Teni and Niniola Net Worth 2020
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How much are Teni and Niniola net worth? did you know Niniola and Teni net worth is more than $1,347,921? Well, come on let’s find out.


What is Teni and Niniola’s net worth? have you ever asked this question? Well, today I will answer all the burning questions you have.


Teni and Niniola Net Worth 2020
Apata Sisters

As a matter of fact, this post will be centered on Teni net worth 2022 and also on Niniola net worth 2022.


What is Teni’s net worth?

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What is Niniola’s net worth?

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I believe the question you have at this point is what am I going to benefit from this post? 


Well, the answer is simple! 




In today’s post, you will discover everything about these two siblings.


Here we go! 


  • Today, I will show you how much is Teni’s net worth 


  • I will show you how much is Niniola worth


  • who is the richest between Niniola and Teni


  • I will talk about her brief bio 


  • Who she is 


  • How her career started 


  • Her album and songs 


  • Her source of income 


  • I will talk about her brief bio 


  • Who she is 


  • How her career started 


  • Albums and songs 


  • Her source of income


  • then a brief conclusion to wrap everything up… 


I want you to know that every detail available here was thoroughly researched. by cross-referencing more what I and my team found with more than 50 sites on Google. 


The final answer I got is why I decided to bring you this blog post of Teni and Niniola net worth. 

Having said, you may have a different opinion about Niniola and Teni net worth. 


and I want you to know that’s okay too! 


How Much is Teni Net Worth 2022


seriously what’s with me and starting every conversation with okay? 




When I did the research on Teniola’s Apata net worth here is what I found… 


Note: I converted Teni networth to Naira from dollars and then converted it back to the dollar.


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At least to give you an idea of how I got these figures.


After cross-checking with more than 50 websites online, I found that Forbes Teni’s net worth in 2022 is 350,000 US dollars. 


If you and I convert this figure to Naira as per dollar to Naira exchange rate, we get something like this:


$1 = N390

Therefore $350,000 x 400 = N140,000,000


So Teni net worth in Naira is N140,000,000. 


and Teni’s net worth in dollars is $350,000.


Teni Networth: $350,000


Here is a couple of details you may have missed…


  • Real Name: Teniola Apata 
  • Stage Name: Teni 
  • Date of Birth: December 12th, 1992
  • Profession: Musician 
  • State of Origin: Ekiti State 
  • Nationality: Nigeria 
  • Source of Income: Music and show bookings 
  • Net Worth: $350,000


quickly let’s see how much is Niniola worth.


After all, this post is about Teni and Niniola’s net worth, right? 


I know it is crazy to compare their net worth considering Niniola has been active since 2014.


So it probably doesn’t make sense to compare them like I did Mr P and Rudeboy’s net worth right?


Anyways it’s the fun in it, and consider this me tired of having to do keyword research. 




How Much is Niniola Net Worth 2022


Okay just like I did with Teni’s net worth, I will apply the same format here. 


When I converted Forbes Niniola’s net worth from dollar to Naira. I was shocked by how much money she is got you know. 


I found that she is worth a staggering 1.4 million US dollars. 


I mean when I wrote the article on the top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria, she could just have easily made that list. 


So hopefully in my next update of that post, she is definitely going in there. 


With that out of the way, here is the conversion of Niniola’s net worth in dollars to her net worth in Naira. 

Here we go! 

$1 = N400

Therefore $1.7 million x N400 = N560,000,000.

Niniola net worth 2020 is N560 Million… 

Her net worth in doll is $1.4 Million 


Niniola Networth: $1.4 Million 


Here is some small details you may have missed…


  • Real Name: Niniola Apata 
  • Stage Name: Niniola 
  • Date of Birth: December 15th, 1986
  • Profession: Musician 
  • State of Origin: Ekiti State 
  • Nationality: Nigeria 
  • Source of Income: Music, endorsements, and show bookings 
  • Net Worth: $1.4 Million 


Here comes what you and I have been waiting for right? 


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Who is The Richest Between Teni and Niniola


When I started with Teni’s biography and net worth, I knew it was going to come down to this very moment. 


The moment where I have to make compare one’s net worth against the other. despite both being blood sisters. 


Assuming you are ready now let’s get into it, shall we? 


How much is Teniola Apata’s net worth? After a thorough cross-referencing of data from over 50 websites, I found Teni net worth to be 140 million Naira but after converting this figure from Naira to the dollar I got 350,000 US dollars ($350,000).


How much is Niniola’s net worth? Niniola is currently worth a staggering 570 million Naira and when I converted this figure into dollars I got 1,700,000 US dollars in 2022 ($1.4 million) 


Here comes the question you want to hear right! 


Who is the richest between Teni and Niniola? Niniola is currently worth $1.4 million and Teni is currently worth $350,000. Seeing these figures, it is obvious that Niniola is richer than his younger sister with by far a margin of $1,050,000.


So when next you ask Niniola and Teni’s net worth who is richer, just know the simple answer is Niniola is richer than Teni and that while Niniola’s net worth stands at $1.4 million, Teni’s net worth stands at $350,000.


And yes you probably wish to know what is a net worth right?

It just does not feel right to tell you all about Teni and Niniola’s net worth without first defining what net worth is.

So here is the lame man’s definition of what is a net worth…

Teni net worth 2020

A net worth simply put is your asset minus your debt.

But hey let’s look at it from a more robust point now, shall we?


According to Stackexchange.com, An individual’s net worth is the value of the person’s assets minus his debt. To find your net worth, add up the value of everything that you own: your house, your cars, your bank accounts, your retirement investments, etc. Then subtract all of your debt: mortgage, student loans, credit card debt, car loans, etc.

There you have it!


Teni Brief Bio


Teni is one of the female singers in Nigeria that I admire so much for her uniqueness. 


I had no choice but to include her in the SMCE list of the top 50 best musicians in Nigeria


As a matter of fact, that list is so gigantic and packed with a lot of goodies that. I think you should check it out. 

How Much is Teni Net Worth

I totally wasn’t surprised when last year she bagged a series of awards at the 2019 Headies Award


Today her voice is felt in every corner in the country for the quality songs she continues to release. 


Having said that, I believe you have always wondered who is Teni right? 


I will tell you shortly! 


Who is Teni? 


You and I know Teni is such a talented young lady right and no one can dispute her self-confidence and to be quite frank it gives me the chills. 


but in a world where fame has become the new money, what is the real name of Teni? 


Well, speaking of celebrities who I can’t remember their real name, Fireboy is on my list. 


I literally know him just as Fireboy because that is what he is famous for until I wrote this article comparing his net worth with that of Joeboy


but to answer my previous question which is what is Teni’s real name? 


Here it is! 


The real name of Teni is Teniola Apata… 


Teni was born in Lagos State precisely in the year 1992 on December 12th. 


but original she is a native of Ekiti State and the younger sister to Niniola. 


This means she last celebrated her birthday in 2019. when she won more than 2 awards at the Headies 2019.


You know I had to keep playing a song she released in 2020 because I was hooked. 


I think that song was released in the month of February I guess and it is titled, Marry


It was such a great song because the producer did an awesome job in the finishing touch. 


Net worth of Teni
Teni during a performance in the UK

At the beginning of this subheading, I asked a question, it is who is Teni? 


Now it’s time to answer that question…


Teniola Apata is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, and entertainer of the genre Afro-pop. 


when you and I hear the word Afrobeat, what comes to mind? 


I know you are cracking up your head but don’t because here is the answer FELA. 


Fela Anikulapo Kuti is the founder of Afrobeat and guess what? 


This genre is going mainstream already… 


Heck, I know that features the likes of Rema, Burnaboy, and others on their Podcasts. 


and capitaXtra is based in the US right? 


Afrobeat is going global as a result of the effort the likes of Davido, Wizkid, and Tiwa Savage puts into making most of their songs hits. 


Consequently, younger talented musicians like Teni look to be front runners on the list of musicians from Nigeria that I think would take over from where these big names from Nigeria stop. 


Like you and me she attended Apata memorial high school and later furthered her education abroad. 

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She graduated from America Intercontinental University with a degree in Business Administration. 


but here is another big question right? 


Where did her career start or better still… 


How Did Her Career Start 


Music has really increased the net worth of Teni since her debut in the Nigerian music industry. 


Furthermore, I love talking about rich people, if you just “sha get, right”? 


Okay, Teni is so adorable that I love sweating about her big break. 


So how did it all happen? 


Well, Teni debuted in the Nigerian music industry with her single Amen


During this time she was signed to Shizzi’s Magic Fingers Record. 


but the song really didn’t do that well, however, it was a start. 

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She later moved away from the label to sign with Dr Dolor Entertainment in 2017. 


in other words, this is where the magic started to happen. 


With the release of Fargin, she began gaining momentum then. came Askamaya which ranked in MTV base as one of the hottest tracks for that year. 


Now the biggest break happened with the release of her hit single case. 


Case currently has more than 5 million views on YouTube, and that’s pretty solid for a new act wouldn’t you say? 


Here is a screenshot for confirmation… 


Then she released Uyo Meyo which again was just another crazy hit from Teni. 


Look if you are a singer and a songwriter, then you want to know what makes your audience thick. 


If you know this then you are better armed with lyrical strategies that will resonate. 


If your audience loves your stuff then in my knowledge they are ready to follow you anywhere. 


Look it’s not just singers alone, this applies to other businesses too. 


These were the defining moments in her career… 


Speaking of her career, does Teni have an album yet? 


The simple answer is no she does not have an album yet. she joins the likes of Tekno who have become prominent without an album. 


Album and Songs 


Currently, Teni does not have an album but hopefully, this gets to change in the future. 


teni net worth and biography

but hey I will drop some of her hit singles here so you can see it and if you choose to download and listen to it. 


Here we go! 


  • Uyo Meyo 


  • Marry 



  • Case 


What is the Source of Income of Teni 


Teni despite her relatively new presence in the industry, has done quite well for a newcomer. 


She currently makes money from more than one source which is cool you know. 


Tenis’ source of income stems from her music, endorsement deals, and getting called upstage to perform as an entertainer. 



Now let’s get into the more meaty part of Niniola’s biography and net worth shall we? 


Niniola Brief Bio 


Niniola is popularly known worldwide by her stage name Niniola. 


but do you even know her real name? 


I doubt that! 


Net Worth of Niniola

This is because in most cases only 5 out of 100 followers or fans really know the names of their idols. 


So for this post, I am assuming you don’t know this but my assumption may be wrong. 




Take for instance Beyonce is known all over the world, right? 



but would you agree with me that in her more than 100 million Instagram followers, I could state my claim that the ones that know her real name is not up 5 million of her Instagram following? 


Okay enough my mumble jumbo, I will answer the question I asked above which is what is the real name of Niniola? 


Well, Niniola’s real name is Niniola Apata, and please don’t tell me you almost guessed that right. 




Niniola was born in the crowded city of Lagos in the year 1986 precisely on December 15th. 


Her father used to be a Brigadier General before he was murdered or should I say assassinated by the time Teni was only 2 years old. 


Mama Niniola was left to do the upbringing alone and both kids turned out okay, didn’t they? 


Yeah, they did because you hear about their name all over the country right? 



Niniola recently featured the son of Afrobeat inventor Fela in one of her recent songs Fantasy. 


and yeah I am talking Femi Kuti Fela’s son, in addition, he was playing the wonderful trumpet-like his father did before passing on. 


Fela really touched a lot of life with his songs and it feels good the way you and I remember him right? 


I mean there would be no Afrobeat without the aforementioned name. 


With that said, Niniola much like Teni finished her secondary school education at Apata Memorial High School in Lagos. 


and furthered her education at Lagos State University where she graduated with a degree in Bachelor of education. 


You could say Teni schooled abroad and Niniola schooled in Naija our famous country. for its population and poor standard of living which is directly attributed to a bad and corrupt government. 

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but you certainly didn’t hear that from me… 

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So who is she? 


Niniola is a professional Nigerian musician and singer-songwriter whose work is featured on Beyonce Lion King’s Album. 


The album featured artists from all over Africa with Kenyans being the only exception to this feature. 


Her lyrical genius has seen her master her craft over the years thanks to constant practice. 


Today you could say she is one of Nigeria hottest female musicians




Anyways you are now armed with a brief bio of Niniola right? 


Now let’s get a little more into how she started. 


How Did Her Career Start 


Niniola after graduating from the University of Lagos decided to pursue a career in music. 


This led her straight to the project fame West African after her auditions. 

How much is Niniola net worth


However, she didn’t pick the price as the winner of the 6th edition of the project but. she came 3rd. 



and that’s how it started, one single decision that may yet be one of the best has ever made right up to moments leading here. 


Project fame West Africa saw the singer perform songs like Kcee Limpopo which by the way was phenomenal. 


No doubt Niniola’s net worth rose rapidly too after coming in 3rd place. 



with some of the money she realized, she recorded her debut single Ibadi


Ibadi quickly made it up to the point where it got so many positive reviews. 


That’s incredible right? 


Ibadi got so many positive reviews from music critics that it landed her a nomination for the most promising Act to watch at NEA.


but the really big moment came when Niniola released Maradona. 




I remember every music station in the country hitting that jam, you know. 


It was much like Simi’s Joromi which was also a national hot hit single. 


Maradona made its way to music lovers all over Africa which attracted a nod from the likes of Justin Timberlake who is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world according to Wealthygorilla.com.

Did you know that Maradona spent 13 fat weeks at SA Metro FM? 


Now here is the interesting part! 


Maradona held the number one sport for 6 incredible weeks the most by a female Nigeria in SA’s Metro history. 


Right up to this moment, Maradona has done more than 2 million views on YouTube. 


and here is a screenshot for you! 


You are probably amazed, right? 


Well, it’s what it is you know! 


I just touched on her songs so let’s see if she got any album like her kid sister Teni. 


It begs the question of how many albums does Niniola have? 


Actually right till just now, Niniola only has one album and a couple of hit singles. 


Album and Songs 


The likes of Olamide who debuted in the industry in 2012 already have more 6 studio albums right? 

Niniola net worth 2020

So what’s it with the female artist? 


Are they being too lazy? 


The stats I have shows that Nigerian male artists release more albums than female artists? 


Do you doubt this? 


Well, you shouldn’t check out these stats below! 


Having said that, here are a couple of hit singles by Niniola and her studio album. 


  • This is Me
  • Fantasy


This is me was released in 2017 and comprised of her hit single Maradona and Ibadi. 


both songs stirred her up for fame, so technically it’s hard not to talk about them. 


Now, how much is Niniola worth or better still…


What is the Source of Income of Niniola 


Niniola’s source of income comes from more than just one source. 


Although she looks like she would venture into Entrepreneurship, I still feel that’s too early to know. 


but what I can tell you is that she makes more of her money from music and album sales. 


Plus she gets invited to shows every now and then. 


Niniola charges between 1 million Naira to 2.5 million Naira to appear on shows. 


All of these increase Niniola’s net worth! 




Teni and Niniola’s net worth debate has been going on Social media for quite some time now. 


So I thought I would make this post detail Niniola’s networth as well as Teni’s. 


This way you have an idea of who is the richest of the two siblings. 


Both siblings lost their father at a very tender age but that did not stop them from putting in the work to become great. 


Today it’s easy for this generation to blame things on people unlike back in the day. when everyone accepts being the reason for their predicaments. 


Let me shock you even! 


Did you know that only 20 percent of a man’s trouble is caused by external factors? 


The remaining 80% is honestly all you… 


If you put in the work then success isn’t far. 


All you have to do is start doing something you enjoy and figure out a way to monetize it. 


I would love to hear from you! 


How would you rate this post on Teni and Niniola net worth? 


Scroll down below, leave me a comment and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this post then please share it because this way you are helping me reach more people. 


Thanks for reading and hopefully I will see you again. 


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