Johnny Drille ft Don Jazzy Ova Lyrics (New Video Review)

Johnny Drille ova lyrics
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Last updated on December 2nd, 2022 at 03:52 pm

Johnny Drille ft Don Jazzy ova lyrics took me to a place where I was blushing and you can enjoy Johnny Drille ova on Apple Music or YouTube.


The reason I was blushing was that I had missed Don Jazzy’s voice so much. 


There is that uniqueness in his voice that makes him different from any musician in the industry today. 


but enough of me blushing, right? 


Anyways, in today’s post, you and I will cover Johnny Drille ova lyrics and even do a review. Heck, here is a bullet point to spell it out. 


  • You will be able to download ova song by Johnny Drille. 


  • Also, you will get my short review of this song alongside Don Jazzy and Drille fans. 


  • Finally, I have taken the time to write out the lyrics for you to enjoy. 


With that said, come let’s dive into ova lyrics by Johnny Drille, shall we? 


Johnny Drille ft Don Jazzy Ova Mp3 Download 


I love Don Jazzy and everything he has done for the industry and in the same way, I love artists who have hustled to the top. 


Because in their own way, they act as inspiration for other upcoming artists and Don J is an inspiration for a lot of people today. 

download ova song by Johnny Drille

His skills, influence, has helped propel young artists like Rema, and Johnny Drille to beautiful success simultaneously. 


Furthermore, his chemistry with Johnny Drill on this song is just magical, to put it mildly. 


So here is what I want you to do for me but first stay with me… 


Watch Johnny Drille ft Don Jazzy ova video now!



Don’t go yet, there is more! 


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At the beginning of this post, I promised you a nice short and sweet review from myself and fans of these two, so let’s go. 


Review & Reaction Of This Song By Don Jazzy & Johnny Drille Fans 


Before I jump into that, here are some things you need to know. This song was written and produced by John Ighodaro. 


Okay, now that this is out of the way let’s start with you Chibuzor. How would you rate Johnny Drille’s performance on this song? 

Johnny Drille ft Don Jazzy Ova Mp3 Download

Chibuzor (Drille’s die-hard fan): I was in the bathroom soaked with water when the song was playing at my Neighbours place. 


I swear after coming out of the bathroom, I immediately went straight to his house and asked him to send it to me. 


Once he did, I had it on replay for more than 7 hours, no jokes. All I can tell you is that this was epic, beautiful, and amazing. It’s definitely getting my Masterpiece rating as a die-hard fan. 


Hmmm, I can still see the joy of how transfixed you were on your face but let’s get on with it. 


Michael, it’s over to you now, do you agree with Chibuzor that this is an amazing song and how would you rate Don Jazzy’s performance as a strong Jazzy fan? 

Johnny Drille ft Don Jazzy ova lyrics

Michael (Don Jazzy fan): I 100% agree with Chibuzor with his expressions and equally important is the fact Drille is God sent artist. 


He produces, he writes and he sings his own songs, and that’s all three talents wrapped into one. As for Don Jazzy, I was glad to hear his voice after such a long time. 


Ova by Johnny Drille ft Don Jazzy lyrics is thrilling, fun, and all-around entertaining so for me, it’s definitely a Masterpiece rating. 


Finally here is the SMCE rating chart. 


  • 0 – 1.9 flopped 


  • 2.0 – 3.0 almost failed 


  •  4.0 – 5.9 average 


  • 6.0 – 7.9 very good


  • 8.0 – 10 Masterpiece


Complete Ova Lyrics Johnny Drille 


Look, Johnny’s Before We Fall Asleep album is a beauty and you are missing if you haven’t listened to it. 


It has really amazing songs from My Kind Of Brown to Ludo and more. 

Review & Reaction Of This Song By Don Jazzy & Johnny Drille Fans

but for the moment, I am taken by ova by Johnny Drille lyrics so I have written out for you below. 



Oh lets start over o



over ooo




So you dey vex like this

Even as you vex you are beautiful, my love

Oh yeah ohhh oh yeah oh

I know say you’re missing me

Ignore my text you dey punish me my love

Oh yeah ohhh oh yeah oh yeah


If I could I’ll make a time machine, my boo

Rewind it and be your disciple

And believe in me and you

No one be like you

Dem finna try but they never could

My girly wanna be by you

But you no pick up


Wanna make it up to you, my ruby

You shine like a million stars

You’re always in my head

But girl you no gimme chance

I’ll amend my ways for you, my ruby

Should I get you a bullion van

You’re always in my head

But, girl, you no gimmie chance

Make we start all over



Over oo

Ova over over ooo

Over over over ooo

Ova over over ooo ooo

Over oo

Ova over over ooo

Over over over ooo

Over over ooo ooo



Hopelessly I’m falling over and over again

For your chocolate skin

Helpless me, I be hard guy

But, girl, you make me weak

Endlessly staring at your picture, girl

And wondering what’s wrong with me

What is wrong with me

What have you done to me?



The best thing wey happen to me

Most beautiful I ever seen

You dey take care of me

The only girl wey I dey see, hm

I no come know wetin happen to me

let a good one go, kai

I let a good one go


Stupid me, go join stingy men

But, baby girl, you know say me no stingy o

Well, I don tell them make dem free me

Make we start all over o



Over oo

Ova over over ooo

Over over over ooo

Ova over over ooo ooo

Over oo

Ova over over ooo

Over over over ooo

Over over ooo ooo




Johnny ft Don Jazzy lyrics took as far back as Dorobucci when Tiwa Savage was still part of the Mavin crew. 


It’s such a long time ago but I really miss those times. 


In conclusion, this song got a massive Masterpiece rating by fans of DJ and JD and I stand by it because it was everything both fans say it is. 


So if you have not listened to the song then you are missing it. 


It’s over to you now


How would you rate Johnny Drille ft Don Jazzy ova lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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