Top 50 Richest Musicians in The UK 2023

Top 50 Richest Musicians inThe UK
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Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 03:51 am

Top 20 richest musicians in the UK


As the list goes down you will be surprised how artists of the 90s and early 2000 are still making fortune and money. This reflects their hard work.


So let’s check out the rest of the richest musicians in the UK.


20. Robert Plant


Robert Plant is an English singer and songwriter famously known as the lead vocalist of the band Led Zeppelin. Ranked in the 100 best singers, Robert has a net worth of £176m ($200 million).


The singer has enjoyed great success in the music industry winning a Grammy for the single “Most High”. Please read the Letter became the next big hit in his solo career winning his Grammy for Record of the year.


One of the richest music stars of today, who has earned income by royalties from his singles and albums. And is expected to climb through his continuous efforts.

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The star has been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame and has Instagram followers of 684 K.


21. Roger Taylor 


Roger is an English musician, singer and multi-instrumental talented drummer of the rock band Queen. He is rated as the 8th best drummer in classic rock music and has a net worth of £176m ($200 million).


Being a Queen band member he wrote songs like “These are the days of our Lives”, “Innuendo”, “Under Pressure”, “Radio Gaga”, “Heaven” for “Everyone” and “Breakthru”. One after another hits were given by this superstar.


Roger has won two Grammys and the Rock and Roll hall of fame. His work as a member of Queen has earned him so much fame and wealth that he has made his way to our list of the top 50; richest musicians in the UK in 2022.


22. Nick Mason


Nick Mason is an English drummer and song composer who has been a member of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd plus Nick has collaborated with many artists and is himself an entrepreneur. His net worth is about £158.4m ($180 million).


His earnings are due to the release of some of Pink Floyd’s best-selling albums bringing in huge amounts of royalties.


This drummer who is a star in his band has given many epic songs like “Wish you were here”, “The Dark side of the Moon” and “Animals” plus their songs have been featured in many movies.


Winning many awards like the Grammys and getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, Nick stands out as the best drummer. He took the band to the next level.


In the recent past, he formed his band Saucerful of Secrets, which is also doing tours to promote its music.


Nick Mason has Instagram followers of 34.5 K.


23. Jimmy Page


Jimmy is an English musician who has served as the guitarist of the band Led Zeppelin giving different kinds of texture to the guitar sound. 


His total worth is £149.6m ($170 million) making him another richest musician in the UK list.


Page is one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time. Page is at number 3 in the list of 100 greatest guitarists by Rolling Stone magazine.

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Jimmy generates his fortune from royalties earned from his songwriting. His talent speaks about him and his earnings are also from his albums that have sold millions of copies worldwide.


I adore his guitar-playing skills and songwriting style and recommend you to listen to his guitar and his collaboration with various artists.


Jimmy Page’s famous songs include “Whole lotta love”, “Immigrant song”, “Black dog”, “Kashmir” and many more.


The award list includes Grammys, Grammy Hall of Fame award and Grammy lifetime achievement award.


24. John Deacon


John Deacon has earned fame by being the bassist for the band Queen. His net worth is about £149.6m ($170million).


John is super talented and that is the reason he is on the list of richest musicians in the UK. John created songs for the band like “You’re my best friend”, “Another one bites the dust”, “ I want to break free”, “Under Pressure” and so many masterpieces.


He is a legendary bassist plus a great songwriter which has earned him this much fortune. 


John has been awarded Songwriters Hall of Fame, and Rock and Roll Hall of fame too. With the band, he went on to win Grammys and Many Brit and MTV awards.


25. Pete Townshend


Do you remember the band Who? Well, Pete Town is the guitarist and second lead vocalist of the band Who. He wrote more than 100 songs for the band Who and besides that wrote jingles and television theme songs which earned him a fortune of £140.8m ($160 million).


Pete has written many classic songs for the band including “My Generation”, “Behind Blue Eyes”, “Baba O’Reilly”, “Won’t get fooled again’ ‘ and several hits like these.


Townsend won many awards including a Grammy, Brit award and the Rock and roll hall of fame. He is ranked number 10 by The Rolling Stones magazine in the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.


Pete Townsend’s music is impressive and I recommend him to all of you. His Instagram followers are 74K.


26. Tony Lommi 


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Tony Lommi is a British guitarist and member of the band Black Sabbath.  He has made a fortune of about £123.2m ($140 million) in his career.


Tony has been ranked at number 25 by Rolling Stone magazine as 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time. Tony has earned all of this fame and money through his guitar style and being a persistent member of Black Sabbath.


He has created songs like “Paranoid”, “Heaven and Hell”, “Scent of Dark” and many songs that have rocked the charts.


Tony received Kerrang Icon Award, Classic Rock Roll Honor Award and Birmingham Walk of Stars. His Instagram followers are 213K.


27. David Gilmour


David is an English singer and songwriter of the band Pink Floyd. Being guitarist and vocalist of the band he has earned a net worth of £123.2m ($140 million).


David took his band to the next level by singing songs like “The Dark side of the Moon”, “Wish you were here”, “Animals” and the list goes on.


David has sold millions of albums and still gets royalties from their singles plus he has a YouTube channel.


His achievements include the Q award for contributions to music, the Ivor Novello Lifetime Contribution award and the US rock and roll Hall of Fame.


His Instagram followers are about 978K.


  1. 28. Gary Barlow


The singer with a perfect melo voice, Gary Barlow is an English singer-songwriter with a net worth of £110m ($125 million). He is on our list of richest musicians in the UK.


Gary is a British pop band member and the lead vocalist of Take that. Take that stayed as the best band in the UK early nineties and won the hearts of critics and fans.


Gary has sung beautifully “Pray”, “It only takes a minute” and “Why Can’t I wake up with you” in the early era of the band. Later he pursued his solo career.  “Love won’t wait” and “Forever Love” became his solo hits. 


After a gap of a few years Take got reunited and released the songs like “Patience”, “Greatest day” and “Rule the world”.


Gary has earned by selling 50 million records worldwide. Plus he is a tv personality appearing as a judge on different shows like The X factor.


This singer won Grammy, Ivor Novello Award and National Television award for outstanding contribution in 2012.


Gary is still going well with Instagram followers of 864K.


29. Cliff Richard


One of the biggest-selling music artists who are in our Richest Musicians in the UK list and has a net worth of £96.8m ($110 million).


Cliff is a British singer and musician and the third top-selling artist in the UK with worldwide sales of millions of records.


Cliff’s best-selling records include “The Night”, “Do they know it’s Christmas”, “Devil woman” and “We don’t talk anymore” which is his best seller.


The singer has won many awards like Brit music Award and Ivor Novello Award.


All his earnings are due to his song composition and hard work. I am a big fan of his work and would recommend it to you too.


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