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Last updated on November 9th, 2023 at 07:07 pm

 Whether you call him “Big Wiz” or refer to him as “Starboy,” Wizkid is the King of the pop music industry in Africa. He has taken the lead over his fellow musicians by creating mesmerizing songs that have broken records.


His music has sold millions of copies globally, making Wizkid one of the richest musicians in Africa, with sales increasing his net worth with every passing day. 

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Wizkid rose as a young artist and worked effortlessly to draw the world’s attention. His family must be proud of him. He has become the most awarded in Nigeria, a groundbreaking achievement. 


Well, many of his fans other than his career want to know about his family, so here I am pouring my heart and soul into the post of Wizkids family, and I know you must be excited about it.


So in today’s post, I will share Wizkid’s family details which will be a fun-filled ride, especially for his fans. 


  • Wizkid’s Father 


Wizkid, with his talent, has achieved all that one can dream of. With his hard work, Wizkid became a top singer and one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria. 


Moreover, he has also attained a respectful position in the music world. His music records have sold tremendously, making him earn good money.

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I searched for Wizkid’s net worth and tell you what it’s mind-blowing compared to his contemporary artist Burna Boy’s net worth, who is graded as a superstar. So is Olamide’s net worth. 


These two are equally famous but have less net worth than the Starboy. Isn’t that awesome?


Furthermore, he gives credit for his success to his family and mentions a special bond with his father. 


And guys, there is no denying that Father plays a unique role in everyone’s life. Those people are indeed blessed who get guidance from their parents, especially from a loving father. And Wizkid is blessed to have a great Father who has been there for him in difficult times, and he admits to having a great bonding with his father.

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Let’s get into more details about Wizkid’s father.


  •  Wizkid’s Father’s Biography 


Wizkids father, Alhaji Muniru Olatunji Balogun, is a Muslim raised in Nigeria. He is not a very rich man but gave every facility of life to his family. He has been married thrice. So with three wives and thirteen children, it might be challenging to manage finances, but he did his very best to give a perfect lifestyle to his family.


You would be astonished to know that Wizkid’s father, Alhaji Muniru, is a religious person who was initially against Wiz’s choice of profession. He wanted him to continue his studies. But Wizkid opted to become a musician.

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For many years his father stayed away from the limelight and showed no interest in Wizkid’s career or musical milestones. But with time, he accepted the fact that Wiz was made to be an artist. 


Wizkid loves his father. In one of the interviews, he mentioned that he had bought a new house for his parents and even confessed that he wanted to get a tattoo in honor of his father. 


So, guys, reading such beautiful words from Wizkids about his father was nice. Let’s briefly look at his father’s career in our post of Wizkid’s family.

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  •  Wizkid’s Father’s Career 


Alhaji Muniru is a religious cleric and wields an Islamic title, ‘Mogaji Adinni.’ It is the highest rank given to a religious person in Nigeria. So this makes it clear why he had problems with Wizkid’s career by choosing music over his standard university degree. 


But seeing him reigning the music industry, Wizkid’s father eventually surrendered his thoughts against his musical pathway and became his supporter.

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In a recent interview, Wizkid’s father expressed his admiration for his son and stressed youth to get skills. He said, “I just want them [youths] to please, even if you don’t have education, try to have something to do.


I appreciate his father; he supported him when he was young, and even now, he supports him in his career. So, guys, you have learned much about his father, and right now, you must be eagerly waiting to know about his mother. 


Let’s dig in deeper to know more about Wizkid’s family.


  • Wizkid’s Mother  


As we are talking about Wizkid’s family, the mother is a very important figure in anyone’s life. And without the support of Mother, it is an everyday struggle, a battle to make a place in the world. And Wiz, with a fantastic supporter in the shape of his mum, paved his way to be one of the most popular musicians in Africa. 


Legends are indeed born to great mothers. And Wizkid is lucky to have the best mum on earth, who stood by him through thick and thin.

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I will now be talking about his mother, who is a true role model for many. Let’s find out more about her.


  •  Wizkid’s Mother’s Biography 


His mother’s name is Mrs. Jane Dolapo; she is a Christian. She got married to his Father, Alhaji Muniru Olatunji Balogun, who is a Muslim. She stayed as a Christian, and Wizkid also adopted Christianity as a religion.


Wizkid’s mother is always seen on his social media platforms, where he shares his clicks taken with his family. So what were his mother’s feelings when he joined the music line? 

Initially, when Wizkid started singing with the choir in Church, Jane looked after him and knew he was good with musical talent but never thought it would become his profession.


Later on, when he dropped out of school, she was reluctant, just like her husband, about their son picking music as his career choice.   


But at last, Jane came out as his anchor who backed him in his struggles. This gave strength to Wizkid, and he is now one of the Best African musicians who has earned notable awards globally.

Next, we will take an overview of Wizkid’s mother’s-careers in our post of Wizkid’s family.


  •  Wizkid’s Mother’s Career 


Well, only a little is known about her mother’s career. It is known that she was a stay-at-home mom who looked after her kids. She gave birth to three kids, and Wizkid is one of them who became a shining star in his family.


With her endless support, today, this singer has made his place not only in the Nigerian music industry but at the International level. 


He has earned a Grammy and many other prestigious accolades, making him one of the most awarded musicians in Nigeria.


Speaking of Nigerian musicians, Davido is one of the highest-ranked artists, and he also said something beautiful about Wizkids mum and shared it on Twitter. 


“Such an amazing Woman … God bless you ma …. D way I was carrying mommy’s bags today at the airport .. dem now say nah First class citizen,” he posted.


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Besides that, Davido refers to Wizkid’s mother as a mummy. Isn’t that amazing?


Additionally, his mother is so proud of Wizkid. Mostly she is seen appreciating his work and can’t stop gushing about it whenever she gets a chance to praise him. 


In an interview, she talked about her son’s remarkable career.


“I’m so glad that he is my son and that I’m his mother. I give God all the glory. God has kept him for us, and He will continue to.”


Jane, his mother, is a real gem from the Wizkid family. She is always smiling and always takes pride in his son’s success and accomplishments: a lively and happy personality.

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Next, in Wizkid’s family, I will share insight into his biological siblings and extended family members. So make sure to enjoy this ride full of fun and some amazing facts about his family members.


  • Wizkid’s Sisters  


Nigeria is blessed with world-famous stars and includes a list of pop singers; Davido, Burna Boy, and many others. 


And Wizkid is giving them tough competition with his creative abilities, plus his sisters are proud of him. All these artists have earned huge fortunes, encompassed in Davido vs. Wizkid vs. Burna Boy Net Worth, a post that includes some interesting facts for their fans and is a must-read.


Moreover, Wizkid is loved by his siblings, who are all proud of him.


Talking about Wizkid’s family, he has 12 siblings. And two are his biological sisters, which I will mention in detail.


  • Wizkid’s Sisters’ Biography 


As I told you earlier, he has 12 sisters, but two are his biological sisters; one is the elder, and the other is younger than him.


His two sisters, with whom he shares a special bond, are called Yetunde Balogun Awoniyi and Lade Balogun.


Yetunde is his elder sister who lives in the USA. The singer adores his sisters, and very little information is known about them. According to reports, Yetunde lives in the United States and is currently a widow whose husband died of cancer.


On the other hand, Lade is reportedly undergoing her education in Nigeria. She is the youngest one.


  • Wizkid’s  Sister Career 


Only a little information is shared about their careers as the family prefers to keep their private matters to themselves rather than in the public eye.


They sometimes share important events like catching up with their brother. Otherwise, there is only limited info about them.

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Moving on to our following subheading of Wizkid’s extended family members. Let’s see what we can know about them in our post today, i.e., Wizkid’s family. 


  • Wizkid Extended Family Member List 


We learned about Wizkid’s family, especially those close to him. From the above discussion, one thing is sure: Wizkid’s family tries to stay out of the limelight and is not in the public scene. 


So what about the extended family? Has anyone been famous or in the public eye? 

He has 


  • 10 Step Siblings
  • 2 Stepmothers


Well, guys, his extended family consists of 2 step-mums and 10 step-siblings, as mentioned. And I tried to search about them, but only a little has been shared by Wizkid and his father about them. 

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Other than that, he has three baby mamas, with whom he didn’t get married but has one child from each. These ladies are:


  • Shola Ogudu

She is the first baby mama of Wizkid. They dated in 2010, and she became pregnant with his first child. Their first child was born in 2011.


  • Binta Diamond

She is the mother of his second child. She gave birth to their child in 2015.


  • Jada Pollock
Jada is Wizkid’s latest baby mama, who met him at a Chris Brown concert. They are currently in a relationship. Besides that, she is an American entrepreneur and talent manager. But currently, she is living with Wizkid in Lagos and managing his work.


Having said that, his three children are loved by his fans. And Wizkid shares their photos on social media too.

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His first child Boluwatife Balogun was born in 2011. He is 13 now. 

While his second son with Binta is named Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, he was born in 2015. And his third child, Zion, was born in 2017 to Jada. 


So folks, as we tried to look deeper into Wizkid’s family, it became clear that they love Wizkid and express their love for him, but very often, they are seen sharing their details, which is good enough as it is their choice to stay private.


Next, I will show you Wizkid’s family tree for a quick overview.


Wizkid’s Family Tree


wizkid family tree
wizkid faamily tree


  • Conclusion


Wizkid has a beautiful family. His parents, sisters, and kids love him. He is a great son who looks after his parents and wants to see them happy and healthy.


Equally important, they were against his career choice, but eventually, they agreed to support him in his musical journey. Wizkids’ family is amazing; without their support, he wouldn’t have been in the position where he is right now. 


He has a huge fan following, and they are dying to know what new song is coming from Wiz, or they get crazy, even if it’s news about Wizkid’s cars. Fans just love him and his family.


Knowing his family members was a pleasure, and I would like your feedback on this post.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Stay tuned to get more information about celebrities in the world.


Frequently Asked Question


Now it’s time to answer some of your frequently asked questions. Let’s find out what I’ve in store for you.


  • Who is the Wizkid family? 


Wizkids’ family includes his father, mother, and two sisters. what’s more, his father got married thrice. in addition, he has two step-mothers and ten step-siblings. Wiz shares a special bond with his father and mother. He looks after his parents and is mentioned as a very responsible child. And his family greatly respects him for being responsible and ruling the music world.


  • Who are Wizkid siblings? 


Wizkid has 12 siblings who are mentioned as his sisters. And out of them, two are his biological sisters who adore their brother, and the rest are his step sisters.


The media knows little about them because they prefer to stay out of the public eye and keep their personal matters private.


  • Who are the Wizkid sisters? 


Wizkid has two biological sisters. He shares a special bond with his two sisters, Yetunde Balogun Awoniyi and Lade Balogun.


Yetunde is his elder sister who lives in the USA. The singer loves his sisters, and we know very little about them. According to reports, Yetunde lives in the United States and is a widow whose husband died of cancer.


On the other hand, Lade is reportedly undergoing her education; Wizkid is the father of three kids from three different baby mamas. He didn’t marry any of these ladies but had a relationship. 


  • Is Wizkid a Daddy?


Yes, he is the father of three sons. He wasn’t married, so he had children with different women. These three ladies only had relationships, and each had one son with Wizkid.


His first child Boluwatife Balogun was born in 2011 to Shola Ogudu. He is 13 now. 

Also, he had another son with Binta Diamond in 2015. They named him Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. And his third child, Zion, was born in 2017 to Jada. Jada Pollock is her current manager, and she is living with him in Lagos.


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