New List: Top 50 Richest Musician in Nigeria 2023 ($151,411,220)

Burna Boy Top Richest Musician in Nigeria
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Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 12:10 pm

Who amongst these Naija music celebrities made the list of top 50 Richest musician in Nigeria? Davido made the list but let’s find the rest. today I will show you a top 30 list, a top 20, and of course, a top 10 list.


The question right about now should be what are you going to get from today’s post?


Well, the short answer is that you will get a lot, and I mean from the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2023 right up to the top 50.


But if you do not have time to go through the entire article, here is a quick list that I made for you.

Artist Position Artist Name State Origin Net Worth
No 1 Davido Osun State $27 Million
No 2 Wizkid Lagos State $25 Million
No 3 Don Jazzy Delta State $20.8 Million
No 4 Dbanj Ogun State $16.7 Million
No 5 2face Idibia Benue State $16.5 Million
No 6 Mr P Anambra State $16.4 Million
No 7 Rudeboy Anambra State $15.4 Million
No 8 Timaya Rivers State $13 Million
No 9 Banky W Lagos State $9.9 Million
No 10 Olamide Lagos State $8.8 Million


Now, here is a complete outline of what to expect from today’s post.


  • Top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2023


  • Top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria 2023


  • Top 30 richest musicians in Nigeria 2023


  • Top 40 richest musicians in Nigeria 2023


  • Top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria 2023


This post will cover A to Z of your favorite Nigerian musicians and their net worth.




If you could not find your favorite artist on this list of Top 50 Richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worth, then he or she must be on the top 100 list.


Often times I get asked to write about the best musicians in Nigeria right now, and also the richest.


This is why I took my time to make this gigantic list for you so, moving forward, the richest Nigeria musicians 2023 are Davido, Wizkid, Don Jazzy, D’banj, and 2face.


All 5 of these top-performing Nigerian musicians made the list of the richest musician in Nigeria in 2023.


But today we will go beyond that to look at a mega list of the top 50 richest musician in Nigeria 2023 and net worth.


 Did I tell you that the combined Nigeria musicians net worth 2023 is greater than $151,411,220?


If you need the right information about the top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria 2023, all you have to do is type into Google.


When you and I say net worth what does it mean exactly?


I like how Wikipedia defined it and here is how it was defined.


Net worth: the value of all the non-financial and financial assets owned by an individual or institution minus the value of all its outstanding liabilities.

What is net worth

Net worth is the measure of what you have left after you subtract all the debt that you owe.


Now, let’s get on with top Top 30 Richest musician in Nigeria and their net worth.


Top Ten Richest Musician in Nigeria 2023 


The fame of Artists in Africa can mean a lot of money but for this super list post, we will just consider the individual net worth of the richest artists in Nigeria.


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So here is the complete list of the top 10 richest artists in Nigeria 2023. 


  • Davido


  • Wizkid


  • Don Jazzy


  • D’banj


  • 2face


  • Mr P & Rudeboy


  • Banky W


  • Timaya


  • Olamide


Who Is The Richest Musician in Nigeria 2023


Davido is currently the richest Nigeria musician but Below you will find the complete list of the richest musician in Nigeria in 2023:


  • Davido- David Adedeji Adeleke $27 Million


  • Wizkid – Ayo Ibrahim Balogun $25 Million


  • Don Jazzy – Michael Collins Ajereh $20.8 Million


  • Dbanj – Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo $16.7 Million


  • 2face Idibia – Innocent Ujah Idibia $16.5 Million


  • Mr P – Peter Okoye $16.4 Million


  • Rudeboy – Paul Okoye $15.4 Million


  • Timaya – Initimi Alfred Odom $13 Million


  • Banky W – Olubankole Wellington $9.9 Million


  • Olamide – Olamide Adedeji $8.8 Million


Davido’s Worth 27 Million US dollars


Recently I was on a Facebook group where my target audience hangs out. and someone asked the question below like;


Who is the richest musician in Nigeria?


Top 30 richest musicians in Nigeria

The richest Nigerian musician 2022 is Wizkid I said in a reply to his question that Davido is the wealthiest in 2022.


Again I said yeah, but that’s like Forbes’s top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2022. I told him to check out the current list on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment.


He came back and said I love the layout of your blog. It’s nice.


To which of course I replied, thank you. 


David, in my opinion, is quite the inspiration to this younger generation.


When one of my audience Clem visited my site and read about the top 10 richest artists in Nigeria. His only wish was that he wants to be richer than Davido and Wizkid put together.


David is the son of a multi-billionaire Lagosian businessman, His father owns Pacific holdings.


The 27 years old dropped out of school to start recording songs until his father convinced him. to come back to Nigeria which he did to further his education at Babcock University.


There, the son of Adedeji Adeleke graduated with a degree in music.


He was the Co-founder of HKN, a record label with which he started his career.


Now David owns his personal business record label DMW. which is an acronym for Davido Music Worldwide.


When I valued Davido cars and houses, his endorsement deals with several big companies like Infinix, his charges per show, and his record label DMW, we realize that David is worth 27 million US dollars.


Davido is worth 11 billion Naira PLUS.


I got this figure by converting his worth in US dollars to Davido net worth in Naira.


Real Name: David Adedeji Adeleke


Stage Name: Davido and OBO


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Lagos state


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, DMW record label.


Wizkid Worth 25 Million US dollars


Wizkid is worth 25 million US dollars Just a few million below his arch-rival Davido.


He is from Lagos state and his singles like Hola at your boy shot him to fame back in 2010.

Richest musician in Nigeria


My team and I valued his net worth to be 9 billion Naira after converting Wizkid net worth in dollars to Naira.


This includes Wizkid charges per show, his endorsement deals with Glo, houses, and cars.


He is currently the only Nigerian that has performed with the likes of Drake, Chris Brown, etc.


You may be wondering his age but I will save you much time thinking.


Ayo Ibrahim Balogun (Wizkid stage name) is 30 years old now.


He was born in Lagos state, spent his primary and secondary school right in Lagos. which is the western part of Nigeria.


He is number one on our list of the top 50 richest musician in Nigeria 2023 today.


Real Name: Ayo Ibrahim Balogun


Stage Name: Wizkid


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Lagos state


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Don Jazzy’s Worth $20.8 Million


Mavin boss Don Jazzy is worth $20.8 million. If I convert Don Jazzy’s net worth in Naira to dollars, the figure above is what I got.


Reverse this same process, you will get a whopping 7.272 billion Naira.

Don Jazzy Wealth

His real name is Michael Collins Ajereh and was born in Umuahia in the year 1982.


He runs Mavins record label as the boss and has artists like Tiwa Savage, Reekado Banks signed.


Though the two have pathways with the record label boss, however, it was on good terms.


He is more of a businessman than a musician but Don Jazzy did songs like Dorobucci. and Adaobi with the Mavin crew.


Real Name: Michael Collins Ajereh


Stage Name: Don Jazzy


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Umuahia


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, Mavin record label.


D banj Net Worth $16.7 Million


Dbanj is worth $16.7 million according to Forbes. Mohits accounts for his major success in the Nigerian music Industry. He and Don Jazzy combined and Brought spectacular music to us.


Did you even know he hails from Zaria in Kaduna? and was born in the year 1980 on the 9th of June?

who is the top 50 richest musicain in Nigeria


D Banj’s real name is Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo.


Well, you now know right?


His Endorsement deals with power first, Globalcom, Bank of Industry, Beats by Dre. and many more put him firmly at a spot in the top 50.


His humanitarian nature earns him recognition from World Bank direction Jim Young Kim.


Here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment I and my team valued D Banj net worth in Naira to be N6.012 billion.


This includes his cars, houses, endorsements, and other valuables such as gold.


Real Name: Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo


Stage Name: D Banj


Marital status: married


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Shagamu Ogun State


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals and personal business


Dbanj Worth: N6.012 billion


2Face Net Worth


I can’t sing his name enough but if you are a good listener of music then you know Tuface is the real deal.


His music is soul lighting, you need that voice to speak your heart. and find the inspiration to get through each day till you make it?

Top 10 naija Musician 2019

2baba is the man I would recommend then.


This list is long and it won’t give me the opportunity to share everything but here is how much he is worth.


He was born in 1975 and he is 45 years of age now. but only a few people know what state in Nigeria he hails from.


The answer to that is Jos Plateau state, the part refers to as the middle birth of Nigeria.


and his real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia. but he became known by his stage names 2baba, Tuface, and 2face.


Do you remember the days of Platashun Boyz?


If you don’t then you probably were born in the Indomie age, No offence to you though.


Read all about his days as a member of Platashun Boyz here.


Also, It’s good to see that he is still soaring with his songs with one Oyi Ft Hi-Idibia.


Currently, 2face is worth $16.5 million. now convert 2face net worth in dollars to Naira, the result is N5.940 billion.


Here is the summary…


Real Name: Innocent Idibia


Stage Name: 2face


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Benue


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, Hypertek record label.


2baba Worth: N5.940 billion or $16.5 million


Mr P and Rudeboy Worth


One of the popular breakups that rocked the Nigerian music industry is the break-up of Mr P and Rudeboy. Together the two were once the richest Nigerian musician with a net worth of $150,000,000.


but their split saw the two stars drop down on the ladder of the top 50 richest musician in Nigeria.


top richest 9ja musicians


Though they both still manage a top 6 and 7 spot naturally with an estimated net worth of $16.3 million and $15.4 million respectively.


The twin hails from Anambra but grew up in Jos. together they both own the popular Square Villa before their split in 2017.


Right now Peter and Paul are 40 years old. born in the year 1981 November 18th.


Some of their recent songs include Mr P odo and Rudeboy reason with Me.


Both brothers reconciled in 2021 and performed together on December 25th, while also taking the time to apologize to fans on stage.


Here is a summary for you…


Real Name: Peter Okoye


Stage Name: Mr P


Marital status: married


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Anambra


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, business.


Real Name: Paul Okoye


Stage Name: Rudeboy


Marital status: married


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Anambra


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Timaya Worth $13 Million


Who is the only Ijaw musician in the industry?


At least from what I know, there aren’t other names in the music industry that hails from the same place as Timaya.


nigeria music industry

What is the story?


Timaya is worth $13 million which is like N4.680 billion Naira.


His first album is True Story which shot the 38 years old to stardom. He has several Endorsement deals that run into millions.


But what is the real name of Timaya?


Well, his real name is Alfred Inetimi Odon, and he is the true son of Bayelsa.


Timaya’s worth estimated includes all his assets minus his debt. and this is how he showed up on this list of top 50 Nigeria musician and net worth.


Here is a breakdown for you…


Real Name: Inetimi Alfred Odon


Stage Name: Timaya


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Bayelsa


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, Demama records


Banky W Net Worth Worth $9.5 Million 


Banky W is one of the best musicians in Nigeria.


But quickly here is a list of the top 10 best musicians in Nigeria.


  • Wizkid
  • Davido
  • Timaya
  • Flavour
  • 2face
  • Dbanj
  • Don Jazzy
  • Psquare
  • Tiwa Savage
  • Iyanya
  • Banky W
  • Reekardo Banks
  • Tekno
  • Wande Coal
  • Duncan Mighty
  • Olamide
  • Yemi Alade
  • Kizz Daniel
  • Patoranking
  • Runtown


The good thing is he not only belongs to the above list, but he also comfortably sits in the 9th position of SMCE’s blog of the top 50 richest Nigeria musicians.


His full name is Wellington Olubankole and his stage name is Banky W. and he is the boss of EME Records.


Actually, he made Wizkid before Ayo Balogun decided to break out and have his own label.


But in 2018, EME records were dissolved by the boss and rather focus the company on advertising, PR, and brand events.


DJ Xclusive and Ebuka became the first client to work with the rebranded EME record label.


In 2018 he showed his interest in political matters and ran for office under MDP. which is an acronym for the Modern Democratic Party.


Although he lost the Election of Nigeria House of Representatives to Babajide Obanikoro. but he went on to begin his journey as a political figure.


So how much is Banky W worth to put him in the first top 10 of this gigantic list?


Here is the interesting part!


He is worth $9.5 million but that is an entirely different figure if you and I decide to convert it to Naira.


Banky W’s net worth in Naira becomes N3. 42 billion including all of his assets minus his debts.


Real Name: Olubankole Wellington


Stage Name: Banky W


Marital status: Married


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Lagos state


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, EME, Politics.


Banky W Worth: $9.5 million or N3.42 billion


Olamide Badoo Worth $8.8 million


A couple of days back I published a post on Olamide’s net worth in 2023. So I won’t be discussing him much for this session.


Olamide Adedeji is his real name and he was born in Lagos state in 1989.

Naija Musicians

He is 30 years old and he has a net worth of $8.8 million or N3.168 billion Naira. 


He has been one of the most consistent musicians in the country for over a decade. 


Baddo currently has over 8 studio albums which is a record high for any artist in this generation. 


Real Name: Olamide Adedeji


Stage Name: Olamide Badoo


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Lagos state


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, YBNL record label.


Olamide’s Worth: $8.8 million or N3.168 billion.


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