Rayvanny ft Guchi Sweet Lyrics (New Review Reaction)

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Rayvanny ft Guchi sweet lyrics, the beautiful melody will keep you trapped and you can download Rayvanny sweet Mp3 here now.




Tanzania Bongo Flava is becoming something else day by day with so many amazing musicians springing up. 

Rayvanny Fun Facts (1)

More on that later down this post. but for now, there is a lot for you and me to get into. 


So if you truly love Tanzania Bongo Flava, you will be thrilled with this new hit from Rayvanny. 


So here is what you will get from today’s post… 


  • You will be able to stream this beauty right here. 


  • Also, you will be able to download sweet song by Rayvanny. 


  • Lastly, you will be able to follow sweet by Rayvanny lyrics word for word. 


And now that you know what you will get from today’s post, come let’s dive into Rayvanny sweet lyrics, shall we? 


Reaction & Review Of The Song 


There has always been that thing with Bongo Flava that’s kept me really hooked after listening to Diamond Platnumz. 


The crazy part is their artists are so good and it makes you wonder you know. 

Rayvanny ft Guchi Lyrics

This song just adds to that wonder, Ray’s voice was epic, Ugochi Onuoha’s melody was exceptional. 


The lyrics were beautiful even though it sampled a song from one of the most successful music series in the world named Empire. 


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The chemistry between these two reek of class and I could not stop repeating this beauty. 


The production was amazing and for me, this is definitely a 5-star song. 


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