Fame award and Grammy lifetime achievement award.


24. John Deacon


John Deacon has earned fame by being the bassist for the band Queen. His net worth is about £149.6m ($170million).


John is super talented and that is the reason he is on the list of richest musicians in the UK. John created songs for the band like “You’re my best friend”, “Another one bites the dust”, “ I want to break free”, “Under Pressure” and so many masterpieces.


He is a legendary bassist plus a great songwriter which has earned him this much fortune. 


John has been awarded Songwriters Hall of Fame, and Rock and Roll Hall of fame too. With the band, he went on to win Grammys and Many Brit and MTV awards.


25. Pete Townshend


Do you remember the band Who? Well, Pete Town is the guitarist and second lead vocalist of the band Who. He wrote more than 100 songs for the band Who and besides that wrote jingles and television theme songs which earned him a fortune of £140.8m ($160 million).


Pete has written many classic songs for the band including “My Generation”, “Behind Blue Eyes”, “Baba O’Reilly”, “Won’t get fooled again’ ‘ and several hits like these.


Townsend won many awards including a Grammy, Brit award and the Rock and roll hall of fame. He is ranked number 10 by The Rolling Stones magazine in the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.


Pete Townsend’s music is impressive and I recommend him to all of you. His Instagram followers are 74K.


26. Tony Lommi 


Tony Lommi is a British guitarist and member of the band Black Sabbath.  He has made a fortune of about £123.2m ($140 million) in his career.


Tony has been ranked at number 25 by Rolling Stone magazine as 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time. Tony has earned all of this fame and money through his guitar style and being a persistent member of Black Sabbath.


He has created songs like “Paranoid”, “Heaven and Hell”, “Scent of Dark” and many songs that have rocked the charts.


Tony received Kerrang Icon Award, Classic Rock Roll Honor Award and Birmingham Walk of Stars. His Instagram followers are 213K.


27. David Gilmour


David is an English singer and songwriter of the band Pink Floyd. Being guitarist and vocalist of the band he has earned a net worth of £123.2m ($140 million).


David took his band to the next level by singing songs like “The Dark side of the Moon”, “Wish you were here”, “Animals” and the list goes on.


David has sold millions of albums and still gets royalties from their singles plus he has a YouTube channel.


His achievements include the Q award for contributions to music, the Ivor Novello Lifetime Contribution award and the US rock and roll Hall of Fame.


His Instagram followers are about 978K.


  1. 28. Gary Barlow


The singer with a perfect melo voice, Gary Barlow is an English singer-songwriter with a net worth of £110m ($125 million). He is on our list of richest musicians in the UK.


Gary is a British pop band member and the lead vocalist of Take that. Take that stayed as the best band in the UK early nineties and won the hearts of critics and fans.


Gary has sung beautifully “Pray”, “It only takes a minute” and “Why Can’t I wake up with you” in the early era of the band. Later he pursued his solo career.  “Love won’t wait” and “Forever Love” became his solo hits. 


After a gap of a few years Take got reunited and released the songs like “Patience”, “Greatest day” and “Rule the world”.


Gary has earned by selling 50 million records worldwide. Plus he is a tv personality appearing as a judge on different shows like The X factor.


This singer won Grammy, Ivor Novello Award and National Television award for outstanding contribution in 2012.


Gary is still going well with Instagram followers of 864K.


29. Cliff Richard


One of the biggest-selling music artists who are in our Richest Musicians in the UK list and has a net worth of £96.8m ($110 million).


Cliff is a British singer and musician and the third top-selling artist in the UK with worldwide sales of millions of records.


Cliff’s best-selling records include “The Night”, “Do they know it’s Christmas”, “Devil woman” and “We don’t talk anymore” which is his best seller.


The singer has won many awards like Brit music Award and Ivor Novello Award.


All his earnings are due to his song composition and hard work. I am a big fan of his work and would recommend it to you too.


Top 30 richest musicians in the UK


The celebrities are getting interesting to notice in the list. So keep scrolling down and see if your favourite made it to the list or not.


30. Mark Knopfler


Mark Knopfler is a British songwriter, guitarist and record producer with a fortune worth £92.4m ($105 million). Best known for being the guitarist and lyricist for Dire Straits.


Later on this, he pursued his solo career and is best known for his fingerstyle guitar technique. This artist is ranked 27th on Rolling Stone Magazine in the list of top 100 Guitarists of all time.


Mark has earned all his fortune by making extraordinary songs and through his YouTube channel.” Get Lucky”, “Tracker”, “Down the Road” Wherever “ and the list is long, making him win Four Grammys and three Doctorate degrees in Music from the UK.


Knopfler was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame and has Instagram followers of 257K.


31. Peter Gabriel


Peter Gabriel came to prominence with the band named Genesis and later on pursued a solo career making a fortune worth £83.6m ($95 million).


This artist is an English musician, singer and songwriter So is his best-selling release and has marked triple platinum in the UK.


The singer has given breathtaking songs like “Sledgehammer”, “Passion”, “Steam”, and “Down to earth” all winning in different categories. Brit Awards, MTV music awards, Q award and six Grammy awards all have been earned by this brilliant singer.


Peter has been named by Time magazine as 100 influential people in 2008. With Instagram followers of 215K, he is winning the hearts of many and the top 50 richest musicians in the UK.


32. Harry Styles


Harry Styles is a name that everyone knows. Previously a member of the band One Direction is now a solo artist with so many hits to his name. Harry has a fortune worth £79.2 m ($90 million). 


And he is at the top charts of Forbes’s young artist who is the richest musician in the UK.


Giving hit after hit, One Direction was already popular. Later on, Harry parted ways and started a solo career. The songs composed by Harry are all huge hits including “Watermelon Sugar”,” As it Was” and “Late night talking”.


With the band, he won many awards like Brit Awards, American Music awards, and Billboard Music awards while in his solo career, he has won Grammy, American Music awards and Billboard awards too.


His work is marvelous and speaks of his personality. Making waves on the charts, Harry is the richest musician in the UK, with Instagram followers of about 47.6 million.


In addition, Harry Styles endorsement deals are just one part of the singer’s money machine.


33. Roger Daltrey


The co-founder and lead singer of the band has a net worth of £79.2m ($90 million).


His work with the band includes songs like “My Generation”, “Won’t get fooled again”, “Baba O Riley” and many hits like these. As a solo artist Roger has been an epic singer and composer.


“Without your love”, “Giving it all away”, and “Free me” are his solo career hits which have earned him fame and fortune that he is enjoying today the position as the richest musician in the UK chart.


Being part of the most influential rock band and selling millions of copies Roger stands out to be the best vocalist. This singer has been named one of the best vocalists by Planet Rock radio station listeners.


Grammy has honoured him with a Lifetime Achievement award and He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.


With 500 Instagram followers, K Roger is still making his mark in the present generation.


34. Zayn 


This One Direction ex-band member has earned a net fortune worth £66m ($75 million).

He is the heartthrob plus a talented artist with extraordinary singing skills.


Zayn has sold millions of albums as a One Direction member and as a solo artist.

He has made a mark in the music industry leading him to earn so much that he has today.


From a humble background to stardom, zayn has given several hits like “I don’t wanna live forever” and “Dusk till dawn”. With the band, his hit numbers are “You and I”, “Best song ever”, “Story of my life” and “You’re so beautiful”.


Zayn has won many awards including the American music awards, MTV awards and Grammy awards too.


At present this singer continues to create great music. His Instagram followers are 36.5 million.


35. Sam Fender


Sam Fender is a British Singer, Songwriter and musician. He has a net worth of £65.1m ($74 million).


His debut single Dead Boys became the hottest record in the world. The single made him an overnight rising star.


His album Hypersonic Missiles topped the charts in the UK. He released the song “Seventeen Going under” which also rocked the UK charts. 


This star has earned little time with his songwriting skills and exceptional vocal talent and that’s the reason he is the richest musician in the UK.


The singer is talented and won accolades from critics and fans leading him to win awards including Brit Awards for the best British Rock Act in 2022.


36. Noel Gallagher 


Noel is an English musician and songwriter who was the second lead vocalist in the band Oasis. Noel’s earnings are worth £61.6m ($70 million).


Noel created masterpieces with the band like “Wonderwall” and “Supersonic” and later pursued a solo career.

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“High flying birds”, “Chasing Yesterday” and “who built the moon” are Noel’s highly acclaimed singles which have been topping the charts.


The singer has won Brit Music Awards, MTV awards and a Grammy too. on Instagram, he has 830K followers.


37. Niall Horan 


Previously, One Direction’s Nial Horan went on to have a solo career. And guess what he is a hit in his solo career as well and has earned a fortune of £61.6m ($70 million). And that’s why he is on our list of richest musicians in the UK.


Nail hit numbers include “This Town”, “Nice to meet ya”, “Put a little love on me” and “Night changes”. 


He has won many awards in groups and as a solo artist including Brit Music Awards, American music awards and the People choice award.


Niall has Instagram followers of 30.7 million and he reigns the hearts of many.


38. Jay Kay


Jay Kay is an English singer-songwriter and co-founder of the band Jamiroquai. His net worth is £61.6m ($70 million).


Jay Kay has produced several great hits like “Virtual insanity”, “Cosmic Girl”, “Little L” and “When you gonna learn”. He has earned all his earnings and fame by delivering extraordinary work.


Jay has won Grammy for the best pop duo and MTV awards. He has received the BMI President’s Award in 2017.


He has Instagram followers of 450 K.


39. Louis Tomlinson 


Another Ex-One Direction band member is on our list of the richest Musicians in the UK. Louis has a net fortune of worth £61.6m ($70 million).


Like his bandmates, he has contributed to the success of One direction winning many awards and selling record-breaking albums around the world.


Louis also pursued a solo career after the band was dissolved. His hit numbers include “Don’t let it Break your heart”, “Back to you”, “Miss you”, “Two of us” and “Just hold on”.


This singer has won many awards like the Brit music awards, and MTV music awards and in his solo career got nominated for his work too. Louis has ranked in our list of the richest musicians in the UK.


All his fortune is due to record sales and tours. With an Instagram following of 18.5 million Louis Tomlinson is going strong with his solo career.


Top 40 richest musicians in the UK


As we are left with a few more celebrities continue reading who are the last ones in the top 50 list.


My favourite One Direction members are there, and I hope they are also your favourite.


40. Liam Payne 


Liam, like his bandmates of OneDirection, went on to have a solo career. And with a net worth of £61.6m ($70 million), he is the top 50 richest musicians in the UK.


Payne’s solo single “Strip that down” was an instant hit and rocked the charts at

number 3 in the UK in 2017.


Collaboration with Rita Ora for the single “For You” and Lennon Stella for “Polaroid” has also made him rule the charts. He has won several awards like his ex-band fellows and reigning the hearts of his audience.


Payne announced that he became the first Global Ambassador for the German brand Hugo Boss.


Liam still has much to deliver for his audience and he has about 16.3 million followers on Instagram.


41. Bernie Taupin


Bernie is well known for being a collaborative musician with Elton John. He is an English musician and songwriter with a net worth of £61.6m ($70 million). 


Taupin has written lyrics for most of Elton John. Taupin has written, “Rocketman”, “Levon”, “Crocodile Rock”, “Honky cat”, “Tiny dancer”, “Your song”, “The one” and so on.


Bernie has received awards like an Oscar for the Rocketman movie soundtrack and won several nominations. Taupin was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1992. He is the top 50 richest musicians in the UK right now.


With Instagram following 147K, he is ruling the hearts.


42. Simon Le Bon


The frontman of Duran Duran has a net worth of £57.2m ($65 million). This star is an English singer and songwriter of the band and has been acknowledged for his writing talent.


“Come Undone”, “Ordinary World”, “Save a prayer”, and “Hungry like a wolf” are some of the masterpieces created by Simon and he went on to win three Ivor Novello Awards for his extraordinary songwriting talent from the British Academy of Songwriters.


Besides that, he has won 2 Grammy Awards too.


He has earned so much fortune through his musical career and selling many records.


43. Brian Eno


Brian Eno is a British song composer and producer with a fortune worth £52.8m ($60 million). Eno has given the concept of contemporary music.


This artist has pursued a solo career and also done several collaborations which have sold like hotcakes giving him earnings that his net worth increases every year.


Brian is the founder of Ambient music and released many acoustic albums.


He inspired David Bowie, reinvented Coldplay and became a top visual artist and pioneer of a new genre.


“Baby’s on fire”, “Dead Finks don’t talk”, “Boys keep swinging”, “Love is the Drug”, and More than this and the list goes on. He has won Grammys as a producer for various artists and was nominated many times for many prestigious awards.


Eno has 116K Instagram followers.


44. Sam Smith


This British singer-songwriter has touched the hearts of many listeners and has sold worldwide a huge number of records earning him a fortune worth £39.6m ($45 million).


Sam came to prominence with his singles “Lay me down” and “Money on my mind”. 


This talented artist’s debut album’s third single was Stay with Me, which ranked number one in the UK followed by Like I Can and I am not the Only One.


His debut album embraced huge success for him leading his way to winning 4

Grammy Awards. 


Then he performed for the James Bond movie a song called“Writings on the Wall”, which earned him a Golden Globe and Academy Award for the best original song. And now is the richest musician in the UK.


He has 14.6 million followers on Instagram. 


45. Dua lipa


The Queen of pop Dua Lipa is an amazing artist with records sold worldwide she has a fortune net worth of £30.8m ($35 million). 


The singer has received awards as the breakthrough artist in 2018 for her debut album.


Dua is an English singer and songwriter and one of the most popular female singers in the UK. Her hit singles include “Levitating”, “Cold heart”, “One kiss” and “IDGAF”.


Her song One Kiss Reached number one in the UK winning her many awards in 2019. Dua’s album Future nostalgia is the most streamed album on Spotify by the female artist. 


Dua Lipa’s recent hits are “Sweetest Pie” and a joint venture with Elton John for “Cold heart” which has become a big hit in 2022.


Dua Lipa has 85.4 million followers on Instagram. She is also the brand ambassador of MAC cosmetics, Jaguar and Adidas. And also of Versace and has appeared in several campaigns. 


46. Little mix 


Little Mix is a British girl group that won the X factor and created a lot of albums which sold like hotcakes earning them wealth worth £28m ($32 million).


This band released great hits like “Get weird”, “Cannonballs” and “wings” which made them more famous. And after that “Shout out to my ex” a song from their album in 2017 made them win British single of the year.


Forbes has named them one of the influential acts in the UK. Plus in 2021 they became the first female group to win a Brit award for a British group.


Their accolades include three Brit Awards, seven MTV Europe Music Awards and three Guinness world records.


47. Rita Ora 


This talented lady with a unique voice is a British singer with a net worth of £26m ($30 million). Rita Ora rose to fame in 2012 with her single, “Hot Right Now”. It reached number one in the UK, followed by How to do we Party and R.I.P. 


With the release of the second album (2018) all her singles were reaching the top ten including “Your song”, “ Anywhere” and “Let You love me”.


Ora became the first British female solo artist to have 13 top songs in the UK. 

In addition, Ora has done many songs with other artists which also have gone well on the charts in the UK. So this is the reason she is the richest musician in the UK.


She has won many awards for her outstanding work in music. Rita Ora has 16.1million followers on Instagram. 


48. Jessie J


Jessie J is an English singer and songwriter who has a net worth of £26m ($30 million).

The singles which made Jessie’s way to fame were Do it like a dude and Price Tag.

 Both climbed high in the UK charts.


Her other hit singles are “Flashlight”, “Domino” and “Bang Bang”. She has been collaborating with various singers too and giving hit after hit. Jessie has been a vocal coach in a reality tv show The Voice and gives great advice to rising talent.


She released the first single from her new album in 2021 called I want a love which 

became a hit.


Her nominations are 64 and from which she has won 44 awards. 


She is on her way to releasing her new album in 2022. And we expect a lot from her as she has made it to the richest musicians in the UK.


49. Stormzy


The rapper is talented and has a net worth of £22m ($25 million).


His rapping style was appreciated when he released his video on youtube. Stormzy single Shut up peaked UK Single Charts. 


His genre of music is Grime and hip-hop music. So, his album debuted at number one 

on UK album charts as well as the first Grime album to hit the top of the charts.


Stormzy has four number-one singles including “Bridge over Troubled water”, “Voss” “Bop Me “and “Own it”.


The singer has earned the Brit Music Award and BBC music awards. 


His rapping style has won the hearts of many critics and he is still creating music and touring all across the globe in the year 2022.


This makes him the most popular musician in the UK.


50. 21 Savage


Last but not the least, the most famous rapper is on our list having a net worth of £13.2m ($15 million).


His singles “X”, “No Heart” and “Rockstar” are his top charted singles. “A lot” made him win a Grammy for the best rap song in 2020.


The singer’s name is Shreya Bin Abraham is an English rapper with record sales not only in the UK but all over the globe.


Besides that, he has won MTV and Billboard music awards.


His Instagram followers are 13.6 million and that wraps our list of the top 50 richest musicians in the UK.


Frequently asked questions


Sometimes the readers are in a hurry and want a quick answer so I have answered your frequently asked questions.


I hope I did justice by answering them.


Who are the richest musicians in the UK?


Paul  McCartney is the richest musician in the UK. He is the ex-band member of the band The Beatles and has given huge hits. 


The source of income for this artist is royalties he gets from the records and his own talent of composing extraordinary music and writing great songs.

He has fortune net worth of $1.2 billion


Who is the richest female musician in the UK?


Adele has been given the title of the richest female musician in the UK.

This artist has sold millions of albums giving her all the fortune worth $220 million.


Who is the richest Male musician in the UK?


Paul McCartney is the richest male musician with a net worth of $1.28 billion and has earned all this by his talent and record sales.




I hope you enjoyed this ride of the richest musicians in the UK 2022 as much as I did. 


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