Ian Joseph Somerhalder Biography
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How much is Ian Somerhalder’s net worth? Ian Somerhalder net worth Forbes is estimated to be between 5 million dollars and 12 million dollars. 


While this is a rough estimate, the remaining part of this post will shine more light on Ian Somerhalder net worth 2022. 


But before you and I get into all that, this post will also talk extensively about Ian’s career, wife, cars, houses, height, and family.


So stick with me as I run the details of this post by you. 


But first here is a bullet point of what this post will cover. 

  • How much is Ian Somerhalder net worth 2022 


  • Ian Joseph Somerhalder cars and houses 


  • What is Ian Joseph Somerhalder source of wealth? 


  • Ian Joseph Somerhalder biography 


  • How did Somerhalder career start 


  • Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Conclusion 

Now that you have a clear knowledge of what this post will cover, come let’s get into the details shall we? 


How Much is Ian Joseph Somerhalder Net Worth 2022


What is Ian Somerhalder net worth 2021? Forbes Ian Somerhalder net worth is currently estimated to be an all-time high of 12,000,000 US dollars ($12 million). A large portion of his wealth came from his blockbuster series Vampire Diaries.


Net Worth: $12 Million 


When looking at some of the richest actors in the world, Ian may not have made the top 50 list right? 

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But is it safe to say that with all that wealth he is living a more than comfortable life. 


My father back then would tell you that money rules the world and all you need to do is make it. 


You could say he is right though he had his own issues, his counseling was wise. 


Today when I look at how celebrities like Ian live, I am always saying that “dad you are right money rules the world”. 

If I have anything remotely close to the net worth of Ian Somerhalder, you can be sure I will take some vacation on a cozy Island, to be honest. 


So now that you know Ian Somerhalder worth, let’s quickly look at his houses and cars, shall we? 


Joseph Somerhalder Cars and Houses 


I recall what it was like seeing a moving car for the very first time. 


It was in the 1990s, I was born in the village then brought to the city. 


The first car I boarded was a  white Volkswagen and it took my grandmother 1 hour to convince me to board it with her. 

Ian Somerhalder Net Worth 2021

Now that I think about it, it was crazy because I hadn’t seen a car before. 


but if you live in the USA back in the 90s as a kid, you probably already knew a lot about cars. 


So you see the difference between Nigeria and the USA right? 


With that little story out of the way, let’s get right back in Ian Somerhalder’s houses and cars, shall we? 


So how many cars does he have currently? 


Well, Joseph Somerhalder currently has two (2) cars that he uses pretty often. 

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Here is a bullet list of his cars. 


  • Audi A8 


  • Lamborghini


So how much does his Lamborghini cost? 


His red Lambo cost between 150,000 US dollars and 200,000 US dollars. 


Now, what about the cost of his Audi A8? 


Well, Ian Joseph Audi A8 car cost between the sum of 75,000 US dollars ($72,000) and 82,000 US dollars ($82,000). 


According to sources online, the verified price of his cars cost:


  • Audi A8 – $82,000


  • Lamborghini – 200,000


So what about Ian’s house in Malibu? 


Well, Joseph during his career decided to get himself a nice-looking house and he chose Malibu. 


I mean with all that money, it’s necessary to give yourself some treats right? 


Guess what? 


He did give himself some treat and it was a 590,000 US dollar house in Malibu. 


The house is a luxury and Malibu has lots of luxurious homes and if you are looking for comfort then get home in Malibu.


Ian and Nikki Reed also bought a 2 story apartment in Venice Calif for the sum of 2.8 million US dollars ($2.8 million).


As of when writing this blog post, Nikki and Somerhalder’s home in Venice is now valued at $3.8 million according to Variety.


Quick Note: Ian Somerhalder’s house cost is $3.8 million added to $590,000 which equals $4.5 million. This is the total cost of his house.

Net Worth of Ian Somerhalder

Having said that, quickly let’s talk about how this guy makes his money shall we? 


After all you and I can’t have this discussion talking about where his finance comes from. 


Something has to be reeling in all those big bucks, isn’t it? 


Luckily I know where it’s coming from and the best part of this post will address just that. 


What is Damon Salvatore Source of Wealth 


As a celebrity, it’s usually normal for people to ask questions such as where is this guy’s cash flow coming from right? 


Well, for celebs, it’s usually the same and it should fall or cut across sources such as music, endorsement, movie, TV series, business, or comedy. 


With that said, here is all Joseph Somerhalder’s source of income. 


  • Movies 


  • Endorsement deals  


  • Modeling


  •  Business


I will briefly touch on all these spots with 3 or more paragraphs so you have a clue. 




Somerhalder’s first source of making money is acting in movies. 


but you could say it was Vampire Diaries that changed his career and announced him to the world. 


He currently has a TV series titled V Wars which is a Science Fic series. 

Ian Somerhalder Net Worth Forbes

All his movies have brought in more than 4 million dollars combined. 


What about Ian Somerhalder endorsement deals


I will touch on that briefly to give you a clue so let’s get into it, shall we? 


Endorsement Deals 


Damon made lots of money through his endorsements.


The two most notable is his endorsement deal with Master Card where he made a special advert for the company. 


Somerhalder also got an ad running when he was contacted to endorse a Web Program. 


The ad saw the singing appear and participated in the Web Program Target 2001. 


While writing this blog post I went through his Instagram profile and found that he also currently endorses Bank Of The West.




Joseph has also made money through modeling. 


He has worked with several big brands in the American modeling industry. 


He has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein, Dolce, and Gabbana alongside other household names. 

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So far, his eyes are one of the most charming qualities that makes him the go-to guy by huge brands. 


You can also throw his personality into the mix and you get the perfect guy for the job. 




Have you heard of the Brothers Bourbon? I bet not but if you follow him on Instagram I am positive you must have heard about it.


So what is The Bourbon Brothers?

Well, it’s a liquor company supposedly owned by Ian and Wesley and the name was gotten from their popular liquor from the vampire diaries.


This is also a source that positively affects the growth of Ian Jospeh Somerhalder net worth in 2021.


With that out of the way, let’s get into the details of his biography. 


Ian Joseph Somerhalder Biography 


There is a story to be told by almost every celebrity on the face of the earth, right? 


Well, Ian’s add to the many bios you have heard over the course of your lifetime.


As someone famous, it’s easy for the world to always remember you. 

Ian Somerhalder and Wife Nikki Reed

Heck Michael Jackson is an example of the love you could get for your popularity. 


So the question becomes who is Damon Salvatore


Well, let me see if I can string some words together to give you a clue about who he is. 


Joseph Somerhalder is an American actor and a model who rose to fame after his mega-hit series Vampire Dairies


He is also a director of the show after its 3rd season before he finally started producing. 


How old is Ian Joseph Somerhalder? The actor was born in the year 1978 on December 8th. 


So what is Damon Salvatore real name? His real name is Ian Joseph Somerhalder.


Joseph Somerhalder was born to Robert Somerhalder and Edna in Covington Louisiana. 


He is the 2nd child of 3 children. His brother and sister are Robert and Robyn. 


Joseph went to St Paul High school in Louisiana where he decided to go into modeling. 


At age 17, he decided to go into acting where he became successful and bagged so many awards. 


Here is a couple of Ian Somerhalder awards you probably did not know about. 


List of Ian Somerhalder Awards:


Here you will find all the awards there is to find which he has added to his trophy archives. 


Here we go: 


  • Youngest Hollywood award for an exciting new face 


  • People’s choice award for the best duo with Co-star Nina Dobrev 


  • Screen Actors Guild Award  Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series 


Now that you have the complete list of his awards come let’s see how his career started shall we? 


How Did Ian Joseph Somerhalder Career Start 


Joseph’s career started when he played Fleming the son of a boarding school dean in the spin-off of Dawson’s Creek titled Young Americans. 


However, it was his 2004 role in the TV series Lost that brought him fame. 


He played the character role of Boone Carlyle and became the first character to die in the series. 

Damon Salvatore Brothers

In 2009 precisely June of that year, the actor landed his second breakthrough role in Vampire Diaries. 


A series that lasted for 8 seasons before it met its end in 2012. 


Vampire Diaries shone the light on his acting skills which he owned over the years.


By the end of the series, Joseph aka Damon Salvatore has already become a very likable character. 


He won several Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice award for his character as Damon Salvatore. 

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He also played the role of an assassin in the movie The Tournament which saw him competing in a game with other assassins. 


So far Ian has acted in more than 20 movies and some did really good numbers. 


Here is a list of movies and TV series he has participated in. 


Ian Somerhalder filmography includes:


  • The Tournament 


  • The Vampire Diaries 


  • Lost 


  • Young Americans 


  • V Wars 


  • Life as a House


  • Changing Hearts


  • The Rules of Attraction


  • In Enemy Hands


  • The Old Man and the Studio


  • National Lampoon’s TV: The Movie


  • Pulse


  • The Sensation of Sight


  • The Lost Samaritan


  • Wake


  • How to Make Love to a Woman


  • Caught On Tape


  • Time Framed


  • The Anomaly


I know I compressed most of the details together but you can be sure I will cover most of the subheadings as topics of their own. 


With that said, let’s take a look at his personal life, shall we? 


Joseph Somerhalder Personal Life 


Vampire Diaries brought about a lot of controversies between him and his co-star Nina Dobrev. 


While the pair were just too good together, it turns out in real life off the camera that wasn’t the case. 


It happens right? 


There is that moment of magic that happens when you start spending too much time on set with a Co actor. 

Damon Salvatore

There could be that fling that makes you believe he or she is the one. 


Well, for Damon he quickly realizes that his Elena isn’t who he wishes to spend the rest of his life with. 


So who did he get married to? 


It turns out that Ian decided to walk down the Isle with Nikki Reed friend of Elena. 


Nikki Reed and Ian’s marriage felt like a sour taste in the mouth of fans. 


The reason is simple, we were all expecting him to marry Elena Gilbert. 


But that would only happen if there is a Vampire Diaries season 9.


While Ian Somerhalder net worth 2020 Forbes looks very good, it’s Nikki Reed that ends up making the same amount of wealth as his husband. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


This part of the post will cover every possible question running through your head right now.

What is Ian Somerhalder doing now

What is Ian Somerhalder doing now? The 42 years old is currently producing and directing his new TV series V Wars while being the lead actor.

Are Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder still friends

Are paul Wesley and Ian still friends? The simple answer is YES both actors are still friends after sharing a close relationship in the series Vampire Diaries.

Why did Nina and Ian break up

Why did Nina and Ian break up? Ian and Nina Dobrev break up came as a shock for the stars in the series. After countless trials and error, both parties decided to call it quit with Nina saying she more career-oriented before anything else in the world.



Ian Somerhalder so far is having a stellar career and what the future holds only could be anybody’s guess. 


With series like V Wars still airing, we would see how the actor, model, and director look to end 2021. 


So here is a quick recap of the main talking points from this post. 


  • Ian Somerhalder worth is $12 million


  • He is currently married to Nicky Reed 


  • Joseph Somerhalder has a brother named Robert and a sister named Robyn 


  • His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Somerhalder 


  • Became famous after his breakthrough role in Lost as Boone Carlyle 


  • Owns a Lamborghini and Audi A8 both costing $200,000 and $82,000 respectively 


It’s over to you now! 


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How would you predict the growth of Ian Joseph Somerhalder net worth in 2022?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 

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