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Today I will cover all the facts you need to know about Wizkid’s net worth and biography, starting from his history, and family to his investments.


So, for the next few minutes stay with me as I take you on a journey of a lifetime. I know you are up for it because if you are not then you wouldn’t be here.


Often when a person types the keyword how much is Wizkid net worth into Google? It is either you are doing research or you got into an argument.

Wizkid Net Worth and Investment

But let me answer the question super fast and easy below.


How Much Is Wizkid’s Net Worth


Wizkid net worth in 2024 is estimated to be the sum of $25,000,000 ($25 million). When converted to the Nigeria Naira, it is ₦25, 000,000,000 (₦25 billion) according to the current dollar to Naira rate of ₦1000 to $1.


This makes him one of the richest musicians in Nigeria and 4th richest in the country after  Davido who’s worth $27 million.


Sometimes, I notice how the fans of the two Naija musicians argue on social media.


One question I have to be asked whenever this argument starts is Wizkid and Davido’s net worth who is the richest?


Wizkid has a total net worth of $25,000,000 which is equivalent of ₦25 billion

Davido has a total net worth of $27,000,000 equivalent of ₦27 billion this makes Davido the richest in 2024

Wizkid and Dbanj’s net worth Who is the richest? I am positive this question may have also crossed you.


  • Dbanj has a net worth of $15.7 million in 2024, or ₦15 billion


  • Wizkid has a net worth of $25 Million or ₦25 billion… making Wizzy richer than Dbanj


Here are the quick points from this post…


Name: Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun


Stage Name: Wizkid


Years Active: 2009 till Date


Net Worth: $25,000,000


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Lagos


Source of Income: Shows, Starboy Records, Music, Endorsement


Mind you, this list keeps fluctuating because. Depending on what these celebrities accumulate on a yearly basis, that’s how their net worth is calculated.


Having said let’s get dirty shall we


Wizkid Biography and History


I will break this session of the post down into several subheadings. Each of these subheadings will help you better understand from big to smaller details.


So by the time you finish this section, you will be able to know where Wizkid is from, how old he is and more.


But wait, there is more!


Do you know that Wizkid is from Lagos state and that he is a Yoruba man born into a polygamous home?


Well, he is quite the anchor of hope, you will say, right?


When I look at his life and how he has turned out, I am inclined to talk to young and old.


That it doesn’t matter where you have been, what you have been through, just stay focus. Set your mind to your goal, work your ass out and I guarantee you, you will be successful.


So, whenever I am asked what is your success procedure for young people who are still trying to find a path.


Here is my answer!


  • Figure out what you are really good at and then learn a high-income skill.
  • Have a very big dream, don’t settle for less
  • Work your ass out trying to achieve those goals
  • Never listen to Naysayers because they will want to reduce you to nothing.
  • Once you have made it, give back to society i.e charitable donation


If you do these things consistently, I am not telling you that you might succeed.


Understand the difference, because now will be the right time to have the right idea that you must succeed.


The Harsh Truth


The truth is that Wizkid Ayo Balogun’s net worth didn’t just rise to where it is by sitting down.


Wizkid net worth rose to this point because he worked his ass out by doing all of the above.


Family and friends helped, which brings me to suggest that you always surround yourself with positive-minded people.


That wealth you desire won’t come if the people around you only produce negative energy.


Enough of my advice already, after all, I know I am still trying to succeed like you.

Wizkid Net Worth and Biography

It’s okay to admire the rich and people with great affluence over society and the world. Because that’s every man’s dream of creating a better world.


Having said, work work work and work, that’s Rihanna’s song. And guess where it landed her, the Number 1 richest female musician in the world.


If she did it and increased her worth, then you too can, it all starts with that little desire to be great.




Now that you are ready and made up your mind to be successful, I will take you through Wizkid’s biography.


The History of Wizkid


One of the most shocking things of all is that some of you who are his fans don’t even know Wizkid’s real name. But let me clarify that for you today.


Where Was Wizkid Born


Wizkid real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, born in Lagos State, which is located West of Nigeria.


So when next you get asked where Wizkid is from, just tell them that he’s from Lagos state. and a native of Surulere in the West of Nigeria


Nigeria is a country in Africa, and as you may have already known, Africa is one of the 7 continents in the world.


Nigeria has produced lots of music figures that have changed how the world views Africa.


Among some of these iconic great Nigerian musicians is Fela Kuti, King of Afrobeat, King Sunny Ade, master of Highlife, Majek Fashek, and Raskimono. May his soul rest in peace.


These are icons that affected the world of Nigerian music and changed how the world sees Africa.


In this present generation, the trends changed a lot with lots of musicians emerging. From every nuke and cranny of the country.


Among the names in recent times that have achieved a milestone to be categorized. Among some of Nigeria’s greatest musicians are Davido, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy, 2face Idibia, and D’banj.


How old is Wizkid Now


Wizkid was born in the year 1990 June 16th, to a Muslim father and a Christian mother. Starboy is 29 years old now.


The marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Balogun is an interfaith marriage right although Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is a product of interfaith marriage. His father still had other wives with 12 Kids.

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Wizkid’s half-brothers and sisters have never been mentioned before. But such is the taste when you come from a polygamous home.


I grew up in a polygamous home, and I utterly know what it’s like growing up in one. But one of my fondest memories is when we are eating together.


I mean it was great and the best feeling you could hope for, I can still remember dragging beef with my older sisters.


The truth is I definitely don’t encourage a polygamous home. But like everything else, it has its ups and downs.


I just shared mine with you above!

What is Wizkid’s Parents’ Religion


Wizkid mother and father are of two different major religions in Nigeria.


The father of Wizzy Baba is a Muslim, and the mother is a Christian. The owner of the Starboy Record label spent most part of his childhood attending church with his mother.


I believe you and I can say that Wizkid religion is Christianity given the obvious fact. that his career started in the church while singing in a choir at the age of 11.


The above subheadings answer questions like Where is Wizkid state of origin, where is Wizkid from in Nigeria, What’s Wizkid’s age, and what’s Wizkid’s real name?


So, if you are into research or an argument, or purely for educational purposes, I believe I have answered all these questions in the above subheadings.


Now let’s move a little bit deeper, don’t forget this is a rabbit hole, the more you go, the more mystery to unlock.


Let’s take a nose dive now, shall we?


For this section, I will take you into the forest of his humble beginning as a Nigerian musician.


So, I hope you stay with me because in order to truly get Wizkid assets, I have to show you everything.

Where It All Started For Wizkid


You notice I said you and can conclude that he is of the Christian faith right?


Let’s get into all of that because these were the moments that fused together. and gave birth to the Starboy Wizkid.


Life, as you and I know it is a collection of moments, and each and every one of these moments, creates epic memories. Well, for some it isn’t very epic.


My point is that you and I can be so worried. of what is to come that we forget how to live in the moment.


Here is a piece of advice for you…


… Leave in this world happily spending every moment like it’s your last.


This way of living creates an ocean of good memories even when you have bad ones. You can shrug it off easily because you have more happy memories than sad ones.


The Story continues


Going to church with his mother made him pick an interest in music, and this led to the formation of the Glorious Five.


A music group that he formed with his friends and under this group. Ayo released his first collaboration album.


So, let me answer a quick question below


Who is Wizkid


Wizkid is a Nigerian singer, Songwriter, and the owner of Starboy record label. A label he formed after quitting EME Records.


Wizkid love for music started at a very tender age precisely. He started recording at age 11. I mean, when Wizkid started music, he was just 11.


This is according to Wizkid’s bio on the Wikipedia page.


Wizkid Voice during an Interview With Adesope TV


While I was growing up as a kid, I had the privilege of listening to music icons like King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti, and Bob Marley.


I looked up to them a lot for inspiration, and over the years, I aspired to create my sound from theirs.


I did some songs and performed under the name Lil Prinz after my boyhood group disbanded.


The truth is I would always hide in the studio because Ma and Pa didn’t approve of the idea of becoming a musician.


Thankfully at the age of 15, I was mentored by Naeto C.


I used to go to OJB Jezreel studio when 2baba was preparing for his Grass to Grace album.


But I didn’t really sing at the studio because OJB Jezreel didn’t let that happen for about a year.


No complaints, though, because I am positive he must have had his reasons at the time.


I was also at the studio when Sound Sultan was recording his album then and I honestly think everything fused together to make me who I am today.


So, for a boy so young with big dreams where did Wizkid school?


Where did Wizkid School, and Who discovered Him


He studied at Lagos State University, and One of the people who discovered Wizkid was Banky W.


Wizkid’s hometown, Lagos State, gave him admission into Lagos State University popularly known in the country as LASU.


However his education was cut short as a result of a lack of finance to push further.


Schooling in Nigeria is expensive, and worse still you come out even more frustrated.


I have been there, and so are some others, so I can relate because, in my opinion, the school doesn’t teach you the necessary skill set to survive in the real world.


But don’t take my word for it until you have gone and come out as a graduate.


Heck, even the best result doesn’t guarantee you a shot at a very good job.


But then again, seeking a job is for those who get lost in the illusion of a secure future.


Having a job doesn’t secure your future; what it does is leave you at the mercy of your boss who can fire you anytime he sees fit.


Wizkid did drop out of school due to financial struggles, but did it pay off?


Off course yeah it did, I mean I don’t know how else would someone define being the second richest musician in Nigeria?


Let me know if you think dropping out of school didn’t yield a good result.


I bet you that if Wizkid completed his academic session, chances are he would be among the millions seeking jobs.


What’s the Bottom line?


Go to school to develop yourself but not because it guarantees you a secured life.


There is no such thing as a secured future if you don’t take calculated risks. Because the higher the risk of a thing, the higher the reward.


In 2009, Wizkid dropped out of Lagos State University to seek a surer financial life.


In this case, music was all he knew. That’s the only thing he was good at…


He recorded for a few years and wanted to continue his education, but that didn’t work out either.


This time, he dropped out of Lead University after two sessions. And this time, he had all his focus on music.


You know how it is when the only thing you are good at is the only saving grace and option you have.


So what do you do?


You throw all that energy into it, getting better and better.


Take, for instance, when I started blogging or writing content, I wasn’t sure, but after leaving school. After staying unemployed for several years, I had to own my writing skill.


Today, when I look at my writing skills, I can say I have improved a lot better than I was about a year ago.


My point is to master what you are good at because soon, the marketplace is gonna your skill set.

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In 2009, Wizkid started recording his debut studio album, Superstar. And on the 2nd of January, a Lead single was released off the album.


Holla at your boy is the song that introduced Ibrahim into the Naija music industry.


I could still remember his face when he was riding the bicycle in that video.


Damn, so many years have flown by, and the memories are still daunting good.


Your boy Wizzy quickly rose to fame following the lead single Holla at your body. Which brought him the award for next-rated artist in the 2011 Headies Award.

Wizkid Cars and Houses

After the award night, Wizkid was presented with the gift of a Hyundai Sonata car in Silver Bird Victoria Highland Lagos.


This marked his first award as an upcoming artist. And you can say that boy who dropped down from school for lack of funds is on the way to the top.


Who Discovered Wizkid


Wizkid was discovered and signed by EME boss Banky W, A music label that helped Wizkid quickly rise to stardom.


It was under the Empire Mates Emirates that Wizkid Superstar album was released.


The lead single of the Album Holla at Your Boy further won Channel O’s best newcomer video and best Afro-pop in 2011.


EME released a compilation album in 2012, and as a promotion, the crew began a tour in the US and UK.


Some of the countries that were toured on the 4th of July 2012 include Washington DC, Houston, New York City, etc.


Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun’s professional stage is Wizkid. A name that’s got the likes of Rihanna dancing to one of his hit songs.


Wizkid Second Studio Album Ayo


The recording of Starboy’s second studio album started in 2012 through 2014.


And although this album suffered a pushback date, Wizkid took to his Instagram to Unveil. The album cover on the 6th of November 2014.


Guess what!


When the album came out, it was self-titled Ayo, which is the name of the Superstar.


Ayo is a Yoruba name, and it means Joy. I can only imagine how amazing Ayo did when it came out.


Complete Tracks from Wizkid’s 2nd Album Ayo


Ayo’s album featured Fela’s son Femi Kuti, Phyno, Akon, Sheyi Shay, Banky W, Wale and more.


In 2016, after the feature with Drake, which earned him an international identity, Wizkid became the first African to feature on Billboard Twitter’s Last 24 Hours with the song One Dance.


Also, One Dance, which he was featured on by Drake, took the number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for a non-constant 10 weeks.


This might be a good time to tell you that he has done many songs with different international artists like Chris brown.


One Dance took the number 1 spot in 15 countries different countries including the UK and the US.


In 2016, Chris Brown decided to tag Wizzy along for his One Hell of a Nite Tour. A tour to which Wizkid also decide to go on to further boost his global recognition.


Other than producing music, I think like everything else one has to be strategic too.


How Starboy Records Was Formed


Wizkid left EME Music after his 5 years contract, but it was not entirely on good terms.


Being the lead singer at that point in time, he wanted more per cent more like a 50-50 split.


This didn’t sit well with Banky W, and Wizkid decided to leave after his 5 years contract expired.


I won’t cover that much, but you can read all about it here at your leisure time.


After quitting EME Records, Wizkid decided to form the Starboy record label. And on the 17th of April 2017, he signed Maleek Berry.


Together, the two worked on the track Lagos to Soweto, a well-received track.


Wizkid first single under Starboy Records is Caro. And to date, the record still stands as one of his major sources of income.


Wizkid Children and Baby Mama


The name of the singer’s first son is Boluwatife Balogun. But Wizkid kids are 3 in number.


As a matter of fact, Wizkid’s 3 kids are from 3 different women. It’s no surprise, right? After all, the likes of Davido got two.


Daddy yo Wizkid had first denied having the baby Boluwatife, but later, a paternity test was carried out.


The test confirmed the child belonged to Wizkid. Before him denying, Starboy Wizkid posted a photo of him and his boy on Twitter.


The photo raised questions from curious fans, like, is that your son? He is cute and so on.


Wizkid First Baby Mama Sola Ogudugu


Wizkid’s first baby mama is Sola Ogudubu, and she is the mother of Boluwatife Wizkid’s first son.

The two started dating in 2010, and in 2011, both had their first child, one for which the kid didn’t need a paternity test.


Boluwatife is currently 8 years old, as you can imagine….


Check out his picture below.


Wizkid 2nd Baby Mama Diallo Bintu


Wizkid’s Second Baby mama is Bintu Diallo, and the mother of Wizkid’s second son, Ayodeji Balogun.

Diallo Bintu

Ayodeji is named after his very father, Wizkid but a report reaching Shoutmeceleb Entertainment is that. Wizkid has refused to pay child support for 2 years.


In Bintu’s Post on an Instagram story, she claimed Wizkid is a deadbeat. And Threatens to sue him after making several attempts to reach the Surulere born.


Wizkid’s family pleaded with her not to take such action against their son as this might cause him immigration troubles, a plea which she fell for.


If he isn’t paying child support then sue his sorry ass one of Bintu Instagram followers screamed.


Well, I don’t know about you, but Wizkid should be paying his child support, right?


Anyway, let’s move on to his 3rd baby mama.


Wizkid 3rd Baby Mama Jada Pollock


Wizkid’s 3rd baby mama is Jada Pollock, the veteran singer manager. According to legit.ng, their affair was kept a secret until the baby showed up.

Jada Pollock

Truth is, the life of celebrities makes having more than one baby mama inevitable, most especially for one as successful as Wizkid.


The name of Starboy’s 3rd son is Zion Balogun. Zion was born in 2017, making him 2 years old now.


Here are the other Wizkid children in order of eldest to the Junior.


  • Boluwatife Balogun – Wizkid first son


  • Ayodeji Balogun – Wizkid second son


  • Zion Balogun – Wizkid third son


One special merit added to Wizkid’s profile is when he became the first Afrobeat singer to enter the Guinness Book of World record.


Having said that, let’s get into Wizkid’s net worth and investment. I believe you are waiting for this, right?


Don’t worry, I got you, because the one thing I love is giving you value in exchange for your time here.


What is Wizkid’s Net Worth 2024


I get it when you ask how much Wizkid is worth. There is a simple answer to that question!


The reason is that I want to break down Wizkid property into Wizkid net worth cars and houses.


But not just that, by the end of this post you and I will look at his awards and Endorsement deals.


Let’s begin now, shall we?


Wizkid Houses


It is not news that celebrities love expensive, cool kinds of stuff like a good home or a nice car.

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While I am thrilled to talk to you about Wizkid properties like his house in Los Angeles, know that you don’t need the most fanciful house to be happy.


Wizkid’s New House In Surulere & Los Angeles


Wizkid home in Surulere is the first of his 3 houses, though I will add the house in Banana Island. It might only be speculation since Legit.ng claims it was never confirmed by the singer.


Buying a house in your hometown in 2013 is a dream for any fast-rising musician. But this was a foot Wizkid achieved about 6 years back.


Wizkid Surulere’s home costs at the time an estimated figure of N8 to N10 million Naira.


The house has a 4 bedroom with a magnificent interior that gives a luxury feel.


However, stars hardly get comfortable in one house due to the demanding life of a celebrity. This causes them to travel more, and the need for other houses in different locations worldwide rises increasingly.


This has lead Naija musician Wizkid also to buy a house in US Los Angeles.


Wizkid home in Los Angeles costs an estimated price of $14 to $15 million.


According to sources that Shoutmeceleb Entertainment spoke with, one, in particular, said that if you are looking to visit Paradise, then Wizkid Los Angeles home would be it.


A remark I find to be humorous because this may be counterintuitive, but if Wizkid’s house in Los Angeles is paradise. Forgive me for saying this, but I don’t want to go to paradise.


Key points to note:


  • Wizkid four bedroom duplex in Surulere costs between N8 to N10 million Naira


  • The Los Angeles home costs N3.6 billion Naira


Now that you know how much Wizkid houses cost, I will take you further down to his fleet of cars.

Wizkid Cars


The beauty of wealth is that you can give yourself whatever life you deserve right?


Well, let’s check out his cars now, shall we?


Wizkid Lamborghini Urus N80 Million


This is the costliest cars in Wizkid car collections. It reportedly cost him a whopping N80 million Naira back then in 2017.

Wizkid Lamborghini Urus

Converting the amount to dollars, Wizkid Lambo is worth $200,000.


But Wait, there is more


The engine of the car is powered by a 650 horsepower twin-turbocharged 4.0 Liter V-8. which gives you speed for every penny you spend buying it.


Urus rides on a Volkswagen group platform shared with Bentley Bentayga and Audi Q7.


Also, it’s the interior is the master of comfort most especially the two front seats designed to give you maximum comfort as you speed along any road.


I am not an expert with cars but I know a good one when I see it. If you love cars as I do, then read more on the specifications of this car here.


Heck, I forgot to mention that Wizkid bought this car during its first release. Making him one of the people in the world who acquired the ride even before its official release in 2018.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible N50 million


When the roof of this beauty lowers, everything about the car blends in just fine.


It has an entirely new quick closing mechanism. and you know that Bentley, as a brand, only provides masterpieces.


If you want to drive good roads effortlessly, I recommend Bentley Cayenne.


Most especially because of its 6.0 litre Bentley 12.0 cylinder beneath its bonnet.


The Super 8-speed dual-clutch can accelerate this fairy tale from 0 to 60mph in 3.7 seconds.


If anything, it’s a racer, and if you need to go on some real fun drive to experience speed a whole new dimension, you would want to hop into this car.


However, look it up on the Bentley website through this link here.


I had to single the 2 above cars out for a brief touching because they are the singer’s most expensive car collection.


However here is a complete list of all Wizkid from most expensive to the least expensive.


  • Lamborghini Urus N80,000,000


  • Bentley Bentayga N50,000,000


  • Porche Panamera N25,000,000


  • Porche Cayenne N18,000,000


  • BMW X6 N11,000,000


  • Mercedes Benz 2012 compressor N10,000,000


  • Black Honda Accord I-VTEC N8,000,000


  • Hyundai Sonata N6,000,000


Wizkid had an accident with his Porche Cayenne while returning from an outing with friends.


Although nothing happened the passers-by that witnessed the accident when it happened in 2013 the airbag in the car deployed on impact shielding him and others from any injury.


However, about two weeks after the accident, he bought a new car which is listed among the machines above.

Wizkid Endorsement deals


  • Signed a One year with Pepsi worth $N350,000 and renewed for another 2 years


  • Involved in a one-year deal with MTN but later ditched them to sign with Glo for 128 million Naira


  • Signed an Endorsement Deal with Ciroc alongside Sean Diddy Combs


  • Signed a deal with Nike in 2018 and was involved in the Dolce and Gabbana show in Milan.


  • Rocked Super Eagles Jersey for an upfront of $10,000


  • 2019 Endorsement deal with Storm Model Management


  • 2019 endorsement deal with United Bank of Africa


Dolce and Gabbana reportedly paid Wizkid $20,000 to walk the runway with Naomi Campbell. This, in turn, had increased Wizkid’s net worth in Naira and dollars.


Every ounce of coin gathered from his Endorsement deals is a potential increment. To his bank account without a doubt.


Wizkid’s Net worth Vs Olamide’s Net Worth Vs Don Jazzy’s Net Worth


Often Olamide, Don Jazzy, and Wizkid get compared to know who is richer!


I will help clarify this today by revealing Wizkid’s net worth in 2024.


Wizkid has a total of $25,000,000, which, when converted to Naira, is 25 billion Naira.


However, Olamide is the 10th richest artist in Nigeria, with a net worth of 3.168 billion Naira.


This means in 2024 Forbes Wizkid’s net worth ranks him richer than Olamide and less richer than Don Jazzy’s net worth.


Don Jazzy, on the other hand, ranks at number 1 in the list of richest Nigerian Musicians.


All Wizkid Awards


  • MTV Europe prize, the ‘Best Worldwide Act 2016


  • Winner of MTV Europe Music Prize as the Best African Act 2016


  • MTV Africa Music prize for collaborating with Absolut – 2016


  • Artist of 2016 by The Headies


  • Best male title -MTV Africa 2016


  • Artist of the Year – MTV Africa 2016


  • Song of 2016 by The Headies


  • One Dance – Teen Choice 2016


  • Pop Artist of 2015 by City People Entertainment Award


  • Hottest Single in 2015 and 2014 Nigeria Music Award in the entertainment sphere


  • BET Best International Act: Africa 2012


  • One Dance Song – Top R&B Record of 2017 by Billboard


  • Best International Act: Africa title from BET 2017


  • Best International Act – MOBO 2017


  • Award for One Dance Hit – Hip Hop Song of 2017 ( iHeartRadio)


  • Young Person of 2017 – Future Awards Africa


  • Young Person of 2017 – Future Awards Africa


  • One Dance – Song of 2017 by Echo Award


  • One Dance Song – Top R&B Record’ of 2017 by Billboard


Read all about Wizkid awards here.


To add to the load of information on this page, I have decided to give you a breakdown of Wizkid’s net worth in pounds, Naira, and Dollars.


    • £18.75 million


    • N25 billion


    • $25 million




The net worth Wizkid has established himself as one of the top musicians in the country.


He started small, and now he is a renowned figure worldwide after his collaboration with Drake.


Success is achievable with hard work and smart work, which Wizkid has combined very well.


Over to you guys!


What do you have to add to the biography of Wizkid and net worth that I may have missed?


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