Kwesi Arthur net worth 2020
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Amg Medikal net worth vs Kwesi Arthur net worth who is the richest? Kwesi Arthur and Medikal net worth are estimated to be $250,000 combined.


but if this is the combined net worth of both Ghanaian stars what is their individual net worth? 


Do you know? 


I guess not! 


So for the rest part of this post, I will bring you Medikal net worth 2020.


Once I am done, I will also touch Kwesi Arthur net worth 2020 then I will tell you who is the richest between Kwesi Arthur and Medikal. 


I know this post is about Medikal net worth vs Kwesi Arthur net worth but I will dive deeper than that. 

Net worth of Medikal

As a matter of fact, I will bring you every tiny detail you need to know about Medikal and Kwesi Arthur. 


Now here is what to expect from Medikal net worth vs Kwesi Arthur net worth as we dive down. 


  • How much is Medikal net worth 2020


  • How much is Kwesi Arthur net worth 2020 


  • Who is the richest between Kwesi Arthur and Medikal 


  • What is Medikal and Kwesi Arthur source of income 


  • Medikal and Kwesi Arthur brief bio 


  • How did Medikal and Kwesi Arthur career start 


  • Kwesi Arthur and Medikal albums 


  • Conclusion 


Now that you know what to expect from Medikal net worth vs Kwesi Arthur net worth, l want to tell you something. 


Every figure you will see here is the most recent of the net worth of these two. 


However, it is important to know that net worth increases and decreases too.


and the best part of all of these is that I and my team update posts to reflect the most recent changes. 


Now let’s dive in properly… 


How Much is Medikal and Kwesi Arthur Net Worth 


How much do you think you will be worth all through your lifetime? 


If you have ever thought about this or I just made it cross your mind then please leave me a comment below. 


Let me tell you a quick story! 

I have this friend back in the day who woke up one morning, came to my house, and was holding his father’s $100 note. 


He looked at me and said I have seen my father give a lot of these to people and I wish to make more of these too. 


When I asked why he wanted to make more money, he said because I want to be like my dad. 


I still remember that one conversation to date because it reminded me that whatever you set your heart to you could achieve. 


So why the brief story? 


Well, it is because every musician you see on earth have one dream and that’s to make more money. 


The reason or purpose I don’t know but I can tell you it’s very good to have money call the shots for you. 


Having said that I have divided this into two subheadings. 


The first will subheading will talk about Medikal worth and the second subheading will discuss Kwesi Arthur worth. 


Here is the subheading listed out in bullet points… 


  • How much is Medikal net worth 2020 


  • How much is Kwesi Arthur net worth 2020 


How Much is Medikal Net Worth 2020


How much is Medikal worth in 2020? Medikal net worth 2020 Forbes is currently estimated to be 100,000 US dollars ($100,000). The Ghanaian hip hop music makes a huge part of his income from his songs whilst signed to AMG business record label. 


Medikal has other sources of income but what I have done above is give you his major source of income. 


The beauty of being a celeb is the fact that once you are famous, it opens an endless source of income. 

Medikal net worth 2020

Yes, I know there are other Ghanaian celebs like Sarkodie and Shatta who are worth more


but hey Medikal is still young in the industry so hopefully, the net worth of Medikal 2020 will grow. 


When I converted Medikal net worth in dollars to Cedi I got the figures below. 

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I found Medikal net worth in Cedi to be 577,500


Medikal networth: $100,000


Now that you know what is Medikal net worth, come on let’s find out what is Kwesi Arthur net worth


How Much is Kwesi Arthur Net Worth 2020 


How much is Kwesi Arthur worth in 2020? Kwesi Arthur net worth 2020 Forbes is estimated to be 150,000 US dollars ($150,000). Arthur makes a huge part of his money from his songs which were released under his then-independent label. 


I particular Arthur because releasing a song under an independent label is a huge step forward. 


One of the major reasons musicians don’t release songs is because they are waiting to be signed to a record label. 


but what if you don’t have a record label yet? 


What happens then? 


Thankfully there are a lot of platforms these days that you can upload your songs to. 


We have iTunes, Soundcloud, Apple, YouTube, and more. 


This means it’s become increasingly easy to get your word out there today than it was many years back. 


Having said that, when I converted Kwesi Arthur’s net worth in dollars to Cedi, I got what you will find below. 


I found out that after my conversion I got Kwesi Arthur net worth in Cedi to be  866,250. 

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That’s the complete net worth of Kwesi Arthur both in Cedi and dollars. 


Kwesi Arthur networth: $150,000


Now that you know Medikal and Kwesi Arthur net worth, let’s find out who is the richest. 


Who is The Richest Between Medikal and Kwesi Arthur 


Medikal and Kwesi Arthur who is the richest? The net worth of Kwesi Arthur 2020 is currently estimated to be $150,000 while Samuel Adu Frimpong net worth is $100,000. 


The above figure you see means that Kwesi Arthur is richer than Medikal in 2020.


Medikal currently trails Kwesi Arthur by $50,000. 


Although these figures do not put one far ahead over the other but with a couple of albums, I believe Medikal and Arthur can increase their net worth by several margins in their career. 


So let’s see where Medikal and Kwesi Arthur net worth comes from. 


What are the sources of their income? 


What is Medikal and Kwesi Arthur Source of Income 


10 years ago, I met this man who told me that boy when. you wake up every day think about how much money you want to make. 


He said visualize the money in your bank account doubling every day. 


Do this every day until you have more than what you want in your bank account. 


Once you visualize this then think about how you will make all that money. 

Kwesi Arthur Worth

In essence, he was telling me to think about the ways I wish to make my money aka source. 


Do you know that it is so important to look at how much you are worth every year? 


If your net worth is not rising then you have a problem. 


Chances are you only have one source of income and one source of income is bad. 


What happens if your one source of income crumbles? 


You start looking for another source right? 


Read this article on why it is very important to diversify your sources of income


Having said that I have decided to break this part of this post into two subheadings. 


The first will address Medikal’s source of income and the second will talk about Kwesi Arthur’s source of income. 


Here is a bullet point… 


  • What is Medikal source of income 


  • What is Kwesi Arthur source of income 


What is Medikal Source of Income 


I have always loved how the rich diversify their sources of income. 


As a matter of fact, nothing beats diversifying your source of income because it helps keep you safe. 


If you understand that having more than one source of income is important. then you just broke the barrier of wealth. 

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Speaking of breaking barrier of wealth how did Medikal net worth Forbes increase? 


Well, this brings you and I to his first source of income. 


Medikal’s first source of income comes from his songs. 


All of these songs from his debut album has helped to increase his net worth in 2020.


Medikal also makes money from his YouTube channel. 


He makes money in the form of what is called Google Adsense. 


So whenever you are watching any of his YT videos, look out for ads that pop up. 


YouTube pays per thousand miles impression. 


Medikal’s 3rd source of income comes from performing in shows. 

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The singer charges between $1000 to $1500 to have his presence graze shows in Ghana. 


Medikal 4th source of income includes endorsement deals with major brands in the country. 


Medical net worth 2020 is what it is today due to all of these sources of income. 


Quickly, let’s see where Kwesi Arthur makes his income since this post is about Medikal net worth vs Kwesi Arthur net worth. 


What is Kwesi Arthur Source of Income 


Here is what I do quarterly, I try to figure out how much I am worth. 


Once I hit my net worth for the first quarter, I set up a different goal for the next quarter. 


Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I don’t even hit my goal but I do not allow that to stop me. 


I still set up goals so that I can finally reach my goal and have the best life. 


So what is Kwesi Arthur’s first source of income? 

Kwesi Arthur net worth 2020

The short answer is music… 


Arthur’s started making his money after releasing his songs under an independent label. 


His 2nd source of income comes from endorsement deals that the singer has with brands in the continent. 


Kwesi Arthur also makes money from Apple, iTunes, and every music steaming platform that he has a profile with. 


His 3rd source of income stem from his social media following. 


What this means is that if you wish to advertise on his Twitter, Instagram or Facebook channel, you will have to pay him. 


This is called sponsored post and Davido is currently one of the richest Instagrammer from Africa. 


Now that you Know Medikal net worth vs Kwesi Arthur net worth, let’s see a brief history of the two. 


Medikal and Kwesi Arthur Brief Bio


Have you ever wondered if someone would write your story? 


If yes then what is the one interesting thing you would love for people to write in your bio? 


You see life is a collection of moments and the moment one spends. with friends and family are the most beautiful you would agree, right? 


As a matter of fact if asked to write your own story of how your life unfolds, then that’s going to be one long write. 


Now let me tell you about the brief bio of these two. 


I have decided to break this part of the post into two subheadings too. 


The first will talk about Medikal brief bio and the second part will talk about Kwesi Arthur brief bio. 


  • Medikal brief bio 


  • Kwesi Arthur brief bio 


Medikal Brief Bio 


One of the most common things with becoming a celebrity is the fact that your life is constantly under scrutiny. 


This made me hated the idea of becoming a celebrity because the camera won’t leave your face. 


Some persons are comfortable in the spotlight more than other people. 

Amg Medikal net worth

So what is the real name of Medikal? 


The real name of Medikal is Samuel Adu Frimpong. 


He was born in Sowutuom a community in the suburb of Accra Ghana in the year 1993 April 4th. 


Medikal is born to Mr James Frimpong and Mrs Portia Lamptey.


So who is he? 


Medikal is a Ghanaian Hip Hop rapper and songwriter who got the name Medikal for the fact that he raps about medical doctors. 


So where did Medikal school? 


Medical attended high school at Odorgonno Senior High and decided to pursue a career in music afterward. 


In the 2017 edition of Ghana Music Award Medikal got the most nomination alongside Sarkodie. 


However he has only been able to add the award of Best Discovery Video to his gallery of award in 2016. 


before we get into how his career started let’s see what you need to know about Kwesi Arthur bio. 


Kwesi Arthur Brief Bio 


If you ask my uncle how many name does a person have he will tell you two. 


Out of curiosity you will be tempted to ask him how is it two? 


Here is the answer you will get; The first name you are known by is the name given by your parents. 

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Your second name is the name that you made for yourself while you are in the world. 


and the name Kwesi Arthur made for himself as a musician falls into this category according to my uncle’s analogy. 


So what is KWESI real name? 


The real name of KWESI Arthur is Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur Junior. 


He was born in Tema Ghana in the year 1994 on December 18th. 


So who is Kwesi Arthur? 


Kwesi Arthur is a Ghanaian musician, rapper, songwriter and one of the best young talent in the continent. 

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Kwesi attended Tema secondary school but did not further his education. 


In 2018 the rapper picked the award for Hip Hop song of the year at the Ghana music award. 


In the same year, he was also nominated for BET award alongside Nigeria superstar Davido. 


Davido eventually came up as the winner of the award. 


So how did their career start? 


How Did Kwesi Arthur and Medikal Career Start 


As a musician your career start is just as important as it’s end. 


This is because for publications like Shoutmeceleb Entertainment, we often make references to an artists career start. 


It brings you closure into the rise to fame of such actor, actress, musician, DJ, model and more. 

and in this part of this post, I will cover Kwesi and Medikal’s rise to fame. 


You are well aware what it is like struggling to make a living right? 


Often times this story is different from one musician to the other but the end result is always the same. 


and that’s to make more money, live happily, and do whatever is more comfortable with you. 


  • How did Kwesi Arthur career start 


  • How did Medikal career start 


How Did Kwesi Arthur Career Start 


Kwesi Arthur decided to pursue a career in music after he first listened to Drake’s Thank Me Later according to Wikipedia. 


Prior to this, he worked at XLC where he learned the rudiments of recording and music production. 


This led to the release of his hit single Grind Day which was released from his debut EP in the Ghanaian music industry. 


Since debuting in the industry Kwesi has won himself a couple of awards. 


but the big moment came after getting nominated alongside Davido for the best international act at the BET award. 


Some of Kwesi Arthur hit songs have garnered more than 500,000 views on YouTube. 


Here is a screenshot of one of his songs with the most views on YouTube. 


As of 2020, Kwesi Arthur is also one of the richest musicians in Ghana


How Did Medikal Career Start 


Among the young talent in Ghana, Medikal has shown that his rise to fame is due to hard work. 


During an interview, he said, “My success today is as a result of working hard and never giving up”. 


Much like Kwesi Arthur, Medikal decided to pursue a career in music due to financial struggles. 


I have discovered that whatever you set your heart to achieve, you will eventually achieve. 

This is because of a common belief that where your focus is there flows your energy. 


Having said that the big moment for Medikal came when he released songs like Confirm. 


Confirm quickly became the national anthem in Ghana and won him a loyal fan base in Ghana. 


Here is a screenshot of how many views Confirm have garnered since it was released. 


Look Medikal net worth and Kwesi Arthur net worth is what it is today because of the success of some of their albums and songs. 


Let’s see these album, shall we? 


Medikal and Kwesi Arthur Album and Songs 


The net worth Medikal has can be credited largely to the success of some of his hit songs and albums. 


The same thing can be said about the net worth Kwesi Arthur has today. 


So how many albums do these two Ghanaian celebs have altogether? 


Well, Medikal released his first studio album more so his debut studio album in 2013. 


The album was titled Medikation… 


In 2017 he released his second studio album and this time he titled it Disturbation. 


2 years after his first studio album he released his 3rd EP titled The Plug. 


He has 3 studio album which have also helped to skyrocket Forbes Medikal net worth 2020. 


As for Kwesi Arthur, he currently has 3 EP to his gallery. 


He released his first EP titled Live From Nkrumah Krom 2017 and followed it by the second. 


His second EP is titled Live From Nkrumah Krom Volume 2.


In 2019 he released the EP Home Run which saw him get nominated for several awards. 


He only picked the award for Best Collaboration at the 2019 music award held in Ghana. 


Thanks to all these EPs Forbes Kwesi Arthur net worth 2020 increased to the sum of $150,000. 




Comparing Medikal net worth vs Kwesi Arthur net worth was a bit of a hurdle. 


but it turned out okay didn’t it? 


I personally decided to write this article to show you Medikal and Kwesi Arthur who is richer. 


The year has divided into two halves and 2021 is on the way…


My question to you is how will you predict Medikal net worth in 2021 and how will you predict Kwesi Arthur net worth in 2021? 


Will it rise or will it drop? 


Who will lead next year? 


Leave me a comment with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you like this post then smash the share button to share it on Social media and follow us here on Facebook


Thanks for reading and make sure to check out the next post below. 



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