Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst Net Worth
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Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst net worth who is richer? Cheslie Kryst and Nia Franklin net worth are currently estimated at $1,090,000. 



When I saw 4 black women won the major beauty pageant held in the USA. I was like I never thought I would see a day when this happens. 



You are going to spend not less than 10 minutes reading this little piece of detail. 



Truth is that is what motivated me to write about Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst net worth today. 



So for the rest part of this post, I will cover Nia Franklin net worth 2020, then touch on Cheslie Kryst net worth 2020.


Cheslie Kryst net worth 2020
Cheslie Kryst

Once I am done with that, I will show you who is the richest between the two models. 



The question you may have for me is what will you benefit by reading this post about Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst net worth? 



The short answer for that is you will get a lot of positive information to also inspire you to aspire for a good life. 



Here is a break down of Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst net worth.


  • How much is Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst


  • What is Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst source of income 


  • Cheslie Kryst and Nia Franklin brief bio 


  • How did Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst career start 


  • Frequently asked questions 


  • Conclusion 



Quick Notice: While you reading this post on Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst net worth. use the button that says “Click To Jump Anywhere to move to specific places around this post. 



Now let’s get into the juice of this post, shall we? 



How Much is Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst Net Worth 



Here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment I specifically love writing about celebrities in general. 



So whether you are black or white, pink or green you will see the net worth of celebs all around the world here. 



Plus I picked interest in this topic or category because I love the life that comes with having a huge net worth. 



I mean some celebs that I have written about here are worth even more than 9 million US dollars. 



Now take for a minute to imagine the kind of life that’s possible with such money. 



While I leave you to imagine a little I have decided to structure this part of the post into two subheadings.



The first will talk about the net worth of Nia Franklin in 2020.



and the second should tell you everything you need to know about the net worth of Cheslie Kryst in 2020. 



  • How much is Nia Franklin net worth 


  • How much is Cheslie Kryst net worth 



Since you and I are on the same page, now let’s get into it shall we? 

How Much is Nia Franklin Net Worth 


How much is Nia Franklin’s net worth? Nia Franklin’s current net worth is estimated to be 1,000,000 US dollars ($1 million). As one of the winners of the 2019 beauty pageant, Nia Franklin made some part of her income as a beauty pageant titleholder. 



While this is not the only source of income she has, you can imagine. the endless possibilities that come with such fame. 

Net Worth of Nia Franklin 2020
Nia Franklin

You and I will discuss other sources of her income in the latter part of this post. but for now, that’s exactly how much Nia Franklin is worth in 2020. 



Look these figures have the possibility to fluctuate every now and then but I can assure you that I and my team update these posts regularly. 



because we understand what it means to bring you the latest net worth of celebrities around the world. 



Nia Franklin Networth: $1 million



Now that you know what is Nia Franklin net worth, let’s quickly get to Cheslie Kryst net worth. 



How Much is Cheslie Kryst Net Worth 


How much is Cheslie Kryst net worth in 2020? Cheslie Kryst current net worth is estimated at 150,000 US dollars ($150,000). much like Nia, Cheslie Kryst made a lot of her income becoming one of the US beauty pageant titleholders in 2019. 



While this position may be temporary, it however opens doors for Cheslie to take her career to another level. 

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How much is Cheslie Kryst net worth 2020
Cheslie Corrinne Kryst

Yeah, the beauty pageant is only one of several income opportunities that Cheslie enjoys. 



Plus since this post is only just unraveling, you and I will get into some of the sources of income of Nia and Cheslie. 



Cheslie Kryst networth: $150,000



Previously I asked you to Imagine what having more than 9 million dollars could do for you right? 



What about if you don’t have that much money, how do you manage what you have to get yourself the best life you want? 



If you have an idea leave me a comment below, I am positive I want to hear your thoughts on that. 



Having known what is Cheslie Kryst net worth, quickly let’s see who is richer now. 



Who is The Richest Between Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst 


Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst who is richer? When I wrote this blog post I realize that Nia Franklin net worth Forbes is $1 million and Cheslie Kryst net worth Forbes is $150,000. This figure shows that Nia Franklin is richer than Cheslie Kryst in 2020.



Google has become so much integrated into our daily lives right? 



This means you can get your info on the go with platforms like GOOGLE GO. 

Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst Net Worth
Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst


So I always make bold statements such as if I feed you information and it’s not correct, do your best to shoot me an email saying I am wrong. 



I believe while you use SMCE your opinion also matters to the growth of this blog in total. 



Remember I said I was going to get to the part where you and I will discuss their sources of income right? 



Well, this is it so brace yourself. 



What is the Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst Source of Income 


If you have read any of my blog posts, I believe you should have heard me say these words below. 



Do not ever rely solely on just one source of income because it can cripple your income. 



I actually had to learn about this the hard way, once I did I have been singing it ever since. 



So whenever I write a blog post on net worth, I look for the slightest opportunity to slip that quote in. 



Look one source of income is crap take it from a guy that’s been there. 



With that said, I have subdivided this heading into two which are… 


  • What is Nia Franklin source of income 


  • What is Cheslie Kryst source of income 


Each of the subheadings above will address the individual sources of income of both public figures. 



So get ready for a treat, will you? 



What is Nia Franklin Source of Income 


Here is how the world works today frankly speaking but I will also need you to do your own findings. 



but first, would you agree with me if I tell you that the new type of currency is a following? 



Essentially what that means is the more following you have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter will equally translate to money. 


How much is Nia Franklin net worth
Nia Iman Franklin

You must be totally confused now right? 



but don’t be… 



Assuming you have 1 million followings on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter each, this means you have 3 million followings. 



Now if you have a product that costs $5 and you ask your followers to get this product. 



Assuming 500,000 made it to buying your product, this means you just made yourself $2.5 million. 



Now think of this and ask yourself why am I not building a following because that’s good business. 





So what is her source of income? 



Nia’s first source of income comes from her amazing career as a model. 



The benefits of being a model are just too numerous as it opens floods of opportunities. 



Now speaking of opportunities, Nia’s second source of income could come from endorsement deals. 



This means whenever a company chooses to promote a product to the world, Nia could be the face of that product. 



I won’t get into the psychology of this because it covers a much broader spectrum. 



but just know that if you see the face of a celebrity on a product you are willing to trust that product. 



Nia’s 3rd source of income comes from her following on social platforms like the aforementioned above. 



as someone with a following, you can act as an influencer on these social platforms. 



So whenever a company person or brands need Nia to promote their product to her audience, she can charge for it. 



As a singer and songwriter, Nia also makes money from her music. 



Although she is yet to find major mainstream fame like Beyonce and others, she is still a musician and who knows the coming years I see her career booming. 



This is how Nia Franklin net worth 2020 Forbes has been able to grow. 



Now that you know, come on let’s see what you need to know about the sources of Cheslie Kryst net worth 2020 Forbes



What is Cheslie Kryst Source of Income 



I will be honest with you, Cheslie Kryst has the same sources of income as Nia. 

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Other than the fact that you may choose to take the entrepreneurial approach much like Jay Z, a lot of celebs have similar sources of income. 



Personally I would advise everyone to take the entrepreneurial approach really. 



but who is an entrepreneur? 


net worth of Cheslie Kryst 2020
Cheslie Kryst during Miss USA crowning

Personally, I like to define Entrepreneurs as anyone who solves the problem of others for money. 



If you need to read more on that then perhaps you can look up this post here



So what are the sources of Cheslie income? 



Cheslie first source of income comes from her paycheck as a TV presenter. 



Her second source of income comes from the fact that she is a model. this means brands can contact him to model for their products. 



Her third source of income comes from her blog, which is sometimes restricted from 3rd world countries. 



At least I am speaking from my own personal experience you know. 



Cheslie Kryst Charllote’s net worth continues to rise due to the several sources of income she has. 



The good thing is you now know where both stars make their money right? 



So how about you and I take the time to look into their brief bio and see where that takes us. 



Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst Bio



Here is a quick question I have to ask you while you are reading through this post. 



Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to have your brief bio written by someone else appear on Google? 



In few words you can leave me a comment below with your thoughts because I love to hear from you. 



Personally I have given thought to it but maybe when you answer me I will tell you what my thoughts are about this. 



Now for the section of this post, I have divided it into subheadings. 



This way you can brush through this part of the post easily without much stress. 



Here we go… 



  • Nia Frankly brief bio 


  • Cheslie Kryst brief bio 



Nia Frank Brief Bio 



In the first subheading of this post, I have talked about Nia Iman Franklin’s net worth, right? 



Well for this part of the post I want to touch on bio briefly and who knows in the future I could a complete bio on her. 



Nia Franklin is one of the many beauty pageant titleholders that have come and gone. 



but there is much exuberance whenever I look at her and how she carries herself despite fame. 



So many of you probably do not know her real name or better still her full name. 



So what is her full name? 



The full name of Nia is Nia Iman Franklin… 



and she was born in North Carolina in the year 1993 June 29.

Nia Franklin Net Worth 2020
Nia Franklin during a show held in the USA


Nia is the daughter of James and Kristy Franklin who also have two other children Bailey and J.D. 



Have you ever asked a kid what is the most interesting moment of their lives? 



One common answer I have is childhood but then I asked myself why CHILDHOOD? 



The answer I ended up with is Childhood isn’t something you can easily get back right? 



For example I had fond memories of my childhood. 



So who is Nia Franklin? 



Nia Iman Franklin is an American songwriter and singer (musician) who won the 2019 Miss America beauty pageant. 



Franklin held the Miss New York 2019 title leading to contest for Miss America in 2019. 



While contesting she advocated for Arts after she was given just 20 secs to answer the Question how being Miss New York prepared her for Miss America. 



Her answer was exceptional when she said I moved a lot in New York, while having to deal with high rents. I have New York grits and right here I just want to use my platform to advocate for the arts and make sure kids get their quality education. 



This is my own wordings of her reply to the question she answer. 



So where did she school? 



Nia Franklin attended North Davidson High School in Welcome, North Carolina, in 2011. 



She then attended East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, and graduated with a degree in music composition in 2015. 



After graduating from North Carolina University, Nia decided to further her education. 



This time she do it at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Music according to Wikipedia. 



While she is still an artist finding her feet, I believe you can follow her social platforms like Facebook. 



This way you will see most of works and how she has been living her life with more than the $50,000 she earned during her pageantry. 



Cheslie Kryst Brief Bio



After the finale on Miss USA you need to see how the comment session was filled with love for Cheslie. 



A majority of those comments centered on the fact that this is the first time 4 blacks won America major pageantry contests. 

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and personally, I could say I am crushing on Cheslie Kryst right now alright. 



Now be honest, isn’t she a sight to behold when you wake up in the morning? 



Leave a comment with your thoughts let me know what you think alright? 



So what is Cheslie full name? 



Kryst during a photo shoot session

The full name of Chesliee is Cheslie Corrinne Kryst. 



She was born in Jackpot Michigan in the year 1991 April 28th. 



Her mother is an African American and her father is a polished American. 



So who is she? 



Cheslie Corrinne Kryst is an Ame TV presenter, model, attorney and beauty pageant titleholder. 



She currently holds one of the major 4 beauty pageant titles in the US as Miss USA 2019. 



As teenagers growing up Cheslie attended Northwestern High School.



The family had to move to Fort Mill, South Carolina so Kryst got transferred to Fort Mill High School. 



Kryst also attended North Carolina University for her undergraduate program.



After earning an undergrad degree, she decided to attend Wake Forest School of law. 



While in Wake Forest School of Law she graduated with Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration. 



Since then her career has been flying especially after being the first TV presenter to discover Terrence Howard is taking a break after the final season of Empire. 



I hope your lips have been wet, now come on let me take you down to how their success started. 



How Did Cheslie Kryst and Nia Franklin Career Start 



Everyone has a story to tell about how their career started right? 



Well for these two, this is also the case much like every other celebrity around the world. 



In this section of this post which I have further subdivided into two which are… 



  • How did Cheslie Kryst career start 


  • How did Nia Franklin career start 


I will address how it started for these two and the moment leading to fame which in turn helped increase their net worth respectively. 



How Did Cheslie Kryst Career Start 



Cheslie Kryst Pageantry career started back in the days of his Freshman year in Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina. 


You know the popular adage which says “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a footstep” right? 



Just stay with me! 



During her freshman year she won Miss Freshman like that wasn’t enough, she also further went to Fort Mill and won Miss Fort Mill. 


You can chalk it to working hard and you know what they say; success comes to those who keep trying. 



After high school, Cheslie Kryst decided to contest for Miss North Carolina. 



In her first attempt, she was the runner up or better still placed as a runner up. 



She obviously wasn’t satisfied with the result she got so she contested again. and this time she was placed 4th in the final list. 



Her drive is something every young kid growing up needs to start emulating seriously. 



When she tried for the 3rd time which was in 2019, she won Miss North Carolina. 



but the very big moment that changed everything came when she was given the right. to represent North Carolina at Miss USA 2019. 



After making the top ten list, she was crowned the winner of Miss USA 2019. 



As a winner of Miss USA 2019, her entitlement also helped to increase Cheslie Kryst’s worth. 



As a matter of fact, Forbes Cheslie Kryst net worth grew by more than $20,000 after winning the Miss USA 2019. 



How Did Nia Franklin Career Start 



Nia Franklin worth increased after winning Miss America 2019 but please don’t take my word for it. 



Just check out the figure above… 



As a matter of fact, Forbes Nia Franklin net worth increased. by more than $30,000 after winning Miss America in 2019. 



So how did the big moment happen? 


Nia Franklin’s big moment happened when she won the 2019 beauty pageant held in the USA. 


Her rise to fame marked the first time in history where all winners of. America’s major beauty pageants are of African American descent. 



This rise to fame also came with some benefits which directly helped to increase Nia Franklin net worth Forbes



One of the most compelling things about being a public face is the. amount of opportunity open to you. 



While some are more comfortable in the spotlight than others, it’s good to see that the fortune to be made is worth it. 



So as I type this, one day you and I will look back in history and remember the year 2019. 



but why? 



It is the year that all major beauty pageant titleholders are Black Americans in the USA. 



and thankfully history remember it all thanks for the likes of Google and Bing that serve us information. 



As a composer, Nia Franklin singing career started from a tender age 





Cheslie Kryst and Nia Franklin net worth will constantly be compared you know why? 



Because both stars rose during a time when there has never been four blacks winning the American beauty pageant. 



and I wrote this article so I could answer your question on Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst who is richer. 



Now tell me, how would you predict 2021 Nia Franklin and Cheslie Kryst net worth?



Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 



If you love this post then please hit the share button and follow us here on Facebook. 



Thanks for reading and cheers to you… 



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