Omah Lay vs Joeboy vs Rema vs Fireboy Net Worth 2022

Omah Lay vs Joeboy vs Fireboy net worth
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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 06:22 pm

Who Is The Richest Between Omah Lay And Fireboy


Fireboy DML career has what anyone can characterize as intriguing you know. 


You can’t deny that he is currently one of the leading names in the music market right now. 

Omah vs Joeboy net worth

Let’s forget about the big best musicians in Nigeria currently with regards to the big names and focus on the best upcoming musicians in Nigeria right now. 


Names like Fireboy would always come up right especially if he is the most streamed artist in the country last year. 


I mean Fireboy vs Omah Lay’s net worth shouldn’t even be a topic since Fireboy came on the scene before Stanley Didia right? 

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Well, you will be surprised by the time I show how much each is worth. 


I mean by this time you already know how much Omah Lay is worth but just maybe you have no clue of Fireboy’s worth. 


So let’s get into that, shall we? 


Who is the richest between Fireboy and Omah Lay? Fireboy DML’s net worth is currently estimated to be 300,000 US dollars ($300,000) while Omah Lay is worth 90,0000 US dollars. The above figures show that Fireboy is the richest of the two with more than $210,000 difference. 


So when next you ask Omah and Fireboy who is richer or Fireboy and Omah Lay who is richer, just know that Fireboy comes out on top. 


but this post won’t fully meet its purpose if I refuse to bring to you Fireboy vs Joeboy wealth. 


So let’s take a look at their fortune, shall we? 


Who Is The Richest Between Joeboy and Fireboy 


Now I won’t go deep into this because I have covered this topic before. 


You can go to the post which is titled Joeboy and Fireboy DML net worth to get your answer. 


These two make magic and if anything their recent projects prove how beautiful listening to good sound could be.


Not to exaggerate but there are only quite a handful of singers who gives magic the way these two do.


With that said let’s draw a conclusion on this post shall we? 


Now click on the NEXT BUTTON to see who is richer between Rema and Omah Lay

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