Top 50 Richest Musicians inThe UK
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Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 03:51 am

Top 40 richest musicians in the UK


As we are left with a few more celebrities continue reading who are the last ones in the top 50 list.


My favourite One Direction members are there, and I hope they are also your favourite.


40. Liam Payne 


Liam, like his bandmates of OneDirection, went on to have a solo career. And with a net worth of £61.6m ($70 million), he is the top 50 richest musicians in the UK.


Payne’s solo single “Strip that down” was an instant hit and rocked the charts at

number 3 in the UK in 2017.


Collaboration with Rita Ora for the single “For You” and Lennon Stella for “Polaroid” has also made him rule the charts. He has won several awards like his ex-band fellows and reigning the hearts of his audience.


Payne announced that he became the first Global Ambassador for the German brand Hugo Boss.


Liam still has much to deliver for his audience and he has about 16.3 million followers on Instagram.


41. Bernie Taupin


Bernie is well known for being a collaborative musician with Elton John. He is an English musician and songwriter with a net worth of £61.6m ($70 million). 


Taupin has written lyrics for most of Elton John. Taupin has written, “Rocketman”, “Levon”, “Crocodile Rock”, “Honky cat”, “Tiny dancer”, “Your song”, “The one” and so on.

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Bernie has received awards like an Oscar for the Rocketman movie soundtrack and won several nominations. Taupin was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1992. He is the top 50 richest musicians in the UK right now.


With Instagram following 147K, he is ruling the hearts.


42. Simon Le Bon


The frontman of Duran Duran has a net worth of £57.2m ($65 million). This star is an English singer and songwriter of the band and has been acknowledged for his writing talent.


“Come Undone”, “Ordinary World”, “Save a prayer”, and “Hungry like a wolf” are some of the masterpieces created by Simon and he went on to win three Ivor Novello Awards for his extraordinary songwriting talent from the British Academy of Songwriters.


Besides that, he has won 2 Grammy Awards too.


He has earned so much fortune through his musical career and selling many records.


43. Brian Eno


Brian Eno is a British song composer and producer with a fortune worth £52.8m ($60 million). Eno has given the concept of contemporary music.


This artist has pursued a solo career and also done several collaborations which have sold like hotcakes giving him earnings that his net worth increases every year.


Brian is the founder of Ambient music and released many acoustic albums.


He inspired David Bowie, reinvented Coldplay and became a top visual artist and pioneer of a new genre.


“Baby’s on fire”, “Dead Finks don’t talk”, “Boys keep swinging”, “Love is the Drug”, and More than this and the list goes on. He has won Grammys as a producer for various artists and was nominated many times for many prestigious awards.


Eno has 116K Instagram followers.


44. Sam Smith


This British singer-songwriter has touched the hearts of many listeners and has sold worldwide a huge number of records earning him a fortune worth £39.6m ($45 million).


Sam came to prominence with his singles “Lay me down” and “Money on my mind”. 


This talented artist’s debut album’s third single was Stay with Me, which ranked number one in the UK followed by Like I Can and I am not the Only One.


His debut album embraced huge success for him leading his way to winning 4

Grammy Awards. 


Then he performed for the James Bond movie a song called“Writings on the Wall”, which earned him a Golden Globe and Academy Award for the best original song. And now is the richest musician in the UK.


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He has 14.6 million followers on Instagram. 


45. Dua lipa


The Queen of pop Dua Lipa is an amazing artist with records sold worldwide she has a fortune net worth of £30.8m ($35 million). 


The singer has received awards as the breakthrough artist in 2018 for her debut album.


Dua is an English singer and songwriter and one of the most popular female singers in the UK. Her hit singles include “Levitating”, “Cold heart”, “One kiss” and “IDGAF”.


Her song One Kiss Reached number one in the UK winning her many awards in 2019. Dua’s album Future nostalgia is the most streamed album on Spotify by the female artist. 


Dua Lipa’s recent hits are “Sweetest Pie” and a joint venture with Elton John for “Cold heart” which has become a big hit in 2022.


Dua Lipa has 85.4 million followers on Instagram. She is also the brand ambassador of MAC cosmetics, Jaguar and Adidas. And also of Versace and has appeared in several campaigns. 


46. Little mix 


Little Mix is a British girl group that won the X factor and created a lot of albums which sold like hotcakes earning them wealth worth £28m ($32 million).


This band released great hits like “Get weird”, “Cannonballs” and “wings” which made them more famous. And after that “Shout out to my ex” a song from their album in 2017 made them win British single of the year.


Forbes has named them one of the influential acts in the UK. Plus in 2021 they became the first female group to win a Brit award for a British group.


Their accolades include three Brit Awards, seven MTV Europe Music Awards and three Guinness world records.


47. Rita Ora 


This talented lady with a unique voice is a British singer with a net worth of £26m ($30 million). Rita Ora rose to fame in 2012 with her single, “Hot Right Now”. It reached number one in the UK, followed by How to do we Party and R.I.P. 


With the release of the second album (2018) all her singles were reaching the top ten including “Your song”, “ Anywhere” and “Let You love me”.


Ora became the first British female solo artist to have 13 top songs in the UK. 

In addition, Ora has done many songs with other artists which also have gone well on the charts in the UK. So this is the reason she is the richest musician in the UK.


She has won many awards for her outstanding work in music. Rita Ora has 16.1million followers on Instagram. 


48. Jessie J


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Jessie J is an English singer and songwriter who has a net worth of £26m ($30 million).

The singles which made Jessie’s way to fame were Do it like a dude and Price Tag.

 Both climbed high in the UK charts.


Her other hit singles are “Flashlight”, “Domino” and “Bang Bang”. She has been collaborating with various singers too and giving hit after hit. Jessie has been a vocal coach in a reality tv show The Voice and gives great advice to rising talent.


She released the first single from her new album in 2021 called I want a love which 

became a hit.


Her nominations are 64 and from which she has won 44 awards. 


She is on her way to releasing her new album in 2022. And we expect a lot from her as she has made it to the richest musicians in the UK.


49. Stormzy


The rapper is talented and has a net worth of £22m ($25 million).


His rapping style was appreciated when he released his video on youtube. Stormzy single Shut up peaked UK Single Charts. 


His genre of music is Grime and hip-hop music. So, his album debuted at number one 

on UK album charts as well as the first Grime album to hit the top of the charts.


Stormzy has four number-one singles including “Bridge over Troubled water”, “Voss” “Bop Me “and “Own it”.


The singer has earned the Brit Music Award and BBC music awards. 


His rapping style has won the hearts of many critics and he is still creating music and 

touring all across the globe in the year 2022.


This makes him the most popular musician in the UK.


50. 21 Savage


Last but not the least, the most famous rapper is on our list having a net worth of £13.2m ($15 million).


His singles “X”, “No Heart” and “Rockstar” are his top charted singles. “A lot” made him win a Grammy for the best rap song in 2020.


The singer’s name is Shreya Bin Abraham is an English rapper with record sales not only in the UK but all over the globe.


Besides that, he has won MTV and Billboard music awards.


His Instagram followers are 13.6 million and that wraps our list of the top 50 richest musicians in the UK.


Frequently asked questions


Sometimes the readers are in a hurry and want a quick answer so I have answered your frequently asked questions.


I hope I did justice by answering them.


Who are the richest musicians in the UK?


Paul  McCartney is the richest musician in the UK. He is the ex-band member of the band The Beatles and has given huge hits. 


The source of income for this artist is royalties he gets from the records and his own talent of composing extraordinary music and writing great songs.

He has fortune net worth of $1.2 billion


Who is the richest female musician in the UK?


Adele has been given the title of the richest female musician in the UK.

This artist has sold millions of albums giving her all the fortune worth $220 million.


Who is the richest Male musician in the UK?


Paul McCartney is the richest male musician with a net worth of $1.28 billion and has earned all this by his talent and record sales.




I hope you enjoyed this ride of the richest musicians in the UK 2022 as much as I did. 


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