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Last updated on December 25th, 2022 at 07:37 am

Joeboy number one lyrics will leave you vibing so hard and you can enjoy Joeboy number one song here today without stress. 


Only a few upcoming acts do what Joe Boy does you know. His flair sets him apart from everyone else. 


Now that is the kind of unique I love talking about for artists to really climax. 


but wait


What will number one lyrics by Joeboy bring you? 


  • Well, you will able to follow number one by Joeboy lyrics word for word
  • Lastly, you will be able to stream number audio while you get my sweet short review too. 


So come let’s dive into the lyrics of number one by Joeboy shall we? 


Joeboy Number One Song


Look before you and I go further down this post, if you have not taken the time to listen to show me and Joeboy focus then you are in for a long thing. 


You definitely should not be missing these tracks from SBBM album to be fairly honest with you. 

number one Joeboy lyrics

With that out of the way, I have to say I was glad when I saw his name came up for the Headies Award nominations. 


Although I am not sure if he will be the one to pick up the coveted award because the category is tight. 


However, seeing him make the nomination list gave me joy which is huge if you ask me. 

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With that said, here is what I want you to do, click on the sky blue button below to stream number one by Joeboy. 

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So what else do I have for you


Well, let’s just say you will find out shortly. 


Complete Number One Lyrics Joeboy 


If you have watched Empire, you would know that there is a popular saying that goes like this: Artist that don’t perform dies. 


Believe it or not, artists that do not perform will die off quicker than you can blink your eyes. 

Joeboy number one lyrics

Why this pandemic made sure artists were unable to perform, Joeboy has been soaring with singles. 




Tell me, have you listened to or stream this track above? 

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If your answer comes back as yes then what is your favorite line from this song? 


Use the comment box to leave me your answer, hopefully, I will connect with you. 


Having said that, here are the number one lyrics by Joeboy, do have fun now, will you? 



Whatever you dey do you for putty jara

And anything they wanna say doesn’t really matter

Don’t stay far from me

Baby just come closer eh

Imara mma you be fine with the whine oshe le le



Number one you’re not number two

Number one you’re not number two

(You no, you no be)

Number one you’re not number two

Number one you’re not number two



She be best by far

Number one and she get my back (she get my back o)

She be best by far

She be number one and she get my back (get my back)

She be best by far

She be number one and she get my heart (get my back o)

She be best by far

She be number one and she get my back

Let’s go



To say the least

Na you be my wish come true

You no get substitute

Abi you be winch

The way that I’m stuck on you

E be like super glue

Everything I do

Wanna do it all for you

You no know the magnitude

Of wetin I dey feel

Wetin I dey feel for you

Oh no

You know that I like it like that

What you doing oya bring it right back

As you get me

Me I get your back too

No go play me like a jangilova

Pretty girl I’m loyal

You’re my queen so royal

Oya gimme small whine

Gimme small whine

Killaman killaman

Killaman whine



Number one you’re not number two

Number one you’re not number two

(You no, you no be)

Number one you’re not number two

Number one you’re not number two

(You no, you no be)



Joeboy ‘pon deck na na na

Number one you’re not number two


Who Wrote And Produce Joeboy Number One Lyrics 


Who wrote this track of the SBBM album? number one Joeboy lyrics was written by Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa. 


Who produced this track? number one Joeboy mp3 was produced by Beats By KO. 

Joeboy number one mp3 download

SBBM album has KO with most of the production so he definitely is good. 


As for Joeboy, he continues to wow everyone with his quality songs while also increasing his net worth. 


Now here are some details you may have missed. 


Song Title: number one 


Artist: Joeboy 


Producer: Beats By KO


Written By: Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa


Released Date: 4th February 2021 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Reaction & Review Of This Song 


Reaction; This is a mad song and you need to have headphone-like beats by Dre to really appreciate the work put into this track. 


I have to say a big shout to Beats By KO, it was a super sleek job that you did with this song. 


The lyrics got me thinking that I am number one and it was fun to listen to. 


With that out of the way I really need to give this track an excellent 5-star rating. 


It deserves it as anything short would have been under what this track deserves. 




Joe Boy and Fireboy are the two upcoming acts that have been so exceptional you know. 




Maybe you can throw Omah Lay to the brew and you would have gotten a perfect trio. 




Anyways it’s your turn now! 


How would you rate Joeboy number one lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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