Alternate POV: How Wizkid Teamed Up With Burna Boy To Shade Davido (The Break Down)

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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 06:53 pm

How Wizkid teamed up with Burna Boy to shade Davido, really? The 02 arena was ripe with lots of amazing talent who came out for Wizkid during his 3 days sold-out show on the beautiful stage. 


As the galore of extraordinary experience and performance light up the air, the big moments are etched in the heart of the world. 


What a night packed with an emotional roller-coaster for the audience and what a time to be alive as Afrobeat takes the front seat. 


According to Davido during his first deal with Sony Music in the UK, he told his employers that Afrobeat will become the next big thing. 


A couple of years later that prophesy is well underway to become a reality with the biggest names in African music helping to push the genre. 


Well, as fans basked in the euphoria, perhaps the moment that stuck out for me was Burna Boy’s repeated subs at Davido. 


While many will argue that was not the case, you may want to follow me just a little to really catch the scenario. 


Why I Believe Burnaboy Was Stressing I No Be Babalawo I Just Be Singer During 02 Performance 


Davido, Burna Boy, and Wizkid are the front men when it comes to music in Nigeria. 


You could say Africa but then other names will spring up like Diamond Platnumz so let’s just walk with three names on the list. 

David Adeleke aka Davido

After all, these are some of the best musicians on the African continent right now


Davido and Wizkid have been beefing since last I can remember and fans have had one theory or the other. 


During the interview with Ebuka Davido said Burna Boy and Wizkid were teaming up against him. 


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Something a lot of people were quick to wave off saying Wizkid does not roll like that. 


Then when Made In Lagos dropped, Wizkid ft Burna Boy ginger outro proved Davido was right. 


Burna Boy specifically uses the lyrical lines “I no be Babalawo I just be singer” in a bid to stretch and stress out who he is referring to. 


While the lines may look like it’s Burna Boy, the idea may solely be Wizkid’s attempt to reply to the picture that Davido posted on his Instagram (theorizing). 


Davido Posted A Photo Of Himself & Wizkid Dressed As Native Doctors 


In 2019 after the release of a good time which was a commercial success, Davido posted a photo on his Instagram account. 


The photo was a picture of himself and Wizkid dressed as native doctors aka “Babalawo”. No doubt these two reshaped the Nigerian music industry on the international stage.


And the wealth both superstars amassed from all that fame was used however they saw fit.


Take for example Wizkid’s cars as a testament to how much money the singer is worth.

Wizkid Apple Music Award 2021

Davido captioned the photo as “two of the greatest of all time” and apparently, Burnaboy was unhappy with the picture. 


Quickly Burna took to his Instagram handle and posted a cryptic message which many concluded was a reply to Davido’s post. 


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In not the exact quote the post reads something of… 


Everybody knows that you cannot play ball but your father bought the whole football team so that you could play. 


Fans weighed in on the topic with many supporting Davido by saying that if he wasn’t talented, he would not have stayed at the top this long. 


This is where things get interesting! 


Remember I referenced Ebuka and Davido’s interview, right? 


Well, when Davido said that Burna Boy and Wizkid were teaming up against him everyone thought he was crazy. 


Then when Wizkid ginger dropped, it became really obvious that was the case as the outro was intentional. 


The outro was then stressed during Wizkid and Burna Boy 02’s performance in the closing. 

Burna Boy perfomance at Wizkid 02 show

Wizkid joined in the highlighting of the line I no be Babalawo I just be singer which shows he has been wanting to respond to the picture Davido posted on his Instagram with both dressed as native doctors. 


POV: I think Wizkid wanted to reply, but he didn’t know how, considering his fan base, Wizkid FC called him mature, so he didn’t want it to be obvious he was not cool with the photo. 


As a result, he collaborated with Burnaboy just to make a statement about that picture which I hope I am wrong about. 


However, that may not be the case because everything so far lines up perfectly to show that the bromance between Wizkid and Burnaboy was an attempt to sub Davido. 


Burna Boy was the right guy for the record since he was already beefing Davido. 


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If you ask me, it was a smart move because Wizkid manages to use Burna Boy to achieve his goals while looking to be the mature one in the whole scenario. 


So was Burna Boy used? 


Well, it depends on who you are asking, but in my honest opinion, it was a win-win for both stars since Burnaboy disses Davido and Wizkid got to reply to Davido that he was not cool with him photoshopping him as a native doctor. 


What This Means Going Forward 


So what does this mean? Well, Davido was right about the sudden bromance between Wizkid and Burnaboy. 


And with Wizkid and Burna Boy set to release another record together titled Ballon D’or, we could be almost certain that somewhere in there, there will be shots fired at Davido again. 

Burna Boy perfomance at 02

When that happens, Davido would have two options. 


One: face off against two of the three biggest artists in Africa. 


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Two: ignore both stars and pretend he does not know shots are being fired at him like in the movies where the villain is gunning for the head of the protagonist. 




Whatever the outcome is I will make sure to keep you posted. 


Plus it turns out Davido was right all along about Wizkid and Burna Boy teaming up against him. 


It’s over to you now! 


Do you think shots will be fired at Davido when Burna Boy and Wizkid release Ballon D’or considering both got nominated again for the Grammy? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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