Net Worth of Rayvanny
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To all you lovers of music in Tanzania, today let’s talk about Rayvanny net worth, his biography, career start, cars, and houses. 


Did you know that Rayvanny is currently signed to one of the biggest labels and is one of the most popular musicians in Tanzania


Well, if you know what that record label is then leave a comment below this post and I will follow up with you. 


Having said that, here is everything Rayvanny net worth in 2022 will cover. 


  • How much is Rayvanny net worth 2022 


  • Rayvanny cars and houses 


  • What are Rayvanny sources of income? 


  • Rayvanny biography 


  • How did Rayvanny career start 


  • Personal life & controversies 


  • Frequently asked questions 


  • Conclusion 


As you can see, this post will not just cover the net worth of Rayvanny it will also cover his career start because he is one of the best musicians in Tanzania


So with that said, come, let’s dive right into this post and dig out everything you knew and didn’t know. 


Let’s get right in now! 


How Much Is Rayvanny Net Worth 2022


How much is Rayvanny worth? Rayvanny net worth 2021 Forbes is currently estimated to be 600,000 US dollars ($600,000). He made name for himself by being a backup singer for popular musicians in Tanzania with names like Madee Ali. 


If you have been following my articles then you know I love to make a vague prediction of artists’ net worth. 

What Is Rayvanny Net Worth

So here is a prediction I have about Forbes Rayvanny net worth, stick with me for the moment. 


I believe if Rayvanny continues on this path releasing hit songs after hit songs, his net worth will double the above figure in the next 5 years. 


Net Worth: $600,000


Now the above figure you see above is Rayvanny net worth in dollars but what about in KSH? 

[table id=64 /]

Well in other for you and I to get Rayvanny net worth in KSH, all we have to do is multiply the above figure by the value of one dollar in KSH. 


Here we go! 


109.80 X 600,000 = 65,880,000


Net Worth In KSH: 65,880,000


With that out of the way, come let’s take a look at Rayvanny cars and houses. 


After all, it’s just impossible to have all that money and not have a home or a car that’s not just how wealth creation works. 


You have to enjoy your success as this also makes you feel good and a good feeling brings appreciation. 


Heck many even believe that an appreciative person would get more blessings from the universe. 


Having said that, let’s get right into it, shall we? 


Rayvanny Cars And Houses 


I have written a lot of articles on Diamond Platnumz you know. 


From how he is one of the richest musicians in Africa to some of his songs like African beauty featuring Omarion. 

Rayvanny Net Worth 2021

However, I have not written anything about Rayvanny so I thought hey, I have been covering too much Diamond let’s shift focus. 


Once I and my team did, Raymond Shaban fell into the view hence why I decided to cover him. 


At least this article should get him some nice publicity while he is enjoying all that money you know. 


Meanwhile, if you are trying to become a musician and don’t know how then I suggest you read my how to become a popular musician in Nigeria article. 

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With that off my chest can someone please tell Raymond that I need part of that money?


Oh that, not that I am counting on him to be that generous but a man has to try his luck every once in a while. 




So how many cars does Rayvanny have currently? Rayvanny bought a Lexus 330 Jeep last year. 


So far that’s the only car I know that the singer owns, however when I find that he has more than just one car, I will update this post to reflect that. 


When I did a quick Google search to discover Rayvannys Lexus 330 cost, I discover it was worth quite a lot. 


Specifically, the Jeep was worth the sum of 7,000 US dollars ($7,000).


While that may not be a lot of money for him, 7K dollars is enough for any Tanzania citizen to start a small business. 


So what about Rayvannys houses? Actually, it is a house because he owns just one house. 


The house is a 3 bedroom Bungalow with 3 bathrooms and a living room. 


The cost of real estate in Tanzania is high so a bedroom Bungalow is usually sold for between $20,000 to $50,000. 


Now, this is an estimate based on the cost of Bungalow in Tanzania which may be skewed especially if we consider post-COVID-19. 


So when you do not see him cruising around town or hitting the studio, know that Raymond is probably having a good time in his home. 


After all, with all that money a good life isn’t farfetched, right? 


While you and I still talking about Rayvanny net worth Forbes 2021, come let’s take a look at his source of money. 


What Are Rayvanny Sources Of Income 


One of the easiest ways I have seen through which wealth is created is diversification of income. 


However, people get this simple idea really wrong all the time and it is because of this one mistake. 

Net Worth of Rayvanny
Photos of Rayvanny during a photoshoot session.

Diversifying your source of income does not mean jumping into any type of business you have no clue works. 


A good rule of thumb for spreading your wealth is that you first master one stream of income and move to other streams. 


This is because if you have not mastered one source, mastering the rest is next to impossible. 


Hence why people lose money going into businesses they have no idea works. 


I just needed to point out that so if you love to read more on how to diversify your sources of income then read this article. 


With that said the question becomes how many income sources does Rayvanny have? 


One of the reasons Rayvanny Tanzania net worth grew rapidly is his different sources of creating cash. 


Now let’s see his different streams of making cash to give you a clue. 


  • YouTube


  • Spotify and Apple 


  • Music 


  • Shows 


  • Endorsements 


Now let’s take a look at each of these sources of income shortly. 




His first stream of income in no particular order is YT. 


So how is he making money with his YouTube channel you may wonder right? 


Well, he makes money through Google AdSense which is a program that connects publishers to advertisers. 


Now Shaban has over 100K subscribers on YouTube so when he releases a song, he uploads it to YouTube and his followers get notifications. 


Once this happens, you and I head straight down to YouTube to stream the song and in so doing help him make money. 


You can read all about how to make money with your YT channel here. 


Essentially the more views you get, the more money that you make through your channel. 


What about Spotify? 


Spotify and Apple 


Rayvanny also makes money through Spotify, however, this is not done through AdSense. 


When artists open an account with Spotify or Apple and then upload their songs to these platforms, they get paid by Spotify or Apple. 

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Depending on the number of streams you get for every song you have on the platform, that’s how much you can make. 


So I provided you with a link here to help you read up on how Spotify pays artists on its platform to give you an understanding. 


Make sure you read that article especially if you are a singer or producer. 




Another way through which Rayvanny net worth in 2020 grew is through his songs, album, EP under WCB Wasafi record. 


His songs and album are what create the other sources of income so it’s a ripple effect of mastering one income source. 


If you were paying attention, that’s what I spoke about on the intro of this subheading. 


He makes money with music through performance royalties and digital royalties. 


The world is fast gravitating towards the digital age which is why most sites are going online. 


If you don’t then you stand a chance to miss out on customers that are out there all day long. 


Having said that there are companies that handle collecting royalties for artists but since he is signed under a label, that label is responsible for all the hassles. 




Another way through which Rayvanny makes money is from shows. 


This means whenever he gets the invite to perform on stage or on occasions he gets paid. 


And Ray is among the big stars in Tanzania today thanks to getting mentored by Diamond Platnumz who has also made quite the wealth for himself


It is speculated that Rayvanny charges between $2000 to 5,000 to perform on shows. 


If you have just two shows a month for 6 months, for example, that could quickly run into several millions of dollars. 


Brand Endorsement 


A brand endorsement is another way the singer could be making a killer of money. 


This means that whenever other brands contact him to be the face of their brands, he gets paid. 


However, contract terms will be agreed on for this to move, and guess what? 


Depending on the agreement, such a contract could last for years and a good example is Ronaldo’s Nike endorsement deals. 


These are some of the ways through which Rayvanny’s net worth Forbes has experienced tremendous growth. 


Now let’s talk a bit about Rayvanny’s biography, shall we? 


Rayvanny Biography 


You have a sound understanding of Raymond Shaban’s source of wealth but then what is his story? 


Well, this is what you and I will discuss on this subheading so without further ado come let’s get on to it. 

How Much Is Rayvanny Worth

Who is Rayvanny? Rayvanny is a Tanzania Bongo Flava musician who is signed to Diamond Platnumz Wasafi records


So how old is he? He is born Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa on the 22nd of August 1993 in Tanzania. 


He grew up in Tanzania where he attended his primary and secondary school in Mbeya. 


During an interview, the singer expressed his gratitude to Diamond Platnumz who found and signed him to the WCB label. 


Talks about his family have been pretty silent, however, he introduced his brother Shedrack on Instagram. 


That’s about how far he has talked about his family which gets lots of people speculating. 


but not every celebrity wants his or her family to be exposed to the public. 


With that said, can we move on? 


So how did his career start? 


Let’s find out below shall we? 


How Did Rayvanny Career Start 


If you have typed the keyword Rayvanny biography into Google, chances are you found this article. 


So you clicked on the link and you are here so now what right? 


Well, now I get to tell you what the moment to fame was for Rayvanny so stay with me. 

Rayvanny love and desire to be a musician started when he was a kid in primary school. 


He would write and sing and then as he began to grow wiser as a teenager, he developed his musical skill more. 

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As a result of owning his beautiful singing skill, he won the regional Serengeti rap freestyle in second secondary school. 


He then went on to win the national music competition which saw him gain fame in his locality. 


While still trying to make a wave into the industry, Shaban joined Tip Top Connection. 


Under the group, he grew mastering singing and performance as a backup singer to Yamoto band and also Madee Ali. 


However, the big moment did not come until 2015 when he signed with WCB Wasafi records. 


Immediately his rise to fame started after releasing Kwetu which became an instant hit song. 


Kwetu amassed more than 7 million views making it his breakthrough song. 


After the release of Kwetu, recognition began pouring in from left to right. 


One such recognition is his nomination in the 2016 MTV Africa Music breakthrough category. 


A year later he bagged several other nominations from different music organizations including the BET International viewers choice award in 2017. 


To date, Rayvanny has archived some awards to show his success since coming on the music scene. 


Now here is a list of Rayvanny awards nominations from 2015 to date. 


  • MTV Africa Music Award


  • Uganda Entertainment Award for Best African Act


  •  BET Award for International Viewers’ Choice


Now here is a list of Rayvanny singles which he has dropped since coming on the music scene. 


  • Kwetu
  • Sikupendi
  • Shikwambi
  • Natafuta Kiki
  • Unaibiwa
  • Zezeta
  • Sugu
  • Chuma Ulete
  • Chuchumaa
  • Corona
  • Mbeleko
  • Siri


Shaban is without a single album yet but judging from the success of the above singles, a body of work might drop soon. 


Now come let me answer some of the questions you may have about Rayvanny. 


Frequently Asked Question 


In this part of this post, you and I will answer some questions about Rayvanny. 


So let’s do that, shall we? 

What Is Rayvanny Net Worth

What is Rayvanny net worth? Rayvanny net worth in 2021 is currently estimated to be $600,000. He makes money from Apple, Spotify, Youtube as well as from endorsement deals.

What Is Rayvanny Real Name

Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa born on 22 August 1993, is popular by his stage name Rayvanny, He is a Tanzanian musician, songwriter, and recording artist signed under the Wasafi Classic Baby record label founded by Diamond Platnumz.

Who Is Rayvanny’s Wife

Who is Rayvanny’s wife? Rayvanny was previously married to Fahyma. Both separated in 2020 after Rayvanny was accused of cheating. the ex-wife of the singer told a news outlet that she keeps receiving chats in the inbox of her Instagram with guys asking for sexual favors.

Is Rayvanny Still in Wasafi Records

Is Rayvanny still in Wasafi records? Rayvannhy is currently signed to WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby) which is owned by Diamond Platnumz; however, there are speculations that the singer may leave the label back in 2020, but so far, nothing of such has happened.

Is Rayvanny Single

Is Rayvanny Single Is Rayvanny Single? Rayvanny broke up with his wife Fahyma after the singer was accused of infidelity, both had a son before the popular breakup. Rayvanny in a later Instagram post posted that he is in a better place after the breakup.

Is Rayvanny Brother To Diamond

Is Rayvanny brother to Diamond? Diamond Platnumz signed Rayvanny to the WBC record label in 2015, As such both artists are not brothers but favor the same genre which is the Bongo Flava.

How Old Is Rayvanny

How old is Rayvanny? He is born Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa on the 22nd August 1993 in Tanzania and was signed to Wasafi Classic Baby record label in 2015 after which he released the hit song Kwetu with over 7 million views.




We have talked about a lot today, right? 


You and I first spoke about Rayvanny net worth 2021 then his cars and houses. 


After that, we transition into his biography, and then how his career started. 


We then crowned it up with some of the questions you have about Raymond. 


Hopefully, I didn’t leave anything outright? 


So it’s over to you


How would you predict the growth of Rayvanny net worth in the coming years? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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