Lil Yachty net worth 2020
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Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty net worth who is richer? Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti net worth is estimated be 17,000,000 US dollars ($17 million). 


but wait if this is the combined net worth of Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty, what is their individual worth?


What is Lil Yachty’s net worth? 


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What is Playboi Carti’s net worth? 


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Well, the rest part of this post is dedicated to helping you look into Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty’s net worth. 


As a matter of fact I after bringing you Lil Yachty net worth 2020, I will also walk through his income sources. 


I will do the same when I walk you through Playboi Carti net worth 2020 after which I show you who is the richest between these two. 


but for now, here is an outline of what to expect from this post today… 


  • How much is Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Lil Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty 


  • What is Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty source of income 


  • Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti brief biography 


  • How did Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty career start 


  • Frequently asked questions about Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti 


  • Conclusion 


Now that you have an idea of what to expect from this post, let’s dive into Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti’s net worth properly. 


How Much is Lil Yachty and Playboi Net Worth 


You know these days I find myself consistently thinking of people’s problems I could solve. 


Do you why? 

because I realize that in other for you to be a billionaire like some of these multi-billionaires here then you have to solve people’s problems. 


The more people’s problems you solve the more the money you are going to make. 


If I could put it in one actual word it will be the word “EASY”. 


As for Playboi and Lil Yachty, you can guess the problem they are solving which has led to their increased income. 


I love easy to read content so I have reached the conclusion to break this section of the post into subheadings. 


The first subheading will show you the net worth of Lil Yachty, a brief talk about his cars, and some more. 


Then once I am done with that the second subheading will detail the net worth of Playboi Carti in full. 


Now here is a bullet point of the subheading… 


  • How much is Lil Yachty net worth 2020


  • How much is Playboi Carti net worth 2020


Come on let’s, cover these subheadings first… 


How Much is Lil Yachty Net Worth 2020


How much is Lil Yachty net worth in 2020? Lil Yachty net worth 2020 Forbes is currently the estimated to be 8,000,000 US dollars ($8 million). Lil Yachty’s worth has increased by 110% since debuting in the American music industry more than 3 years ago. 


Lil Yachty Networth: $8 million 


A lot of musicians do not even dream of having such an amount of money right? 


but when compared to some of the richest musicians in the world, Lil Yachty is not worth much. 

how much is Lil Yachty net worth

but hey since it’s a numbers thing here is Lil Tecca and Lil Tjay whom Lil Yachty is richer than in 2020.


The amount of money Lil Yachty is still a very young lad enjoying all that fame right. 


Heck if you give me some of that money I bet I am definitely buying myself a house somewhere in South Africa close to the sea. 


Lil Yachty cars are also something to talk about as this will pick your interest. 


His car collections include a Ferrari which costs more than $350,000 as at when he made the purchase. 


He has a Mercedes Benz G Wagon 2018 model which costs more than $70,000. 


Lil Yachty House is currently valued at $5.6 million which is a cozy mansion to live in. 


Everyone loves a constant paycheck right? and for Yachty he has the constant paycheck in the form of his songs. 


and now that you have an idea of Lil Yachty net worth Forbes, let’s move on to see Playboi Carti net worth Forbes. 


How Much is Playboi Carti Net Worth 2020 


How much is Playboi Carti net worth in 2020? Playboi Carti net worth 2020 Forbes valued at 9,000,000 US dollars ($9 million). Playboi Carti worth has been climbing steadily over the course of the past 6 years thanks to his music. 


Playboi Carti Networth: $9 million 


When compared to the likes of Ludacris and Master P you could say he isn’t worth that much. 

Playboi Carti net worth 2020
Playboi Carti

but then if you come down the ladder a bit there are the likes of Yo Gotti and Moneybagg Yo who Playboi is richer than in 2020. 


Personally, I find musicians and their lifestyle very pleasing because it’s a good life with so much money. 


I mean come to think of it such amount of cash is enough to get you the life you deserve right? 

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I don’t know about you but with $4 million I am definitely going off the grid for a while. 


I mean nothing beats that close experience you get from mother nature somewhere in a serene island. 


To show you how he spends his catch did you know that one of Playboi cars cost a massive $400,000? 


He bought a Rolls Royce for the huge sum of $400,000 which is huge when you think about it. 


What about Playboi Carti House? Well, he is currently living in a home that cost between $8 million to $10 million. 


Now that you know how much is Playboi Carti worth and how much is Lil Yachty worth, let’s see who is richer, shall we? 


Who is The Richest Between Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty 


Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti who is the richest? The net worth Lil Yachty has is currently valued 8,000,000 US dollars ($8 million) while the net Worth Playboi Carti has is valued 9,000,000 US dollars ($9 million). 


From the above figures, it is clear that Playboi Carti is currently richer than Yachty. 

net worth of Lil Yachty
ASAP Record Label

Lil Yachty trails Playboi by a massive $1 million… 


While this looks a huge difference, I am waiting to see what 2021 brings to the doorstep for Lil. 


Time will tell if he is going to be able to catch up with Playboi Carti and if he would possibly dethrone him. 


but it’s several months away before 2021 comes knocking abruptly. 


So till that happens this is Playboi and Lil Yachty net worth as of the year 2020. 


Quickly let’s see where their income comes from right? 


What is Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty Source of Income 


Look I have to be straight with you, if you are not making plans to have more than one source of income then something is wrong with you. 


I mean that literally and if you listen a bit then you realize why I am up in your face with such words. 


If you have one source of income, it could be a recipe for staying broke and not living your dream life. 


Let’s be honest, how many families in the world have you. seen able to take a vacation from just one stream of income? 


Realistically the number is very few and such a family would be cutting into funds planned for something else. 


As for celebrities, I believe it’s a different scenario altogether. 


and I will get into why shortly but first I have cut this into subheading for easy skimming. 


The first subheading should do well to detail the sources of Playboi Carti wealth. 


As for the second, I am counting on it to cover the complete source of Lil Yachty’s wealth. 


and here is a bullet point for you… 


  • What is Playboi Carti source of wealth 


  • What is the source of Lil Yachty wealth 


Okay, come on let’s dissect the source of Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty net worth now… 


What is Playboi Carti Source of Wealth 


Look before I get into the meaty details lets look at what is net worth. 


because I believe this should provide you and me an idea what net worth really is right? 


What is net worth? 

net worth of Playboi Carti 2020
Play Boi Carti

Simply put net worth is Asset minus debts (asset – debts). 


but to go into this more deeply here is a definition from


The combination of what you own (your assets) and what you owe (your liabilities) makes up your personal net worth.


It’s good to have a diversified source of income because it keeps you safe if anything goes wrong to one of your businesses. 


Now imagine only having that one business as your source of income and something terrible happened. 


Well, you could already see where am going with this so I hope you catch the drift. 


With that said what is are the source of income of Playboi Carti? 


Here we go… 


  • Album and singles 


  • YouTube views 


  • Social media 


  • Shows 


Play Boi Carti net worth has increased to what it is because of his songs. 


As a matter of fact, his songs and album are his first source of income. 


His first album or mixtape was released in 2017 which he self-titled Playboi Carti. 


He then went on to release his second work in 2018 which was titled Die Lit… 


Die Lit contains more than 8 tracks which got positive reviews from fans around the world. 


His 3rd work was released in 2020 which he titled A Whole Lotta Red. 


Playboi Carti second source of income comes from his YouTube subscribers and video views. 


You get it right if you are thinking huh so I make him money? 


Hell yeah, you do make him money whenever you watch his YouTube videos. 


YouTube as a reward pays him on a per thousand-mile impressions. 


Although for Entertainment this is usually very small when compared to other niches like finance. 


His 3rd source of money comes from shows… 


All of these sources have helped to increase Playboi Carti’s net worth in dollars to what it is now. 


Now let’s see what the process is like for Lil Yachty fortune gathering. 


What is Lil Yachty Source of Income 


Having a lot of fortune like the likes of Dangote who is obviously one of the richest men in Africa can be a daunting task. 


As a matter of fact, I have seen a lot of people in the course of trying to create wealth lost the true value of life. 


Do you know what that is? 


Well, it is simply living life to the fullest… 


Often times we get stuck in our hustle for survival that we forget to do some of the simple things in life. 

Lil Yachty net worth 2020
Lil Yachty

Don’t let that be you… 


Having said that, what is the source of income Lil Yachty? 


Here is your answer… 


  • Music 


  • Shows 


  • Endorsement 


  • YouTube 
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  • Movies 


Yachty’s first source of income comes from his songs and albums. 


He currently has more than 3 albums to his credit… 


Here is a list of some of his works… 



  • Teenage Emotions (2017)


  • Lil Boat 2 (2018)


  • Nuthin’ 2 Prove (2018)


  • Lil Boat 3 (2020)


Lil Yachty’s second source of income comes from shows… 


This means whenever he gets the invite to grace the stage, he gets paid for such invites. 


I hear some sources say he charges between $70,000 to $100,000 just to be present on shows. 


Yachty 3rd source of income comes from his endorsement deals with big brands. 


Lil Yachty endorsement deals are with brands like Adidas and many other popular brands around the world. 


His fourth source of money is his YouTube channel, much like Playboi Carti, he also makes money from his video views on YouTube. 


Finally, he makes money from being an actor and Lil Yachty has starred in a couple of Hollywood movies. 


He starred in the 2018 movie Teen Titans Go as Green Lantern with the voice Role. 


He also appeared in the movie How High and Roger in 2019. 


All these sources have done one thing and that’s help to increase Lil Yachty net worth in dollars


You and I have covered quite a number of things on Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti net worth, right? 


How about we dive into their biography because we seriously can’t just talk about Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty net worth without bringing up their humble beginning. 


Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti Biography 


One of the beauties of having a legacy is the fact that when you are no more your legacy would live on. 


Take for example the legacy Michael Jackson left behind as the king of pop is still very much reference today. 

Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty net worth
Mr Carti

That’s the power of having a legacy that the world has come to resonate with. 


For these two, long after they are gone the generation that will come after us could still read about them. 


You have a story in the form of a biography, sure as hell, I have a biography too right? 


Now there are so many people that let others tell their biography, for me I prefer the autobiographical approach. 


I believe this way I can truly tell how my story to fame and wealth unfolded. 


Having said that I have divided this section into two subheadings. 


The first to talk about Lil Yachty biography and the second to detail Playboi Carti biography. 


and here is a bullet point to make that easy for you… 


  • Lil Yachty biography 


  • Playboi Carti biography 


Lil Yachty Biography 


My childhood was fun and interesting honestly because. I had a childhood friend who we would both sit and fantasize about adulthood. 


KD is the quiet type and a scholar but for me, I was of the people’s people if you know what I mean. 


Then KD traveled out of the country, currently, in Malaysia, we talk every once a while. 


One day I told him a story about how our childhood was crazy and fun-filled. 

Lil Boat

He said to me there you have it write a book on your childhood and I promise it will reel in cash. 


What he failed to see was that it wasn’t about the money for me, it was about the journey that’s brought us this far together. 


My point is there are a lot of interesting moments in our lives that we fail to capture. 


If you take the time to write it down, you could go back to it and visit those moments. 


With that brief story out of the way, what is the real name of Lil Yachty? 


The real name of Lil Yachty is Miles Parks McCollum


He was born in Mableton Georgia in the year 1997 August 27th. 


Miles Parks McCollum decided to move in search of greener pastures which took him to New York City from Atlanta. 


So who is Lil Yachty? Miles Parks McCollum is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and actor who rose to fame in 2015 with the single One Night. 


His fame didn’t take long and right now he is among some of the top-rated musicians who are rich under 25. 


In 2017 Lil Yachty after gaining massive mainstream success was nominated for The MTV music video Award. 


He was nominated in 3 different categories one of which was Best Collaboration, the second was the best hip hop video. 


Although he failed to take home any of the awards. 


Now let’s see how his career started… 


How Did Lil Yachty Career Start 


Lil Yachty’s career didn’t start until he moved to New York City. 


While in New York, he worked with several small street fashion brands to build up a following on Instagram. 


In 2016, he debuted on the Kanye West fashion clothing line but the real big moment happened in 2015. 


In 2015, he released the single One Night which gained massive airstream on SoundCloud. 


December that same here the SoundCloud version was used for a comedy. which further helped him gain recognition. 

Yachty Boat

By the time 2016 snuck in, Lil Yachty found himself signing a Joint Venture record deal with. Capitol record, Motown record, and Quality control music. 


His fame sprang and the next we know, Lil greeted us with two mixtapes. 


He dropped Lil Boat and Summer Song 2 before hitting the. American music industry with his debut studio album in 2017. 


He titled his debut studio album Teen Emotions and positive review by music critics were off the roof. 


Lil Yachty released two studio albums in 2018 the first he titled Lil Boat 2 and the second he titled Nuttin 2 Prove. 


Yachty two albums did well again and in 2020 he released his fourth studio album Lil Boat 3. 


So far it’s still streaming and gaining massive attention by his fans all over the world. 


His single brocoli currently has more than 3 million views on YouTube since its release in 2016.

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Come on let me take you to Play Boi Carti biography… 


Playboi Carti Biography 


I know you probably don’t know the real name of Playboi Carti right? 


I mean I didn’t too, at some point I was like you who knows only his stage name. 


but no one can blame us because that’s the name for which he became popular right? 

How much is Playboi Carti net worth



My uncle said when you are born you are given a name maybe Julie but that you can create a second name for yourself. 


This name he called your professional name… 


So these guys are popular by their professional names. 


So what is the real name of Playboi Cart? The real name of Playboi Carti is Jordan Terrell Carter. 


He was born in Atlanta Georgia in the year 1996 September 13.


He attended North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs but almost didn’t graduate. 


During an interview, he said no one believes I would graduate so no one showed up for my graduation. 


Initially, his dream was on becoming A basketball player until he ran into a disagreement with his coach. 


Well, this was how he turned his focus to music which eventually paid off really big. 


So who is Playboi Carter? Playboi Carter is an American rapper, singer, songwriter who is gained prominence after his Die Lit album hit. 


In 2017 Playboi received BET Hip Hop Award nomination with his mixtape Playboi Carter. 


He was nominated in the category of Best New Hip Hop artist and Best Mixtape. but he failed to scoop any of the awards. 


but wait how did his career start? 


How did the big moment happen? 


How Did Playboi Carter Career Start 


Cart career started in New York City when he met with ASAP Bari. 


He lived with him for sometime before running into ASAP Rocky who is a huge influence in his music. 


Although he cited Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne and Lil Vert Uzi as one of his inspirations it was mainly ASAP Rocky’s influence. 


Playboi Carti started performing under the name Sir Playboi in 2012 but later opted for Playboi Carti. 

Playboi Carti started gaining mainstream eyeball after two of his songs which he uploaded to SoundCloud made its way to the mainstream. 


He released his first Mixtape in 2017 and oh my God it was an absolute success. 


He quickly garnered attention from PopMatters, Pitchfork and Spin with all heaping praise on the Mixtape. 


In 2018 he released his debut studio album Die Lit which was a massive success. 


Today Playboi Carti has his own clothing line GQ which has been highly praised and led to him modeling for brands like Louis Vuitton and Nike. 


Now that you and I know a lot about Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty net worth, let’s take some frequently asked questions. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti 


In this section, I will cover every tiny question you have asked on Google about these two celebs. 


However, I am going to start with Lil Yachty before transitioning to Playboi Carti. 


Here we go… 


How Much Does Lil Yachty Make Per Show


How much does Lil Yachty make per show? Lil Yachty makes more than 100,000 US dollars ($70,000) per show as of 2019 estimation. This means if he has 10 shows per year, he is making a reasonably $1 million per year just by appearing in shows for which he has been booked.


How Much Did Lil Yachty Make in 2018


How much did Lil Yachty make in 2018? Lil Yachty’s net worth in 2018 rose to a massive 6,000,000 US dollars ($5 million) making him one of the rich hip hop kids out there today. As of 2020, he is currently more than $7 million.


Is Lil Yachty Single


Is Lil Yachty single? Lil Yachty has been in two previous relationship which ended abruptly. His first relationship was with India Westbrook and the second was with Rubi Rose which took place between 20-2017. As of 2020, he is currently single without any relationship.


Does Lil Yachty Have a Kid


Does Lil Yachty have a kid? Lil Yachty has been in two previous relationships but none so far has to lead to having any baby of some sort despite his fame. His mother has managed his career and personality as an individual.


How Much is Lil Yachty’s Net Worth


How much is Lil Yachty’s net worth? Lil Yachty is currently worth a whopping 8,000,000 million US dollar as of 2020. He makes a huge part of his income from music, endorsement deals, Youtube views, shows, and through his social media profile.


Who is Playboi Carti Currently Signed To


Who is Playboi Carti currently signed to? Playboi Carti met ASAP Bari after he moved from Atlanta Georgia to New York City in pursuit of a career. ASAP Bari then introduced him to ASAP Rocky who was a huge influence in his career. He is currently signed ASAP Mob’s AWGE Label and Interscope Records


Why is Playboi Carti Famous


Why is Playboi Carti famous? Playboi Carti is famous for his style of songs which so many have described as effortless. It all started with uploading a song on SoundCloud which garnered millions of attention.


Does Playboi Carti Have a Grammy


Does Playboi Carti have a Grammy? No Playboi Carti does not have a Grammy award to his award archive. However, he was nominated for the best rap album category at the BET hip hop award.


Did Playboi Carti Graduate High School


Did Playboi Carti graduate high school? Playboi Carti said he almost did not graduate High School because no one believes he would considering he sometime ditch classes to make music. But yeah he graduated from North Springs High School.


Is Die Lit Go Platinum


Die Lit debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 with 61,000 album-equivalent units of which 5,000 were pure album sales. On July 31, 2019, the album was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for combined sales and streams in excess of 500,000 units in the United State according to Wikipedia.




Playboi Carti’s net worth looks set to climb even higher by the second quarter of the year. 


and Lil Yachty’s net worth is also growing at an almost equal pace. 


but in the end, the person with a more diverse source of income will eventually end becoming richer in 2021. 


Having said that, here is a quick question for you… 


How would you predict Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty net worth in 2021? 


Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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