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Burna Boy Top Richest Musician in Nigeria

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Who amongst this Naija music celebrities made the list of Top 50 Richest musician in Nigeria? Davido made the list but let’s find the rest. today I will show you a top 30 list, a top 20, and of course, a top 10 list.


The question right about now should be what are you going to get from today’s post?


Well, the short answer is that you will get a lot, and I mean from the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2021 right up to the top 50.


Now, here is a complete outline of what to expect from today’s post.


  • Top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2020


  • Top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria 2021


  • Top 30 richest musicians in Nigeria 2021


  • Top 40 richest musicians in Nigeria 2021


  • Top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria 2021


 This post will cover A to Z of your favorite Nigerian musicians and their net worth.




If you could not find your favorite artist on this list of Top 50 Richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worth, then he or she must be on the top 100 list.


Often times I get asked to write about the best musicians in Nigeria right now, and also the richest.


This is why I took my time to make this gigantic list for you… so moving forward, the richest Nigeria musicians 2020 according to Forbes is Davido, Wizkid, Don Jazzy, D banj, and 2face.


All 5 of these top performing Nigerian musicians made the list of richest musician in Nigeria 2021.


But today we will go beyond that to look at a more mega list of Top 50 Richest musician in Nigeria 2020 and net worth.


 Did I tell you that the combine net worth of the richest artists in Nigeria is greater than $151,411,220?


If you need the right information about the top 20 richest musician in Nigeria 2021, all you have to do is type into Google.


When you and I say net worth what does it mean exactly?


I like how Wikipedia defined it and here is how it was defined.


Let’s use you for this example:


Net worth is the measure of what you have left after you subtract all the debt that you owe.


Now, let’s start with the top Top 30 Richest musician in Nigeria and their net worth.


Top 40 Richest musician in Nigeria 2021


Making a name for yourself in an industry that’s full of talented young stars can be very challenging right?


Well, that is exactly true but the irony is life is about pushing the limits and not pushing papers. 


I remember these were the exact words said by my father who happened to be a strong believer. of doing your best for the universe will help you in the end. 

Having said all of these let’s look at some of the richest musicians in Nigeria. 


Some of the net worths on this list are under review but be rest assured once it’s been confirmed, we do update this post.


Lil Kesh Worth 


Lil Kesh is a Nigerian musician singer and songwriter of the genre Afrobeat. He was born on the 14th of March 1995.

Lil Kesh Top 50 Richest Musician in Nigeria

Keshinro Ololade was signed to YBNL on his debut to the music industry. but had brief stints and found his popularity single shoki. 


Shoki became a hit song garnering multiple streams on different channels. before it was remixed. 


The remix of Shoki also did better than its predecessor.


Although Lil Kesh has since taken his own path and formed his own record label Yagi and he is making some really good money


Lil Kesh latest song of 2020 is all the way, a song he released after a very long hiatus. 


Here is some key points! 


Real Name: Keshinro Olalade


Stage Name: Lil Kesh 


State of Origin: Lagos 


Marital Status: Single 


Source of Income: Music 


Nationality: Nigerian


Net Worth: Under review 


Korede Bello Worth 


The Mavin superstar was born on the 29th of February 1996 which is a leap year of course. 

Korede bello top 50 richest musician in Nigeria

Koredo Bello is one of the old Mavin Crew left after Tiwa Savage and Reekado Banks exited the label this year. 


In 2014 Koredo Bello was among the singers of Mavin Dorobucci, a single track that featured. all stars of the label including Korede Bello. 


Just in case you haven’t listened to the latest version of Mavin all is in order, then you should, it’s a monstrous track. 


The song features Koredo bello and other Mavin new superstars which have also earned me quite a lot of money too.


Here is some cool take home. 


Real Name: Korede Bello 


Stage Name: Korede Bello 


State of Origin


Marital Status: Single 


Source of Income: Music 


Nationality: Nigerian


Net Worth: Under Review 


Reekado Banks Worth 


Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who started his career at  Mavin Records. 

Reekado Banks Top 50 Richest musician in Nigeria

Solomon was born on the 6th of December 1993. 


Spicy was signed to Mavin Records in 2014 and has since released some good album and singles. 


In 2018, Reekardo Banks bid Mavin Records farewell to follow his own path. 


Reekardo Bank who before signing to Mavin Records was known as spicy has released a new song. in 2019 titled Rora which is currently making waves on YouTube. 


Banks have been known for several hit songs like Katapot and Easy(Jeje). 


Here is some key take-home: 


Real Name: Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon 


Stage Name: Reekado Banks 


State of Origin: Lagos 


Marital Status: Single 


Source of Income: Music 


Nationality: Nigerian


Net Worth: Under Review


Adekunle Gold Worth 


Kosoko Adekunle is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and singer who was born on January 28th, 1987.

Adekunle Gold Richest Musician in Nigeria

Sade brought Adekunle Gold the fame he is known for today. 


and in 2019 the 32 years walked his girlfriend down the Isle where they both tied the knot as husband and wife. 


Adekunle Kosoko is one of the few Nigerians that’s been known for releasing songs that are lyrically fantastic. 


Here is some key takeaway! 


Real Name: Adekunle Kosoko


Stage Name: Adekunle Gold 


State of Origin: Lagos 


Marital Status: Married 


Source of Income: Music 


Nationality: Nigerian


Net Worth: Under Review


Sean Tizzle Worth 


Imagine during my research prior to updating this article when I found out that Sean made this list. 


Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele is a Nigeria singer, songwriter, and actor. 

Sean Tizzle Richest Musician in Nigeria

Sean Tizzle was born December 15th, 1989 to a Ghanaian mother and a Nigeria father. 


After being born in Ghana the soon to be 30 years old relocated to his roots which is Nigeria. 


Here are some key facts. 


Real Name: Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele 


Stage Name: Sean Tizzle 


State of Origin: Bayelsa 


Marital Status: Single 


Source of Income: Music 


Nationality: Nigerian


Net Worth: Under Review


Mr Eazi Worth 


Mr. Eazi has had a fine career ever since he debuted in the music industry of Nigeria. releasing several hit songs and adding a couple of awards to his name. 

Eazi was born on the 19th of July 1993 in Lagos State. 


Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, singer and Entrepreneur. 


His several hit songs in 2018 saw him as one of the only the Nigerians picked to headline the 2019 Coachella. 


Another noble recognition was being handpicked by Beyonce to be part of her Lion King inspired album. 


Mr. Eazi today has won several award in Nigeria though yet to break into the international market such as UK and USA. 


Here is some key take home! 


Real Name: Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade


Stage Name: Mr Eazi 


State of Origin: Lagos 


Marital Status: Single 


Source of Income: Music 


Nationality: Nigerian


Net Worth: Under Review


Burna Boy Worth 


I guess this list won’t be half complete if there isn’t the name Burnaboy considering his mega success. 


 Burna Boy is a Nigerian singer, songwriter of genre Afro-beat, Afro-fusion who draws inspiration from the likes of Fela and Bob Marley. 

Burna Boy Top Richest Musician in Nigeria

Burna Boy has been tremendous since his debut in the Naija music industry. with self-titled Giant Africa. 

Hot Topic:

Burna Boy Net Worth 2019(The Ultimate African Giant)


Oluwaburna has released lots of hit songs from 2018 down to 2019.


Here are some of his songs… 


  • Burnaboy Anybody Mp3 download 
  • Burnaboy Dangote Mp3 download 

The net worth of burna boy has also seen a fair rise since being one of the only two Nigerians to Headline Coachella 2019.


Burna has been the subject of news all year long and his recent album broke a record in the UK. 


Here is some key take home… 


Real Name: Damini Ogulu 


Stage Name: Burnaboy


State of Origin: Portharcourt


Marital Status: Single 


Source of Income: Music 


Nationality: Nigerian


Net Worth: Under Review


Timi Dakolo Worth 


Dakolo is a Nigeria musician, songwriter, and singer who was born in the year 1981.

Dakolo gained prominence in the Naija music market after emerging as a winner of 2007 West African Idol. 


You could say fortune smile on Timi Dakolo because after winning the much-coveted prize. he landed a deal with Sony BMG. 


Though he has been quiet in the music industry after his marriage to Busola Dakolo. 


Some Timi Dakolo’s work includes


Here are some key take home… 


Real Name: Timi Dakolo


Stage Name: Timi Dakolo


State of Origin: Bayelsa 


Marital Status: Married 


Source of Income: Music 


Nationality: Nigerian


Net Worth: Under Review


Simi worth 


Simi is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, singer of the afro-pop genre who was born in the year 1988.

Simi’s early career began as a gospel singer in 2007 before switching to pop in 2004 when released Tiff. 


Tiff quickly garnered lots of positive reviews from music lovers around the continent. 


Her growth saw her release Joromi another hit song in 2017 with which she picked several awards at the headies award for 2018. 


In 2019 Simi and her husband Adekunke Gold walked the Isle as both tied the knot to become husband and wife. 


Simi has simply been a massive success since 2014 and is also worth a shot at being listed in Shoutmeceleb’s list of richest musicians in Nigeria


I wrote this article a couple of days back and I think you definitely want to check it out. and before you ask it literally compares simi net worth to Yemi Alade net worth.


Here are some take home 


Real Name: Simisola Ogunleye


Stage Name: Simi


State of Origin: Lagos 


Marital Status: Married 


Source of Income: Music 


Nationality: Nigerian


Net Worth: Under Review

Top 30 Richest Musician in Nigeria 2021

Making the top 30 richest musicians in Nigeria 2021 is no joke I would say. So let’s continue because I know you are itching to see the number one on this list?


One of these days I am going to also write on the richest Naija celebs in movies. but for now, let’s stick with the richest Nigeria artists.


Chidinma Ekile Worth $1.25 million

Chidinma Ekile was born in Lagos State but a full-blooded origin of Imo state.

Her father Mr. Ekile has 7 children of which Chidinma is the 6th born. Here in Africa, we call it 2nd to lastee.

Among musicians like Davido, she graduated with a degree on Sociology at Lagos State University.

She is 28 years old and was born in the year 1991 May 2nd. Her debut album was released under Spinlet.

Chindinma Ekile 2

Her fame started when she won 3rd season of MTN project fame West Africa.


and she became the first Nigerian Female to take number 1 spot on MTV Naija top 10 charts.


She is currently worth $1.25 million which is N450,000,000…


Real Name: Chidinma Ekile

Stage Name: Chidinma

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Portharcourt

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals

Chidinma Worth: $1.25 million or N450,000,000


Ice Prince Worth $1.25 million


The real name of Ice Prince is Panshak Henri Zamani, a native of Minna Niger State.

He was born on October 30th, 1986 in Minna… He relocated to Jos where he studied at St Murumbu primary school.

Ice Prince

Ice Prince

From most of the stories of Naija musicians who hailed from Jos. the name St Murumbu comes up very frequently.


It makes you wonder if that’s the only school in the whole of the state right?


But then again St Murumbu probably has a quality that other schools do not have. and every man loves quality whether rich or poor.


Ice Prince is a hip hop singer, artist, and Songwriter.


His rise to stardom came when he did the single Oleku featuring Brymo… The song still resonates with lots of Nigerians to date.


In 2015, he became the vice president of Chocolate City. but in 2016 he ditched the label for his solo career and released Jos to the world.


Jos to the world is his first studio album after he left Chocolate City.


Lest I forgot, did you know that he won the Hennessy Artistry club award?


Then, Hennessy normally hosts this challenge for urban artist and it was song Badman that gave him the award.


Zamani debut studio album Everybody love Ice Prince came in 2011. containing singles likes Aboki, More and Gimme dat.


Okay enough of the story


When my team and I did our research totaling all of Ice Prince wealth. we found out that he was worth $1.25 million same as Chidinma Ekile.


Here is the recap:

Real Name: Panshak Henri Zamani

Stage Name: Ice Prince

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Jos

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals

Ice Prince Worth: $1.25 million or N450,000,000


Patoranking Worth $1.11 million


The Girlie o master draws inspiration from legends like Marshek Fashek, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley. and 2face among others.


His in the genre of Reggae dance Hall and he Patoranking got his name from a Jamaican artist. while he went to Alpha beach in Lagos.




Patoranking was born in the year 1990 May 27th.

Much like some other high profile names in the music industry, Patrick Nnaemek Okorie is also from Ebonyi state.

In the early beginning, Pato started out as a street jam and performer art in carnivals.

Patoranking current worth is $1.11 million which is about N400,000,000 in Nigeria currency.

Real Name: Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie

Stage Name: Patoranking

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Ebonyi

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals

Patoranking Worth: $1.11 million or N400,000,000

Wande Coal Worth $1.10 million

I have to admit that Wande Coal has been super amazing. most especially because of his unique style of singing.


Don’t shout but there is a but… You may want to ask me what that but is right?


He is growing too fat now and I don’t even know if he sees himself anymore. Obesity is most a cause of neglecting how fit you should look all in the name of enjoyment.

Wande Coal

Wande Coal

Well, that’s his own headache and who am I to criticize right?


Just thought he looked way better when he didn’t have the whole weight on.


Having said that, Wande Coal real name is Oluwatobi Wande O Josipe. He hails from Lagos state.


Wande is an RnB, pop and Afro beat singer and Songwriter.


I really don’t understand why the majority of these singers are being born in October…


… Wande Coal was born on October 18th, 1985 the same month Nigeria got her independence in 1960.


I need to tell my brother who wants to become a musician to better change his DOB now.


Probably if he changes it to October, perhaps better Endorsement deals might just rake in. because I really don’t understand what’s with 9ja musicians and October.


Growing up in Lagos means he studied at the University of Lagos. There Coal graduated with a degree in Curriculum studies.


Also, Wande attended Federal government college in Lagos before applying for Unilag.


The fall out between Don Jazzy and Dbanj saw the latter form Mavin records. to which Wande was signed in 2012 but in 2013, the “Baby face” crooner decided to call it quits.


It’s good to remember the days of Mohits record because it made Wande Coal. who was featured in Dbanj Mo hits Rundown/funk you album.


He did songs like why me with the singer before the latter called Mohits quit.


Josipe debut album Mushin to Mohits received recognition in the US and UK…. but it was after quitting Mavin records he dropped the single “Wanted”.


From early 2000 till date, Wande coal is worth an estimated $1.10 million.


Here is Wande Coals worth in Naira.


He is currently worth N396,000,000…


Quick recap for you!


Real Name: Oluwatobi Wande O Josipe

Stage Name: Wande Coal

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Lagos

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals

Wande Coal Worth: $1.10 million or N396,000,000

Reminisce Worth $1.10 million

One of the veteran rappers in Nigeria is Remilekun Abdulkhalid Safaru. at least that’s his real name as opposed to his stage name Reminisce.

Reminisce was born January 26th, 1981 and he hails from Ogun state West of Nigeria.



Reminisce songs are usually done in Yoruba, English and Pidgin English.. which quite frankly is supposedly the country’s Lingua Franca.


When his Album Alagba Ibile dropped, fans called him with the name of the album.


Reminisce studied purchasing and supply at Kwara state polytechnic and graduated with a degree.


After his degree considering he already loved music from birth, he decided to invest his time mastering the Act.


and according to my Mentor Dan Lok, he would say master a skill, not just any skill but a high-income skill.


For me, Reminisce mastered his craft and guess what happened?


His 3rd studio album Baba Hafusa was featured at number 12 on Billboard chart world music category. and till date, he is the only African to achieve such glorious feet.


It was the way Time Magazine hyped that got me happy…


Time Magazine said:


Reminisce is one of the 7 rappers in the world that you should meet… I

I mean that’s so dope putting him such pedestal.


One that’s particularly deserving I would say.


His first studio album “Book of rap stories” was released in 2012 followed by 2nd Alaga Ibile.


Till date Reminisce is worth $1.10 Million or N396,000,000 same as Wande Coal.


Quick recap for you!


Real Name: Remilekun Abdulkhalid Safaru

Stage Name: Reminisce

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Ogun

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals

Reminisce Worth: $1.10 million or N396,000,000

9ice Worth $1.08 million

Real name Abolore Adegbola Akande born 1980 January 17th. and better known by his stage name 9ice. 9ice was born in a polygamous of 9 children from 5 wives. In Africa, polygamy has a way of eating into the cultural men’s pocket.

9ice worth

9ice worth

Anyways, Adegbola dropped off the university where he was studying to become a lawyer.


A Liar as many people would love to call it here in Africa and the rest of the world. he had to drop due to funds not being available.


I guess sometimes when you think you have hit the end of the road God has his own way out for you.


Story short, 9ice became a very popular Nigerian Musician. and actually, the first Nigerian Songwriter to release 2 album in a single calendar year.


In 2012 he made his intention to go into politics.


he lost 2012 House of representative election but was later made special adviser to Oyo state governor in 2013.


His single Gong Aso was wildly received in Nigeria with his GOAT album becoming his best of all time.

Wiki recorded that he is good friends with ID Cabasa of coded Tunes but later fell out.


As part of trying to right some wrongs and built friendship again, Nice did a complete album. dedicated to his friend ID Cabasa and proceedings from the album was given to the music label owner.


Fast forward to 2019, 9ice is worth $1.08 million.


Key points!

Real Name: Abolore Adegbola Akande

Stage Name: 9ice

Marital status: Divorcee

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Oyo

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals

9ice Worth: $1.08 million or N396,000,000


Harrysong Worth $1 million 


This is Warri born one of the cities in Nigeria that suffers from over hype.

but when you visit it there isn’t much to write home about despite having a refinery.

Harrysong worth


Well, Harrysong is from Warri just like many popular musicians and comedians like I Go Die. Oritse Femi, Akpororo and more.


Harrysong is the stage that the Warri born singer is known for but his real name is Harrison Tare Okiri.

I like the middle name better because it means Love. don’t ask how I knew, I just know.




He is famed for his tribute to Mandela and that tribute alone won him the award of a most download caller tune. at Headies Award 2013.


Prior to his fame, Harrysong is the lead singer in a group of a live band that performed in night clubs.

But it was Questionmark Entertainment that signed him while he stayed in Port Harcourt.


A few years later, he met KCEE who introduced him to 5-star music…


However, it was I’m in love that cemented him as a high-performance artist in the industry.


His musical skills came through his mother who was a music director in the church. but she died before she could eat of her son’s wealth…


Daily post reported KCEE and Harrysong having a fall out which led to him leaving the record.


Fast forward to 2019, though he has been on a hiatus no one knows when he will be back. but he still managed to make our SMCE richest Musician in Nigeria 2019 list.


His worth after a concert in Warri back in 2017 saw the singer picked at $1000000 million or N360,000,000.


What you may learn from here!


Real Name: Harrison Tare Okiri

Stage Name: Harrysong

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Delta

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals

Harrysong Worth: $1 million or N360,000,000


Falz Net Worth $990,000


His real name is Folarin Falana popularly known by his stage name as Falz the bahd guy.


Folarin was born in the year 1989 to Mr and Mrs Falana who are both lawyers.


Falz studied to become a certified LLB abroad. but began his musical career during his high school days.

Falz Worth


In his secondary school days, he formed the group “The School Boys” under they performed at school events.


Bahd guy featured Poe and Yemi Alade in his song Marry which earned him lots of recognition in Nigeria.


At the Nigeria Entertainment Award (NEA) the song got nominated for best collaboration category award.


though he failed to take home the award, however, he’s the only 9ja musician that’s won the Africa Magic viewers choice award twice.


One of the things I love about Falz is the accent. the fact that he’s both an actor and singer goes to show his prowess in being ranked as one of the high players in the industry.


I told a friend recently that being among the top 50 richest Nigerian musicians is no joke.


especially because it’s not just making it there but staying there is tougher than anything I know.


My friend’s response was nothing is ever easy, what matters is consistency. and investing a huge part of your money in some higher-return investment.


Falz also owns an independent record label Bahd guys record and currently, he is worth $990,000.

Convert this amount to Naira, it’s about N350,000,000 including his cars, houses, record label and more.

Noteworthy points!


Real Name: Folarin Falana

Stage Name: Falz

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Lagos

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, record label

Falz Worth: $990,000 or N350,000,000


Runtown Worth $1.5million


Douglas Jack Agu was born on August 19th, 1989. Runtown birthplace can be traced back to Enugu. but it was Lagos and Abuja that the singer grew up in.

The singer and songwriter released his debut studio album in 2014 with hit single Gallardo making headway.

Runtown worth


Gallardo featured Davido who is the top 20 richest musician in Nigeria 2019.


Yes, this list fluctuates constantly but Wizkid net worth Forbes ranking places well above the likes of Davido.


In the month of November Runtown song Mad Over you was released. and the song charted 38 at Billboard Twitter track chart.


Gallardo won the award of best collaboration at the 2014 Headies award…


After his contract expiration with Eric Manny Entertainment, Runtown formed his own record label SoundGod music group.


and the singer is not looking to stop any time soon, Runtown is also renowned for his producing skills. and many genre of songs.


He sings in reggae, RnB hip hop and more. But Runtown net worth 2019 drove me almost insane..


I wouldn’t even believe that he’s worth N1.5 million which is N540,000,000.


Quick recap:


Real Name: Douglas Jack Agu

Stage Name: Runtown

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Enugu

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, record label.

Runtown Worth: $1.5million or N540,000,000


Small Doctor Worth

His Real name is Adekunle Temitope born October 19th, 1996… TeTemitope is a songwriter, singer and a performer.


He was born in Lagos but a native of Ondo state.


His songs are classed as Afro-pop… Adekunle made head’s way when he drops a single “Mosquito killer”.

Small Doctor worth

Small Doctor

Small doctor Mosquito killer song gained attractions from all over Nigeria which he quickly followed with another single Titled Penalty.


Later at the 2018 Headies Award, the song won best Street hop award…

According to Wikipedia, Small doctor dropped out of secondary school to record music. which was his passion.


I remember while growing up, mom and dad wanted me to go to school but the truth. was that I never really liked school.


You may ask me why right?


Well, at that age school felt like a burden and as I grew I labeled it overrated. because all it did was create people that were more frustrated.


I won’t go into that but one of these days I will do my own biography here, so you too can read about me.


Top 20 Richest Musician in Nigeria 2021


Let’s look at this list quickly but mind you I will start from the previous top 30 list for this session.


because I want you to follow the top 50 richest musician in Nigeria in a way that’s it’s not complicated to understand.


Flavour’s Worth $8.5 million


In 2018 flavor did secure a comfortable 10th place sport. However, his displacement came in the hands of Olamide Badoo in 2019.

Flavour of Nabania


Flavour’s real name is Chinedu Okoli and popular also known by his stage name Nabania.


Flavour’s songs have melody so sweet that it can literally make you feel like you are experiencing his own life.


I like to call him the King of trance because of the melody he brings to his songs.


According to Wikipedia, he is a multi-talented instrumentalist, a songwriter, singer, and performer.


That’s like four titles capped in one, Okoli.


Flavour lNabania is origin of Anambra state in Eastern Nigeria. but his place of birth is in Enugu state.


Since you and I are more concentrated on how much he is worth. I would suggest you head over to Google to learn more about his early beginning.


I mean every artist is got a story right up to when they become popular and it becomes a memory to relish.


Flavour is worth $8.5 million but let’s convert this figure to Naira which is the currency.


$8500000 x 360= N3.060 billion


That’s Flavour net worth in Naira when converted from the dollar.


Real Name: Chinedu Okoli


Stage Name: Flavour Nabania


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Anambra


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals.


Flavours Worth: $8.5 million or N3.060 billion.


I will focus more on their worth in Naira for this session so, stay with me okay?


Tiwa Savage Worth $7 million


T is the ex-queen of Mavin records after signing a new record label deal with UMG mid-May. Tiwa Savage is currently the richest female musician in Nigeria.


Her real name is Tiwatope Savage popular known by her stage name Tiwa Savage. She is an Afro-pop singer with a beautiful daughter.

Tiwa savage UMG

But make no mistake, over the years she has mastered the genre of Soul and RnB combined.


Her bank account boost of rain of money from brands like Pepsi, MTN and the likes of Huggies. Eminando shot her above the roof and it’s been fame all the way.


Tiwa has an estimated net worth of $7 million. which when converted to Naira amounts to N2.52 billion Naira.


Her contribution to the Nigeria music industry has earned her several awards. like the MTV Europe Award for best African Act.


Real Name: Tiwatope Savage


Stage Name: Tiwa Savage


Marital status: Divorcee


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Lagos


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Tiwa’s Worth: N2.52 billion or $7 million


M.I Worth N1.00 billion


Known popularly by his stage name M.I, it is easier to forget that he is the son of the North men.


M.I real name is Jude Abaga and he is a Nigerian rapper and Songwriter. who has been nominated and won several awards in Headies?

M.I Abaga

M.I worth

No one would tip people from the North part of Nigeria to be music lovers. this is because they majorly deal on cattle rearing and farming.


But he is the first of his kind that proved Nigerian’s wrong. You can say he rose and made a name for himself as a showman of Chocolate City.


The parents of M.I and his younger brother Jesse Jagz were Christians. Guess its not the first time you have heard about a North man being a Christian right?


Just saying his parents are Christian is just putting it mildly. His father and mother are pastors.


At some point, he is the best rapper in Naija dragging such feet with the likes of Olamide.


He has been a glo ambassador for more than 3 years now with a contract running more. than 3 million Naira.


M.I charges anywhere between 2 to 3 million to appear on your show.


M.I’s current worth puts him firmly on the number 12th spot with a net worth of N1,000,000,000.


Real Name: Jude Abaga


Stage Name: M.I


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Jos


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, record label.


M.I’s Worth:  N1.00 billion


Tekno Miles Worth N900,000,000 


Tekno is the one musician in the country who has been phenomenal right from his debut with Duro.

Tekno Miles

Tekno Miles

Enough can not be said about this guy his recent vocal cord problems kept him offset in 2018.


Right till this moment he is still in recovery.


So what do we know about Tekno?


He is popular called alhaji Tekno but his real name is Augustine Miles Kelechukwu. and he is a native of Ebonyi state.


Iyanya and Ubi Franklin are said to be the reason why he moved to Lagos. and it came with a light at the end of the tunnel when Duro hit.


On estimating Tekno’s Worth, I discovered his assets including houses and cars and every other value. puts him closer to the big names in the industry.


Teknomiles charges anywhere between 1 to 2 million per show. I believe you have played some of his songs, heck I even compared Patoranking and Tekno net worth in one of my blog post.


He is currently worth N900,000,000 as at when writing this post.


Real Name: Augustine Miles Kelechukwu


Stage Name: Tekno


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Ebonyi


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Tekno’s Worth: N900,000,000  


Next on my list of Top 50 richest musician in Nigeria will be…


KCee’s Worth N720,000,000


His real name is Chinweike Okonkwo and he is the oldest brother of E-money who is a businessman.


KCee’s early life saw him sing in the choir right to the point when Limpopo brought him fame.



He is currently signed to 5 Star Music and he has a net worth of $2 million.


A quick conversion to Naira gives N720 million. and rumor has it that he charges 1 million to appear on shows. I did not confirm this but once I do I will update this!


Real Name: Chinweike Okonkwo


Stage Name: KCee


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Ebonyi


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


KCEE’S s Worth: N720,000,000


Phyno’s Worth $1.6 million


Have you ever asked someone how old is phyno? Where and when was phyno born?


Phyno was born in 1986 in Enugu state. I mean he literally was born and raised there but he is of Anambra state descent.

Phyno Fino

Phyno Fino

A child born in 1986 is like 33 years now right?


Phyno is 33 years old now and he started his musical career as a producer. before gradually start singing.


Phyno is here to stay, I mean he made last 2018 list and now he is also in the 2019 list


The real name of Phyno is Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike and history have it. that the name was given to him by a High school friend.


He is an amazing Nigeria rapper and also among one of the best in the country. The one thing find lovely about Phenomenon is how he raps in Igbo.


If you listen to him, you will find a man that loves his culture so well, that he shows it to the world. and his latest feature of Davido in Ride For You is the magic.


I like how he was described on Wiki’s page. It said Phyno is a bit everything. to Eastern Nigeria men of Igbo as Olamide is to the Western Nigeria men of the Yoruba clan.


But wait here is the magic


Did you know that despite him singing in the Igbo dialect, he weaves in a couple of Pidgin English. and English into his songs?


Well, if you know anything about Pidgin English then I suggest you read about it here.


This guy hit us with his debut album “No Guts No Glory” and ever since then he hasn’t looked back.


Here are a few details you might want to remember and how much he is worth!


Real Name: Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike


Stage Name: Phyno or Phynofino


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Anambra


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Phyno’s Worth: $1.6 million or N576,000,000

Iyanya’s Worth $1.5 million


Fortune smiled upon Iyanya during the first edition of Project Fame West Africa. and since then this guy is just been flying.


Although I didn’t really hear much of him back in 2018. and frankly, am surprised myself that he made my list of top fifty richest musicians in Nigeria.

Iyanya top 20 richest musician in Nigeria 2019


Like they say an artist that do not perform dies. I hope he drops something welcoming as he did with Kukere which was his hit single.


Let’s dig into some details


If there’s any possibility that you may be asking what is Iyanya real name? then you are in a bit of luck.


Iyanya real name is Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk and he is 33 years old now.


He was born on the 31st of October 1986 which is the month Nigeria had her Independence.


Being born in Palm Street Calabar meant his career started in the church.


Guess what I am thinking?


Why the hell is every single one of their career starting from the church?


Like Omawunmi sang “If you ask me na who I go ask”


His brother died shortly after his mom and dad passed to the world beyond. It must have been devastating for him I imagine.


I remember when my mom died, it was really devastating for me in the first 10 years.


I could not get over it but then I had to master the art of living with it. and making it be my guide to succeed.


Now I am a man that’s so happy but kept the memories alive. My advice if you haven’t been making memories, start now.


Iyanya debut studio album My Story came in 2011 with hit singles like Kukere winning him. the Headies award in 2013.


But wait there’s more


He Co-Founded Made Men Music Group with Ubi Franklin but later left to sign for Mavin records.


Under Mavin I have not seen him drop any song… not even a single, I mean what is he even thinking right?


With a younger artist like Rema coming up if he doesn’t drop something soon. he is going to fade away like a bad memory.


So how much is Iyanya worth?


He is worth $1.5 million or N540,000,000


Here is some key takeaway for you!


Real Name: Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk


Stage Name: Iyanya


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Calabar


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Iyanya worth: $1.5 million or N540,000,000


Yemi Alade Worth 1.4 million dollars


James Alade is the father’s name who is a commissioner of police.


Yemi Alade was born on March 13th, 1989. She is 30 years old now…

Yemi Alade top 5 richest musician in Nigeria 2020

Yemi Alade

ItIt’s interesting how much like Iyanya, her rise to stardom came after. winning the peak talent show in 2009.


But it’s was Johnny from her debut album that cement her place in the music industry.


and now she’s even compared to the likes of Tiwa Savage…


The Ondo state born real name is Yemi Eberechi Alade. Her mother is of the Igbo descent and father a Yoruba of Ondo state.


Her debut studio album King of Queens sold over 100,000 copies worldwide seeing her going on tour. on some African countries like Kenya as a promotion for the album.


Currently, she is Worth 1.4 million dollars or N504,000,000.


Lemme summarise for you some key points.


Real Name: Yemi Eberechi Alade


Stage Name: Yemi Alade


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Ondo


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Yemi Alade: $1.4 million or N504,000,000


Duncan Mighty Worth $1.3 million


Do you know his real name? Well, it’s not strange you hear him mentioning Wene Mighty right?


But I bet you must have wondered at some point what is Duncan Mighty real name right?

Duncan mighty Richest Musician in Nigeria

Duncan mighty

Well, his real name is Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu.


But wait How old is Duncan Mighty even?


Wene Mighty is 37 years born on October 1983 m. he is a producer and a singer.


Duncan is famed for singing in the Igbo Ikwere dialect.


His debut album Koliwater is the fame bringer for the First son of Portharcourt.


Ijeoma was the hit banger in the album and like or not music fame is no stranger to good music. and Duncan delivered just that to his fans.


Ahamefuna which means Legacy contains 15 tracks. It’s good to know that his career began as an instrumentalist. but later became the choir director to the church where he grew in faith.


Duncan was named, the UN ambassador for peacekeeping which added to his Endorsement deal.


I know you are curious about his worth so, here we go.


Duncan Mighty Wene Okechukwu is worth $1.3 million or 468,000,000.


Quick Recap


Real Name: Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu


Stage Name: Duncan Mighty


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Portharcourt


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Dancan Mighty Worth: $1.3 million or N468,000,000


Kizz Daniel’s Worth $1.34 million


In Nigeria when you mention the name Kiss Daniels, the first thing that comes to mind is a kiss.


I remember speaking to a guy during Shoutmeceleb TV street talk… I asked when you hear of Kizz Daniel what is the one thing you think of?

Kizz Daniel top 20 richest artist in Nigeria

Kizz Daniel

He answered and said, to be honest, the one thing I can think of is that he likes kiss a lot.


Hilarious right?


So I asked you are kidding me right?


and he said no am not, I really think the guy must love Kiss a lot more than I do…


Had to tell you that because the follow-up question I asked him was where is Kizz Daniel from?


Kizz Daniel is from Lagos state and his real name is Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anudigbe!


to be honest I didn’t think he was going to get the answer right which he did. funny thing is he added Jara to it by telling me his real name.


The guy won N1000 that day and he was very happy…


Kizz Birth Place and Breakup


It was Woju that brought Kiss Daniel to fame and at this time no one knew where he was from…


If there is anything I have come to know it is that success has a way of making a man relevant.


Do you know that Daniel Kizz is from Ogun state?


I bet you don’t!


He was born and raised in Ogun state where he graduated with a degree in Water Engineering.


Kizz Daniels changed his name in 2018 from Kiss Daniel to Kizz Daniel. replacing the double S with a double Z.


Daniel broke up from G-worldwide after a court case in which he emerged Victor. After the case, he went to form his own record label Fly Boy Inc in 2017.


He released his recent studio album under Flyboy to which One ticket featuring Davido was a hit.


Although an issue broke out to which Kizz Daniels manager accused Davido of slapping him.


The next thing we know was a rumor of Kizz deciding to unfollow Davido on IG.


His single one ticket made waves to peak number 1 on the World chart album in 24 hours.


But wait that’s not all!


The song also ended up in number 55 on iTunes charts.


When we estimated his worth, my team and I found out that Kizz is worth about $1.34 million.


I had to convert it to Naira to get the Kizz Daniel worth in Naira which is 480,240,000.


Kizz Daniel summary!


Real Name: Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anugbe


Stage Name: Kizz Daniel


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Lagos


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Kizz Daniel Worth: $1.3 million or N468,000,000


Who is the richest musician in Nigeria

Wizkid is currently the richest Nigeria musician but Below you will find the complete list of richest musician in Nigeria 2020:

  • Wizkid – Ayo Ibrahim Balogun $25 Million
  • Davido- David Adedeji Adeleke $24 Million
  • Don Jazzy – Michael Collins Ajereh $20.8 Million
  • Dbanj – Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo $16.7 Million
  • 2face Idibia – Innocent Ujah Idibia $16.5 Million
  • Mr P – Peter Okoye $16.4 Million
  • Rudeboy – Paul Okoye $15.4 Million
  • Timaya – Initimi Alfred Odom $13 Million
  • Banky W – Olubankole Wellington $9.9 Million
  • Olamide – Olamide Adedeji $8.8 Million

Top ten richest Musician in Nigeria 2020

The fame of Artist in Nigeria can mean a lot of money in your bank account. but for this super list post, we will just consider their individual net worth.

So here is the complete list of Top 10 richest artist in Nigeria 2020….

  • Davido
  • Wizkid
  • Don Jazzy
  • D banj
  • 2face
  • Mr P
  • Rudeboy
  • Banky W
  • Timaya
  • Olamide

Davido’s Worth 24 million US dollars


Recently I was on a Facebook group where my target audience hangs out. and someone asked the question below like;

Top 30 richest musicians in Nigeria


Who is the richest musician in Nigeria?


The richest Nigeria musician 2020 is Wizkid I said with a reply to his question.


He then said I read in some blog that it’s Davido.


Again I said yea but that’s like Forbes Top 10 richest musician in Nigeria 2019. I told him to check out the current list on Shoutmeceleb blog.


He came back and said I love the layout of your blog it’s nice.


To which of course I replied thank you!


David, in my opinion, is quite the inspiration this younger generation.


When one of my audience Clem visited my site and read about the top 10 richest artists in Nigeria. His only wish was that he wants to be richer than Davido and Wizkid put together.


My reply to him:

It’s totally doable I told him but you will have to put in the work. Wish do not get anything done.


But if you are serious about this, then work harder and you can be Richer than them. there is an infinite amount of money in the world.


His success story is quite an amazing one to tell, I believe I have a post here. that talks about his net worth.


You can fill in the gap with what I will leave out in this post with the link above.


Davido is the son of multi Millionaire Lagosian businessman. His father owns Pacific holdings.


The 27 years old dropped from school to start recording songs until his father convinced him. to come back to Nigeria which he did to further his education at Babcock University.


There the son of Adedeji Adeleke graduated with a degree in music.


He is the Co-founder of HKN a record label with which he started his career.


Now David owns his personal business record label DMW. which is an acronym for Davido Music Worldwide.


When I valued Davido’s houses, cars, his endorsements deals with several big companies like Infinix, his record deals.


and his charges per show, his record label DMW, we realize that David is worth 24 million US dollars.


Davido is worth 8.8 billion Naira converted. I and my team got this figure by converting. is worth in US dollars to Davido net worth in Naira.


Real Name: David Adedeji Adeleke

Stage Name: Davido and OBO

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Lagos state

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, DMW record label.


Wizkid’s Worth 25 Million US dollars


Wizkid is worth 25 million US dollars. Just a few fractions above his arch-rival Davido.

Richest musician in Nigeria

He is from Lagos state and his singles like Hola at your boy shot him to fame back in 2010.


My team and I valued his net worth to be 9 billion Naira after converting Wizkid net worth in dollars to Naira.


This includes Wizkid charges per show, his Endorsement deals with Glo, houses and cars.


He is currently the only Nigerian that has performed with the likes of Drake, Chris Brown etc.


You may be wondering his age but I will save you much time thinking. Ayo Ibrahim Balogun (Wizkid stage name) is 30 years old now.


He was born in Lagos state, spent his primary and secondary school right in Lagos. which is the western part of Nigeria.


He is the number one on our list of Top 50 richest musician in Nigeria 2020 today.


Real Name: Ayo Ibrahim Balogun

Stage Name: Wizkid

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Lagos state

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Don Jazzy’s Worth $20.8 Million

Mavin boss Don Jazzy is worth $20.8 million. If I convert Don Jazzy’s net worth in Naira to dollars, the figure above is what I got.


Reverse this same process, you will get a whopping 7.272 billion Naira.


His real name is Michael Collins Ajereh and was born in Umuahia in the year 1982.


He runs Mavins record label as the boss and has artist like Tiwa Savage, Reekardo Banks signed.


Though the latter two have pathways with the record label boss, however, it was in good terms.


He is more of a businessman than a musician but Don jazzy did songs like Dorobucci. and Adaobi with Mavin crew.


Real Name: Michael Collins Ajereh

Stage Name: Don Jazzy

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Umuahia

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, Mavin record label.


D banj’s Worth $16.7 Million


Dbanj is worth $16.7 million according to Forbes. Mohits accounts for his major success in the Nigeria music Industry. He and Don jazzy combined and Brought spectacular music to us.

who is the top 50 richest musicain in Nigeria

Did you even know he hails from Zaria in Kaduna? and was born in the year 1980 on the 9th of June?


D banj’s real name is Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo.


Well, you now know right?


His Endorsement deals with power first, Globalcom, Bank of industry, Beats by Dre. and many more puts him firmly at a spot in the top 50.


His humanitarian nature earns him recognition from world Bank direction Jim Young Kim. You can read all about that in here.


Here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment I and my team valued D banj net worth in Naira to be N6.012 billion.


This includes his cars, houses, endorsements, and other valuables such as gold.


Below is a summary of Dbanj biography!


Real Name: Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo

Stage Name: D Banj

Marital status: married

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Shagamu Ogun State

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals and personal business

D banj Worth: N6.012 billion


2Face Net Worth


I can’t sing his name enough but if you are a good listener of music. then you know Tuface is the real deal.

His musics are soul lighting, you need that voice to speak your heart. and find the inspiration to get through each day till you make it?

Top 10 naija Musician 2019

2baba is the man I would recommend then.


This list is long and it won’t give me the opportunity to share everything but here is how much he is worth.


He was born in 1975 and he is 43 years of age now. but only a few people know what state in Nigeria he hails from.


The answer to that is Jos Plateau state, the part refer to as the middle birth of Nigeria.


and his real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia. but he became known by his stage name 2baba, Tuface and 2face.


Do you remember the days of Platashun Boyz?


If you don’t then you probably were born in the indomie age. No offense to you though.


Read all about his days as a member of Platashun Boyz here.


Also, It’s good to see that he is still soaring with his songs with the recent being Oyi Ft Hi-Idibia.


Currently, 2face is worth $16.5 million. now convert 2face net worth in dollars to Naira, the result is N5.940 billion.


Here is the summary…


Real Name: Innocent Idibia

Stage Name: 2face

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Benue

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, Hypertek record label.

2baba Worth: N5.940 billion or $16.5 million

Mr P and Rudeboy Worth

One of the popular breaks up that rocked the Nigeria music industry is the break up of Mr P and Rudeboy. Together the two was once the richest Nigeria musician with a net worth of $150,000,000.

top richest 9ja musicians

but their split saw the two stars drop in the ladder of Top 50 richest musician in Nigeria.


Though they both still manage a top 6 and 7 spot naturally with an estimated net worth of $16.3 million and $15.4 million respectively.


The twin hails from Anambra but grew up in Jos. together they both own the popular Square Villa before their split in 2017.


Right now Peter and Paul is 37 years old. born in the year 1981 November 18th.


Their recent songs include Mr P one more night ft Niniola and Rudeboy reason with me.


Here is a summary for you…


Real Name: Peter Okoye

Stage Name: Mr P

Marital status: married

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Anambra

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, business.

Real Name: Paul Okoye

Stage Name: Rudeboy

Marital status: married

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Anambra

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Timaya’s Worth $13 million


Who is the only Ijaw musician in the industry?

nigeria music industry


At least from what I know, there aren’t other names in the music industry that hails from the same place him.


What is the story?


Timaya is worth $13 million which is like N4.680 billion Naira.


His first album is True story which shot the 38 years old to stardom. He has several Endorsement deals that runs into millions.


But what is the real name of Timaya?


Well, his real name is Alfred Inetimi Odon and he the true son of Bayelsa.


Timaya’s worth estimated includes all his assets minus his debt. and this is how he showed up on this list of Top 50 Nigeria musician and net worth.


Here is a breakdown for you…


Real Name: Inetimi Alfred Odon

Stage Name: Timaya

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Bayelsa

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, Demama records

Banky W’s Worth

Banky W is one of the best musicians in Nigeria.


But quickly here is a list of the top 10 best musicians in Nigeria.

  • Wizkid
  • Davido
  • Timaya
  • Flavour
  • 2face
  • Dbanj
  • Don Jazzy
  • Psquare
  • Tiwa Savage
  • Iyanya
  • Banky W
  • Reekardo Banks
  • Tekno
  • Wande Coal
  • Duncan Mighty
  • Olamide
  • Yemi Alade
  • Kizz Daniel
  • Patoranking
  • Runtown

The good thing is he does not only belong to the above list, but he also comfortably sits in the 9th position. of SMC’s blog of the top 50 richest Nigeria musicians.


His full name is Wellington Olubankole and his stage name is Banky W. and he is the boss of EME records.


Actually, he made Wizkid before Ayo Balogun decided to break out and have his own label.


But in 2018, EME records was dissolved by the boss. and rather focus the company on advertising, PR and brand events.


DJ Xclusive and Ebuka became the first client to work with rebranded EME record label.


In 2018 he showed his interest in political matters and ran for office under MDP. which is an acronym for the Modern Democratic Party.


Although he lost the Election of Nigeria House of Representative to Babajide Obanikoro. but it went to begin his journey as a political figure.


So how much is Banky W worth to put him in the first top 10 of this gigantic list?


Here is the interesting part!


He is worth $9.5 million but that an entirely different figure if you and I decide to convert it to Naira.


Banky W net worth in Naira becomes N3. 42 billion including all of his assets minus his debts.


Real Name: Olubankole Wellington

Stage Name: Banky W

Marital status: Married

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Lagos state

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, EME, Politics.

Banky W Worth: $9.5 million or N3.42 billion


Olamide Badoo Worth $8.8 million


A couple of days back I published a post on Olamide net worth in 2019. so I won’t be discussing him much for this session.

Naija Musicians


Olamide Adedeji is his real name and he was born in Lagos state in 1989.


He is 30 years old and he has a net worth of $8.8 million or N3.168 billion Naira


Real Name: Olamide Adedeji

Stage Name: Olamide Badoo

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Lagos state

Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, YBNL record label.

Olamide’s Worth: $8.8 million or N3.168 billion.


That’s like the top 10 list just concluded so now and also a list of top 20 richest musician in Nigeria and net worth.




This list of the top richest musician in Nigeria is now ended.




This is not all of the people on the top 50 list but I am still doing my research.


so you must check regularly for my updates because I will make sure I update it to even the top 100 richest musicians in Nigeria 2020.


Top 100 richest musicians in Nigeria will be a very long list but. then like I said I love to give you the good stuff…


Anyways when next someone asks you who are the 50 richest musicians in Nigeria, please be sure to do a Google search and give them the answer or better still refer them to this article.


I love Google because it has lots of information. and as a matter of fact, it’s one of the most wildly used search engines.


Over to you guys!


Who do you think should be on this list of richest musicians in Nigeria 2021?


Leave a comment below with your answer. and show me some love by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

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Who are the Top 20 Richest Musician in Nigeria

The top 20 list of richest musicians in Nigeria includes…

Don Jazzy
Mr P
Banky W
Tiwa Savage
Yemi Alade
Duncan Mighty
Kizz Daniel

Who is The Richest Musician in Nigeria 2019

The richest musician in Nigeria for the year 2019 see Davido and Wizkid sit on the top spot of this list as one of the richest presently.

Here is a top list of the richest Naija artist in the country today.

Don Jazzy

Who are the Top 10 Richest Musician in Nigeria

The top 10 richest musician in Nigeria currently includes…

Don Jazzy
Mr P
Banky W

Who is The Top Richest Musician in Nigeria 2020

The year 2019 saw Davido top this list of richest musician in Nigeria. But the latter part of 2019 saw Wizkid penned an endorsement deal worth $3 million. This figure when added to Wizkid previous $22 million takes it to a total of $25 million making him the richest in 2020.

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