Joeboy and Fireboy DML Net Worth
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Joeboy and Fireboy DML net worth who is the richer debate has been on for quite some time. and today SMCE has the answer for you here.


Now all you have to do is keep reading as you and I dive into the rabbit hole to unearth everything about Fireboy and Joeboy net worth. 


Sounds good yes? 


I bet it is and if you have been part of this debate that’s been going on and on then it’s good you are here. 


because today’s post will specifically address Fireboy DML net worth 2020 and Joeboy net worth 2020 


Mind you, the figures you will see at the end of this post is what I and my team concluded. after thorough research that’s taken us about 2 weeks.

Joeboy and Fireboy DML Net Worth
Fire boy and Joeboy

So this regard Fireboy 2020 net worth or Joeboy 2020 net worth will all be estimated base on our findings and correlation. 


So what will you learn today? 


You will learn all of this below;


  • You will be able to learn how much Fireboy is worth 


  • You will also be able to learn about how much Joeboy is worth 


  • I will touch briefly on Fireboy history, rise to fame, school, album and more 


  • I will do the same thing for Joeboy history, career rise, school and album 


Now that you have an overview I am positive you are in for a nice treat. 


all you have to do is make sure to read every line possible so you don’t miss the tiny details. 


but even if you do, I have formatted the text on this page for easy reading so I am positive. it will be easy for you to read and skim through. 


Again! mind you this post only compares the net worth of Fireboy as well as the net worth of Joeboy. 

These figures reflect what we think after thorough research on the two celebrities. 


So please if you have a rather different opinion then do leave us a comment below. 


Assuming you understand all I just rumbled about then it’s time to get into the good stuff. 


How much is Fireboy Dml Net Worth in 2020 


Fireboy net worth in Naira is N36,000, 000 but by the time I did a simple conversion in dollars. 

I got Fireboy net worth in dollars to be a mouth-watering $100,000. 


Yes, it’s not much compared to the likes of Kizz Daniel whose net worth runs into several million. It, however, it is good money for a fresher just coming into the industry. 

Fireboy DML Net Worth 2020

So when next you are in search for Fireboy DML net worth 2020, just know he is worth $100,000. 


Fireboy networth: $100,000


Now here is some key information you probably did not pay attention to… 


  • Real Name: Adedamola Adefolahan 
  • Stage Name: Fireboy or Fireboy DML 
  • Date of Birth: February 5th, 1996
  • Record Label: YBNL 
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Source of Income: Music
  • Net Worth: $100,000 


How Much is Joeboy Net Worth in 2020 


Joeboy net worth in Naira is N32,000,000 but when I convert this figure to get Joeboy net worth in dollars I got $85,000.


Now 85,000 US dollars is not much money when you put him up against the likes of Wizkid. 


That is some high-level comparison we are talking about here right. 


but when you look at it and just how quickly they racked up those figures, it makes me think there is a lot of money to be made in music. 


So when next you look up Joeboy net worth 2020 just know he is worth 85K in USD. 


Joeboy networth: $85,000


Now here is something you probably missed and I thought I would bring it back to your notice. 


  • Real Name: Joseph Akinfewa Donus 
  • Stage Name: Joeboy
  • Date of Birth: May 21st, 1997
  • Record Label: Banku Music
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Source of Income: Music
  • Net Worth: $85,000 


I hope you are ready for this session because I want to believe that’s what prompted you to land here in the first place. 

Who is The Richest Between Joeboy and Fireboy DML

The difference between Joeboy and Fireboy DML net worth is not that significant. 


but for the sake of this post and for clarity purpose the difference in Joeboy and Fireboy DML net worth can be gotten if we subtract the lesser from the greater. 

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Joeboy Net Worth Forbes

Having said that, now who is the richest between Joeboy and Fireboy? 


Joeboy and Fireboy who is richer? As at the time this post is being published Fireboy has a net worth of $100,000 while Joeboy has a net worth of $85,000. The difference between their net worth is $15,000 and this puts Fireboy DML as the richest between the two musicians. 


One more thing I know you have probably asked questions. like Rema and Fireboy who is the richest or Rema and Joeboy who is the richest, so please read this post here to find out Rema’s net worth.


By the definition: A net worth can be defined as all of a person’s assets including gold, diamond, silver, landed property minus what he or she owes as debt. 


but here is how defines net worth but please know that the definition I have given above. is a very much simplified version of this.

And I have also linked to their net worth calculator above. this way you can even calculate your own net worth.

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Net worth is the value of all assets, minus the total of all liabilities. Put another way, net worth is what is owned minus what is owed. This net worth calculator helps determine your net worth. It also estimates how net worth could grow or decline over the next 10 years.

Fireboy Brief Bio


DML’s love for music started at a very tender age in the church and at school. 


but it wasn’t until Obafemi Awolowo University that he gained some level of popularity. 


In 2019 Fireboy was nominated for the Headies viewer’s choice award which he lost. 


and the same 2019 in the Headies, he lost the next rated artist to Rema en route to stardom. 


but that has not stopped Fireboy who has continued to ditch out quality songs here there. 


and one of his currently trending songs is Vibration. If you haven’t listened to that song then you are missing out on the good vibe. 


With that out of the way let’s take peek into what we know about Fireboy. 


Come on let’s go! 


Who is Fireboy DML


Adedamola is popularly known by his stage name Fireboy or Fireboy DML. 


Whichever you decide to call him by, it is well received. here is the mighty question what is Fireboy’s real name? 

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Well, before I answer that, it’s a very common thing in the world for people to forget your birth name. 


I mean even the likes of Davido only get called Davido all over the world now. 


and quite frankly it’s not strange considering it comes with fame right? 


So here is Fireboy’s real name: Adedamola Adefolahan


You get that right? 


Adedamola Adefolahan was born in Ogun State precisely South West of the state in 1996 February 5th. 

Fireboy Net Worth 2020

The singer celebrated his birthday early this month in a grand fashion style. with his record label boss taking time to wish him a happy birthday. 


but I still haven’t told you who he is right? 


Well, here we go then, Fireboy DML is a Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter of the genre Afropop. 


and you probably already know that Afropop fused together with Afrobeat is. becoming one of the world’s most popular rising genre. 


All the thanks can be credited to a very few artists in the industry starting from late Fela Anikulapo Kuti to Psquare, Davido, Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. 


Where Did He School


Much like every kid in Nigeria where it’s popularly believed that if you go to school. you will get an automatic ticket to become wealthy. 


Is that the case as you may have seen? 


Well, it’s far from the truth, in my opinion going to school is for self-development. 


Other than that I say school is good for one thing alone and that’s teaching you outdated stuff. 


Having said that, Fireboy DML finished his primary school education by acquiring a primary school leaving certificate. 


His education continued when he decided to go to a secondary school in Abeokuta where he acquired his SSCE certificate. 


A quick tip: I am very scared of exams even long after I finished school but it was never the reason I hated school. 


I hated school in my country because it keeps collecting your money and does not even. teach you some of the simple ways you too can make money. 


If you think am I lying, ask yourself right now what you know about money. 


and the chances are you will realize it’s little to nothing. 

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Well, as education may have it, Fireboy aka Adedamola Adefolahan gained admission into. Obafemi Awolowo University is one of the oldest in the country to study the English Language.


Upon graduation, the singer decided to pursue his career in singing. 


but hey you don’t just wake up one morning and decide that you want to sing right? 


Now let’s get into how his career started from the tiny moments that clicked to the big moments. 


How Did His Career Start


At the beginning of this post, I told you he started his career in the church right? 


Well, he built upon that while he was at the University of Ille Ife. he became very popular due to his music while he performed in school events. 


Then one day the big moment happened, Fireboy was discovered by YBNL boss Olamide in late 2019.

Shortly afterward, the 24 years old Yoruba singer released his first single titled Jealous. 


Now Jealous did so well that right to this moment it’s still getting massive stream. 


as you can see from the screenshot below that a massive 5 million-plus views on YouTube. 

But wait it got better! 


Albums and songs


While Fireboy Jealous is still Trending Olamide quickly arranged for a debut album to be made. 


and the name of the album is titled Laughter Tears and Goosebumps. 


Well, to be honest, I really don’t think there would have been a better name for this album. 


Because it really was Laughter tears and hell yeah goosebumps.


If you have not listened to What if I say then please click on this link to download and listen to it. 


honestly, it is just a well thought out song with nice visuals to back it up for promotion. 

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and guess what, the above song also did more than 2 million views on YouTube. 


Here is the list of some songs from the album… 


  • Vibration 


  • Need you 


  • Scatter 


If you which to get any of the songs downloaded then simply search here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. 


What is Fireboy Source of Income? 


Starting a musical career can be a daunting journey most especially without any label. 


and Fireboy must have felt this same pressure but during our research. and putting together piece, I discover that as a fresher your income majorly stems from your music sales. 


So DML’s source of income right now is from his music on streaming platforms. 


He occasionally still get called upon shows which will majorly be decided by his boss whether to take it up or not. 


As when writing this post, Fireboy does not have any endorsement deals running. 


but once that’s the case I will make sure to update this post to reflect such endorsement. 



Joeboy Brief Bio


Before you and I will get an estimate of Forbes Joeboy net worth 2019 let me tell you briefly about him. 


Joeboy’s major source of musical inspiration stem from big names in the Nigerian music industry. 


and yes I am speaking of 9ice and I’d Cabasa who also produced one of Olamide’s recent songs of his 999 EP. 


Under ID Cabasa Joeboy learned the act of singing which no doubt has helped in crafting him to the man he is today. 


He is also a nominee for the award for next rated artist at the 2019 Headies award held a couple of months back. 


but the only downside is that he and Fireboy lost that award to Rema. 

Joeboy Net Worth 2020

Having said I believe the right question you and I should be asking right about now is who is he. 


Who is He Joeboy 


Joeboy is a Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter, entertainer and stage performer. 


The city of Lagos has been home for so many of the upcoming artists in the industry today. 


If you take the likes of Zlatan Ibile, Naira Marley, Rema, Fireboy, Lyta into account. 


All these are talents emerging from Lagos, heck even Victor AD from Warri are all products of Lagos. 


and Joeboy is no exception from his kindreds in the musical journey. 


Like most people in Lagos, Joeboy was born in Lagos in the year 1997 precisely May 21st. 


So what is the real name of Joeboy you may want to ask right? 


The real name of Joeboy is Joseph Akinfewa Donus but better known by his stage name Joeboy. 


If you grow up in Lagos then chances are you know that Joe boy is the next generation of musicians looking to make a name in the industry as Davido and Wizkid did. 


Having said that now let’s breeze through his educational background. . 


Where Did He School


Recently I was in a conversation with a very good friend of mine. 

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We go way back, say as far back as primary school. and he and I were having this conversation about school. 


He said you always say you hate school but I think if it weren’t for school I wouldn’t have known you. 


He then capped it with be grateful for what life has given you. 


At that moment I realize he was right and that I have been wrong. because despite hating school so much for the flawed system, it did give me nice friends. 


I told you that brief story because I have been angry at the system in the school that I didn’t appreciate. the amazing people I attracted to my life and I believe it’s the same for almost everyone. 

Joeboy spent a major part of his life growing up in Lagos and as such his primary and secondary school education. all happen in the busy city of Lagos. 


After completing his secondary education the Lagos born entertainer and singer decided to attend Lagos state University in Akoka. 


There he graduated with a degree in Human resources. but it was time to face the real world. 


and graduating from the four walls of schools is nothing like the real world. 


Hence one of the major reasons I keep telling people that you can be the best student in the whole. school and still be the poorest at the same in the real world. 


Understanding money is a topic and a course that should be studied on its own entirety. 


but the too bad school doesn’t reveal all of this to you… 


How Did Joeboy’s Career Start


Well, the short answer is it started when he was a small boy at the tender age of maybe 6. 


His father was a pianist and his older brother a chorister in church. as such all of these factored into shaping his decision to take music as a career and profession. 


but it was not until Mr Eazi discovered him that his career really started. 


Prior to this Joeboy did a cover for Ed Sheeran’s popular song Shape of You


It was released on YouTube and thank God for the age of the Internet. it quickly gained traction locally and internationally. 


This was the defining moment for Joeboy because this was how he got discovered. 


You probably heard about Empawa right? 


Well, it’s a program organized by Mr Eazi to discover talents around Africa. 


and graciously Mr Eazi managed to convince Joeboy to participate in the program. 

Luckily or better still as the universe may have, Joeboy became one of the 100 participants who were given the sum $3000 do kick-start his music career. 


Guess what he did with his share of the money? 


He invested it into his music but then there is still some struggles you know. 


Nothing is white and black when it comes to singing and if you have been in it you do know best. 


Mr. Eazi also organized another #Empawa100 and this time Joeboy happens to be one of the lucky people that received $50,0000 after the program ended. 


He invested it and did his first single Gbeseyin but it was Faaji featuring Mr Eazi that announced as an upcoming artist. 


So after his first single then what happened? 


Well, fortune started smiling in the form of getting signed into Banku music. 


Albums and Songs 


Joeboy fame came as no surprise because it was talent built upon a solid foundation called hard work. 


Upon signing for Banku music Joeboy released Baby in 2019, a song that is still streaming on major platforms. 


The video followed and it quickly hit a pretty good number of views on YouTube. 

but then he followed it with beginning and the video is currently one of the things I am ranking decently on Google for. 


Having said that here is a list of some of his albums and songs… 


  • Love and Light released in 2019


  • THC (The Herrera chronicles) 


  • How to make friends in a brand new town 


Popular Singles includes 


  • Beginning 


  • Baby 


What is Joyboy’s Source of Income 


When putting together this piece, Joeboy’s major source of income is his music. 


Also, he earns little from shows where he performs as an entertainer. 


but I do not know of any endorsement he may have currently but if there is any, I will bring it to your notice. 






Joeboy and Fireboy DML net worth for the year 2020 is predicted to see a gradual increase. 


and with the pace that both singers have started in, it can only mean. there is more good stuff install for both artists. 


Most especially because both have done well with their singles breaking into the heart of fans. 


Now I would love to hear from you! 


How would you predict Joeboy and Fireboy DML net worth in 2020 considering the year is just starting out? 


Is it going to rise with their seemingly blistering and just starting career? 


Do well to leave me a comment below and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Thanks for reading and if you love this piece then please show me, love, by sharing on Facebook. 


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