Top 20 Richest Musicians In East Africa 2023 ($31,253,791 Plus Cash)

top 20 richest musicians in East Africa
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Last updated on December 27th, 2022 at 03:06 pm

Top 20 Richest Singers In East Africa 2022 


Who are the top 20 most wealthy musicians in East Africa right now? The top 20 richest musicians in east Africa 2021 are:


  • Lady Jaydee 


  • Nahreel 


  • Jah Prayzah 


  • Sulumani Chimbetu


Now come let’s see how much these guys are worth as of now, shall we? 


11. Lady Jaydee Net Worth $2.4 Million (Tanzania)


Lady Jaydee really did find success under Taurus Musik which is one of the biggest labels at the time. 


Today, there are several labels that are bigger than Taurus Musik but that does not mean it is no longer one of the best in the continent. 


Lady Jaydee became one of the best in her genre after she won the Best R&B album in the Tanzania Music award ceremony. 


She was born Judith Wambura Mbibo but popular for her craftsmanship which in this case is music. 


Jaydee is a Tanzania musician, a singer-songwriter who rose to fame after her R&B songs were widely accepted in Tanzania. 


She is currently the Queen of Bongo Flava and it doesn’t look like this title is going anywhere soon. 


So how much is the net worth of Lady Jaydee? Lady Jaydee’s is estimated to be worth 2,400,000 US dollars ($2.4 Million). Jaydee’s source of income strictly came from her profession as a musician. 


Net Worth: $2.4 Million 


12. Nahreel Net Worth $2 Million (Tanzania)


This list is populated by Tanzania musicians and it almost looks like they are the wealthiest in East Africa music. 


The defining moment in Nahreels career came after Pah One broke up which led to the formation of a duo group called Navy Kenzo. 


The group was made up of himself and his long-time girlfriend and together both released the album titled AIM which featured stars across Africa. 


One of the names on this album is Patoranking a Nigerian musician and countryman Ali Kiba. 


So who is Nahreel? Nahreel is a Tanzania singer-songwriter, music producer, and the founder of Industry Studios. 


So how much is the net worth of Nahreel? Nahreel’s worth is estimated to be 2,000,000 US dollars ($2 million). A lot of his wealth comes from music and being an entrepreneur. 


Net Worth: $2 Million 


13. Jah Prayzah Net Worth $2 Million (Zimbabwe)


Jah Prayzah is the lead member in the band Third Generation which has wowed Zimbabwe for so long. 


Prayzah is one of two Zimbabwean musicians that made this list of top 20 richest musicians in East Africa 2021. 


His spot made him the 13th richest in East Africa with a nice net worth. 


Prayzah started his musical career in high school recording mostly dancehall songs with his friend. 


He failed to hit stardom but his last studio album titled Ngwarira Kuparara changed all that.


The album was a huge success and landed him the recognition he needed to blossom in the industry. 


He also owns 2 NAMA award and ZIMA award to crown his effort as a musician while also winning the South African award for Best Artist in Southern Africa. 


So how much is the net worth of Jah Prayzah? Jah Prayzah’s net worth is currently estimated to be 2,000,000 US dollars ($2 million). 


Net Worth: $2 Million 


14. Sulumani Chimbetu Net Worth $2 Million (Zimbabwe)


Sulumani Chimbetu career is one hell of success especially after winning the NAMA award in 2013. 


He released his debut studio album in 2007 but his most successful body of work came in 2012. 


His 2012 album was titled Syllabus which was a commercially successful album especially after featuring talents like Jah Prayzah. 


Before fame, Sulumani was in the airforce but the death of his father saw him leave to take on his father’s legacy Orchestra Dendera Kings. 


It was a music band headed by his father before passing and with being the next in line after his uncle, he decided to make the band a success before launching his solo career. 


He has so far released more than 3 studio albums which have been good. 


So how much is he worth? Sulumani Chimbetu is currently worth the sun of 2,000,000 US dollars ($2 Million). 


Net Worth: $2 Million 


15. Juma Nature Net Worth $1.5 Million (Tanzania)


Juma Nature success has been telling of his hard work since coming into the Tanzania music scene. 


So who is he? Juma Nature is a Tanzania hip hop recording artist and producer. 


He is the founder of the music group Wanaume of which he is also a member. 


Juma Nature last album Bongo Flava touched on some of the common problems facing the citizens of Tanzania. 


He used the album to create some serious awareness and with the single Umoja Wa Tanzania, he sang about love and unity. 


So far, Juma Nature has used his music to raise serious questions about wealth distribution in his country. 


So how much is the net worth of Juma Nature? Juma Nature’s net worth is currently estimated to be 1,500,00 US dollars ($1.5 million). 


Net Worth: $1.5 Million


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