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Psquare No one like you video Mp4

A friend asked me to listen Psquare no one like you lyrics today guess what, after I download no one like you mp3, I was blown away. 



Having said that let’s get right into it because I am about to thrill you today.


Hello, guys, I am Mone Nuel Co-founder of which you are visiting now.


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Today I bring you P Square no one like you lyrics but the good thing is. I do not bring you just the Mp3 but 3 in one.


What does this mean for you?


This means by the end of this post you will be able to…


  • watch Psquare no one like you video Mp4


  • know the lyrics of no one like you


  • Download Psquare no one like you into your phone


You remember that Mr P and Rudeboy split back in 2017 right?


It’s been two years since their breakup happened. and after two fat years, I guess African still misses the twin brothers.


Many have called them out asking them to come back together even someone like myself.


I have directly written on this blog some pretty harsh words. about Peter all to bring them back together.

Mr P of Psquare 2

But these two guys rather prefer to ignore every plea from Nigerians and the world at large. It’s painful and insulting though but what can you and I do?


Absolutely nothing!


I guess despite these pleas, it resulted to nothing and till date, Peter and Paul rather stay. separated than becoming brothers again.


Although they are currently enjoying their individual solo careers with hit songs like Reason with me by Rudeboy. and One more night by Mr p.


Both songs saw success with the first currently running 8 million views on YouTube. and the other more than 2 million views.

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But today let’s take you a bit back in the days you and I still had them together.


I am talking the days when we listen to hit songs like no one like you by Psquare lyrics.


I bet you miss that too right?


Yea I did too but then I have to pat myself on the back with their old songs as a tongue on the cheek.


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