Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth
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What are Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth? Okyeame Kwame and Stonebwoy net worth have been estimated by Shoutmeceleb to be around $11,123,673.


Now please note that this is their combined worth and for the rest part of this post I will cover Okyeame Kwame net worth 2020.


I will also cover Stonebwoy net worth 2020 and. then finally show you the individual net worth of these two Ghanaian musicians. 


before getting to this site you may have probably typed search strings like how much is Okyeame Kwame worth? 




Even how much is Stonebwoy worth into Google which definitely landed you here. 


and for the best part of this post, that’s what I will cover, every tiny detail that you need to know. 

Net worth of Stonebwoy Image Source: Instagram

Attention: While you are here on this post you will see a button that says “Click to Jump Anywhere” I want you to use it to move back and forth this post when necessary. 


Here is what you will get from today’s post… 


  • Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame brief bio 


  • How did Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame career start 


  • Okyeame Kwame and Stonebwoy studio albums 


  • What is Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame source of income 


  • How much is Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth 2020


  • Who is the richest between Okyeame Kwame and Stonebwoy 


  • Conclusion 


The music industry in Africa is generating a lot of income thanks to the amazing talent the continent has. 


We have the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Akon, Don Jazzy who are currently some of the top 50 richest musicians in Africa


and yes there are top musicians like Okyeame Kwame, Sarkodie, Black Coffee who also made that list. 


Since this post is about Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth, you and I will focus on that for the next 10 minutes. 


but before we do, here is a song by Sarkodie featuring Nigerian ex Psquare duo Rudeboy. Click the play button then continue reading. 


Now let’s dive deep into Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth shall we? 


Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame Brief Bio 


One of the easiest ways that have been proven time and time again to be most effective. for passing knowledge down to generations yet unborn is storytelling and writing. 


Two of history’s most unique selling proposition. 


Just think of it for a minute, when you were a kid, your mother or father probably told you. a story that’s remained in your head till this moment. 


Now chances are you might equally tell this story to your children too. and then your children will tell it to their children. 


Today I will be telling you a brief story about Okyeame Kwame and Stonebwoy. 

Don’t worry it’s a brief story which will help you. and I transition fully into Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth in 2020.


For this reason I divided this part of the post into two subheadings. 


The first will talk about Stonebwoy brief bio and the second will talk about Okyeame brief bio. 


Now here is a bullet point of what that looks like below… 


  • Stonebwoy brief bio 


  • Okyeame Kwame brief bio 


Stonebwoy Brief Bio 


In my lifetime I have noticed one awkward thing you and I do. 


Now I don’t know why we do it but we just do it intentionally or heck maybe not intentionally. 


As a matter of fact I believe it is not intentional because a massive number of us do this. 


So what is this thing? 


It’s addressing musicians by their stage name and not their real name. 

and today I want to tell you the real name of these two and not their stage name. 


Although musicians use their real name on the stage, that is relatively few compared. to the vast majority that opts to use a stylistic name. 


With that said, what is Okyeame Kwame’s real name then? 


While Okyeame Kwame is his stage name, his real name is Kwame Nsiah Apau


Kwame Nsiah (also rap doctor) is a Ghanaian musician, Entrepreneur, director, actor, and rapper. 


He favors Ghanaian Hip Hop Highlife which has helped him secure a loyal fan base in his career. 


Okyeame Kwame was born in Kumasi Ghana in the year 1976 April 17 precisely. 

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Although it is said that Kwame’s parents wanted him to be a physician, he however picked the part of a rapper. 


Due to his interest in music, did you know he decided to study music at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology


As a matter of fact, he later graduated with a degree in Linguist. 


but wait that’s not all! 


While music has been successfully making him one of the top 50 richest musicians in Ghana, Kwame went back to school. with the aspiration of studying Marketing Strategy at the University of Ghana. 


When it comes to bagging numbers of awards, Kwame has been known to add several awards. to his award gallery. 


and here are some for you… 


In 2017, Kwame was awarded The People’s Choice Pratctioneer award with the Hepatitis B project. 


In the same 2017, he picked the award for the most stylish artist of the year award by Glitz Style award. 

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In 2009 the rapper also picked up the Ghana music award for best rap artists in Ghana which sparked some feud. 


but I won’t go into all that feud, however, if you wish then here is a link for you to catch up


Quickly let’s see Stonebwoy brief bio shall we before you and I dig further down into the net worth of Okyeame Kwame. 


Stonebwoy Brief Bio


You remember how I said that stories have been transferred from. generation to generation through writing and storytelling. 


Now let me shock you a bit, writing has been proven to last the test of time when compared to storytelling. 


You have heard about the popular saying that the shortest pencil is better than the IQ. of the most intelligent man that walked the surface of the earth. 


Pretty controversial for you to wrap your head around right? 


Well it doesn’t have to be because if you think about it, a memory of a knowledgeable person can fade. 


but if you write what that person knows then it becomes easy to carry for generations to generations. 

How much is Stonebwoy net worth

Now I want to tell you one more story about Stonebwoy, so are you ready? 


Stay with me! 


What is the real name of Stonebwoy? 


When you go to Google, you can see this same question asked in different ways. 


An example of that will be something like who is Stonebwoy for instance. 


The answer you will get usually centers on his real name, where he was born, his age, and more. 


All of this I will answer below… 


You and I know him for his popular stage name Stonebwoy right? 


Well, the real name of Stonebwoy is Livingston Etse Satekla.


Livingston Etse Satekla is a Ghanaian diverse genre singer and CEO of Burniton music. 


Speaking of diverse genres, he sings Afropop, Reggae, and Dancehall. 


Stonebwoy was born in Ashaiman Accra Ghana in the year 1988 March 5th precisely. 


Over the years Stonebwoy has added several awards to his gallery much like Okyeame. 


In 2017 he won the Vodafone Ghana award for best artist of the year. 


In 2015, he picked the BET award for the international category of Best African Art. 


According to Avance, the net worth of stonebwoy has helped him rank on the list of youngest CEO in Ghana. 


Although the name of his secondary and primary school is not known. but it is understood that the singer attained some level of education. 


Now before we both dig further down on anything Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth, let’s look at how both their career started. 


How Did Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame Career Start 


Do you know why I always love this heading to come second? 


It is because it helps to show you that just like everyone on earth, celebrities. also have their humble beginnings right up to the moment they became famous. 


and the rest part of this section will look into that for you. 


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As a matter of fact, for easy reading I have broken this into subheadings. 


The first will help you find everything you need to know about how Okyeame’s career start and the big moment. 


Secondly, the subheading after that, will also help you to discover how it all started for Stonebwoy. 


  • How did Okyeame Kwame career start 


  • How did Stonebwoy career start 


How Did Okyeame Kwame Career Start 


If you are a Ghanaian chances are you know how it started for Okyeame right? 


If you already know then just skip this part however if you don’t know how it started. here is a brief paragraph detailing that for you. 


Okyeame started writing his own songs at a very tender age. 


and while he attended Anglican High School, he started performing for local invent in Ghana. 


Now all of this happened by going against his parent’s initial dream of wanting him to be a Physician. 


he chose to rap instead and that has brought him the success he found today. 

Okyeame Kwame net worth 2020

Prior to his solo career, Okyeame was part of the Okyeame Hiplife duo which recorded several albums. 


However the group split and Okyeame set up his own label. 


The big moment came when Okyeame released the Wanwesem album meaning my poetry in 2008. 


Manwesem album was a hit and this got him nominations for Ghana Music award which was held in 2009. 


He took home the award for best rapper in Ghana. 


His Manwesem album currently has more than 500K views on the individual tracks of the album. 


How Did Stonebwoy Career Start 


Stonebwoy career started in his hometown Ashaiman in Accra. 


As a boy Stonebwoy discovered his writing skills for drama and lyrics, which drove him down this path. 


I remember while growing up as a kid I would write dramas. 


There is this one in particular that I can’t really forget because it was a love story. 


It detailed a village boy and a village King’s daughter that fell in love and the girl was about to die. 


Just don’t laugh, 


You know that back in the 1990s, people were literally more interested in watching village movies especially for us in Africa. 

Then tradition was everything unlike this new world where everyone. want to embrace crazy civilization ideas such as almost going nude and call it fashion. 


The village warriors were tasked with finding a particular leaf in the evil forest. 


and that whoever came back with this leaf would be the one to marry the king’s daughter. 


The protagonist of my story didn’t know the first thing about being a warrior. but he volunteered to go on the journey because of love. 


Long story short! 


He died after finding the cure and his supposed girlfriend refused to marry any other man and she was pregnant for the protagonist of my story. 

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Okay enough of that story right and back to the Stonebwoy. 


Having discovered his ability for writing lyrics, Stonebwoy ventures into music fully. 


His rise to fame came in 2014 when he released the Album Necessary Evil. 


Necessary Evil quickly topped charts in Ghana and helped him secured a nomination in BET and GMA an acronym for Ghana music award. 


Stonebwoy won both awards in 2015 making him among one of the top 5 artist in Ghana to pick up BET and GMA in one year. 


With the album Necessary Evil, Stonebwoy sold more than 20,000 copies worldwide.


Now that you this let’s look at some of the songs and albums that’s brought this two fame. 


Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame Album and Songs 


You and I can’t really emphasize anything about Okyeame Kwame net worth in dollars just as we can’t talk about Stonebwoy net worth in dollars. if we do not look at their songs and albums right? 


After all this is what makes part of Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth. so it wouldn’t be wise not to talk about it. 


Yes both artists make money from other sources, but music is what you and I popular know them for. 


Having said that, this part of this post will be broken down into two subheadings. 

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The first will address the Okyeame Kwame album and songs. and the second will address Stonebwoy album and songs. 


and here is a bullet point for you… 


  • Okyeame Kwame album and songs 


  • Stonebwoy album and songs 


Okyeame Kwame Album and Songs 


When it comes to music, Okyeame is one of the celebrities musicians that knows his craft. 


I mean after setting up One Mic Entertainment, he decided to go back to school to study Marketing Strategy. 


Now ask yourself why would anyone with a background in music want to go back to study Marketing Strategy? 


The answer is simple! 


It is because he wants to learn how to market his brand more so much so that it becomes the best in GH. 


Marketing is part of the music and if You learn to own this skill, you can sell anything in the world. 

How much is Okyeame Kwame net worth

Now how many albums does Kwame have already? 


Well, Kwame currently has more than 3 studio albums both as a band and solo career. 


Okyeame Kwame first solo album was released in 2004 after splitting from his band. 


The album has 13 tracks and the album was titled Boshe Ba. 


His second studio album in his solo career was released in 2008 titled Manwesem. 


The album contained 14 track and some of the most songs were just great. And others a little above okay, but mostly great songs.


His 3rd studio album was released in 2011 and it was titled The Clinic. 


The Clinic featured 12 tracks.


All the albums mention above did help to improve Okyeame Kwame net worth 2020 Forbes. 


but then let’s also look at Stonebwoys now shall we? 


Stonebwoy Album and Songs 


You hear names like Sarkodie and Shatta Wale in Ghana who are very popular. 


but much like these two artists who I happened to cover their net worth in this post here, Stonebwoy is also another popular name. 




I am absolutely not kidding you when I say you have to listen to his songs honestly. 


If you listen and you find that you don’t like me just shoot me a message through the SMCE Facebook page here insulting dear mother life out of me. 

Stonebwoy net worth 2020

Now how many studio albums does he have currently? 


Stonebwoy currently has more than 2 studio albums to his name. 


The first studio album of Stonebwoy was titled Grade. 


Grade 1 was released in 2012 and it contained 13 tracks among which are rate race,.kiss n cry. 


In 2014 the singer dropped his second studio album titled Necessary Evil. 


Necessary Evil contained 28 tracks that earned him a nomination in 2015 BET and GMA. 


Livingston took both award home thus establishing himself as a competitive force in the Ghana music industry. 


In 2017, Asian Apau released his 3rd studio album which he titled The Epistle of Mama. 


Epistle of mama contained 23 tracks which also earned him nominations at the 2018 Ghana music award. 


In 2020 he released his 4th studio album which was titled Anloga Junction. 


Anloga Junction has 15 tracks which topped several charts in Ghana. 


Stonebwoy’s career has been categorized with a number of awards. and a successful career is usually crowned with trophies right? 


All of the above albums did one major thing to his bank account. 


Do you know What that is? 


Well it is constantly increasing Stonebwoy net worth 2020 Forbes


Now come on! You are almost there… 


Plus I know you are already asking what is Okyeame Kwame net worth and the other part is also asking what is Stonebwoy net worth at the same time. 


Luckily you are more than halfway there already so stick with me as I take you through the rest part of Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth. 


What is Okyeame Kwame and Stonebwoy Source of Income 


What is a source of income in the first place right? 


I will like to give you my own started definition of a source of income and then grab. one of the definitions from Google and paste it here for you. 


My Definition: Source of income is anything that pays your bills. 


Here is the one I took from Google by quora: Source of income simply means where the money came from. For example if you have a job, the company you work for is the source of income. If you have investments or savings that earn interest, then the interest (the bank) is the source of the income.


Hopefully you understand what the word source of income now means from the above two definitions. 

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Having said that, now let’s find out how these two make their money shall we? 


I have decided to break this into two subheading, the first will detail Okyeame income sources. 


and the second one will break down Stonebwoy income sources. 


Now let’s dive in…


What is Okyeame Source of Income 


Over the years whenever I am called to speak on financial topics, I usually end up. by saying that anyone must have more than one source of income. 


It is imperative because, if anything happens to the first then you have a second to fall back on. 


When you do this you take charge of your life and avoid the problems that could have arose. as a result of losing your first source of income. 

So how does Okyeame make his money? 


Okyeame Kwame’s first source of income stems from his music and album sales. 


and having more than 3 studio albums just about provide the money he needs to cater to his bills. 


but wait that is not all! 


Kwame’s second source of income comes from his record label One Mic Entertainment. 


but how? 


Well, see it as hiring a Freelance singer to your label on stipulated contract terms m


When the person delivers, you make money from marketing the singer, you give him royalties and everyone is happy. 


Kwame also make money from shows. This means that whenever he is asked to perform, he is paid a huge sum of money. 


Another source of income worthy of note is endorsement deals with big brands. 


Over the course of his 40+ years, the singer has landed several mega endorsements that run into millions. 


All of this have help to Keep Okyeame Kwame net worth in Cedi rising over the years he has been active. 


What is Stonebwoy Source of Income 


Almost all musicians have the same source of income except for those that are into mega business trades. 


Examples of such people are the likes of Jay Z. 


You know he is currently one of the richest musician in the world right now right? 


So what is Stonebwoy source of income? 


Stonebwoy first source of income comes from his music. 

and much like Okyeame Kwame he has been able to put out more than 3 studio albums. 


All of which are hit recorded albums that have won the singer several awards. 


Stonebwoy second source of income comes from his endorsement deals. 


Thirdly Stonebwoy is the CEO of Burniton record label, in other words this label could sign artists. 


Essentially if you own a record label, you can be swimming in a lot of money real soon. provided you have eyes to spot talents that will sell. 


One of such CEO in the Africa music industry is Don Jazzy and that’s how he has been able to increase his net worth over the years


Stonebwoy also makes money from stage performances. 


With all of these combined these are some of the way Stonebwoy net worth in Cedi has stayed afloat. 


Now let’s get to see how they are both worth individually because ultimately that’s the reason for this post. 


How Much is Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame Net Worth 


In this section I will talk about their individual net worth. 


So I have decided to further break this part of this post into two subheadings. 


The first to dive into Okyeame net worth 2020 and the second to dive into Stonebwoy net worth 2020. 


Then for the last part I will tell you who is richer and by what margin. 


  • How much is Stonebwoy net worth 


  • How much is Okyeame Kwame net worth 


How Much is Stonebwoy net worth


How much is Stonebwoy net worth in 2020? Stonebwoy is currently worth 10,000,000 US dollars  ($10 million) and he is one of the top 50 richest musicians in Ghana. Stonebwoy makes his money from music, endorsement deals, performing on shows, and acting in movies.


As of 2020 he released his 4th studio album which will add more money to his bank account. 


Stonebwoy networth: $10 million


Stone Bwoy net worth only has a lot of opportunities to grow especially. with his current label which scout for new artists to sign each year. 


Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth
Okyeame Kwame & Stonebwoy

Meanwhile if you need all the information you have in one nice looking table then check just above you. 


Now let’s see how much Kwame is worth shall we? 


How Much is Okyeame Kwame Net Worth 


How much is Okyeame Kwame net worth? Okyeame Kwame is currently worth 1,500,000 US dollars ($1.5 million), he ranks between numbers 1 and 10 in the Shoutmeceleb Entertainment list of Ghanaian richest musicians. Rap doctor makes his money from music, endorsement deals, as well as his independent record label One Mic Entertainment. 


A huge portion of the Okyeame net worth comes from his songs and albums. 


but with all the other sources he has been able to strengthen his income. 


Okyeame Kwame networth: $1.5 million


Just in case you miss some little details then I suggest you look at the table above containing some known facts about him. 


Who is The Richest Between Okyeame Kwame and Stonebwoy 


Okyeame Kwame and Stonebwoy net worth who is richer? Okyeame currently has a net worth of $10 million while Stonebwoy has a net worth of $1.5 million. The figure or numbers above shows Okyeame Kwame is the richest of the two Ghanaian superstars. 


It is important for you to also know that these figures fluctuate over time. so one could top the other in record time. 


Which but we update our posts regularly to make sure the updated version is available to you. 




Today I have covered anything and everything about Stonebwoy and Okyeame Kwame net worth, however, if there is anything you feel like did not cover just let me. 


because I am very interested in what you think and whether this post satisfy what you were looking for. 


So there you have it…


Now it’s your turn! 


How will you predict Okyeame Kwame and Stonebwoy net worth in 2021? 


Do you believe it will rise or it will fall? 


Leave your thoughts below with the comment box and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Finally if you love this post, share it, subscribe to our YouTube Channel. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you.


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