All Burna Boy Awards
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Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 06:19 pm

Let’s discuss all Burna Boy awards from the start of his career to date.


African soil has produced some of the biggest stars in the music world. Making the list of top stars is a name that has made Nigeria proud.


Yes, folks, I am talking about Burna Boy, who is unafraid of taking risks. He is a  Nigerian superstar who has played a vital part in introducing African beats to the world.

All Burna Boy Awards

So today, I will be posting a detailed insight into All Burna Boy’s awards, enlightening you on how hard work pays off.


Moreover, the Burna Boy’s Awards post will be about how this great artist left no stone unturned to spread the message of music through his efforts and undeniable talent.


I’m honored to discuss the legend’s accolades, award impact on his career, milestones, and rise to fame.


Let’s wait no longer and dive in to get more information.


How Many Awards Does Burna Boy Have?


Burna Boy has bagged 58 awards out of 93 nominations, a big achievement. Damini Ogulu has won the Grammy, BET, MTV award, and The Headies award.


Despite tough competition in the Nigerian musical industry, the “African Giant” singer expressed his talent by playing fusion music.

How Many Awards Does Burna Boy Have

The rich blend of Afrobeats, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, R&B, and Pop opened the gateway to his successful journey.


Certainly, he adeptly captivates audiences, be they domestic or international, with his attention-grabbing skills.


The Nigerian superstar claims that his brand of music is a new genre called Afrofusion. And his distinct style has won him many accolades, which we will see next. 


Let’s find out more about Burna Boy’s awards that he has won and got nominated for.


List of major awards won by Burna Boy 


Here is the list of his major awards, which include nods from the African music industry and international organizations, and he is undoubtedly the most awarded artist in Africa. 

Burnaboy Awards

  • Burna Boy Grammy Awards 


  • Burna Boy BET Awards 


  • Burna Boy MTV Europe Music Awards 


  • Burna Boy MOBO Awards 


  • Burna Boy, The Headies 


  • Burna Boy Nigeria Entertainment Awards 


  • Burna Boy All Africa Music Awards 


  • Burna Boy iHeartRadio Music Awards 


  • Burna Boy African Muzik Magazine Awards


  • Brit award


All of Burna Boy’s awards will be discussed one by one in this post. Before that, you can look at the table, which will give you a quick overview of his achievements.


    Awards name      Nominations      Number Won 
Grammy Awards   6   1
BET Awards    9   5
MTV Europe Music Awards    3   2
MOBO Awards   5   3
The Headies   12   8
Nigeria Entertainment    Awards    4   4
All Africa Music Awards    9   5
iHeartRadio Music Awards    1   1
African Muzik Magazine  Awards   19   11
Brit Awards   4   0
Future Awards Africa   2   2
Soul Train Awards   4   2
Ghana Music Awards   4   4
Soundcity MVP Awards   12   8
MTV Africa Music Awards    2   1
Global Music Award Africa   2   1


1. Burna Boy’s Grammy Awards 


First, I would like to mention a brief history behind the Grammys. The Recording Academy presents the Grammy Awards to recognize achievements in the music industry. 


The annual presentation ceremony features performances by prominent artists and the presentation of awards with a more popular interest.


These are the biggest awards in the music world. The significance is clear: a Grammy nomination alone can transform artists’ lives, granting global recognition and impact.


And that is so true as Burna Boy, who is the most influential artist in Nigeria, has been nominated six times for the Grammy Awards, making him one of the most celebrated African acts. 


Having said that, in 2023, the Grammy Awards organization nominated him in two categories.


Moreover, Burna Boy’s Awards include winning Best Global Music Album for “Twice As Tall” at the Premiere Ceremony of the 63rd GRAMMY Awards. This marks his first career GRAMMY win. Isn’t that inspiring? It is one of the Burna boy’s major global awards, making him stand out from the other African artists.


He is a true African musician who is undoubtedly bending the rules and reigning the world.


Next, you will read about Burna Boys BET awards and nominations.


2. Burna Boy’s BET Awards 


Every artist tries their hardest to achieve remarkable success by producing creative work. And Burna Boy is not shy of showing off what he imagines and creates. 


Being one of the most popular musicians in Africa, BET has also awarded Burna Boy’s stellar performances, especially in the category of Best International Act.


Before delving into the “Love Damini” singer’s awards, let’s explore the essence of BET.


The BET Awards, established in 2001 by the Black Entertainment Television Network, celebrates black entertainers. And minorities in various fields such as music, film, sports, and philanthropy.


This year in 2023, Burna Boy got nominated for four BET awards. That’s outstanding!


Out of which, he won the International Act category award. I was so happy to see him winning this award as he is the African Best Musician, and he rightfully deserved it.


Besides that, you will be astonished to hear that he has won three times in the same category. 


Next in the Burna Boy’s awards, it’s MTV Europe; let’s dig deeper. 


3. Burna Boy’s MTV Europe Music Awards 


Europe couldn’t resist blessing the King of fusion music with accolades that raised the number of Burna Boy’s awards as he won a few categories at the prestigious MTV music awards. 


So what are MTV Europe Music Awards?

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The Europe Music Awards are held annually in a different country, hosted mainly in the United Kingdom. The 1st Europe Music Awards ceremony was held in 1994 at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. 


One exciting feature regarding these awards since the 2007 ceremony is that the viewers can vote for their favorite artists in all general categories by visiting MTV’s website.


So, folks, our Nigerian legend got nominated for these awards in 2019, 2020, and 2022. And he won accolades in 2019 and 2022 in the category of Best African Act, bringing him to the spotlight in the Western musical world and making him one of the Best Nigerian musicians,


The legend has done outstanding collaborations with U.K. artists Dave and Sam Smith. If he continues to extend his talents to fellow artists, his international reputation will continue like this, and one day he will be at the top of the most awarded artists in the world.


We can’t ignore another important milestone in an African music artist’s life: the MOBO Awards. 


Let’s look into these Burna Boy awards and see how many he earned.


4. Burna Boy’s MOBO Awards 


With every single win, the “Love Damini” star was reaching the heights of fame. MOBO awards added more stars to his collection.


The MOBO Awards is an annual British music award presentation honoring “music of black origin” achievements, including hip hop, grime, UK Drill, R&B, soul, reggae, jazz, gospel, and African music. 


These were first awarded in 1996, created by Kanya King and Andy Ruffell to recognize and celebrate artists who create “black” or “urban” music. 


So how many MOBOs did Burna Boy win? Let’s find out.


The singer’s Most acclaimed albums, “African Giant” and “Twice as Tall,”  got appreciated by MOBO awards, and why not the albums spoke of his true talent.


He won five nominations, out of which he received three. And MOBO did play an essential role in increasing the count of Burna Boy’s awards. He embodies undeniable talent bridging borders with his voice and making Nigeria proud.


Moving next to another prestigious award, that is The Headies.


5. Burna Boy, The Headies 


Burna Boy’s award list is getting interesting as we delve deeper into his musical journey. Another prestigious organization, The Headies, can’t stay behind from appreciating the shining voice of Burna Boy. First, let’s look at what The Headies are all about.


The Headies is a music awards show established in 2006 by the Hip Hop World Magazine of Nigeria to recognize outstanding achievements in the Nigerian music industry.


In this case, the Grammy award-winning artist proved his worth, for he won twelve nominations and earned eight The Headies Awards, which is impressive! These awards were a marvelous feat solidifying his profile.


Following these awards are Nigeria Entertainment Awards, which also focus on African superstars.


6. Burna Boy’s Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA) 


Nigeria Entertainment Awards NEA were started in 2006, and these are held to honor African musicians, especially those from Nigeria. And Burna Boy made it to the list of Best Nigerian powerhouse superstars.


Our African pride won in all four categories of nominations in 2013, 2014, and 2018 increasing Burna Boy’s total number of awards. NEA appreciated his albums  L.I.F.E  and Outside, and his wins are proof of that.


Keep scrolling as All African Music Awards are next in the Burna Boy’s awards.


7. Burna Boy’s All Africa Music Awards( AFRIMA)


Your favorite music icon has won both his fans’ and critics’ hearts. He has done excellent solo performances and made outstanding collaborations with international artists. He is one of the most awarded artists in Nigeria.


So let’s see how many All African Music Awards did he win?


These awards were first held in 2014; the All Africa Music Awards (also referred to as AFRIMA) is an annual awards event. The International Committee AFRIMA established the awards event in collaboration with the African Union (AU) to reward and celebrate musical works. And why not Africa? It’s a hub of talented artists.


So he got nominated in nine categories by AFRIMA and won five trophies, uplifting the list of Burna Boy’s awards. Furthermore, His album “Love Damini” and the song “Last Last” were highlights of the 2023 awards.


Next, it’s the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Let’s find out more.


8. Burna Boy’s iHeartRadio Music Awards 


Burna boy awards are an open testimony that he is the most popular musician in Nigeria. The ‘Ye’ singer took the world by storm, winning international and national awards. And one of them is the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Let’s have an insight first about these awards.


Founded by iHeartRadio in 2014, the event recognizes the most popular artists and music over the past year. Winners are chosen per cumulative performance data, while the public can vote in several categories.


So how many awards did Burna Boy win?


Well, folks, the singer got his first nomination in 2023 but lost it to his fellow nominated artist. And I hope that he wins his first iHeartRadio Music Awards next time.


Next, it is African Muzik Magazine Awards, and I will share its background and other details with you.


9. Burna Boy’s African Muzik Magazine Awards ( AFRIMMA)


The Afrofusion rockstar has inspired everyone by creating some of his best songs. “Killin Dem,” “Sungba,” “Jerusalema,” and “Anybody,” which have earned him a massive list of  African Muzik Magazine Awards. So what are these awards all about?


African Muzik Magazine Awards were started in 2014 by Nigerian businessman Anderson Obiagwu. These are also called AFRIMMA, an annual African music awards to honor African artists.


Talking about the Burna Boy’s award list, you will see that AFRIMMA has significantly contributed to his music career. 


Our African superstar has impressed everyone by winning nineteen nominations and eleven trophies. Isn’t that fascinating? This Powerhouse of talent blows me away, and I can’t wait to see what more hidden talents he has to unleash on the world.


Keep scrolling through Burna Boy’s awards to see which is the next award that this superstar has secured.


10.  Burn a Boy’s Brit award


The popularity of Afrobeats has been soaring lately – and that’s now confirmed thanks to Burna Boy, who broke records in June 2033  when he became the first African artist ever to headline a stadium show in the UK. 


With his impactful work, he has been leaving an indelible mark in the last ten years and getting recognized by International award organizations, a big achievement for an African musician. 


The Grammy winner has brought Afrobeats to the international stage and won four nominations for Brit awards. But lost to other competitors. We hope he wins big next time.


So what are these awards all about?


The BRIT Awards (often called the BRITs) are the British Phonographic Industry’s annual popular music awards. The first ever Brit awards were given in 1977. They are considered one of the prestigious prizes for any artist.


So, folks, these were some of Burna Boy’s major awards; besides these, he has won Soul Train awards, Soundcity MVP awards, Ghana Music Awards, and Global Music Awards Africa.

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Next, on All Burns Boy’s Awards, I will share his entry into the music business and how he got international fame. 


Early Life And Entry Into The Music Industry 


Burna Boy is an authentic musician with mind-bending music and jaw-dropping sales of his records. He knows how to make his audience feel his heart and soul. The music giant belonged to a family with a rich art background. And his parents always supported him when he showed his interest in music.


Having learned to produce beats using Fruity Loops, Burna Boy recorded two mixtapes, Burn Notice and Burn Identity, before signing with Aristokrat Records. Under this label, he released the hit song, Like To Party, in 2012, which thrust him into the limelight.


After that, he released his first album, L.I.F.E, which had some extraordinary numbers and sold millions of copies. The album peaked at number seven on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. And Burna Boy was famous all over Africa.


He continued releasing his music, and his Afrobeats spread beyond the borders opening doors to many opportunities, which Burna Boy utilized rightly and gained the popularity he has now not only in his native land but internationally.


Let’s dig deeper about his rise to fame.


Rise To Prominence And International Recognition. 


Becoming a successful singer in this era of tough competition takes a lot of work. It takes a lot to be successful. One has to be gifted and lucky at the same time. And Burna Boy has the gift of a charismatic personality and a genuine passion for music, which has made him the most influential artist in Nigeria.


“L.I.F.E” was his super hit debut album. Later, he continued to impress his fans and critics with his albums, including his solo and collaborations singles.


His album “Outside” earned him Nigeria Entertainment Awards, and the single “Ye” ended up atop most Nigerian publications’ year-end list as the biggest song in 2018.


Then, he entertained everyone with his “African Giant” album, which made headlines.


It included thrilling performances by guest appearances from Jorja Smith, Jeremih, Damian Marley, Zlatan Ibile, Angelique Kidjo, Serani, M.anifest, YG, and Future.


It was supported by eight singles, including “On the Low,” which won Viewers’ Choice at the 2020 Soundcity MVP Awards Festival, and “Killin Dem,” which won Song of the Year at the 2020 Soundcity MVP Awards Festival.


His most acclaimed album “Twice as Tall,” released in 2020, broke all the records and went on to bag the biggest award in the music industry and the Grammys for Best Global Music album.


The album features super hit numbers like “Wonderful,” “Monster You Made” featuring Chris Martin, and “Real Life” featuring Stormzy.


Plus, his latest work in “Love Damini” has earned him international recognition and accolades, making him one of the Best Nigerian artists in the world. It earned him album of the year at the 2022 Afrimma Awards. And also another Grammy nomination for Best Global Music Album, which is worth praising.


So folks, the applause by big organizations did boost his confidence, so next, we will find out how Burna Boy’s awards uplifted his career and made him a mainstream artist.


Impact of Awards On Burna Boy’s Career 


Burna Boy’s music is now echoing globally; his followers have gone to 15 million on Instagram. He got initial recognition from Nigeria; today, his nation is proud of him. 


Having a successful career in Africa helped him push boundaries, and he went for international collaborations and spread his magic of music worldwide.


The Love Damini singer won applause from Nigeria Entertainment Awards for his first album, which motivated him to produce one after another incredible singles.


Moreover, his global breakthrough came from his album “African Giant,” which brought him to the spotlight. It earned him a Grammy, which strengthened his career and helped him in recognition in international scenarios.


After that, you can see that African tunes have influenced the global music industry more than ever. Burna Boy’s awards played a massive role in acquiring what he is today.


Having said that, I am so glad that his talent got appreciated by his fans and critics for bringing African heritage to his audience.


Next, I will take you on a tour of Burna Boy’s career milestones, which will be a ride worth taking. So fasten your seatbelts for the rest of the joyful ride.


Burna Boy’s Career And Achievements Overview 


Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, known professionally as Burna Boy, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer.


In his teens, the African artist already knew that he got the gift of music and wanted to reveal it to the world. Whatever he has right now, the fame, the fans, and the solid career didn’t come overnight. 


So folks, let’s overview his career, Burna Boy’s awards, and accomplishments.


  • With the release of his first album, Burna Boy created a local buzz. His first single, “Like to Party,” earned him his career’s first awards, which included South South Music awards and Nigerian Entertainment Awards, plus a nomination for The Headies.


  • This was followed by winning many other trophies for his debut album, 2014. His four wins in The Headies propelled him to lead Afrobeats. 


  • By 2018, Burna Boy became a household name in Africa. And with the release of the album “Outside,” he came out as a force to be reckoned with and cemented himself as a music icon. His fresh African sound reached the other side of the world and earned him international status. 


  • 2019 was a year marked by the success of the biggest star. He was winning awards and releasing new singles, becoming instantaneous hits. Having said that, Burna Boy won Best International Act at the 2019 BET Awards. 


  • Furthermore, In July 2019, he was announced as Apple Music Up Next artist. Additionally, He recorded “Ja Ara E” (Yoruba: “wise up” or “use your head”) for Beyoncé’s The Lion King: The Gift and was the only guest artist with their track on the soundtrack album. 


  • Then in 2020, Twice as Tall, his most popular album, earned him his first Grammy Award. And Burna Boy’s awards became the talk of the town.  Besides that, he won Best International Act at the 2021 BET Awards, becoming the first African artist to win this award three consecutive times.


  • In 2022, Love Damini came out, and again the world couldn’t resist applauding Burna Boy’s unmatched talent and global appeal. He received his third Grammy nomination for the album of the year.


  • This year, in 2023, our favorite singer leads Spotify’s all-time top 10 Afrobeats artists globally. And in June, he delivered a sold-out concert in the West Ham United London Stadium. The 60,000-capacity stadium, typically reserved for football games, was transformed into a mesmerizing music arena. About 80,000 fans filled the space to witness Burna Boy’s scintillating performance, and I am already envious of all those who came to watch “African Giant” spreading his infectious enthusiasm for music. 


  • The concert fully portrayed African music as it included other high-profile artists. It’s no secret that Burna Boy, Wizkid, and many other stars have helped Afrobeats become even more popular. They have achieved global success, which is a big wow. Furthermore, people are eager to know more about them, whether it’s their net worth or endorsements. My post-Davido vs. Wizkid vs. Burna Boy Net Worth is a treat for those interested in learning more about the music industry secrets and African gems’ net worths.
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  • Burna Boy is now regarded as one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, as he has made a good fortune through sales, content, and endorsing huge brands like Pepsi.


Way to go for Love Damini superstar, as he is a great song producer who is not afraid to show his true colors and is not slowing down. 


Let’s see how his passion for music impacted African representation.


Influence On The African Music Industry And Representation 


As we all know, Music knows no boundaries or language. It is the expression of feelings. And African tunes represented by Burna Boy have already turned heads around the world and greatly influenced the African music industry. 


So, folks, Burna Boy is not shy of showing off his African heritage and bringing a distinctive style that blends traditional elements with modern beats. 


With his unique style, he has defied all the misconceptions about African music and brought a new and futuristic perspective of African culture to the world. 


It’s not only the music but also the lyrics that have mesmerized his audiences. His words convey identity, pan-African unity, empowerment, and the realities of life in contemporary Africa. 


Moreover, Burna Boy embraces his traditions and, at the same time, challenges the stereotypes. This idea resonated with his followers and African youth, inspiring them to follow his path, break the rules, and reimagine African culture.


Burna Boy has undoubtedly taken the African music industry to another level. He has become a role model for the youth who can make their country proud by being creative and innovative. And Burna Boy’s awards are manifestations of his success which he earned from global acknowledgment.


Collaborations With International Artists And Their Impact 


In the present era of music, an artist can only flourish by collaborating with international artists. These collaborations help in elevating the status of a musician. Moreover, It expands one’s horizons of musical knowledge, increases your fanbase, boosts exposure, opens opportunities, and puts one in the spotlight on international levels.


The same goes for Burna Boy, who loves collaborating with international artists. And that has helped him accept new music sounds into his traditional style giving way to a phenomenal creation.


The top collaboration of our Nigerian superstar came with Stormzy. The song “Own It” takes place among Burna Boy’s best international collaborations.


The Song charted in over 20 countries, including the United  Kingdom, where  It reached number one on the Singles Chart in January 2020.


Then another chartbuster was “Oasis,” which featured Sam Smith. And Sam Smith said something remarkable about Our Nigerian superstar, “This track has been a beautiful release of emotions for me during this time. I’ve been a fan of Burna Boy for years now and so happy to have a tune with him.” Isn’t that awesome?


After producing incredible hits, Justin Beiber could not avoid collaborating with Burna Boy. Both created a massive hit track called “Loved by You.”


The next song which added another feather to his cap was the track “Ja ara E” from “The Lion King: The Gift.” Burna Boy entirely performed the Song, one of the most critically received songs ever.


Additionally, Lily Allen, DJ Snake, Ed Sheeran, and Chris Martin were also featured in his albums.


These collaborations opened the doorway for him to win endorsements for huge brands. This enabled him to earn $2 million plus yearly, and Burna’s boy net worth will open your eyes as it’s about $5 million. 


Similarly, contemporary artists like Wizkid’s net worth have soared after his collaborative work’s global success. So we can interpret that collaboration does boost one’s profile.


And folks, Burna Boy is the King of collaborations, and my favorite is with Stormzy and Sam Smith. What is your favorite one?




Burna Boy is considered the most versatile singer and is rated among the top artists of Nigeria, like Wizkid and Davido. His style of music cannot be understated.


With his music, he has gained popularity worldwide, earning many accolades and endorsement deals. 


At present, he is one of the richest celebs in Nigeria whose fans are curious to know about him, whether it’s Burna Boy’s cars or his houses. They want to know everything related to him.


Similarly, his fans keep track of his every record production and every Burna Boy award.


I hope you like our detailed post on All Burna Boy’s awards.


Comment below with your thoughts, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about celebrities in the world, 


People Also Ask (FAQs) 


Now it’s time to answer your frequently asked questions. 


Let’s dive in.


How Many Awards Has Burna Boy Won In His Career?  


Burna Boy is one of the most awarded artists from Africa. He has earned 58 awards out of 93 nominations. His most prestigious wins include Grammys, BET, MOBO, and The Headies. Burna Boy’s award list has impacted the international music scenario rightfully, giving him global recognition and fame. 


What Is Burna Boy’s Most Prestigious Award To Date?  


The most prestigious award won by Burna Boy is the Grammy Award which he won for his album “Twice as Tall” in the category of Global Music Album. It was in the year 2021. Besides that, he has earned Grammy nominations in five other categories but lost to other nominees.


Has Burna Boy Won Any International Awards?  


Yes, the “Love Damini” singer has won many international trophies. These include Grammys, MTV Europe Music Awards, SoulTrain Awards, and Soundcity MVP awards. Burna Boy has made Nigeria proud by winning many international awards, bringing African fusion music to the limelight. 


Moreover, winning international recognition is a tremendous honor for any artist of humble origin.


How many BET Awards Has Burna Boy Received?  


The Burna Boy’s award list got better by winning many BET nominations. He has won about Nine nominations and attained five awards which raised the Burna Boy’s awards number, which is outstanding.


We know he is a talent house, and his wins are a testament to that.


Has Burna Boy Won Any Grammy Awards?  


Yes, Burna Boy awards include the most honorable Grammy, considered the highest award for any music genius. He has won six nominations in different categories and has attained one award for his album Twice as Tall in the category of Global Music Album.


Which Awards Did Burna Boy Win For His song “YE & On The Low”?  

Burna Boys’ song “Ye” earned three nominations and won two. Soundcity MVP Award Festival nominated it in three categories, and “Ye” earned him two awards in 2019.


While “On the Low” is a song from the album “African Giant,” which won Viewers’ Choice at the 2020 Soundcity MVP Award Festival for Burns Boy.


How many MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) Has Burna Boy Won?  

Burna Boys’ limitless talent got recognition from many organizations, including the MTV Africa Music Awards. He got nominated two times by this institution and won only one award. He won a nomination initially for best new act, then for his collaboration “All Eyes in Me” he bagged an award.


Has Burna Boy Won any MOBO Awards?  


The singer’s Most acclaimed albums, “African Giant” and “Twice as Tall,”  got appreciated by MOBO awards, and why not the albums spoke of his true talent.


He won five nominations, out of which he received three. And MOBO did play an essential role in increasing the count of Burna Boy’s awards. He is an embodiment of undeniable talent who is bridging borders and making Nigeria proud.


How Many Awards Has Burna Boy Won For His “African Giant” Album?  


African Giant got nominated by three institutes for best Global Album. These are:


  • Grammy Awards
  • Edison Awards
  • All Africa Music Awards 

Burma Boy won the “Edison Award” for his album, which featured guest appearances from  Future, Jorja Smith, Ang,élique Kidjo, and many more. It is his fourth studio album.

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