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Blaqbonez sex over love album
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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 03:18 pm

Blaqbonez sex over love album is a fantastic body of work and you can enjoy Blaqbonez sex over love album here today. 


If you ask me who is one of the most underrated artists with potential right now in the industry, I would go with Emeka The Stallion. 


but wait! 


Since you are here to listen and stream his new body of work, let’s skip the previous paragraph for a conversation of another day. 


Blaqbonez Sex Over Love Album Stream


With that said, in today’s post, you will get my review of 6 tracks from this album while streaming sex over love album by Blaqbonez


All you have to do now is click on the play button and enjoy continuous streaming of the album. 


If you wish to go to the next track, just click on the Next button and that will take you to the next song. 


With that said, here is sex over love album tracklist.

[ai_playlist id=”13889″]

Blaqbonez Sex Over Love Tracklist Review & Reaction 


Before I dive into this review, I need you to know that I am not taking this review in a particular order. 


What this means is that the songs from sex over love Blaqbonez album will be reviewed according to our own choosing. 


I could decide to pick number 3 and do a review instead of number 1.


Ultimately, this is to give you an idea of some of the hot jams I think you will love while streaming this body of work. 


Now here is a list of all the tracks from the album.


  • Fendi ft Joeboy 


  • Heartbreaker ft Nasty C


  • Best friend ft Cheque 


  • Don’t touch 


  • Bling ft Amaarae & Buju 


  • Novacane 


  • Zombie 


  • BBQ remix ft Tiwa Savage 


  • TGF pussy


  • Never been in love 


  • Okwaraji


  • Faaji 


  • Cynic route 


  • Haba


Now come let’s touch on the first 6 tracks… 


Fendi ft Joeboy 


Blaqbonez is coming really hard for the crown and when he said he thinks he is the best rapper, the dude means it. 


During the interview with Ebuka, the rapper and singer said he believes he is better than M.I and Vector (though not directly). 

sex over love album by Blaqbonez

In my opinion, he doesn’t come close but then again he has to believe that if he is to achieve it. 


Joeboy came hard on this one and he has been getting features a lot since this calendar began. 


The track Fendi talks about a girl as usual with Joeboy taking a verse and chorus. 


Blaqbonez on the other hand made sure this wasn’t just a dull love song. 


Fendi was produced by Beatsbyjayy and you can download and follow Blaqbonez ft Joeboy Fendi lyrics here. 


Heartbreaker ft Nasty C


When Blaqbonez said he is the best rapper in the country, somewhere in my head I said thank God he didn’t say Africa. 


Don’t get me wrong, he could be the best rapper in Africa but then you would have to first beat the likes of Nasty C. 

Blaqbonez Sex Over Love Album Download

Nasty C is easily one of the best rappers in Africa right now and having him on this track was dope. 


Both rappers went hard on their lines but damn, one can’t resist how smooth Nasty C sounds. 


This is another beauty you definitely would love since it also talks about the theme of the album. 


Personally, this is one of my favorites because it has Nasty C on it. 


Heartbreaker was produced by Beatsbyjayy and you can download and follow Blaqbonez ft Nasty C heartbreaker lyrics here. 


Best Friend ft Cheque 


Cheque’s debut in the industry can almost make you feel like music is as easy as ABC, right? 


Well, it could be but one would first need to put in the work because greatness and success are a product of hard work and smart work. 


This track should leave you speechless and get you hitting the replay button. 


It talks about starting from the bottom and always wanting the best in life for your best friend. 


So if you have a best friend, then you definitely need him or her to hear this track. 


The message is deep and it goes just beyond what I said above. 


This track was produced by Beatsbyjayy. you can download and follow Blaqbonez ft Cheque best friend lyrics


Don’t Touch 


You can’t take it away from Emeka The Stallion’s strategy of marketing his album. 


He does that so well using Wizkid as a marketing strategy to reach more audiences. 


Don’t touch is a track that talks about his woman and how he doesn’t want anyone to come closer to her. 


In one particular line, the rapper said if anyone likes your picture he would fire them in the eye. 


Crazy lyrics which I feel is extreme for someone that said he doesn’t want anything to do with love. 


Having said that, this track was produced by Beatsbyjayy. You can download and follow Blaqbonez don’t touch lyrics here. 


Bling ft Amaarae & Buju 


Bling is a beautiful song if not one of the best tracks from sex over love by Blaqbonez album. 


I don’t say that lightly because I have listened to most tracks from this album. 


but this track got all the juice. 


Plus the features were all dope hitting their verses that I was hooked. 


Amaarae was just insane and the Ghanaian American singer is underrated but hopefully, her time will come. 


As for Buju, he did his thing as usual and the visuals from the video are beautiful as well. 


Bling was produced by Type A. You can download and follow Blaqbonez bling lyrics here. 




This track would have been fire if Blaqbonez would have M.I on this track. 


Emeka is good and no wonder M.I got him signed to Chocolate City, you know. 


This track talks about haters who think they can race with him. 


He is obviously letting them know in one of the lines that no one can stop him now because he has money. 


I like how he addresses haters upfront but then a wise man knows he would have enemies when he is rising. 


This track was produced by Beatsbyjayy who is the person that majorly created this project. 


You can download and also follow Blaqbonez novacane lyrics here




This album no doubt gets my 8/10 star rating, it was dope, and every track really got me hooked. 


The industry is becoming really competitive which in my opinion is a good thing. 


Each artist would have to work twice as hard to beat their previous body of work which will be very interesting. 


Over to you now! 


How would you rate Blaqbonez’s sex over love album? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts, and I will follow up with you. 


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