EP 1: Did Davido Steal This Song? (Here Is Everything We Know)

Victor AD and Davido Jowo saga
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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 01:00 pm


If You love reading, then below is the transcript of the above podcast, do enjoy.


One of the craziest claims you will hear in the Nigerian music industry today is that Davido cannot sing. 


That’s gotta be crazy right? 


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Davido Accused On Twitter Court Of Stealing Hit Song Jowo

Having said that, come let’s dive right into the meat and juice of this episode. 


Here is a quick question for you: Do you believe that Davido stole one of his hit songs from his recent album ABT which is the acronym for A Better Time? 


Leave a comment in the comment section below because I would love to hear your thoughts and I will engage with every one of your comments. 




Now that that is out of the way, let me tell you a quick story. 


I woke up about 3 AM today and I went out to take a little bit of fresh air from nature. 


You definitely need to try it out sometimes. 


So after 30 minutes outside under the cool of the night, I decided to go back into my apartment. 


As I lie in bed, I could not sleep, so I grabbed my phone and head over to Twitter with the hope that the bright light from my phone shining through the darkness into my eyes would help me sleep. 


but boy o boy, I was wrong. 


I quickly looked at the trending table and found Davido, Victor AD, and JOWO trending. 


My curiosity sprung right on and when I clicked on the trending topic, I found that Davido stole JOWO. 


but wait! 


That is the wrong way to put it so let me rephrase before you guys eat me alive. 


Davido was accused of stealing JOWO and as I dive into more details, I found lots of toxic tweets about Davido stealing JOWO. 

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Like you, I wanted to get to the bottom of the story and yeah I did eventually after seeing a tweet from Victor AD. 


Remember Davido gave Victor AD one of his biggest songs since coming into the Nigerian music industry. 


According to the fake news they just ran with it and that’s why Donald Trump called them fake news. 


Mind you JOWO is doing some serious crazy numbers on YouTube and Davido is magical. 


The video has garnered more than 27 million views on YouTube with 5K plus comments. 


Davido has a way of making you and me talk about him and that’s exactly what he did with JOWO. 


The video featured Nigerian legend and Nollywood actor Richard Mofe Damijo, and BBN Nengi.


That’s some crazy numbers right there. You definitely need to check out that video. 

You won’t be disappointed I promise. 


Now back to the story, while trying to find out what really happened I stumbled on Victor Ad’s tweet which reads: 


Omo I did not write Jowo for Davido, I don’t know where all this is coming from. guys make una leave baba to celebrate his 10 years in peace. 


What this tweet proved is that Davido did not steal JOWO from Victor AD. 


but rather the song was Co-written by him and Edehinde of the DMW record label. 


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As I was going through some of the tweets, you will be amazed at the kind of hate that Davido gets. 


It’s just crazy… 


I mean the dude has been serving you and me hit songs consistently for a decade. 


If you have a little brain (no disrespect intended) then you would see that it takes consistency to have stayed on top of the game for 10 years. 


It takes a lot of hard work, smart work, and building a team because no man is an island otherwise you will get your ass whooped in the Nigerian music industry. 


The only people that have stayed in the industry consistently for this long is the likes of 2Baba, the now-defunct group Psquare. 


Those guys were amazing and then Wizkid, with just a few others. 


So to say that Davido can’t sing in my opinion is disrespectful to all that he has achieved for the past 10 years. 


You remember Dami Duro right? he gave us that hit song, you remember Gobe right? He gave us that hit song too. 


and then there is FIA, If, Fall that have won several awards nationally and internationally. 


Heck, you can go to the Shoutmeceleb official website at Shoutmeceleb.com and you will find all Davido awards. 


Use the search bar and you will get all his awards. 


I will end with this, love Davido, love Wizkid, love Burnaboy because these guys have continued to put Naija on the map. 


That will be all for this episode and till I come your way again, stay safe out there and I love you. 


Bye-bye for now. 

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