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How much is Sarkodie and Shatta Wale net worth today? Shatta Wale and Sarkodie net worth is estimated to be a combined $13.2 million.


No doubt Shatta Wale and Sarkodie net worth 2021 has been constantly climbing. 


So the question becomes Sarkodie and Shatta Wale net worth who is the richest


Thankfully that is the answer I will be providing you through the remaining part of this post. 


In today’s blog post you will be able to have knowledge about. all the important things you need to know about Sarkodie and Shatta Wale in 2021.


  • How much is Sarkodie net worth 2021


  • How much is Shatta Wale net worth 2021


  • Who is the Richest between Sarkodie and Shatta Wale


  • Who is Sarkodie


  • Who is Shatta Wale


  • Conclusion


How Much is Sarkodie Net Worth in 2021

How much is Sarkodie worth currently? Here is your answer; Sarkodie net worth 2020 Forbes is $7 million. this puts him just above Tiwa Savage in the list of richest musicians in Africa and behind the likes of Akon, Dj Black Coffee, Davido, and Wizkid among others. 


Sarkodie Networth: $7 million


I have an article on the richest musicians in Nigeria too and if you wish to see how. Sarkodie stack against some of the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria then make sure you click the link here

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I believe this about sums up Sarkodie net worth now let’s get you into the world of Shatta Wale. 

How Much is Shatta Wale Net Worth 2021

How much is Shatta Wale worth? here is your answer; Shatta Wale net worth 2020 Forbes is $6.2 million. which places him below his compatriot Sarkodie with about $800,000 and ranks him lower than Nigerian singer Tiwatope Savage. 


Shatta Wale Networth: $6.2 million


It is time to answer the question I asked on the early part of this post and it is How much is Sarkodie and Shatta Wale net worth? 

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Shatta Wale and Sarkodie net worth yield a combined $13.2 million which isn’t enough to go h2h with Mr P and Rudeboy net worth two of the defunct group Psquare. 


Who is The Richest Between Sarkodie and Shatta Wale

Shatta wale and Sarkodie who is the richest? Shatta Wale net worth 2021 Forbes is $6.2 million while Sarkodie net worth 2021 Forbes is $7 million. With the above figure, it is clear Michael Owusu Ado is the richest of the two singers in 2020.

Who is Sarkodie

Who is Sarkodie? here is your answer; Sarkodie is a Ghanian hip hop rapper, songwriter, brand ambassador. He is an entrepreneur, a stage performer, and an amazing philanthropist. 

Sarkodie networth 2020

Yea I know what you thinking and it is that is he really all these things? 


Seriously he is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist with the vision of creating. a better world for underprivileged kids in Ghana. 


Now that you know who he is I bet you are thinking he must be very old now! 


but that’s not the case because as at when putting this piece of content together. about the net worth of Sarkodie in 2020 I came across this Wikipedia article that specifically says he is under 40 years of age. 


Okay, you are now wondering how old is he then right? Sarkodie was born in the year July 10th, 1988 in Tema Ghana. 


If you don’t know where that is in the continent of Africa then please check this article out. 


I am confident it will tell you all there is to know about Tema in Ghana. 


Sarkodie was born in Tema Ghana Western African. 


Sarkodie Brief Career Bio


I have seen lots of cases when by the time a singer becomes famous, they even forget their real name. 

Sarkodie net worth 2020

I mean you are what you repeatedly call yourself right? 


I can only imagine that if you are a good friend of Sarkodie chances are you may not address. him by his name anymore because his stage name is now what is very popular right now. 


With that said, what is the real name of Sarkodie even? 


The real name of Sarkodie is Michael Owusu Ado but since breaking through into the Ghana music industry, he has been called by his stage name Sarkodie. 


Michael Owusu was born into a family of 5 and he is the 4th child and.  ultimately the most renowned in his family due to gaining musical prominence. 


How Did it All Start For Sarkodie 


Better still the right question to ask is how does a graphics designer become a popular musician in Ghana? 

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I have particularly found out over the years that the reason why we don’t follow our dreams is because of a lack of proper grooming. 


On this side of Africa, your parents only care about what they think you should become. and not what you want to become right? 


Hopefully, you know what am talking about right? 


If you have had such experience then leave a comment below. 


Let me tell you this short story about how my initial dream was to become a footballer like Michael Essien. 

Sarkodie and Shatta Wale net worth 2020
Sarkodie sipping a glass of Champagne in his luxurious home

You know during Essien’s time, he probably was one of the best blocking 4 in the world right? 


Well in my case my role model was Austin Jay Jay Okocha because of his magic with the ball. 


Guess what my father died by the time I had the courage to say I want to become a footballer? 


He looked me in the eyes and said if you ever stand before me to say that ever again I will break your legs. 

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Everyone is sending their kids to school to study Medicine, law, politics and you want to become a footballer? 


You must be very high and sick come on get out from my face before I hit you hard. with this walking stick in my hands. 


That was how that conversation ended and to date we never spoke about it. 


Many years have passed and he called me and said son. I was wrong to have stopped you from chasing your dreams I am sorry. 


For me, that was the first time I ever heard my dad apologize after making a wrong decision. 


Shatta Wale networth 2020

Now back to the Sarkodie, my guess is Owusu probably had the same parent who knew nothing about helping a child discover his goal and passion. 


My one cent on that though! 


The net worth of Sarkodie probably won’t have seen the rise it did in the previous year if it wasn’t for the key defining moments in his life. 


He started singing while he was still in secondary school, and all through his university days. 


Going to shows and staying dedicated to his dream and goals he said is the reason for his massive success. since breaking into Ghana music mainstream. 


The 31 years old singer gained musical prominence after the release of his hit single song.


Today no doubt Sarkodie is one of the top 50 richest musicians in Africa today


Achieving such feet I am certain I did not take sleeping and eating while doing absolutely nothing. 


Here is a popular quote by mom! 


Success is a habit if you master it then you can become anything in the world. 


She didn’t visit the four walls of the university but she knew things even I went to the university didn’t know. 

How Much is Sarkodie net worth

Please don’t ask me how she knew because that’s totally beyond me honestly. 


How Did Sarkodie Increase His Net Worth 2019


Sarkodie net worth in 2020 will see an ultimate increase just like his 2019 net worth. climb an all-time high making him the number 3 richest musician in Ghana


So how did his net worth increase within a decade? 


This can be attributed to some major factors such as; 


  • Albums 


  • Endorsements 


  • Shows 


  • Businesses


Let’s discuss briefly on that, shall we? 


All The Albums of Sarkodie


You and I can’t talk about Sarkodie net worth in cides and not talk about his music right? 


This is because for most musicians chances are albums, singles and Eps are a major source of their income. 

Having said that how many albums does he have now? 


Sarkodie currently has 5 studio albums with the most recent being Black Love. in which he featured Naija singer Rudeboy in his song Lucky. 


Here is all of his studio albums…


  • Maakye released 2009


  • Rapperholic released 2012


  • Sarkology released 2014


  • Highest release 2017


  • Black Love released in 2019


All The Endorsement of Sarkodie 


Another way by which Michael Owusu Ado increased his net worth is by signing several endorsements. 

What is the net worth of Sarkodie

One of the most prominent of all being his endorsement with Samsung. 


Here is a bullet point of all his endorsement deals today. 


  • Fan milk endorsement worth 600, 000 Ghana Cides which is approximately N40 million


  • Endorsed by Tigo communication which according to Nigeriainfopedia sponsored his 2013 Rapperholic tour


  • Currently has an endorsement deal with Samsung a mega brand in the world known for its activities in the production of android and gadgets


How Much Does Sarkodie Charge for Shows 


Truth is going on shows is another way for a musician to drastically increase their worth. 


Sarkodie is among some of the highest earners when it comes to how much they earn for shows. 


Here is how much he earns per show in and outside the country. 

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Sarkodie earns a massive $10000 per show within the. country and charges up to $12000 per show outside the country. 


Businesses and Philanthropic Activities 

When Sarkodie net worth Forbes was released, I had to take a look at things outside music. that could have contributed immensely to why his worth skyrocketed in the last decade. 


Guess what I found? 


I realized Sarkodie has a clothing line called Sark by Yas. 


So what does Sark by Yas do for the people of Ghana? 

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In a nutshell, it sells clothes. 


Sark by Yas clothing line has a unisex demographic. this means it caters for both male and female. 


but that is not all, Sark by Yas took the clothing line a step further by adding children’s clothing line which in my opinion is a smart entrepreneurial move. 


Such wide demographic could essentially lead to more patronage from parents and their kids. 


All of these factors helped increase Sarkodie net worth in dollars


What about his philanthropic activities? Well, Sarkodie has a foundation that caters to kids. 


It is called The Sarkodie Foundation. and in 2014 Sarkodie embark on a national campaign of feed the children. 


He bought bags of rice, hats school bags, and more things to make sure kids. that are underprivileged get a good life. 


The Ghanian artist is one of the pioneers of the Ghana Azonto music genre. also donated to Royal Seed Orphanage in Kaosa Ghana. 


What is the Net Worth of Sarkodie


What is the net worth of Sarkodie? Here is your answer;  Michael Owusu’s net worth is the sum of all his assets including things like gold, houses, cars minus what he currently owes as debt. 


This is likened to the definition of what is a net worth right? 


Since a net worth is all of a person’s assets minus what he owes. it makes total sense the above statement takes precious stones into account too. 


Now that you and I know what net worth is then let’s look at how much he is worth. before diving into Shatta Wale net worth and biography. 


Who is Shatta Wale


Shatta Wale is a Ghanian reggae-dancehall musician, producer, actor, and songwriter. 


For so many of us that go way back we know him popularly as Bandana. 


This was before rebranding between 2011 and 2013 which saw his name changed to Shatta Wale. 


I could just go directly and tell you how much he is worth but where is the fun in that right? 

Shatta Wale net worth 2019
Shatta Wale pose with the Infinix Hot 8 during a commercial advert

This is why I have taken my time to elaborate on Shatta Wale net worth and biography. 


At least it will be more fun than just telling you he is worth this and this amount of dollars. 


Now let’s get a bit serious shall we? 


What is the real name of Shatta Wale? 


I remember back in the day when I use to play soccer, rather than my birth name. I was popularly called by my soccer name. 


Guess what it is? 




That’s it! Call me that name and see me do some real magic with the ball at my feet. 


Oh! It’s been years ago and thank God I still have those memories. 


My mom said it best when she said if you want to be remember in history then give people a spectacle of memory


So why did I tell that brief story about soccer? well,  for one it used to be my dream many years ago. 


and 2 it fits the illustrations I will be giving you shortly. 


Shatta Wale’s popularity grew but his real name is almost forgotten in the 1 billion pages of history. 


because as a musician your real name gets replaced by your stage name and ultimately that’s how you are remembered. 

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Sometime in 2019 I remember visiting Shoprite in Delta State and I ran into my old friend. he was my teammate and friend actually. 


Rather than call me Mone he opts for MoneWonder which like it said above is my soccer name on the pitch. 


On that pitch, no one remembers my real name anymore. 


So let’s find out what is the real name of Bandana (rebranded to Shatta Wale). 

Shatta Wale and Sarkodie Net Worth 2020

Shatta Wale real name is Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr.


How Did it All Start For Shatta Wale 


Well, you can say it all started in Laterbiokorshie Dansoma and then Korle Gonno. 


As a kid Shatta Wale was introduced into dancehall by his father who is a legal practitioner and a politician. 


How you may ask right? 


It’s simple actually, Bandana’s father love to play Reggae dancehall at home and this was it. 


Listening to such sound at a very tender age and getting mixed up with his half Jamaican brothers solidify his decision to be a musician. 


The school wasn’t out of the question though but just like my father who threatened to break my legs. should I ever say I want to play football again, he threw him out. 


You can imagine how much our parents hated music and football. 


If only they could have a premonition that decades after it would be the next big thing. 


Well, Wale managed a school sat certificate form Winneba Secondary School before fully devoting to music. 


As usual, it wasn’t exactly easy for me the singer who was born in Accra Ghana police hospital in the year 1984 said. 


Born in Accra Ghana Police station in 1984.


Shatta Wale rose to stardom after he released Moko Hoo in 2004 a song in which he featured Tinny. 


Several other singles followed which also was widely accepted during a time when dancehall was almost extinct in Ghana. 


Prior to this time, Mensah’s gained a mainstream with his fan base due. to continually working on his songs from his high school days. 

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and due to this decision, he made to be a musician his relationship with daddy got soured. 


hence he was left to live in the Nima community associating with Muslim youths and ghetto kids. 


Truly there is a blessing in disappointment. As a result of learning the way of the street, Shatta Wale’s unique sound quickly caught eyeballs. 


And during his interview, he credited Bonchaka and Toggy Doggy for believing in his unique style of reggae dancehall. 


After gaining momentum in 2004 the singer suddenly was absent for a decade. before finally re-branding in 2013 and quickly won Artist of the year after his hit song “Dancehall King” drove the country mad. 


Thanks to social media which made his come back a bit easier but not without also working. 

Shatta Wale net worth 2020

These days you could say Shatta Wale is currently the most awarded dancehall artist in Africa. 


How Did Shatta Wale Increase His Net Worth 


It’s not news that singing is the major source of income of every musician in the world. 


Why some like Sarkodie become entrepreneurs, its music that helped spread. the stream of income musicians amasses over the course of their active careers. 


Having said that here is some of the factors that may have influenced Shatta Wale net worth 2020.


  • All of Shatta Wale albums 


  • Endorsement deals 


  • Shows 


  • Business 


All The Album of Shatta Wale 


Shatta Wale has released a couple of hit songs since rebranding from Bandana. 


In today’s world especially after a decade, you can say these guys did make some mad dancehall songs


No wonder he was recently named the king of dancehall in Africa. 


Here are some of the albums he has dropped over the years. 


  • Wonder Love released 2019


  • Reign 2018


With that out of the way let’s quickly dive into his endorsement deals. 


All The Endorsement Deals of Shatta Wale 


When looking at some of the factors that affect a person’s rise and fall in net worth. I would say endorsements play a very pivotal role in boosting a musician’s worth. 


Take for instance between the first quarter of 2019 Davido net worth topped that of Wizkid


but before the year would run out, Wizkid got endorsed by UBA for a whopping 1 billion Naira. 


Shortly afterward he hit another endorsement deal with Universal music group worth millions of dollars. 


All within a space of 2 months, all of these when viewed quickly surpassed Davido as the richest in the country. 


So here are some of Shatta Wale endorsements. 


  • Kasapreko endorsement 


  • Guinness Ghana breweries endorsement 


  • Boss baker beef rolls


All of this endorsement brings him money and also increases the net worth of Shatta Wale by a couple of millions. 


How Much Does Shatta Wale Charge Per Show 


To be quite honest I really don’t know a specific figure he charges outside the country. 


but I can safely say that within the country Shatta Wale charges up to $7000 to appear on shows. 


I didn’t want to take a wide guess because usually when you go on shows outside a country. the artists charge more than for shows within the country. 


In my point of view, Shatta Wale could be charging anywhere from $8000 for shows outside the country. 


His charges per show also help in increasing Shatta Wale’s 2020 net worth. 


Shatta Wale Businesses 


When considering the total net worth of Shatta Wale then it’s important to also look at his businesses. 


Shatta Wale net worth Forbes ranking sees the singer rise quite high on this list due to some of his businesses. 


So what sort of business is he into you may ask right? 


  • The 35 years old singer is into buying and selling of Gold 


  • Wale is also into real estate marketing I.e buying and selling of houses 


  • Lastly, during his interview, the dancehall star spoke about his 2016 Shatta bitters which is an alcoholic drink 


What is the net worth of Shatta Wale 


What is the net worth of Shatta Wale? here is your answer; Shatta Wale net worth 2021 is all his assets including Diamond, silver, gold, houses, cars minus all that he owes as debt. 


This is as defined according to Investopedia on what is net worth. 


For example: let’s say I have a total worth of $2 million and I am owing about $1.5 million. 

My net worth is calculated as total net worth – Debt. 


This can be represented mathematically as $2,000,000 – $1,500,000 = $500,000.


I hope that a brief explanation helps you understand what net worth is by now. 



Comparing Sarkodie and Shatta Wale net worth in 2021 isn’t that much of an easy task. because I had to go through nights of thorough research to bring you this piece of content. 


I wrote this article so that when next you ask Shatta wale and Sarkodie who is rich, you will get your answer without stress.


Having said that 2020 just began and these figures here can change due factors that control the rise and drop of celebrity net worth. 


I will also constantly update it with recent pieces of information if there is any available. 


Over to you now! 


How would you predict the net worth of Sarkodie and Shatta Wale in 2021?


Will, there be a rise of one over the other, or both will fall down from the list of top 50 richest in the continent? 


Leave a comment below and I will be sure to follow up. 


If you like this post then please follow us on Facebook but before you do take your time to share it. 


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Thanks for reading and check the next post below.



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