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Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 07:58 am

African Music fans would be delighted to read the title as today I am posting about one of the most incredible musicians in the Nigerian music industry. 


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Yes! That’s right, guys, it’s “Wizkid,” a singer born with natural talent and passion for his music style.

Wizkid award3

Wizkid is a hot property right now in the Afrobeats, Reggae, and Dancehall genres. He has won awards and nominations from across the globe. So did you ever ask yourself how many awards Wizkid has won?


Let me walk you through his awards and achievements, and I bet you will be astonished by his prolific performances.


So folks, Let’s get deeper.


How Many Awards Does Wizkid Have 


Wizkid has won a total of 85 awards from 246 nominations across the globe including the coveted Grammy, The Headies, Sound City MVP, AFRIMA, MOBO, BET, Nigerian Entertainment Award, MTV Europe Award, Net Honors, and African Pride Award etc. 


Starting as a humble artist and then going miles to collaborate with renowned musicians worldwide, Wizkid has become an inspiration for the youngsters of the Nigerian music industry.


And it is no surprise that Wizkid is the Most Awarded Artist In Nigeria, one of his biggest achievements.


Next, you will find out about each award Wizkid has won and also for which song he received the most awards. 


List Of Major Awards Won By Wizkid 


It is a dream of every musician to win major music awards. But to create compelling music and then enter the competition is a challenging task. 


Making oneself heard and admired has become difficult in today’s competitive world. But Wizkid broke the rules, worked effortlessly, and rose to the heights of fame he deserved. 


Today I feel honored to discuss Wizkid’s awards list with you. 


So fellas, as the list of  Wizkid’s awards is huge, I am happy to bring them under one post. And we will delve into his awards one by one without wasting any time.


Here is a table of all the awards won and nomination received by Wikid.


Award Name Nominations Number Won
Grammy Awards 4 1
Wizkid’s BET Awards 7 4
MTV Europe Music Awards 5 2
MOBO Awards 6 3
Headies 61 17
Nigeria Entertainment Awards 21 6
All Africa Music Awards 18 7
Billboard Music Awards 7 3
iHeartRadio Music Awards 4 3
African Muzik Magazine Awards 9 2
Soul Train Music Awards 9 3
NAACP Image Awards 4 4
4Syte TV Music Video Awards 13 2
Teen Choice Awards 1 1
Soundcity MVP Awards 34 4
iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards 1 1
Net Honours 4 1
Ghana Music Awards 8 2
Dynamix All Youth Awards 3 2
Future Awards 1 1
Channel O Music Video Awards 8 2
Apple Music Awards 1 1
African Pride Awards 1 1
African Entertainment Awards USA 12 5
Afro X Digital Awards 3 3
3Music Awards 1 1

1. Grammy Awards 


Grammy was derived from the word Gramophone, and so is the shape of this award. The Recording Academy of the United States presents them to those with outstanding musical talents every year since 1959. 


Moreover, the Grammys are among the most prestigious awards in the music world.

And Wizkid has all it takes to win a Grammy, right folks? So here are Wizkid’s nominations and wins regarding Grammys.


  • The first ever nomination to the Grammys made by Wizkid was as a featured artist in Drake’s album song “One Dance” in 2016.


  • But in 2021, nothing could stop Wizkid from winning a Grammy for Brown Skin Girl, a collaboration with Beyoncé. It was shared between the artists.


  • Wizkid has garnered nominations and wins for Grammys as a collaborative artist.


  • But as a solo artist, he got nominated in 2022 for Best Global Music Album: Made in Lagos Deluxe, which was a big thing for a Nigerian singer.


  • The same year, he was nominated for Best Global Music Performance for “Essence.”


So, guys, Wizkid has earned one Grammy from 4 nominations, which shows his exceptional performance. And I hope he gets more Grammys to make African music internationally.

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Moving on next, you will read about Wizkids BET awards. Let’s find out more about his wins.


2. Wizkid’s BET Awards


The BET Awards is an American award established in 2001 by Black Entertainment Television. It started in 2001 and is still running successfully.


For those who don’t know, the primary purpose of these awards is to celebrate Black entertainers. Additionally, it was started to honor those who love and have devoted themselves to hip-hop music. 


Now let’s see how many BET awards did Wizkid win?

So, guys, he has accomplished four wins out of seven nominations. 


Wizkid’s awards include winning BET for “Brown Skin Girl” in 2020 and “Essence” in 2022. The rest of the BET awards Wizkid won were in the Best International Acts category in 2012 and 2017.


This is not it, guys. Next, you will read about his International recognition by MTV Europe awards. So join me in this one.


3. Wizkid’s MTV Europe Music Awards 


Wizkid’s awards are interesting to discuss as you discover many international wins and nominations. One of them is MTV Europe Music Awards.


You will be amazed to know that Wizkid managed to get his entry in Best AfricanAct/ Worldwide act Five times these awards. Though the  competition was tough 


But Wiz… is a wizard, so his magical music won him twice in the African act category, which is cool.  


And without a doubt, Wizkid is the most influential artist in Nigeria; he is a genius, and Wizkid’s awards manifest that. 


Another prestigious trophy included in Wizkids awards is MOBO, which will be discussed next in this subheading.


4. Wizkid’s  MOBO Awards 


In 2009, Music of Black Origin, also known as the MOBO, kicked off with its first ceremony. And as the name implies, it is to honor the music that initially belonged to Black artists.


Well, for Wizkid to get nominated for MOBO must have been very competitive. Despite that, he earned MOBO nominations six times. And It was a triumph for him, winning three times in 2011, 2017, and 2020 in the Best African Act category.  


Guys, his music is mesmerizing, and in my opinion, he is the Best Nigerian Musician who has set a high bar for his contemporary singers. And you will agree with me.


So next in the post, you will learn about Wizkid’s The Headies. Let’s get into it, Shall we?


5. Wizkid’s The Headies 


The Headies have played a very important part in Wizkid’s success. And I was thrilled and amazed to see the categories and lists of Wizkid’s nominations in them, as they are enormous.


So what are the Headies? These are the Hip Hop World Awards: a music awards show established in 2006 by the Hip Hop World Magazine of Nigeria to recognize outstanding achievements in the Nigerian music industry.


There are so many wins added to Wizkid’s awards by The Headies, but I will mention the important ones. So, fellas, he has won 17 of these, a huge number that honors his dedication to music.


Furthermore, he accomplished more wins in 2022 for his album “Made In Lagos (Deluxe Edition). 


Additionally, he has been winning nominations and awards yearly by The Headies.


“Ojuelegba,” “Ayo,” “Come closer,” and “Essence” are some of his songs, earning him nominations for The Headies and making him one of the most popular musicians in Africa.


So which other awards did Wizkid win? It’s the Wizkid Nigeria Entertainment Awards, coming up next in the article.


6. Wizkid’s Nigeria Entertainment Awards 


Nigeria Entertainment Awards have also contributed to increasing the number of Wizkid’s awards and highlighting his work.


These awards were first given in 2006, focusing on bringing Nigerian entertainers to the limelight. 


Having said that, Wizkid’s music has won six of these prestigious honors. Let’s find out in which year and category Wizkid got a chance to win.


  • NEA recognized Wiz in 2011 by rewarding him in two categories in 2012 and 2013 though he got nominated but lost to other singers.


  • In 2014 and 2015, again, he won in the Hottest Single of the Year category, and the songs were “PullOver” and “Ojuelegba.”


But haven’t got nominated for any other category after that. So, fellas, fans still await his next nomination and win. And I hope he will. 


As you can see now that Wizkid is a champion, the list doesn’t end here. Next, it’s Wizkids All Africa Music Awards, which have admired his creativity. Let’s find out more.


7. Wizkid’s All Africa Music Awards 


I am getting overwhelmed by this talented young man. He is extraordinary, and as we move further into this post of Wizkid’s awards, his remarkable talent makes me more of his fan. 


Undoubtedly, he is the best African musician, beating many other artists and breaking the rules.


As far as the All Africa Music Awards also referred to as AFRIMA, are concerned, these were inaugurated to celebrate the exceptional talent of the African continent.


And Wiz has grabbed seven of these, mainly in 2017 and 2021. 


2017 AFRIMA rewarded Wizkid with Songs of the Year and Best Artist. In 2021, Song of the Year and Best Collaboration.


You might be surprised, as it seems Wizkid has created magic spells through his songs and gotten so many awards for his songs. No one denies his hard-working attitude. His hard work has paid off, making him among the Most Awarded Artists In Africa, and it’s like a dream come true for an artist.


Wizkid’s awards are getting more interesting as we further delve into the following subheading of Wizkid’s Billboard music award. 


8. Wizkid Billboard Music Awards 


These International awards serve as another feather in his cap, which has raised his popularity graph. So what are actually Billboard Awards?


Well, Billboard Music Awards are based on popularity and sales. And Wizkid’s best year by Billboard is recognized as 2016, when “One Dance” featured Drake with him. Wiz won three awards out of seven nominations.


After that, Wizkid fans eagerly await him to win another at Billboard Music Awards.  We wish him all the best. 


And if You think that after selling so many songs and albums, Wizkid might be super rich, that’s right, he has a net worth of $26 million which is huge. And according to my research, he is one of the Richest Musicians In Africa, isn’t that a big achievement?


So, readers, the story doesn’t end here, as next I will put light on Wizkid’s iHeartRadio Music Awards.


9. Wizkid’s iHeartRadio Music Awards 


The iHeartRadio Music Awards is a music awards show celebrating music heard throughout the year across radio stations nationwide. It started in 2014; moreover, nominations are based on results from the iHeartRadio Chart.


And for our Music idol of today, Wizkid, iHeartRadio Music Awards couldn’t stop themselves from honoring him with 3 awards in 2017 for his most outstanding single, “One Dance.”

Wizkid 77

After that, he hasn’t won any nominations yet, and I hope his new album gets the chance to be recognized by this institution again. I must say Wizkid’s awards give me the feeling of the talk of the town as I dig deeper. And next, I will share details of his big wins in the African Muzik Magazine Awards.


10. Wizkid’s African Muzik Magazine Awards 


So guys African Muzik Magazine Awards have also awarded this amazing artist two trophies after nominating him in nine categories.


But what are African Muzik Magazine Awards? Well, in 2014, these were started to glorify African music. 


And Wiz is one of those African artists who has all it takes to win and reign in the music industry. At such a young age, Wizkid has become one of the Most Influential Artists In Africa, and it takes guts and total devotion to inspire the coming generation. And Wizkid is a true inspiration for many. 


With his outstanding concepts of music, he also won Soul Train music awards, which are discussed in the following subheading.


11. Wizkid’s Soul Train Music Awards


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Well, Soul Train music awards celebrate various contemporary R&B and soul music recording artists. And they have recognized Wiz’s work and nominated him from 2016 to 2021. 


It’s very challenging to get nominated for any awards in this era. And becoming popular in Africa is like a big milestone. 


But Wizkid’s love for music and hard work has made him today one of the most popular musicians in Africa. Additionally, these awards have uplifted his career path.


He has won three out of nine nominations for his numbers “Brown Skin Girl” and “Essence,” which have contributed well to Wizkid’s awards by getting him to win in the best collaboration category.


I am entirely speechless about how Wizkid has charmed the world, as next, we celebrate his more trophies under NAACP Image Awards.


12. NAACP Image Awards


NAACP Image Awards is again honoring artists from diverse backgrounds, and Wizkid is shining here with four wins in all four nominations spanning the years from 2020 to 2022.


Again it is for his collaborative singles “Essence” and “Brown Skin Girl,” adding to the cabinet of Wizkid’s awards.


Besides that, his other honors include Afro X Digital Awards, African Pride Awards, and City People Entertainment Awards. They are worth mentioning here as they have also been added to his overall awards list.


Next, in the post, you will learn more about Wizkid’s awards, career, and achievements. And I will be pleased if you continue this rollercoaster ride with me.


Wizkid’s Career and Achievements Overview (H2)


Many superstars that have made an impact are blessed with gifted minds. But the most important thing is to avail an opportunity at the right time. And Wizkid is very lucky that he got the chance to work with international singers. 


Wizkid’s career is full of achievements, and his right moves have helped him to become one of the prominent figures from Nigeria. So fellas, here is an overview of his milestones.


  • His first single, which became his milestone, was “Holla at Your Boy.” It came out in 2010 and was a massive hit. The song is from his first album, and it got awarded by The Headies in the category of the Next Rated award. 


  • You can see that Wizkid already had a spark and was waiting for the right opportunity. He released his second album in 2014, which was applauded by fans.


  • His breakthrough came with “One Dance,” a collaboration with Drake. It was a chart-topper, making him the first Nigerian artist to top the US Billboard charts. 


  • Then nothing could stop Wizkid from showing the world what he got. There came a trail of success. The next big thing for Wizkid was working with Calvin Harris in 2018 on the song “Checklist,” did you know it became number-one on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart?


  • Following that, in 2019, Wizkid was featured with Beyoncé in “Brown Skin Girl”: soundtrack album The Lion King: The Gift. And you would be happy to know that it was a game-changer for Wiz. The song won numerous accolades, including Grammys, and earned worldwide recognition for Wizkid. 

Wizkid&son 1

  • The singer was on a rollercoaster of success as he released his fourth album in 2020. It revived Afrobeats with the single “Essence” featuring Tems, the first Nigerian song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.


  • In 2022, Wizkid released his fifth album, More Love, Less Ego, and we hope it gets more recognition with his singles coming out one by one.


After reading this, all his fans can’t stop saying he is the best Nigerian musician, for he is an Icon of music and an authentic artist.


Let’s learn more about the significance of awards in our post, Wizkid’s awards, and how awards have impacted his career. 


Awards Significance


Awards are indeed a sort of push for artists to do better than before. It motivates them to outshine others the next time they create anything.


Besides that, Awards add to the recognition of a singer. If an organization recognizes someone’s talent and rewards them, there are chances that they will sooner become a global phenomenon. And there is no denying that an award raises the value of a star and also brings them to the spotlight.


Impact of Awards on Wizkid’s Career 


Wizkid’s awards have definitely added to his popularity and stardom. It was in 2011 that Wizkid was poured upon by many nominations for Best new act and Best pop music by some of the most popular awards organizations. So as a contemporary artist, he won The Headies and Nigeria Entertainment Awards.


Therefore it added to his celebrity status, and he became an African sensation. After getting initial approval from audiences, it seemed that it had unlocked Wizkid’s inner potential, and it became apparent that he was not holding back from releasing his best music. 


As he released his albums and collaborative singles, his wins, including African Muzik Magazine Awards in 2015 and AFRIMA in 2017 and 2021, solidified his career.

The more he won awards, the more he became a hot property. 


Moreover, his single “One Dance” played a huge contribution in adding to his awards list. 


After “One Dance”  global success, Wizkid was not only an African idol but an internationally renowned musician as well. He became an ambassador of Afrobeats.


And all this landed him to be part of the Grammy-winning single “Brown Skin Girl.” Being a Grammy winner is not an ordinary thing. It definitely highlighted him wherever he went. 


Wizkid is equally impressive as his contemporary musicians like Davido and Burna Boy. And as all three artists are best sellers, they have earned heights of fame and popularity. This has helped them to build a fortune for themselves too. So in Davido vs. Wizkid vs. Burna Boy Net Worth, you will find their success stories in building an empire.


Next, in Wizkid’s awards, I will share his background, early life, and rise to prominence. And I hope you will stick to finding out more about your favorite artist.


Background of Wizkid 


Wizkid hails from Lagos, a state in Nigeria. He was born in 1990, and now at such a young age, he has the whole world in his hands.


But was it a straight road to success? Definitely not. 


Like any other artist, he was struggling to make his name. So let’s get an insight into his early career struggles and setbacks.


Early life and entry into the music industry 


This amazing artist grew up listening to some of the greatest artists in history. They were; King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti, and Bob Marley. Inspired by their music, he made a band with church friends called Glorious Five at 11 with church friends.


While looking for a chance to get a gig, he met OJB, a Nigerian singer-songwriter and record producer. He took him to the studios to show him arrangements and how recording artists work.


Moreover, Naeto C also mentored him. So being under the shadow of such talented professionals, Wizkid was set to release his first studio album in 2009.


And did he get to shine in his career from the start? 


Keep scrolling, fellas, as I will discuss his rise and international acclaim further in the post.


Rise to prominence and international recognition 


“Superstar” is the name of Wizkid’s first album, and you know what? The title says it all, he is an absolute superstar who didn’t give up and knew what he wanted right from the start.


I have earlier talked about his career turning points, which raised him to fame in Nigeria and Africa through his breathtaking performances, including “Holla at Your Boy,” “Tease Me/Bad Guys,” and “Don’t Dull.” 

Additionally, his first album got highly acclaimed, earning him a list of awards and nominations.


Moreover, Wizkid released tunes that turned the heads of many fans and critics each year. And in a decade from 2010 to 2020, Wizkid’s humble beginnings got a turnaround, putting him into the international spotlight. 


With “One Dance,” “Brown Skin Girl,” and “Essence,” he raised the bar for his fellow artists. These three songs became his career’s biggest hits adding to his popularity.

And today, Wizkid stands among those artists who are ruling the world; he is an international star.

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With so much going on in his life, Wizkid not only became a representative of African music but also became an influencer which I will discuss next in detail.


Influence on the African music industry and Representation 


African music is all about rhythm, beats, and harmony. And I am definite on this that Wizkid is a powerhouse of talent, a right fit for representing African cultural music. With every song, he revolutionized the African music industry. 


Additionally, he is very particular about choosing the tunes and themes of his songs. 

By listening to his music, the world not only came to know about Nigeria but also the chords of Africa.


I feel so proud that Wizkid is a gem of an artist who doesn’t refrain from experimenting, and today, he made his place in the world of art. Do you agree with that?


With unbelievable talent, he earned his breakthrough moments which will be shared with you in this post.


Breakthrough Moments And Milestones In Wizkid’s Career 


So, guys, I am a big fan of Wizkid’s music, and now I will shed some light on his big moments.


  • He was provided the opportunity by OJB Jezreel and Naeto C to work under his shadow and become well-versed in studio work.


  • Later he released his first album in 2009 when he was just 19 years old. It brought him initial success in African countries.


  • His breakthrough was working with Drake, an outstanding Canadian rapper, but he didn’t let his fame overshadow Wizkid’s performance. Literally, it was the best thing that happened to him in his career. It brought him into the spotlight, and the song “One Dance” was an overnight hit.


  • Following this global success, Wiz was lucky enough to work with another International American superstar and Grammy winner, Beyonce. She provided him with full support, and again “Brown Skin Girl” raised his level in global music.


  • “Essence,” his latest single, recently did well on the charts, earning him numerous nominations in 2022, including Grammys.


  • He is back with his new album and releasing his songs one by one to rekindle the flame of success again.


But one thing is a fact; his international collaborations gave him the fame he deserved, so let’s see how it impacted his career.


Collaborations with international artists and their impact 


Well, guys, you will agree that working with already successful global artists can help one shine in the international music scenario.


But this is also possible if the rising star’s work is put in the limelight and is not overshadowed by an already renowned star. It is very tricky sometimes. But I can only say that Wizkid is lucky, honest, and hardworking.


So whatever came as an opportunity for him, he utilized it well. Here are his most extraordinary collaborations 


  • With Drake: One Dance
  • With Beyoncé: Brown Skin Girl
  • With Calvin Harris: Checklist
  • With Justin Beiber: Essence Remix.


All of these numbers mentioned above are chartbusters. And greatly impacted Wizkid’s career as these songs made him a mainstream musician. 


And with that, he did get global recognition and a huge fan following. 


Let’s dive in to find more details about it, shall we?


Global Recognition And Expanding Fanbase 


His work was admired by fans and critics alike. This artist became a global sensation and also earned contracts to become a brand ambassador and signed an international agreement with Dolce & Gabbana worth $10,000.

These brand endorsements added to Wizkid’s net worth, and he is now regarded as one of the richest musicians in Nigeria.

Furthermore, in 2020, Wizkid landed a deal with Puma, a sportswear brand. 


Through his talent, his social media account started getting a huge fan following, and he currently has 17 Million followers on Instagram. Everything he talks about or shares gets viral. 


Another exciting thing is that Wiz loves buying cars, and fans always look for his next purchase. 


The minute he buys something new, it gets viral in no time. Wizkid cars are something fans are crazy about, and so am I. 


With so many fans and a huge reputation, he definitely influenced African music. But how? That is what I am talking about next with you on this platform.


Influence on African Music 


Wizkid has made Nigeria and Africa proud with his exceptional musical work.


Whether it is his lyrics or his music, he is a superstar. I am so happy that the world got the chance to know more about African music through Wizkid.


Initially, many critics were skeptical; about whether he would be able to take the burden of African representation. But all doubts became clear because Wiz changed how people thought about African music. 


His work has influenced African pop culture, and now many youngsters are expanding their musical experiences following in his footsteps. He worked outside the box, accepted challenges, and greatly influenced African music.


Then how he managed to become one of the pioneers and ambassadors of Afrobeats? Let’s find out more about Wizkid’s talents.


Role as a pioneer and ambassador of Afrobeat/Afrobeats 


Music doesn’t need any language; it is the language of the soul. No matter what, it is a fact that Afrobeats inspire anyone who listens to them.


It is an honor for Wizkid and many artists like him, including Davido, and Burna Boy, to be a pioneer and ambassadors of Afrobeat; Burna Boy and Davido have been representing Africa, particularly Nigeria.


Like Wizkid, Burna Boy is one of the richest musicians, and Burna Boy’s net worth has increased with his ever-growing sales. 


Well, recently, in an interview, Davido appreciated Wizkid that he is one of the artists who propelled the Afrobeats to current heights of popularity.


So, guys, Wizkid is a genius artist who has embraced African music and unveiled its uniqueness to the world.


He is a role model for inspiring new generations who want to join the music industry. How did he do that? You have to keep reading to find out what is next.


Inspiring a new generation of artists 


You and I know that Wiz has opened new horizons for young artists. I was reading a view from one of the African artists, and what he said about Wizkid is truly beautiful. 


In an interview, he said, “One thing I really appreciate about Wizkid is that he made young artists believe they could pop at a young age.

Wizkid&son 2

Before Wiz, if any artiste pop, it was probably at a very later stage in life. But after Wiz, young people started coming through.”


Isn’t that a great thing for an artist to be a music Idol for many? It is Impressive!

What does it take to become an African music representative? The following subheading is all about that.


Impact on the Representation of African Music on the global stage 


Again, friends, Nigeria is thankful and proud of Wizkid. His work speaks volumes of his passion for African roots. Furthermore, he took chances by creating catchy and appealing songs for the masses.


In one of his interviews, Wiz said that he draws inspiration not only from Afrobeats but from all over the world. And it added value to his work.


Unlike many other famous Nigerian musicians, Wizkid understood the power of transnational collaboration, and now you see he is a global phenomenon.




Without a doubt, Wizkid is an achiever. He is the winner of the world’s highly acclaimed awards. Moreover, he is a genuine artist who has added a new chapter to African music history.


From the list of Wizkid’s awards, you can see that he is not someone who sits and waits for things to happen. But he is an inspiration, a role model of dedication who is always in quest of excellence.


I hope you like our detailed post on Wizkid’s awards.


Comment below with your thoughts, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about celebrities in the world, 


People Also Ask (FAQs) 


Now it’s time to answer your frequently asked questions. Let’s dive in.


How many awards has Wizkid won in his career?  


Wizkid is an African artist who has dedicated his career to music. He has accomplished worldwide recognition and earned over 85 awards. He is one of the most awarded artists in the world. His most notable wins include:


  • Grammy Awards 
  • BET Awards 
  • Soul Train Awards
  • Billboard Awards 
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards
  • MOBO Awards 


What is Wizkid’s most prestigious award to date


The most prestigious award that one music artist could ever dream of is Grammy Award. Wizkid’s career was at a turning point when he earned his first Grammy award in 2020 for the soundtrack of his project The Lion King: The Gift on the single “Brown Skin Girl.” It was a dream come true for him to earn the biggest award for music at such a young age.


Has Wizkid won any international awards


Yes, that is right that Wizkid has won many international trophies for his musical work. This artist has garnered:


  • 3 Billboard Music Award 
  • 3 SoulTrain Music Awards 
  • 1 Teen Choice Music Award 
  • 1 Grammy Award 
  • 2 MTV Europe Music Awards 


How many BET Awards has Wizkid received


Wizkid’s awards are numerous, and one of them is BET. The BET Awards is an American show established in 2001 by Black Entertainment Television. That started in 2001 and is still running successfully.


The main purpose of these awards is to celebrate Black entertainers. It was started to honor those who love and have devoted themselves to hip-hop music. So, guys, he has accomplished four wins out of seven nominations. 

Wizkid’s awards include winning BET for “Brown Skin Girl” in 2020 and“Essence” in 2022. 

The rest of the BET awards Wizkid won were in the Best International Acts category in 2012 and 2017.


Has Wizkid won any Grammy Awards


Yes, fellas, Wizkid has won one Grammy award. It was in 2021 that nothing could stop Wizkid from winning a Grammy for Brown Skin Girl, which was a collaboration with Beyoncé. It was shared between the artists.


Besides that, he has won nominations as a featured artist in Drake’s album and for his song Essence also but lost it to his fellow artists.


Which awards did Wizkid win for his song Ojuelegba


For his upbeat number, Ojuelegba, Wizkid has earned many nominations but won three awards for this track. These are The Headies, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, and 4Syte TV Music Video Awards.


An amazing fact about this song is that Wizkid covered his initial struggles in this one. It highlights Wizkid’s strengths and efforts as an underground artist who roamed the streets of Ojuelegba to support his recording interest. Having said that this song received numerous airplay on all major radio stations in Nigeria and peaked at number 1 on Capital Xtra’s Afrobeats Chart


How many MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) has Wizkid won  


Though MAMA nominated him in 2014 and 2015, he won no awards.

The MTV Africa Music Awards were established in 2008 by MTV Networks Africa to celebrate Africa’s most popular contemporary music.


Wizkid’s work got nominated, but he lost to his fellow musicians.


Has Wizkid won any MOBO Awards


Yes, Wizkid won three MOBO awards which is an outstanding achievement and added a lot to his popularity and helped him earn fame across Africa. Music of Black Origin, known as the MOBO, started with its first ceremony in 2009. And as the name implies, it is to honor the music that initially belonged to Black artists.


For young artists, winning big awards has always been a dream. And Wizkid is lucky that he got what he wished for. 


Which award did Wizkid win for his collaboration with Drake on One Dance  


“One Dance” with Drake set the roof on fire and paved the way for success for African legend: Wizkid. He has received 3 Billboards Music Awards for this song. 

To add on, he also received two iHeartRadio Music Awards and one Teen Choice award. But the nominations for this song were made by prestigious organizations, including  American Music Awards and BET.


How many awards has Wizkid won for his Made in Lagos album  


Made in Lagos is the fourth studio album by Nigerian singer Wizkid. It was released on 30 October 2020. 


This album has won:


  • 2 The Headies awards
  • 1  African Entertainment Awards USA
  • 1 Afro X Digital Awards


Moreover, this album received a nomination at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Global Music Album.

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