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Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell net worth who is the richest? Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin net worth currently is greater than $10,257,890.


and today I will walk you down how much Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell net worth really is in 2020. 


This post will walk you step by step through Stephen Amell net worth 2020 as well as Grant Gustin net worth 2020.


but you are probably wondering what more you are going to get from this post. 


Well, you will find out just by setting aside 10 minutes to read through this post. 

Now here is a bullet point of what to expect from Barry Allen and Oliver Queen’s net worth. 


  • Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell brief bio 


  • How did Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell career start 


  • Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell Movies and TV shows 


  • What is Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell source of income 


  • How much is Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell 


  • Conclusion 


Now that’s like a summary of all you would be getting from Oliver Queen and Barry Allen net worth, so why wait let’s get into it right? 


Well, just one small tinny tiny thing left to clarify… 


Look all the figures you will see currently could change over the course of months or even years. 


It’s dependent on several factors and I wanted you to know this beforehand. 

and you can be assured that every figure here has been thoroughly researched. 


Attention: just below this post you will see a table of content with the title “CLICK TO JUMP ANYWHERE” if you decide to click on that button, what it does is take you to different parts of this topic which you are most interested in. 


I had to add that because these days many people have a short attention span including myself. 


Now that you know what you are going to get let’s dive in properly shall we? 


Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell Brief Bio 


Do you remember as kids when your mom or dad would sit you down and start telling you stories of the old? 


I still remember mine vividly especially this one time. my mother told me a scary story that could be found in the book of revelation. 


As kids back then I could almost swear it was the scariest story I have ever heard about the end of all things. 


but I eventually grew up and it was no longer scary. 


Don’t worry I am not about telling you a scary story like my mom did me… 




I only reference that because I would use the same storytelling to tell you. everything you need to know about Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell net worth. 


and right now I have decided to break this part of the post into two subsections. 


Each subsection will detail Oliver Queen’s brief bio as well as detail Barry Allen brief bio. 


You got that right? 


Here we go… 


  • Grant Gustin Brief Bio 


  • Stephen Amell Brief Bio


Now let’s start with the first man on the list, which in this case is Grant… 


Say hello to Gustin… 


Grant Gustin Brief Bio 


From the beginning of time, Actors have been known to be popular for one thing. 


and that’s the movie they acted in which made them famous. 


For example, Tom Welling is popularly known as the modern-day Superman aka Clark Kent. 

Net worth of Grant Gustin

You and I even still refer to him as Clark Kent despite rounding up the series of Smallville in 2010.




Well, don’t be, it’s just what it is… 


Having said that you probably know the Flash as Barry Allen. 


but what is his real name? 


Well, the real name of Barry Allen is Thomas Grant Gustin. 


and he was born in Norfolk Virginia in the year 1990 January 14. 


He is the son of Thomas Gustin who is a professor by profession and Tina Haney who is a pediatrician. 


So who is Gustin? 


Grant Gustin aka Barry Allen is an American actor and a singer who rose to fame after the arrowverse spinoff. 


Barry attended Governor’s School for the Arts program in Norfolk for musical theater. 


and he graduated from Granby High School and went on to attend the BFA Music Theater Program at Elon University


Barry search for fame obviously led him into the movie industry and today he has been monumental in the arrowverse franchise. 


Although yet to bag any major award, however, Grant has proven to be figure. that can lead from a place of LOVE as seen in the series. 


and his show of class has helped to improve the net worth of Grant Gustin in record time. 


Now let’s talk a little bit about Stephen Amell bio shall we, both are my culprits in this post… 




Stephen Amell Brief Bio 


Before I say anything about this guy, I have a huge admiration for the character he played in Arrow. 


However, his death scene didn’t really get me emotional at all because in my head the acting was very subpar. 

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However, he is in every inch a great guy but if you are truly looking for an emotional that drive you into tears. I suggest you check out The Originals season 5 between episode 5 to 7.


If you weren’t moved to tears then it’s guarantee nothing can drive you into tears. 

Stephen Amell net worth Forbes



Look you and I will get into the net worth of Stephen Amell in the latter part of this post. 


but for now let’s focus on his brief bio… 


You know him popular as Green Arrow or Oliver Queen. but what is his real name? 


Well, the real name of Oliver Queen is Stephen Adam Amell. 


and he was born in Toronto in the year 1981 precisely on the 8th of May. 


He is the son of Thomas J Amell and Sandra Anne Bolte. 


So who is he? 

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Well, the short answer is an actor… 


The longer answer is he is a Canadian actor and a producer. who is most popular for playing Oliver Queen in the arrowverse. 


Oliver has won a couple of awards unlike Grant Gustin and among this is Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series. 


and the Teen choice award for best TV actor which was awarded in 2019. 


Also Stephen Amell attended a private school during his high school days. 


and the name of this school is the Independent School of Boys. 


Now that you get some of the details, quickly let’s transition into how it all started for these two right? 


How Did Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell Career Start 


As a kid growing up, I always wanted to try a little bit of everything? 


At one point I wanted to become a footballer and be the next Ronaldinho of my time. 


I spent years chasing that dream, only that it didn’t go as I had planned… 


So again I had to think of becoming an actor because I was funny and charming as well. 


I knew the right word to say to get any girl I wanted. 


but that also didn’t work out, so I went to school, deciding I was going to be an Oil and Gas engineer. 


boy o boy, it was hell way boring than I would have loved to believe. 


and now here I am telling you about synopsis of my life’s film… 


Lolz if there is anything I learned from all of the above, it will be. that sometimes you really need to go on a journey of self-discovery. 


I told you that short story because we all have one story that changed our bank account forever. 


and right here I will walk you through how it all began for Grant Gustin and our dear Stephen Amell. 


Plus I will break it down into two parts. 


Here we go… 


  • How did Grant Gustin career start 


  • How did Stephen Amell career start 


How Did Grant Gustin Career Start 


Having a career that is so successful as that of Grant Gustin takes a lot of hard work and dedication. 


and I honestly would be lying if I dear to tell you something different because it would be a LIE. 


Remember that old saying that nothing good comes easy right? 

Grant Gustin net worth 2020

Well, that’s just the truth and you best believe it… 


Grant career began when he played a role in the 2003 movie Kid Fitness Jungle Exercise video. 


and it was just the beginning of a career that saw so many fruitful years after it. 


and one which ultimately saw Forbes Grant Gustin net worth keep rising year after year. 


However the big moment didn’t come until taking up a lead role in the Arrowverse series titled Flash. 


Flash initially was meant to be a spinoff of the arrows with plot lines already in place. 


However things quickly change when it was realized the show could stand on its own and still be part of CBS Arrowverse. 


Grant Gustin played Barry Allen which is the fastest man alive in all of DC comics. 


The first season of Flash aired in 2014 and it saw a massive. 4.3 million streams which was an all-time record high at the time. 


The success of the first season made sure the series was renewed for a second season. as the love for team flash continue to grow among fans of the superhero. 


As of when publishing this blog post Flash 6 season still airs on CBS. 


and I don’t want to recommend you watch it but frankly, that would be wickedness. 


So in your spare time, try check it out with this link below


The Flash shot Grant Gustin to an overnight success and became one of an integral part of the show. reprising his role in other CBS series. 


Now, I have more for you! 


How Did Stephen Amell Career Start 


Stephen Thomas Amell, hmmm there is a lot to say about this guy but maybe I would save all that for his biography. 


This means I will treat it as a giant topic standing on its own as there is only so much. this post about Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell net worth can take. 


I don’t want to overload you with a lot of info, because this is meant to be simple as much. as possible while covering Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin’s net worth. 


Having said all of that, how did it start for this guy? 


Look Forbes Stephen Amell net worth is what it is today, thanks to the short story I told about self-discovery. 

Net worth of Stephen Amell

It plays a huge part in the decision-making process if you are really serious about making that leap. 


In my experience, this is usually guaranteed to be an awakening for. anyone that decides to undergo this process. 


Stephens career began in 2004 where he played the role of a spinning instructor in the movie Queer as Folk. 


and in 2004 movie Degrassi: The Next Generation where he played the role of a doorman. 

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However, the big moment did not happen until 2012 when the Arrows were proposed. 


Initially, I thought it’s going to be Justin Hartley of Smallville because I had grown to like his character. 


However, it turned out not as I would have expected and Amell was just the right guy for the role. 


According to critics the first season of Arrow was the shows most successful as it felt like the story was original. 


When I read that, I be like you critic better do your damn job right. 


and not just criticize everything that you see because it doesn’t play down well with you. 


It turns out that Arrows other seasons were just as interesting and if you don’t mind you can watch it here


It is very interesting, Action-packed, and with a good storyline. 


This was the big moment for Stephen who also reprised his roles in other of the Arrowverse series. 


Now let’s get into some of their movies and TV shows shall we? 


Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell Movies & TV Shows 


Stephen holds a couple of movies above Gustin and this can mean that a lot in the latter part of this post. 


but when I wrote about Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan net worth, I realize that who has. most movies don’t always equal who has the most net worth. 

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and there is a strong correlation between actors of the early 2000s having more net worth than actors of the 60s and 70s.


With that out of the way, I have decided to subheading this into two parts… 


The first part will detail Grant Gustin movies and TV shows. 


and the second part to detail a couples of movies from Oliver Queen. 


Grant Gustin Movies & TV Shows 


Grant Gustin is so much an amazing guy, and honestly, it’s crazy not to like him. 


Although a career with CBS is mostly how he became famous and increased his worth. today I will walk you through some other of his movies you probably didn’t know about. 


Oh, might I point out that if you do a couple of Google searches, I am confident. you do find where to watch some of his movies. 

Now let’s look at his TV series first, as that’s how his career started. 


Grant played Thomas Stacey’s boyfriend in the movie A Haunting which was released in 2006. 


He then went on to play Sebastian Smythe in the TV series Glee which he held a recurring role from 2011 to 2013. 


In 2012, he played Trent Burton the series CSI Miami. 


and from 2013 to 2020 he reprised the role of Flash a super-fast hero for 12 episodes of the series.


In 2014, Grant Gustin was then cast as the fastest man alive in the CBS TV series Flash which still currently airs. 


Now let’s see some of his movies shall we? 


In 2017 he played Campbell Ogburn in the movie Krystal. 


and in 2014 he played Todd Goodman in the movie Affluenza. 


and here is a couple of the movies above in a fine bulleted list… 


  • Affluenza 


  • Flash 


  • CSI Miami


  • Arrows 


  • Batwoman 


  • Supergirl 


All of the above movies played a huge part in skyrocketing Grant Gustin net worth Forbes. and Now let’s get to Stephen shall we? 


Stephen Amell Movies & TV Shows 


Stephen Amell net worth Forbes is what you will see below. due to the success of landing major roles in the series and movies below. 


and although he has more movies than Grant I still don’t think the wealth of Stephen Amell is greater than that of Gustin. 


but, you and I will find out who is richer when I do Grant Gustin vs Stephen Amell net worth below. 

Stephen Amell net worth 2020

For now, let’s see some of the movies that have moved him up the food chain shall we? 


In 2005 Amell played bellboy in the TV series Tilt. 


and in the same 2005, he played Ian Harrington in the TV series Missing. 


Oliver played Peter Henderson in Flashpoint for the episode Exit Wounds of 2009.


In 2007 he played Riddlemeyer in the series Regenesis. 


In 2010, Stephen Amell played Peter Truitt in the episode Sleepless in Miami in the CSI Miami series. 


and here are some of his major movies which I think were really cool especially for the younger generations. 


Teenage Mutant Turtle: Out of the Shadows were played Casey in 2016. 


He and his brother Co produce and acted on the movie Code 8 which had two parts, 2016 and 2019 respectively. 


He played the part of a Drone operator and Garret Kent. 


It’s a nice movie and one you should check out seriously. 


What is Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin Source of Income 


Okay, just like every other celebs I have covered their net worth on SMCE, I am going to tell you these guys source of income. 


This section has been subdivided into two sections, the first will cover Grant’s source of income. 


and the second will cover Stephen’s source of income… 


Now let’s go… 


What is Grant Gustin Source of Income 


When it comes to wealth, a lot of factors plays out when you choose to take that road. 


and I like to say there are 3 types of earners in the world today. 

One: There are those who will stop at nothing to make the billions of dollars and you call them billionaires. 


Two: There are those who strive to get into the millionaire mark, and once they achieve this. that’s ultimately okay for them. 


Three: There are those who strive to be in the thousands categories. 


and I like to think that’s where I am currently, but with hopes to move up in time. 


Having said that, what is his first source of income? 

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Grant Gustin first source of income comes from his roles in movies whether past, present or future. 


This is one of the primary ways he makes his money. 


Secondly Grant Gustin makes his money from TV shows such as The Flash for which he achieved his popularity. 


Whether he has more sources of income other than these two is yet to be confirmed. 


However, if I discover any, I will be sure to update this post in the future in that regard. 


For now, this is pretty much his source of income. 


and it’s what has made up Grant Gustin net worth 2020 Forbes for the past 6 years. 


What is Stephen Amell Sources of income 


When you have been in an industry as long as Amell has, then you start developing other sets of skills. 


and this very much applies to every human in the face of this earth. 


At least from what I have noticed, this is very much the case in most observations I have done. 

For example, I started out being a website developer, then when I started my own blog. I started editing and then went deep into SEO and much more. 


All of those skills are separate skills that can be learned individually right? 


and applying all of it, I have learned how to write, how to edit, how to do SEO, and copywriting. 


So why did I tell you all of that? 


Well, it turns out that Stephen Amell over the years picked a producing and directing skill. 


As such this is one of his sources of income but has only worked on the movie Code 8. 


His major source of income comes from TV series Arrows for which he is the main cast. 


Stephen Amell third source of income comes from picking up the lead or supporting roles in movies. 


Currently, I do not know if there are more sources of income. 


but once I have this information I will be sure to update this post. 


All the movies above combined together shoot him up in the income chain of actors. 


Yeah, there are actors like Dwayne Johnson earning the big bucks but everyone got his time right? 


Now that you and I know where their income comes from don’t you think it’s high time you ask me what is Grant Gustin net worth? 




Even ask me what is Stephen Amell net worth? 


Well if that just cross your mind then the time is now to ask the question how much is Grant Gustin worth… 


Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about him, I will also answer the question of how much is Stephen Amell worth… 


How Much is Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell Net worth 


You know how when you were still a kid and papa would give you some money to buy whatever you want? 


and when you came of age you realize that life was not as easy as you have been led to believe. because now you are a grown man who has to work for everything you need and want. 


and sometimes it’s tough and other times it’s easy, well everyone goes through that. and you need to know you are not alone. 


For Stephen and Grant, I like to con myself into believing they have it all figured out. 


but hey that’s not true, I have learned that celebs go through more stuff than you and I do. because everyone wants to capture something about their life whether good or bad. 


It’s show business and people want you to show about life. 


Well, right here I will split this into two sections as usual… 


The first will talk about how much Barry Allen is worth and the second will touch on how much Oliver Queen is worth. 


How Much is Grant Gustin Net worth 2020


How much is Grant Gustin’s net worth? Grant Gustin current net worth is 5,000,000 US dollars ($5 Million) He accumulated a huge part of his net worth playing Barry Allen in the CBS TV series The Flash as well as other Arrowverse shows like the Supergirl, Batwoman, and Legends of tomorrow. 

Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell net worth

Thanks to playing a phenomenal role in this movie which has equally help raise the wealth of Grant Gustin. 


Grant Gustin networth: $5 Million 


Look, at the beginning of this post I told you these figures might change but when that happens, I and my team will be right here to bring you the updated figures. 


Now let’s see how much his partner in crime is worth… 




How Much is Stephen Amell Net Worth 2020 


How much is Stephen Amell’s net worth? Stephen Amell current net worth is 7,000,000 US dollars ($7 Million) He accumulated a huge part of his net worth playing Oliver Queen in the CBS TV series The Arrows as well as other Arrowverse shows like the Supergirl, Batwoman, and Legends of tomorrow. 


Stephen Amell networth: $7 Million

You should know that the figures you see here are. the total net worth of each of the two celebrities we have been talking about. 


And it also should be clear that the above figures are one gathered from more. than 20 trusted sites online with Forbes very high on that list.

Who is the Richest Between Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell


Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin net worth who is richer? Grant Gustin currently has a net worth of $5 Million while Stephen Amell currently has a net worth of $7 Million. From the figures of their individual net worth, Stephen Amell is richer than Grant Gustin in 2020.

Stephen Amell is $2 Million richer than Grant Gustin as of 2020. All Grant need is the same amount of money from another two seasons of Flash to equal Stephen.

But the thing is Stephen would also have landed a major role. in another movie or series which will make Grant keeping up a problem.




I am a huge fan of Oliver queen as well as Grant Gustin but I just didn’t like how he died.


For me it was not epic enough, he deserved better and yes I am complaining but I can’t do anything can I?

Well, there you have Grant Gustin and Stepejen A mell net worth, hope you got as much detail?


How would you predict the net worth of these two in 2021, will it rise or will it fall?

Whatever your comment is please drop below and i will be sure to get back to you.

Aloso if you like this post then please share it on social media and Follow US here on Facebook.


Thanks for reading and cheers to you.


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