Blac Youngsta net worth 2020
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Blocboy Jb and Blac Youngsta net worth who is richer? Blac Youngsta and Blocboy Jb net worth is currently estimated to be 2,000,000 US dollars ($2 million). 


but since you are more concerned about their individual net worth, I will give it to you. 


So for the major part of this post, I will show you Blac Youngsta net worth 2020 and also bring you Blocboy Jb net worth 2020. 


but first I have listed everything that Blocboy Jb and Blac Youngsta net worth will cover below. 

BlocBoy JB worth

Here we go… 


  • How much is Blocboy Jb and Blac Youngsta net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Blocboy Jb and Blac Youngsta 


  • What is Blocboy Jb and Blac Youngsta source of income 


  • BlocBoy Jb and Blac Youngsta brief biography 


  • How did BlocBoy Jb and Blac Youngsta career start 


  • Frequently asked questions about BlocBoy Jb and Blac Youngsta 


  • Conclusion 


How Much is BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta Net Worth 


Do you know what the beauty of being a musician is? 


It is that you get to live the kind of life that you have always dreamed about. 


I mean those beautiful moments by the beach, going on sky-diving, water bike and making lots of friends. 

BlocBoy JB 2020

You know when you are a celebrity the whole world wants to associate with you. 


but when you are a nobody, no one wants to associate with you which is not fair at all. 


but the sad reality is that’s just how the world works so if you want to have all that luxury you have to do one thing. 


and that’s hustle like your life depends on it, like you going to die if you don’t make it. 


That’s how most of the top 50 richest musicians in the world made it


With that said, I have broken this down into two subheadings. 


The first to detail the net worth of Blac Youngsta 2020.


and the second subheading to detail the net worth of BlocBoy JB net worth 2020. 


Here are the bullet points… 


  • How much is Blac Youngsta net worth 2020


  • How much is BlocBoy JB net worth 2020


How Much is Blac Youngsta Net Worth 2020 


How much is Blac Youngsta net worth 2020? Blac Youngsta net worth 2020 Forbes is currently estimated to be 1,500,000 US dollars ($1.5 Million). A major part of his income comes from his rap songs while currently signed to Yo Gott’s label. 


Blac Youngsta Networth: $1.5 Million 


Youngsta knows how to live the life of his dreams which is why I admire the 30 years old. 


He gets whatever he wants so long that makes him happy. 

Blac Youngsta net worth 2020
Blac Youngsta biography and worth


Blac Youngsta in this YouTube video shows his newly bought house which costs several millions of dollars. 


Hey did I talk about his cars already? 


Well, Blac Youngsta cars range from Lamborghini which is red in color to Ferrari which is also red. 

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He also bought the Aston Martin which again carries his favorite color for cars, red. 


You can say he knows how to enjoy life and keep his hustle real. 


Blac Youngsta has other sources of wealth which I will bring to you much later in this post. 


Look you could even say $1.5 million is small and that there. are artists like Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo that are worth more right? 


but if life has taught me anything it will be that if you show appreciation for the little you have, the universe will give you more. 


if you show appreciation for the little you have, the universe will give you more. 


for now, that’s how much Blac Youngsta is worth in 2020. 


Now that you know Blac Youngsta net worth Forbes, let’s look at how much is BlocBoy JB worth. 


How Much is BlocBoy JB Net Worth 2020


How much is BlocBoy JB net worth 2020? BlocBoy JB net worth 2020 Forbes is estimated to be 500,000 US dollars ($500,000). His major source of living comes from his mixtapes, album, and songs. He is currently signed to Yo Gott’s label. 


BlocBoy JB Networth: $500,000


I have seen a lot of people demonize money especially people that are broke. 

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How much is Blac Youngsta net worth
Blac Youngsta

and I will be like get a life because if you know how to make money then you ought to be a millionaire by now. 

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This is why I make my quotes obvious and here is one for you if you hate money. 


“You don’t have money because you are not thinking of a problem you could solve to make money”. 


Now while you let that sink in a bit, some of the richest people in the world today are self-made millionaires. 


They hustled and solved a lot of people’s problems so that they could become rich. 


I mean take a look at one of the richest men in Africa, the person of Aliko Dangote, do you know the problem he solved to become a rich man? 


He saw the importance of producing cement when no one saw it coming. 


As for BlocBoy JB net worth, I am predicting it to grow by a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars by 2021. 


This is because he has been amazing since his debut. 


Now that you know about BlocBoy Jb net worth Forbes, come on let’s see who is the richest.


Who is The Richest Between BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta 


BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta who is the richest? Blac Youngsta’s worth is currently estimated to be 1,500,000 US dollars ($1.5 million) while BlocBoy JB worth in 2020 is estimated to be 500,000 US dollars ($500,000).


So what does this mean? 


This means that the net worth Blac Youngsta has in 2020 is greater than the net worth BlocBoy JB has in 2020. 


Ultimately it’s Blac Youngsta that comes up as the richest between these two celebs. 


BlocBoy JB currently trails Blac Youngsta with a total sum of $1 million. 


but it’s important you know that despite the difference in the net worth, BlocBoy JB still got himself a nice $250,000 spinners from icebox. 


Although Blac Youngsta is the richest of the two rappers, both currently living their dream life. and working on their future project to rake in more cash. 


and now that you and I know BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta net worth, let’s find out more about their source of income. 


What is The Source of Income of BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta 


In other for me to properly detail each of their source of income, I will split this into two subheadings. 


The first will deal with the source of income of BlocBoy JB. 


and the second subheading to tackle all the sources of income of Blac Youngsta. 


  • What is BlocBoy JB source of wealth 


  • What is Blac Youngsta source of wealth 


What is BlocBoy JB Source of Wealth 


You know while I was a kid, my biggest dream was to become someone so famous. 


but then I quickly realize the problem, issues that come with being famous. 

Blac Youngsta and Blocboy JB net worth

I couldn’t bear all that pain and constantly being the topic of media around the world. 


I mean Michael Jackson paid a steep price for his fame, right? 


Heck even today, there are still those who wish to drag his name to the mud even after his death. 


Now imagine what I was about getting myself into? 


My sole reason for wanting to become famous was to have money and have a diversified source of income. 


but hell no all that camera isn’t worth it for me lolz… 


It’s 2020 and a lot of people do not even understand the importance of having more than one stream of income. 


Although musicians do not have to worry about this because their portfolio is naturally diversified. 


Speaking of diversified what are the sources of BlocBoy JB income? 


Here is your answer… 


  • Album, songs, mixtapes 


  • YouTube 


  • Social media 


  • Shows 


  • Endorsements


BlocBoy JB’s first source of income is his songs, mixtapes, and albums. 


He currently has several mixtapes to his career as well as singles that have made a couple of hits. 


JB currently has 1 studio album… 


His first album was titled Blocboy JB Discography. 


BlocBoy’s second source of income comes from his subscribers on YouTube. 


He then uses YouTube ads on his videos which earn him income on a per thousand-mile basis. 


His 3rd source of cash comes from show invitations. 


What this means for the artist is that whenever he performs on stage he gets paid especially if he was booked. 


Now, these sources have helped to BlocBoy JB net worth 2020.


Since this post is about BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta net worth, let’s find out Youngsta’s income source, shall we? 


What is Blac Youngsta Source of Wealth 


When I was little I spent a lot of time with my dad, we would play, fall together on the sand. 


Then he would say to me, boy look, life is going to do you dirty and sometimes you would feel like quitting. 


but know this if you quit, you are never a real man because real men don’t quit even when the going gets tough. 

BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta net worth

He would then tap me and say get up and take this second lesson from me and he would say; If you want to become rich then look at the rich emulate what they do. 

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Finally, he will crown it up with no matter what you do never have just one source of income. because that’s very dangerous. 


It took me until adulthood to truly really get his messages but then I had already made the mistake he told me not to make which is “having only one source of income”. 


If there is anything you could take from that short story it is don’t have only one source of money. 


With that out of the way, what are the sources of Blac Youngsta’s wealth?


Blac Youngsta makes his money from his album, songs, and mixtapes much like BLOCBOY. 


His first album was titled 223 which was released in 2018. 


His second studio album Church on Sunday was released in 2019 with the formats including digital formats. 


Much like Bloc Boy, Blac Youngsta also makes money from YouTube. 


He gets paid on a per thousand-mile impression so whenever you watch his videos on YT he makes money. 


His 3rd source of income comes from endorsement deals… 


Youngsta has a couple of endorsements since debuting in the music industry. 


Some of these endorsements is said to make the artist about $50,000 a year. 


His fourth source of cash flow comes from gaining an invitation to perform on shows. 


Youngsta charges between $1500 to $3000 to show up on shows as of 2018. 


There is every possible chance that this figure may have double. 


Okay, now you know how much is Blac Youngsta worth and you also know how much Is Blocboy JB worth now let’s spice it a bit. 


So what next do I have for you? 


Well, it’s the career and a brief bio of both rappers. 


Blocboy JB and Blac Youngsta Brief Biography 


I seriously don’t know about you but heck I am dying to have someone write my biography. 


This is because it will help the world know that I exist somewhere in a small community in Africa. 


So for the next few minutes, I will dive into the biography of BlocBoy JB. 

Then round it up with the biography of Blac Youngsta. 


In other to do, I have broken this part of the post into two subheadings… 


  • BlocBoy JB Biography


  • Blac Youngsta Biography 


Blac Youngsta Biography 


Don’t believe this but do you know that fans easily forget the names of their favorite musicians? 


I mean it’s only a few people that truly know the real name of artists that they follow without some sort of Google search. 


Take Akon for example, chances are you only know him by his stage name and not his real name. 


If you try to find his real name then I can almost bet that you will do a Google search. 




Now with that said what is the real name of BlocBoy JB? 


I mean you already know by now that he goes by the stage name BlocBoy right? 

Blac Youngsta worth

So what is his real name? Well, the real name of Sammie Marquez Benson. 


He was born in Mcmillan South of Memphis Tennessee in the year 1990 April 8th. 


Blac Youngsta’s parents had very little to go by and as such couldn’t make both ends meet. 


but who knew their son would become wealthy enough someday so mama never has to worry about working ever again. 


So who is Blac Youngsta? 


Blac Youngsta is an American rapper, and songwriter signed to Yo Gotti record label. 


but wait how did his career start? 


How Did Blac Youngsta Career Start 


When you are wealthy, it’s a common theme to forget all that suffering you went through right? 


I mean you can now have the house of your choice, the cars that you want and every good thing of life. 


For Sammie Marquez Benson this is the case considering his net worth has risen to $1.5 million. 


I mean think of what you could do with that kind money for a bit right? 


A lot I guess! 

net worth of Blac Youngsta 2020

but the very start wasn’t always this rosy for the superstar… 


So how did it all start? 


Well, it started in South Side of Memphis in Tennesee when Blac Youngsta parents didn’t have anything. 


He managed to secure a job working at a grocery store but quickly got fired after he was caught making fake orders. 


Although his intentions were to feed his little brothers, that does not justify stealing. 


Youngsta after getting fired decided to take to selling drugs at a tender age. 


He also got arrested on several occasions for drugs and gun charges. 


but then it dawned on him that he could really make legit cash by hustling so he started organizing shows. 


Made a little to get by from his shows before he decided to take his life into his hands. 


This led him to release songs on SoundCloud in 2012. 


His first mixtape was released in 2012 according to Wikipedia titled Fast Track Series. 


The series rounded up in 2015 and the breakout single Heavy quickly caught the attention of Yo Gotti whom you can find his net worth here. 


Yo Gotti quickly favored this track and decided to be on the remix while he made sure Blac Youngsta was signed to CMG label. 

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However, the big moment that truly changes the game from Blac Youngsta came in 2018. 


He releases the single Hip Hopper and Booty, Booty hit number 73 on Billboard Hot 100.


Here is a couple of singles and albums he has dropped so far… 


  • 223 2018


  • Church on Sunday 2019


  • Fast Brick 


  • Fast Brick 2


  • Fast Brick 3


This was the defining moment in his career and one that has ultimately increase Blac Youngsta net worth 2020


Now let’s get into the biography Blocboy JB. 


Blocboy JB Biography 


I have much respect for hip hop artists like 2Pac and Biggie but I can’t help but think that they did hip hop game dirty with so much violence. 


Today you have every black kid who thinks you are not a real man if you haven’t served jail terms. 

BlocBoy JB net worth 2020

Blac Youngsta served and now you and me about getting into Blocboy JB who has obviously served too. 


So is it a thing with the hip hop genre? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and let me know what you think. 


Having said that what is the real name of BlocBoy JB? 


I know you know that is stage name is BlocBoy JB but what is his real name? 


Well, the real name of BlocBoy JB is James Lee Baker


And he was born in Memphis Tennesee in the year 1996 May 19. 


Much like Blac Youngsta, BlocBoy served a 2-month jail term for home invasion. 


He later admitted that the action was stupid because they did the invasion without a mask on. 


BlocBoy JB father is currently in jail doing 25 years. 


So who is BlocBoy JB?


James Lee Baker is an American rapper and songwriter who is also known by the stage name BlocBoy JB. 


His 2018 mixtape Simi picked the award for Best Mixtape of the year at BET Hip Hop Award of 2018


but how did his career start? 


How Did BlocBoy JB Career Start 


James Lee Baker started making music at the tender age of 14. 


He released his first mixtape in 2012 which he uploaded to his SoundCloud account. 


Baker moved to Raleigh North of Memphis Tennessee where he hooked with Tay Keith. 

net worth of BlocBoy JB 2020

Tay Keith later produced his LOOK ALIVE and the two have been working together since then. 


but the big moment didn’t happen until 2016 when be released Who Am I with the single No Chorus Pt 6.


No Chorus Part 6 quickly racked up more than 2 million views on YouTube. 


This marked the beginning of fame for the 24 years old who also released Shoot in the summer of the same year. 


The shoot was followed by a quick dance titled the “Shoot Dance“. 


Shoot Dance was used by Epic games without first contacting BlocBoy JB. 


This led to BlocBoy Jb filing a lawsuit in 2019 against Epic Games. 


BlocBoy also released the remix for his hit song rover and it marked his second song to chart on Billboard Bubbling Under 100 singles. 


His first song charted at number 6 at the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2018. 


Here are a couple of his album, mixtape, and singles… 


  • BlocBoy JB Discography 


  • Who am I 


  • Rover 


  • Shoot 


All these songs helped to increase BlocBoy JB net worth 2020. 


So Blac Youngsta and BlocBoy JB who is richer? Well, so far, everything points to Blac Youngsta being the richest. 


Now that you know enough about Blac Youngsta and BlocBoy JB net worth now let’s answer some frequently asked questions. 


Frequently Asked Question About BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta 


For the rest part of this post, I will answer some of the questions you have on these two celebs. 


but I will start with Blac Youngsta and then move to answer questions on BlocBoy JB. 


Where is Blac Youngsta From?

Where is Blac Youngsta from? He was born in Memphis Tennesse in the year 1990 April 8th.


What is Blac Youngsta Net Worth


What is Blac Youngsta’s net worth? Blac Youngsta is currently worth $1.5 million and he is still signed to Yo Gotti’s record label.


How Much is BlocBoy JB Worth


How much is BlocBoy JB worth? BlocBoy JB is currently worth $500,000 and like Blac Youngsta, he too is signed to Yo Gotti’s record label.


What Happened to BlocBoy JB


What happened to BlocBoy Jb? Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB was arrested on drug, gun and robbery charges, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on Twitter Thursday. During the hearing, the rapper’s attorney said that JB took this long to surrender because he had been traveling.


Who Came Up With The Shoot Dance

Who invented the shoot dance? Shoot Dance was invented by American rapper BlocBoy JB who si currently signed to Yo Gotti’s label.


What Hood is BlocBoy JB From


What hood is BlocBoy JB from? BlocBoy JB was born in South Memphis Tennessee and was a street boy until he decided to pursue a musical career leading him to abandon the life to focus on music making.




BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta are one of the not so famous rappers in the American music industry. 


but hey do really need mainstream media fame to make good money? 


I doubt if that is ever the case because both artist are still worth a fortune despite mainstream media absence from their lives. 


It’s over to you now! 


How would you predict BlocBoy JB and Blac Youngsta net worth in 2021? 


Will it increase or will it reduce? 


Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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