Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth
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How much are Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth? Paapa Essiedu and Sope Dirisu net worth are estimated to have a combine & 2,125,697.


Now this figure is the combined net worth of these two stars. 


but what is their individual net worth so far in their amazing acting career? 


Well, that’s what you will find out soon after you spend roughly 10 minutes going through this post. 


As a matter of fact, in today’s post I will cover Sope Dirisu net worth 2020 as well as Paapa Essiedu net worth 2020. 


Then at the end of this post, I will show who is the richest of the two British actors. 


but first here is a bullet point of all you should expect from. this post about Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth. 

Sope Dirisu net worth 2020

Here we go! 


  • Sope Dirisu and Paapa brief bio 


  • How did Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu career start 


  • Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu movies and TV shows 


  • What is Paapa Essiedu and Sope Dirisu source of income 


  • How much is Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth 2020 


  • Who is the richest between Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu 


  • Conclusion 


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Now that you know what to get from this post about Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth, now let’s dive in shall we? 


Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu Brief Bio 


Over the course of centuries, you have heard stories of great men and women because someone wrote it down right? 


These days getting information on just about anything is like clockwork. 


All you have to do is talk to your phone and that information is available to you. 


and it’s called the Age of Internet modern 21st century. 


So today I will be telling a little bit of these two wonderful actors. who has been killing it in all manners and forms. 


I will break this part of the post into two subheadings, more like mini subheading actually. 


The first part will take a brief look at Sope Dirisu’s brief bio and. the second part will edge you and me into Paapa Essiedu brief bio. 


Hopefully you are ready for it now, but first here is a bullet point so you know what to expect. 


  • Sope Dirisu brief bio 


  • Paapa Essiedu brief bio 


Sope Dirisu Brief Bio 


Personally I have to say I enjoy every bit of the characters he has played since debuting in his first movie. 


but I became moved to write about Sope after his role as an undercover cop in Gangs of London. 


It’s an amazing film by the way with super talented casts. 


My recommendation would be you should check it out if you have spare time. 

Net worth of Sope Dirisu

I literally finished the whole episode in one day and you can download it from here


Having said that, who is this guy? 


Well, he has played a lot of roles in movies and TV series but his real name is Sope Dirisu


and he was born in Edgware London in the year 1991 January 9th. 


So who is he? 


Sope Dirisu is a British actor who has been popular for TV series such as Gangs of London. 

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Dirisu is yet without an award to his name since coming on the music scene. however he got commended at the Ian Charlestone Award held in 2017. 


Sope parents are Nigerians and the 1991 born British actor. received his high school education at Bedford Modern School


If there is anything I love about Nigerian parents, it will be their undying. urge to make sure their kids attain the highest level of education. 


Sadly though is the fact that education doesn’t always equal. more money to your bank account. 


Dirisu also pushed his education further and graduated with a degree in Economics. from the university of Birmingham


With his current project which ended in a cliff hanger, season 2 of the series will see the net worth of Sope Dirisu increase by a few thousand. 


but for now, let’s look at the brief bio of Paapu Essiedu shall we? 


Paapa Essiedu Brief Bio 


Since we just rounded up everything on Sope Dirisu, let’s see what you should know about Essiedu. 


Portrayed as a very intelligent businessman in Gangs of London, Paapa first came on the movie scene playing Fenton in the Merry Wives of Windsor

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A character that has since evolved to become a regular in movies and TV series alike. 


My recommendation is to watch the movie, King Lear, if you truly admire quality acting. 


So who is this guy? 

Paapa Essiedu net worth 2020

First the real name of this actor is Paapa Essiedu. 


and he was born in east London in the year 1990. 


Paapa Essiedu parents have origins that can be traced to Ghana. 


So who is he if he is has Ghanaian heritage? 


Well, Paapa Essiedu is a British actor who his parents originate from Ghana and nationalization made him British. 


While he is a character that’s loved by fans, Paapu major goal was to become a doctor. 


My father would say fate often takes a man far from his heart but I didn’t understand that saying until a certain age. 


Paapa gained a scholarship to study at Forest School Walthamstow. and later was admitted into Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


Essiedu much like Sope Dirisu is yet to win any award since his debut in 2012. 


but hey, the award is not everything right? at least not when the net worth of Paapa Essiedu keeps rising. 


Now, let’s talk about how this journey began for these two. 


How Did Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu Career Start 


Everyone under the sun when asked to talk about how the journey to success started. it’s often filled with a lot of memories and emotions. 


For example, In 2019, I watched V unbeatable talk about how their dream brought them to AGT. 


That’s like one of the biggest stages in the world right? 


and as they spoke about fulfilling the dream of a dead kid, the audience was touched, judges were touched. 


Now that’s emotion taking it’s toll right there, and yeah I was touched too. 


I literally felt heartbroken when I heard the kid died on set while practicing. 


and hey you should definitely watch the V unbeatable on YT. Those guys are exceptionally good at their craft. 


back to the main story, now let’s find out what’s the beginning like for these two and how fame happened. 


but in other to do that for your easy understanding. I have broken this part of the post into subheadings.


Here we go… 


  • How did Sope Dirisu career start 


  • How did Paapa Essiedu career start 


How Did Sope Dirisu Career Start 


To make money no easy abeg! 


That’s the popular Pidgin English from Nigeria and somebody should tell me why again. this is not the Lingua Franca of Naija? 


Sope Dirisu’s career started in 2012 when he got his first audition with Royal Shakespeare Company. 


and then shortly after he made his first stage performance as Pericles. 

Dirisu has also played a lot of roles in different movies which have ultimately helped. to increase Forbes Sope Dirisu net worth over the years. 


However the very big moment in his career came when he played Elliot in the 2020 series Gangs of London. 

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Gangs of London gave more exposure to his character with fans having a mixed feeling of love and hate for the character. 


It’s a series which details how the head of a kingpin was killed and this turned business partners into enemies. 


All the supporting acts in the series were simply amazing in my opinion. 


but do not take my word for it just wait until you see the TV series on Netflix. 


Gangs of London was quickly accepted by fans because of how the story was told in its first season. 


Though it ended in a cliff hanger, I expect season two to be way better. 


Now this series is crazy because anyone can die, it was like killing Nerd Stark from GOT. 


For an actor who has spent less than 10 years in the industry, his success has been massive. 


but wait! 


What about Paapu Essiedu? 


Let’s cover how his career started in the next subheading… 


How Did Paapa Essiedu Career Start 

While I was a kid I asked my father a simple but profound question for 6 years old. 


The question was Daddy why do I need money before I get everything I want? 


My father took one 1 minute look at me trying to figure out the best way to answer my question. 


After a deep breath he said, I don’t have the right word to put that into context for your small brain. to really be able to grasp it. 

but here is what I can tell you when it is time, I hope you will understand. 


Now that I do, I think I will have to tell my son the exact. same words my father told me if he is curious enough to ask.


Ultimately the one thing that can bring you money is your career wherever that path leads you. 


For Paapa Essiedu, his quest to make money took him down the path of becoming an actor. 


So how did it start and when did the big moment happen? 


Paapa Essiedu prominence rose after playing Edmund in King Lear


His character was easily loved because of how he could contemptuous and chilly at the same time. 


Fans loved his character so much that a judge said, he makes every lines his own. 


In 2020, after playing the brilliant businessman in Gangs of London, fans again flocked to Netflix to see him still keeping that chill years after. 


While I feel like the big moment is coming for Essiedu who cited Chiwetalu Ejiofor as one of his role models, there is also that part of me who wants it to be in 2020. 

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but to be frank 2020 looks unrealistic considering what this pandemic has done to nations around the world. 


These are some of the defining moments which have helped turn up Forbes Paapa Essiedu net worth in 2020


Now let’s check out some of the movies both actors have been part since their career debut. 


Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu Movies and TV Series 


The fact is the more movies you are able to get on, the more money you eventually make. 


So the goal is to land as much movie role as you can before retirement. 


The only time you should not be worried is when you are an A list actor like Harrison Ford




You remember Air Force 1 right? 


I can’t remember the year, but that’s one hell of an old movie dorm from the 90s. 


but if you are a new actor, then you find yourself auditioning for one movie or the other. 


Having said all that, I have decided to break this part of the post further into two parts. 


The first part to details some if not all the movies and series of Sope Dirisu. 

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Once that’s concluded, the second subheading would dive straight into Paapu Essiedu movies and TV series. 


  • Sope Dirisu movies and TV shows 


  • Paapa Essiedu movies and TV series 


Sope Dirisu Movies and TV Shows 


Sope Dirisu has acted in quite a number of films and TV shows, so let’s cover some of them. 


Sope Dirisu’s first series is Utopia, he played Roy in the series which started airing in 2013. 


Utopia centers on a group of people who had a small meeting online. and had the knowledge of what ended the last century as such they became a target. 

Dirisu second TV series aired in 2014, where he played Peter in 6 episodes of The Mill. 


The Mill focuses on the Story of a group of apprentice who stood up. to fight for their freedom against Quarry bank owners. 


His third TV shows saw him play Fred in Humans, a TV series which aired in 2015. 


It tells the story of a man wanted to help his wife so he bought a robot but little did he know. his decision was going to change everything forever. 


In 2016 Sope Dirisu featured in 3 series and two movies. 


It was one hell of a year in his career, landing several roles in each of the 2 movies and the TV series. 


In 2020 Dirisu acted in the movie titled His House. 


It was written and directed by Remi Weekers with actor Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu both with Nigeria background. 


There are more of his movies I want bring to your notice but for now this should be enough. 


Some of the above movies have helped increase Sope Dirisu net worth Forbes over the years. 


Also here is a bullet point of some of the above movies and series listed above. 


  • Humans 2015


  • Gangs of London 2020


  • His House 2020 


  • Undercover 2016 


  • Black Mirror 2016


Paapa Essiedu Movies and TV Shows 


Much like Sope Dirisu, Paapa Essiedu has also acted in more than 10 movies since coming on. 


His first saw the actor play Roy in Utopia then his second series saw him play Black Jesus in 2013.


In 2014 Paapa played Edmund in King Lear. 


King Lear tells the story of an 80-year-old King who divides his wealth among his daughter. according to the portion of love they have given to him. 


In 2015 Essiedu played Paul in the series Not Safe to Work. 


Not Safe to work tells the story of Tom a legal firm assistant who saw a man entered a building. then followed him only to get trapped with the hitman inside the building. 


In 2015 Essiedu played Wade in the movie You For Me For You. 

The film tells the stories of 2 North Korea Sisters who. tried to escape one of the most protected places in the world. 


In 2016 he played Hamlet in the movie Hamlet a film with the storyline of a son who came. back home only to meet the demise of his father.


he played Various in the series Pinter One in 2018. 


In 2018, Paapa Essiedu played Jaalen in the Series Black Earth Rising. 


The series talks about a Rwanda girl who was rescued after the Genocide in Rwanda. and she was raised by her adoptive parents to become a British Persecutor in international law. 


All the movies above have also helped put Paapa Essiedu net worth Forbes in quite a fine place. 


Now let’s see where their source of income comes from shall we? 


What is Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu Source of Income 


It is obvious if you do not have a source of income, then you may live a below-average life. 


This means you are unable to live a good life, give your kids the best education they deserve. 


Heck, you will not be able to have fun the way you want because there is no money for that. 

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Nothing could be that worse right… 


and today I want to show you where these two make their money from… 


This part of this post has been broken down into two subheadings. 


The first part will talk more on Sope Dirisu source of income. and the second part will tell you all you need to know about Paapa Essiedu source of income. 


  • What is Sope Dirisu source of income 


  • What is Paapu Essiedu source of income 
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What is Sope Dirisu Source of Income 


As someone who is into one profession or the other, it is expected that whatever. The profession you are into would be your first source of income right? 


Well, that’s true but in my experience having one source of income can be bad. 

How much is Sope Dirisu net worth

This is because half the world’s population works for someone. 


Now what this translates to is that your job is not secured because you can be fired anytime. 


but if you have more than one source of income. you will not be hugely affected by losing one source of your income. 


My advice is that you always should aim for more than one source of income. 


With that said, Sope Dirisu’s first source of income comes from his roles in movies. 


and he has earned several thousand dollars from his first source of income. 


His second source of income comes from TV shows, this includes one of his most recent projects like Gangs of London. 


Sope Dirisu’s third source of income can come in the form of his social media following. 


As you may have heard the new form of money is building a loyal following. 


There you have 3 sources of income that’s helped increase Sope Dirisu net worth in dollars. 


Now let’s quickly look at Paapu Essiedu source of income considering this post is about Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth. 


What is Paapa Essiedu Source of Income 


If Sope Dirisu makes money as an actor, then how does Paapu Essiedu makes his money? 


Well, Paapu Essiedu 3rd stream of income comes from. his following on Instagram and other social media networks out there.


Essentially if an organization wants to get their product or services in front of a larger audience. Paapa Essiedu could be contacted and a bargain would be struck. 


This puts money in his pocket… 


His 2nd source of income is from featuring or taking lead roles in TV shows. and one such TV shows that wet his bank account is the ongoing Gangs of London Netflix series. 

Mr Paapu Essiedu first source of income comes from acting in films. 


Now you would be surprised, I mention film and TV shows, in my opinion, these are two different careers. 


but hey you can look up the difference between a TV show and a movie here. 


Since Essiedu first debut in the UK movie industry, he has been an interesting figure to watch. 


and all of his movies have made him quite a fortune. 


Although in the top 100 richest actors in UK, his name won’t make the list. but he has enough for the rich lifestyle most celebs live. 


I am certain it’s time to ask questions such as how much is Sope Dirisu worth… 


and also how much is Paapu Essiedu worth since this post is more of comparing Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth. 


Now let’s get into that shall we? 


How Much is Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu Net Worth 2020


You have been waiting for this and I have it jut below. 


This part of this post will talk about each of their net worth so I have divided it into two parts. 


The first part will have you and I look into Sope Dirisu net worth 2020.


Once I round that up, I will transition to Paapu Dirisu net worth 2020.


Now here is a bulleted subheader… 


  • How much is Sope Dirisu net worth 2020


  • How much is Paapa Essiedu net worth 2020


How Much is Sope Dirisu Net Worth 2020 


How much is Sope Dirisu net worth? Sope Dirisu’s current net worth puts him on an estimated 600,000 US dollars ($600,000). He makes a lot of income as an actor starring in Netflix Gangs of London series, since his debut in 2013, he has surfaced in over 15 movies and TV series. 


Although he didn’t make the list of British richest actors, Sope however has enough to live the desired life any man wants. 

Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth
Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu


and if I have a small portion of what he has I can bet you my dream. would be to live close by the beach. 


Nothing beats the serenity and peace you get from nature away from the rest of the world. 


Sope Dirisu networth: $600,000


How Much is Paapa Essiedu Net Worth 2020


How much is Paapa Essiedu net worth? Paapa Essiedu current net worth puts him on an estimated 500,000 US dollars ($500,000). He makes a lot of income as an actor starring in Netflix Gangs of London series, since his debut in 2014, he has surfaced in over 11 movies and TV series.


Despite his huge success in movies, Essiedu’s dream has always been to be a medical doctor. 


My question to you though is do you think he will take that road? 


Just leave a comment below because I would love to hear what’s your take on that. 


Paapa Essiedu networth: $500,000


Now that you and I have answered questions such as what is Sope Dirisu net worth and what is Paapu Essiedu net worth, now let’s see who is the richest right? 


Who is The Richest Between Paapa Essiedu and Sope Dirisu 


Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu who is richer? Paapa Essiedu currently has a net worth of $500,000 while Sope Dirisu has a net worth of $600,000. From the above numbers, it shows Sope Dirisu is richer than Paapa Essiedu. 


Sope Dirisu tops Paapu Dirisu with a net worth of $100,000. making him the richest between the two. 


As for Paapa Essiedu, he has a couple of catch up in this race between him and Sope. 


I would keep an eye so see how that plays out. 


but if you néed more details on these two then please check the table above for more info. 




I have covered this post on Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth extensively so as to bring you every detail…


Plus the figures here are updated regularly so you don’t have to worry about getting the old version. 


Now there you have it, Sope Dirisu and Paapa Essiedu net worth. 


Here is a question for you, how would you predict their income in 2021? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Please share this post on Facebook and follow us on our FB page here. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you… 


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