Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan net worth 2020
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Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan net worth who is richer? Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies have an estimated net worth that is more than $5,893,256.


but the purpose of today’s post is to discover what are the actual figures both TV show actors have. 


I dive deep into Joseph Morgan net worth 2020 in the latter part of this post. 


and I will also dive deeper into Daniel Gillies net worth 2020. 


but the right question is what will you get from today’s post… 


The short answer is you will get A LOT from this post about Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan’s net worth… 

Net worth of Daniel Gillies

and here is a summary of bullet points to show you all that you will discover by spending 10 minutes reading this post.

  • How much is Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan net worth


  • Who is the richest between Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies


  • Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan brief bio 


  • How did Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan career start 


  • Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies movies and TV shows 


  • What is Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan source of income 


  • Conclusion 


Every detail in this post has been thoroughly researched before putting pen to paper. 


So you can be rest assured that you are getting quality details and information for your time here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment


There is more! 


Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan net worth has been crossed reference with data from other sites. to be sure you are being shown the correct figures both celebrities are worth. 

However, these figures may fluctuate due to several factors as such, I try to update contents here on SMCE quarterly to reflect details that may be missing. 


Now that you know what to expect from today’s post. come on let’s dissect Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan net worth shall we?


So how much are they worth? 

How Much is Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan Net Worth 


Okay, this is the part you and I have been waiting for right? 



but first I will have to break it down into subheadings too. 


I really want this piece to be as easy as possible for you to read. 


and I believe subheadings help me achieve such goals.


Now the first subheading will tell how much is Daniel Gillies worth. 


and the second subheading obviously will discuss how much is Joseph Morgan worth. 


  • How much is Daniel Gillies net worth 
  • How much is Joseph Morgan net worth 


How Much is Daniel Gillies Net Worth 2020 


How much is Daniel Gillies net worth? Daniel Gillies current net worth is 3,000,000 US dollars ($3 million). He made his first debut in 1998 and has made a huge fortune of his from playing Elijah on the TV series “The Originals with aired for 5 seasons.


So have you ever typed the phrase what is Daniel Gillies net worth into Google? 


If you have then am sure you got your answer above. 

Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan net worth 2020

Daniel’s skill in over 2 decades has helped him land a couple of major roles in Hollywood and in Canada. 


This includes movies such as the Broken Kingdom which he was the director and the producer. 

Daniel Gillies networth:  $3 million 


Note that the figures you see above can change over time due to several factors. 


How Much is Joseph Morgan Net Worth 2020 


How much is Joseph Morgan net worth? Joseph Morgan current net worth is 4,000,000 US dollars ($4 million). Over the course of a decade-plus, Joseph has made an income acting in over 10 movies with the break coming up in his lead character Klaus in the TV series Originals. 


Joseph first entered into the movie scenes after playing Eroica in the 2003 movie. 


Since then it’s been one role or the other and so far all of these movies made up Joseph Morgan wealth. 


Joseph Morgan networth: $4 million


Now that you know how much both actors are worth? 


Now let’s see who the richest and by what margin… 


Who is the Richest Between Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies 


Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies net worth who is richer? Daniel Gillies currently has a net worth of $3 million and Joseph Morgan currently has a net worth of $4 million. Joseph is currently the richest of the two actors as of when publishing this post. 


I believe the above answer satisfies any further questions you have on what is Joseph Morgan’s net worth? 


and just below is by how much both actors lead each other. 


Joseph Morgan currently leads Daniel Gillies with the sum of $1 million despite the latter featuring in more movies than the former. 

How much is Joseph Morgan net worth

Considering net worth is all of a person’s asset minus their debt. this post details just the net worth of these two stars. 

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It does not break it down piece by piece how much each movie made the actors. 


Daniel Gllies and Joseph Morgan Brief Bio 


Do you know the beauty about the world and why it’s interwoven in cultures as stories? 


I will tell you! 


The beauty about the world is that you and I existed and a have our own story to tell. 


This story could be told by young and old. 


and guess what, the Internet has made it so easy to find the bio of anyone that’s popular and who is a celebrity. 



and today much like so many stories that have been told over the course of man’s existence, I have one for you too. 


It’s a brief bio on Daniel and Joseph… 


and I have decided to break it into two subheading below… 


  • Daniel Gillies brief Bio 


  • Joseph Morgan brief bio 


Daniel Gillies Brief Bio 


Over the years Daniel has played so many roles in movies and TV shows. and he has gone by several roleplay names. 


but today I will use one which he has been popularly known for and that’s Elijah. 


Don’t worry I will get into the net worth of Daniel Gillies later on, for now, let’s see who he is. 


but first what is his real name? 


The real name of the Originals TV series actor is Daniel Gillies


It’s a very common theme to like an actor and forget his name in the process. 


but hey, you don’t have to worry about that now right? 

So how old is he? 


Daniel Gillies was born in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada in the year 1976 March 14th. 


He is the great great great-grandson of the renowned pioneer of plastic surgery Harold Gillies. 


Daniel Gillies’s recent work includes Virgin Gate which started airing in 2019. 


So who is he? 


Daniel Gillies is a New Zealand born actor who moved to Canada and the US in search of acting opportunities.


You know how you wake up every morning with so much to give to the world. and yet lack the opportunity and platform to do so right? 


Daniel was very disgusted with the lack of opportunity in his country. And this fuelled his move to Canada in search of daily bread. 


Gillies’s educational background isn’t that factual but he attended Hamilton Boys High School. and also he attended Southwell School. 


When it comes to awards, well, Gillies has been without a call to the podium and is yet to receive an honorary award for his major roles in several movies. 


Now let’s see a brief bio of his kid brother in the TV series Originals, shall we?


Joseph Morgan Brief Bio 


Never ever would there be another figure that could play Klaus Mikaelson like this guy honestly. 


but no disrespect to other actors out there because this guy totally nailed his role. 


what is his real name, I know he is Klaus but I really had a hard time knowing his real name. 


Then I did a little Google search with something like this: what is the real name of Klaus Mikaelson and bingo there it was looking at me in the eye. 


Google really made the age of information effortless right? 


Well, the real name of Klaus is Joseph Morgan… 

Joseph Morgan net worth 2020

and he was born in London in the year 1981 May 16th. 


He was once rated the sexiest man by BuddyTV in 2011. 


So who is Klaus Mikaelson? 


Klaus Mikaelson is a British actor and director who is known for his evil role in The Vampire Diaries. 


Morgan schooled at Morrison Comprehensive High School before furthering his education at Gorseinon University. 


While at Gorseinon he studied BTEC performing art course. 


Much like Daniel Gillies, Joseph is yet to land any major award in the movie industry. 


but this has never dwindled the net worth of Joesph Morgan in 2020. 


and now it’s time to see how the career of these started… 


Come on, there is more! 


How Did Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan Career Start 


Okay, you remember how I spoke about everyone having their story told in history? 


Well, this is one of those cases… 


So quickly let’s look at how these two started and how the big moment came. 


and I have decided that it would make for an easy read if I split this into two subheadings… 


Each of these subheadings would detail how the careers of both actors started… 


Here we go! 


  • How did Daniel Gillies career start 


  • How did Joseph Morgan career start 


I could just jump into Daniel Gillies net worth 2020 for Forbes or heck even jump into Joseph Morgan net worth 2020 Forbes.


but then you won’t have all the details I am sharing with you now would you? The answer is NO I believe…




How Did Daniel Gillies Career Start 


Over the course of my life, I have found one thing to be particularly true with all humans. 


Guess what this is? 


Well, I found out that the level of poverty in a country. can be directly proportional to the zeal of people in the country. 


I will explain with an example. 


In this case, I am using Daniel Gillies… 


Daniel wanted to become an actor despite being born into a family with a strong medical background. 


and he could not find opportunities in New Zealand. now Gillies could have complained and done nothing about it but that wasn’t the case. 

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Instead, he picked up his bag one day and decided to leave New Zealand to find an opportunity somewhere else. 

How much is Daniel Gillies worth

Now it takes a lot of courage to do that right? 


In the end, he found success and he is worth millions of US dollars today. 


This couldn’t have happened if he didn’t make the decision to take control of his life. 


So how did the big moment happen? 


Well, You remember the series Vampire Diaries right? 


Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, Caroline, do any of these names ring a bell? 


Well, these are names of some of the series casts. 


Gillies played the role of an ancient family of vampires in the series which started airing in 2009. 


However, it was in 2013 that Vampire Diaries got its own spin-off with Daniel being one of the lead casts. 


In the TV series Originals, he played the older brother to his family of vampires. 


He believed that his evil kid brother could find redemption despite all the havoc he wreaked on his family. 


and he set out to give him redemption at all cost after it was discovered that. his kid brother has a daughter after making love to werewolf (Hailey). 


Originals quickly garnered a lot of fan base through it’s 5 seasons which started airing in 2013. 


With this stardom, Gillies fans rallied around to show their support and love for the character he played. 


This was the road to fame for Gillies and check out a brief trailer of the originals above. 


Then decide if it would make for an amazing watch during times like this. 


How Did Joseph Morgan Career Start 


Klaus Mikaelson the evildoer, well he found redemption eventually. but I wanted him to be with his daughter HOPE Mikaelson. 


She got her own show which is a good show actually, I only didn’t want to see it. because there was no Joesph Morgan or Daniel Gillies in it. 


One can really get addicted to these TV shows. which is kind of weird when I think about it sometimes. 


Anyways much like Daniel Gillies’s career, Morgan started by starring in the TV series Hex. 


He played Troy before getting a supporting role in the movie Alexander. 


His rise gradually climbs and so did his net worth which helps him to live the life that he wants. 


It was Vampire Diaries that ushered the singer to a part of fame. after playing the evil all-powerful hybrid vampire. 

Due to the success of Vampire Diaries, the original family of vampires got their own show.


and it was titled the ORIGINALS and Joseph alongside Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, and Phoebe Tonkins. made it a sensation of a TV series to watch. 


Originals quickly grew to become one of the series everyone was waiting to watch. 


and despite the dark character of Klaus, he was loved by his fans and this ultimately made him one of the show’s finest casts. 


If you haven’t seen the movie then I suggest you follow this link to o2tvseries to download and watch it. 


Then come back and shoot me an email to say thanks. for recommending you such as amazing series. 


Original’s popularity saw a further rise in Forbes Joseph Morgan’s net worth. 


I am taking you to some of the movies both actors have played a huge role in. and which has helped increase their worth over the course of their career. 


Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan Movies and TV Shows 


Movie celebrities are usually popular thanks to their roles in blockbuster movies. 


I mean take the likes of Jackie Chan, for example, he is popular worldwide for his comedy action movies. 


Another example would be Arnold Schwarzenegger, you probably know him best as COMMANDO. 


What all the above actors have in common are blockbusters after blockbusters movies. 


and that lined their pocket with extra income for years. 




In this section, I will be talking about Daniel Gillies’s movies, his TV shows as well as that of Joseph Morgan movies and TV shows. 


Ultimately you really can’t discuss their net worth without what is bringing that income. 


Also for easy skimming through this post, I will further, subheading this section into two. 


Here we go… 


  • Daniel Gillies movies and TV shows 


  • Joesph Morgan TV shows and movies 


Daniel Gillies Movies and TV Shows 


Personally I like to think that the wealth of Daniel Gillies is what it is today, thanks to some of the movies below. 


As you may have already known, movies and TV shows have entertained us for years. 


The only difference between the good old days and nowadays is the fact that. there are more techs to now make it effortless. 


Gillies’s acting career first started in 1998 where he was cast as a medic. 

and he played the role of Dirk Mettcalffe in the 2001 movie No One Can Hear You. 


In 2002, he was among the casts for Various postions as Marcel. 


“Various positions” detail a college student from a wealthy background who questioned his religion. After he realizes his father was involved in a cover-up scandal. 


In 2004, Daniel Gillies played John Jameson in the movie Spider-Man 2


You know the story of the Spider-Man even though we now have Tom Holland’s version. 


So I won’t bother you with the synopsis… 


Fast forward to 2012, Daniels Gillies played the lead actor in the Broken Kingdom as Jason 80.


He was also the director and producer of Broken Kingdom. 


The movie Vampire Diaries however set up the huge change in Daniel Gillies net worth Forbes. 

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Which ultimately ushered him into Originals in 2013 for which he was most prominent as Elijah Mikaelson. 


Now I won’t cover all the movies below, but here is a bullet point of some. 


  • Spider-Man 2004


  • Vampire Diaries 2009 


  • Originals 2013 


  • Broken Kingdom 


There you have it some of Daniel Gillies movies, however, if you wish to get a complete list of all his movies then check this link here


Joseph Morgan Movies and TV Shows 


Joseph Morgan, in my opinion, has been one hell of an amazing actor. 


He is sleek and also he has had an amazing career spanning over a decade. 


Morgan’s career started in 2003 just 5 years after Daniel Gillies’s career started. 


In Eroica Morgan played Matthias… 


In 2004 Joseph played Philotas in the movie Alexander a movie set in ancient Greek base on the story of the Macedonian Greek General and King Alexander. 


In 2007 he played William Price in the movie Mansfield Park which was based upon the story of an 1814 novel. 

The movie was written and directed by Patricia Rozema. 


In 2011, Morgan was cast in the movie Angels Crest where he played James. 


It was a base that was based on a novel that has the name which was written by Leslie Shwartz. 


Same 2011, Morgan was cast in the movie Immortals alongside Henry Cavill. 


Immortals made a box office return of $225 million and Joseph Morgan was cast as Lysander.


However much like Daniel Gillies, his big moment came after taking the lead role in The Originals. 


A TV series that was centric on supernaturals such as witchcraft, werewolves, and vampires. 


The originals really made Klaus famous and it was the defining moment that saw an epic rise on Joseph Morgan net worth Forbes. 


Here is some of the movies and TV shows on bullet points… 


  • Originals 2013


  • Alexander 


  • Angels Crest 


  • 500 miles north 


What is Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan Source of Income 


I love talking about a celebs source of income because it arms you with the knowledge. you need when looking for such answers. 


and for these two they pretty know their craft to be making money running into millions of dollars. 


I have divided this into two subheadings… 


Each would detail a look into Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson net worth


  • What is Joseph Morgan source of income 


  • What is Daniel Gillies source of income 


What is Joseph Morgan Source of Income 


Look I have to be honest here do you know that I admire the effort actors put in towards memorizing a script? 


I mean it’s hard to memorize a bunch of words written by someone else right? 


There was this one time when I was supposed to do a local commercial advert for a sports magazine in my hometown. guess how I lost the spot? 

Net worth of Joseph Morgan

Well, it was because I couldn’t memorize the words on the script in under 20 minutes. 


It was the test required to select 2 persons, so lost that commercials for just that one reason. 


because someone else did it better in under 10 minutes when he was called on. 


Now my short story is not to tell you anything is hard or easy. but hell yeah for me memorizing a script is hard. 


and these guys do it for a living which sometimes make me wonder. that when it comes to a man’s survival, you will be surprised at how much you are willing to do. 


and Joseph Morgan has been doing just this for the past 16 years and perfecting the act year in year out. 


So what is his first source of income? 


Well, Joseph Morgan’s first source of income from his movie roles in Hollywood. 


His roles in several movies guaranteed him a steady source of income over the years. having not failed to land a role in more than 4 years in a role since his career began. 


Joseph also makes his income from TV show, take for example. the Originals for which he became very popular around the world. 


The wealth of Joseph Morgan is what it is today after his admirable lead role in Originals. 


Now let’s look at Daniel’s source of income, shall we? 


What is Daniel Gillies Source of Income 


If I have one-quarter of what these guys have sitting in their bank account, I swear I would disappear from the face of the world. 


and maybe live off-grid for a while from the troubles of everyday. 


Now guess what I would be doing while off the grid? 



Daniel Gillies net worth 2020

I will sail to wherever I like and just enjoy the calm of the sea because you can discover so much. without the constant interference from the world out there. 


My childhood friend KD took one of such vacations and he was literally blown away. 


He quote: Nuel I literally lived my truth, away from the world and not have to worry or care what people think. 


He said I discovered that there was more to life than just booze and partying.


and I understood that feeling of being in tune with nature, the only thing is that you and I don’t do this very often. 


Enough of my story already but that’s what I will do if I own half of the wealth of those guys. 


Daniel makes a huge part of his present income from TV series like Saving Hope


and also from The Originals for which he became very popular. 


Gillies also make money from movies whenever he is featured or play the protagonist. 


Daniel has acted in more than 15 movies and TV shows combine. 





I have always had a huge admiration for these two celebs and it is why I wanted to write an article on their worth. 


Plus I made sure I cover every important detail you may have missed. 


Also, you can use each of the tables above to find more little details if you want. 


Now there you have it Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan net worth in 2020. 


It is your turn now! 


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