Tion Wayne Who’s True Lyrics (New Video)

Tion Wayne who's true lyrics
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Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 07:07 pm

Tion Wayne who’s true lyrics featuring Davido and Jae5 is that banger you need and you can enjoy Tion Wayne who’s true here. 


London is producing some really beautiful talents musically and this one didn’t come as a surprise. 




I know you love a good song which is why you are here, right?


so before we dive into Tion Wayne ft Davido who’s true lyrics, here is what today’s post will cover. 


  • I will show you where to stream/download who’s true song by Tion Wayne. 


  • I wrote a nice short review of this song for you while also curating a couple of reactions from fans across social media. 


  • Finally, I have taken the time to write out the lyrics for you so you can sing along. 


Assuming you now know what this post is covering, come let’s dive into all of the details. 


Tion Wayne ft Davido Who’s True Mp3 Download 


First, I have to say that this is that song those home and abroad (diaspora) needed hear to be fair. 


I mean Africa is got so many artists that you probably don’t know who you want to pick as your favorite. 


Click on the play button to watch Tion Wayne ft Davido who’s true video now!

Heck, the debate has always been between Wizkid and Davido until Burnaboy came along. 


but hey this is Wayne’s day so let’s skip every other thing in between, yeah? 


Since you are here to get this song into your iPhone or any other device, here is what I want you to do… 


Click on the media player to stream this song after which you can stream it from the link below. 

[download id=”16459″]

Wait, don’t go yet… 


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I promised you my review of who’s true by Tion Wayne ft Davido lyrics, check it out by Clicking Next. 

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