AV Big Thug Boys Lyrics (New Review Reaction)

AV big thug boys lyrics
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Why am writing about AV big thug boys lyrics today when it’s been trending since June?


Well, the simple answer is that I did not listen to this song the first time it was released but now, I am in love with it. 


So if you really want to enjoy this song then you have come to the right place to get it. 


AV big thug boys lyrics left me speechless, I was hooked, it was a beauty and you can download AV big thug boys Mp3 here easily today. 


but before you and I dive into the big thug boys lyrics by AV, here are heads up of what this post will cover. 


  • Who produced and wrote AV thug boys lyrics 


  • AV big thug boys mp3 download 


  • Complete thug boys lyrics AV


  • Reaction & Review of the song 


  • Conclusion 


Simply put, you will be able to download big thug boys song by AV, stream it, and also follow big thug boys by AV lyrics here. 


Let’s get into the details, shall we? 


Who Produced & Wrote AV Big Thug Boys Lyrics 


Who produced this song? It was produced by Kulboy. 


Who wrote this song that’s currently trending in Nigeria, Ghana, and Gambia? It was written by Adindu Victor. 

Reaction & Review of the song

Adindu Victor first came into the music scene in 2018 and has since been a very fine addition to the ever-growing music industry. 


He released Hustle in 2019 which made the waves on the internet while also receiving some attention from international countries. 


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So here are some small details of this song below. 


Song Title: big thug boys 


Artist: AV


Producer: Kulboy 


Written By: Adindu Victor 


Release Date: 2021


Nationality: Nigeria 


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