Net Worth of Ariana Fletcher
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When I was a kid growing up if you took the time to ask me what I wanted to become, I would joyfully answer with an oil and gas engineer. 


It’s shocking how I would trade my degree any time any day just to be an entrepreneur because they don’t teach that in school. 


Well, in today’s post, you will discover everything you can about Ariana Fletcher net worth 2021, his sources of income, cars, and lots more. 


So if you are really hyped about becoming an entrepreneur then you would love to know how Ari Fletcher did it. 


Having said that, here is a bullet point of everything this post will cover. 


  • How much is Ariana Fletcher net worth 2022 


  • Ariana Fletcher house and cars 


  • What are Ariana Fletcher sources of income? 


  • Ari Fletcher biography 


  • How did Ariana Fletcher career start 


  • Personal life 


  • Frequently asked questions


  • Wrapping it up 


As you can see I am not only going to cover Ariana Fletcher’s net worth in 2021, I am going to cover a lot in detail so let’s dive right in. 


I have always admired people who could go from nothing and make something out of their lives. 


For me, such kinds of people deserve all the respect in the world because let us be honest, it takes courage to be able to make money. 


Look at Dhar Mann for example, he made a fortune being an entrepreneur


What about Michael Moorer, well, he made a fortune being a boxer that gave it his all


So the next question becomes what is Ariana Fletcher’s net worth? 


Well, follow me because I cover everything in this next subheading. 


How Much Is Ariana Fletcher Net Worth 2022 


How much is Ariana Fletcher worth in 2021? Ariana Fletcher net worth 2021 Forbes is currently estimated to be the sum of 2,500,000 US dollars ($2.5 million). Ari’s source of income has majorly stemmed from leveraging her social media following to build a brand for herself. 


Net Worth: $2.5 Million 


My dad used to always say that it is not enough to wish for something because if that’s all you do, you will be poor. 

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I basically grew up with that one piece of advice playing at the back of my head every day which is why it is important I succeed. 


And one of the many ways I intend to do that is through creating content that you will love. 

How much is Ariana Fletcher net worth

Having said that, Ari Fletcher net worth will only look to grow as she masters her entrepreneurship journey. 


If you want to find out some of the things she spent her money on then you will love the next part of this post. 


Ariana Fletcher House and Cars 


If I have $2 million dollars in assets right now, let me tell you what I am going to do. 


I will take a month out on a cozy Island and just let off some steam because life is too short to not have a little bit of fun. 

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You know, Ari knows how to spend some of that money and she does so in a beautiful way. 


Speaking of beauty, do you know how much Ariana Fletcher’s house and cars cost? 


Well take a wide guess and leave a comment below. 


Having said that Ari Fletcher currently owns 3 beautiful and amazing cars that she uses frequently. 


At least at the time of writing this blog post, I only knew about 3 cars that he owns and they are:


  • Lamborghini Urus 


  • Bentley Bentayaga


  • Lamborghini truck 


So what are the prices of each of Ariana’s cars? 


Ariana Fletcher’s Lamborghini Urus cost the sum of $218,000. 


This is the MSRP of the Lamborghini Urus, however, when this gets to retail outlets, it could just as easily sell for more than the above price. 


How about her Bentley Bentayga? Well, Ariana’s Bentley Bentayga cost the sum of $156,000. 


This is also the MSRP of the car and MSRP stands for Manufacturing Suggested Retail Price. 


As for her Lamborghini Truck, it cost Fletcher anywhere from $200,000 to $250,000.


All Ariana Fletcher’s cars cost the sum of $600,000 plus in investment. 


So what about Ariana Fletcher’s house? 


How many houses does Ariana Fletcher have? Ariana Fletcher currently owns one house in Chicago. 


The house is said to cost anywhere between $300,000 to $600,000.


It houses a beautiful 2 bedroom and a living room with a garage. 


For the comfort of owning a home, this is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a home you want to live in with your son. 


Plus Ariana Fletcher worth is like $2.5 million which is still quite a lot of money. 


If this is the net worth of Ariana Fletcher then she has to have multiple sources of income right? 


Well, if that was running through your mind then you are right. 


If you ask the likes of Jay Z how he became one of the richest singers in the world, am sure he would tell you that it’s by diversifying his portfolio. 


What Are Ariana Fletcher Sources Of Income? 


Is it just me or I think that celebs just have everything laid out for them once they hit stardom?


I mean every celeb I have seen around the world just goes from money to money once they conquer the hardest part which is becoming famous. 

Ari Fletcher Net Worth

Certainly, Ariana is no different, after she shot into fame, it’s been like that’s the only ticket she needed to keep the cash coming in. 


I really need to try this thing called fame so I can be sure that it’s the only way for me to cash out big time too (😂😂😂😂). 


So how many sources of income does Ariana Fletcher have? Ariana Fletcher currently have 3 sources of income and they are: 


  • Instagram 


  • Brand promotion 


  • Kyche extension 


Now let’s talk about each of these sources of income, shall we? 




One of the income sources that helped greatly impact Ari Fletcher’s net worth Forbes is her Instagram following. 


Macro entrepreneur Fletcher currently has more than 4 million Instagram followers just by getting into relationships with some of the big names in rap music. 

Ariana Fletcher Instagram Handle

Her following grew constantly and her entrepreneurial skills have helped her leverage her engage following for profit. 


As of when writing this blog post, Ariana currently makes more than $150,000 monthly as an income. 


If you adjust this for tax, she is constantly going home with more than $40,000 in profit just from leveraging her Instagram followers. 


I mean this is the jackpot for Ari because her Instagram followers are how she got these other sources of income. 

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Speaking of other sources of income, let’s look at others from the bullet points, shall we? 


Brand Promotion 


Fletcher has worked with a couple of amazing big brands since her rise to fame which started in 2016. 


She has worked with Savage X Fenty which made several thousands of dollars. 


Again her following was how these deals were made possible, and if you are thinking of how you can grow your followers as well, I suggest you check out this post


After working with Fenty, she also went ahead to work with Fashion Nova which is another big brand in the USA. 


So how does this work exactly, well, it is simple… 


Depending on how engaged your Instagram followers are, you could be making between $10000 to $100,0000 monthly with your followers. 


So that’s exactly what she did by leveraging sponsorship deals with these big brands. 


KYCHE Extension


Ariana also made a fortune from her hairstyling brand KYCHE Extension. 


Basically, Kyche Extention deals with hairstyling which is a very lucrative business for celebs. 


She makes money selling her hair products from KYCHE. 


On a live Instagram post, she said that within weeks all her products from KYCHE are sold out. 


This is one of the four ways Ari Fletcher net worth Forbes has continued to grow like that of many celebs. 


Now come let’s take a little walk through Ariana Fletcher’s biography, shall we? 


Ari Fletcher’s Biography 


Life is tough when you grow up in a black neighborhood and chances are you either end up selling drugs or you get jailed. 


A lot of black folks have met their untimely end on the street of Chicago while trying to survive. 

Ariana Fletcher and Son Yosohn

So what was life like for this beautiful, young queen huh? 


Well, if you said she had it rough then you are correct because she did have it rough. 


So the first question becomes who is Ariana Fletcher? Ariana Fletcher is an Instagram model and entrepreneur who rose to fame after dating American hip-hop rapper G Herbo. 


If you remember, you and I covered G Herbo’s net worth here some months back and you can read all about how much he is worth currently here. 


but wait how old is she right? Well, it turns out that Ariana was born in Chicago on the 12th July 1995. 


Ariana attended college at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb where she was hit with the news of her brother’s death. 


After her first semester in the university, she dropped out and did not go back to school. 


She had a brother that died of an ailment but Ariana has never really spoken about the death of her brother. 


As a way to honor him, she decided to name all her social media accounts with the name of his older brother Kyle Jamison. 


So how did her career start? 


How Did Ariana Fletcher Career Start 


While everything looks rosy now, it wasn’t always like this for Ari. 


She has had a few struggles just like you and me as human beings. 


However, Ariana’s career picked off after she became the girlfriend of G Herbo. 

Ariana Fletcher Net Worth

Her fan base quickly grew because she does not really care about what people do or say. 


She expresses her emotion the way she sees fit and at some point, she confessed to having anger management issues. 


She later got it under control after working on her attitude. 


During the time with G Herbo, she had a son named Yosohn Santanana but after the relationship ended, she took her son with her into her next relationship. 

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At this point, Fletcher’s fame had already been noticeable to both people that admired her and people that didn’t like her. 


Whichever way it was, it certainly worked in her favor anyone would say. 


Through her social media following, she became a brand ambassador and worked with Savage X Fenty and FashionNova. 


She also decided to co-own KYCHE Extension by leveraging her following on Twitter Instagram to sell her products. 


Personal Life


As a model, Ariana’s personal life isn’t personal at all. 


She flaunts her beautiful body in a way that commands respect from her fans so much so that majority of her fans have become loyal to her brands. 


She has also been on the topic of ridicule by those that do not like her guts using her failed relationships as a way to go after her. 


You know what they say, there are those that will hate you and there are those that would love you. 

Net Worth of Ariana Fletcher
Ari Fletcher on a beach wear in Miami.

Ariana has received her own fair share of hate, especially on social platforms with many calling her a Gold Digger. 


This can not be remotely true because over the years her entrepreneurial skill sets have helped her achieve the success she didn’t even think of. 


After her relationship with G Herbo ended, she began dating MoneyBagg Yo who I also wrote about his net worth here


Both had some really good moments with Ari gifting MoneyBagg Yo a Maybach ride on his 29th birthday. 


Prior to this, MoneyBagg Yo also bought Ariana Fletcher a Lamborghini Urus which cost nearly $220,000.


He also lavished Ari’s son with a matching car of smaller size with an orange color. 


For a moment there, it looked like it was going to last didn’t it? 


Well, sadly that wasn’t the case and both have since called it quits as Ari looks for who will be the guy to be the man of her dreams would be. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


In this part of this post, I will cover all the questions you have about Ariana Fletcher. 


So come let’s do that quickly, shall we? 

What Is Ariana Fletcher Net Worth

What is Ariana Fletcher net worth? Ariana Fletcher net worth in dollars is currently estimated to be the total sum of 2,500,000 US dollars ($2.5 million). She makes money through her Instagram handle as a Brand Ambassador and through her KYCHE Extension brand.

What Is The Name Of Ariana Fletcher’s Son

Ariana Fletcher, son’s name is Yosohn Santana, and he was born in 2018 precisely on the 11th of April.

How Did Ariana Fletcher Became Famous

How did Ariana Fletcher become famous? Ariana Fletcher became famous after she started dating G Herbo who she had a son with named Yosohn. The relationship ended and Ari also dated Moneybagg Yo after his relationship with G Herbo ended.

What Does Ariana Fletcher Do

Ariana Fletcher is an Instagram influencer who gained fame after she dated G Herbo. She leveraged her following to build the KYCHE Extention which is a hairstyling brand that sells hair products.

What Is Ariana Fletcher Ethnicity

Where is Ariana Fletcher from? Ariana Fletcher is an American Instagram influencer and businesswoman who is an African American. She was born and raised in Chicago.

Who Is Ari Baby Father

Who is the father of Ariana Fletcher’s son? The father of Ariana Fletcher’s son Yosohn is G Herbo an American rapper. Their relationship ended with Ari assuming custody of her child Yosohn.


Wrapping It Up 


There you have it, everything you need to know about Ari Fletcher’s net worth 2022.


I covered both her sources of income, her cars, her house, and heck even her biography. 


So hopefully it is detailed enough for you to find all the information about her. 


It is over to you now! 


How would you predict the growth of Ariana Fletcher’s net worth come 2022?


Do you see it rising or do you see it dropping? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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