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Olamide net worth 2022 ranges between 2 billion Naira to 3 billion Naira, this is the estimate of his current net worth. Two of his houses costs N53 million with lots of cars.



But first here is a quick question for you!


Are you here because you got into an argument with a friend about how much is Olamide’s net worth?


If this sounds like you or probably checking for research purposes Just know that he has an estimated worth of $8.8 Million.


If you convert this into Naira, it most likely will amount to billions of Naira. but hang in there.


Because in this post I will cover everything about Olamide net worth 2022. It will range from his biography down to houses and cars, Endorsement deals, and more.


You are hooked but look!


It will be worth the time you are going to spend reading this 10 minutes blog post. because I will cover everything you need to know about Olamide.

Olamide Badoo net worth

Do you know anything about Olamide source wealth?


If you do then kindly leave a comment with what you know. but if you don’t, stick around because you will soon find out every tiny detail.


He is Among Nigeria Elite Performers


Among popular Nigerian musicians like 2face, Don Jazzy, Davido, Wizkid, Mr. P, and Rudeboy, Olamide has earned his name among the elites.


But what does this mean?


It simply means he has become one of the names to mention if you want to talk about Nigerian artists.


If you are a popular musician, chances are your net worth will experience a steady rise year in and year out.


and for the likes of Baddosneh and others, that’s just the case here. But I feel I can’t take you through this journey if you do not know about Olamide Adedeji’s biography.


So, roll with me because in this net subheading that the table of content will detail shortly. I will cover Olamide history brief and concise.


Table of Content


  • Who is Olamide


  • His personal life


  • What is Olamide Net worth


  • How much is Olamide net worth



  • Olamide net worth in Naira and Dollars



Come on, hop on the ride!


If you notice from the above bullet points there are only 3 topics to be touched on. but don’t be fooled each of those bullet points is going to have subheadings.


About 3 weeks back I got the request to write about Rudeboy’s net worth in 2022. I did honor the request of my viewers and I added a post about Rudeboy’s 2022 net worth


Check it out below:


So, today it has to be Olamide’s net worth and biography. I mean Olamide Badoo has boosted more albums than any other Nigerian musician between 2011 to date.


Who is Olamide?


Olamide aka Baddo Sneh is an African and precisely a Nigerian.

He is a rapper and from statistics, he is among the list of fastest Nigerian rappers.


He joins the list with Nigerian musicians like:


  • M.I


  • Ice Prince


  • Phyno


  • Falz


  • Mode 9


  • Lilbliss


He is not just a rapper but his street songwriting skills have earned him names in the street of Lagos. He is also a singer and a master of the craft.


Where was Olamide Adedeji born


Olamide was born in Lagos state and spent the majority of his life growing up in Bariga Lagos.


What is Olamide’s Real Name


Olamide real name is Olamide Adedeji. but just in case you get asked how old is Olamide?


I will answer that below:


Olamide celebrated his 30th birthday a few months back in a grand style. He was born on March 15th, 1989 and he has lived 3 decades on planet earth.


He is a native of a small town in Lagos state called Mariga. and so you are wondering where is Olamide from, I just told you he is from Mariga Lagos state.


Here is the strangest thing!


I mean who would have thought that a small Boy from Bariga would become the top 50 richest musicians in Africa. and he didn’t just make the top 10, he also made the Top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria list.


But if more than a decade on earth has taught me anything, it would be that anything is possible provided you put your mind to it.


Success doesn’t just come to you but you can command it to come if you put in the work.

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Where did Olamide School


Olamide schooled went to his primary school in Lagos state.


After his primary education, he got into secondary school at age 16 and by 18 he went to the Tai Solarin University of Education.

Olamide biography and net worth

Right in Ogun state which is where he acquired his tertiary education, he was recording beats. and doing freestyles.


Just after he graduated from Solarin University, he ventured completely into music. and to date, he hasn’t looked back.


His music career will take you and him into Olamide’s net worth 2022. so the next subheading, I will cover that too.


What is Olamide’s Net worth 2022


In other to properly define Olamide’s net worth in 2022 let’s look at a simple definition:


Net worth is everything you own that is of importance (assets) minus what you owe in debts (your liability).


Your asset may include cash and investments, your home, real estate, cars, or anything of value that you own like diamonds or gold.


Net worth is a measure of your financial health. because it basically says what you would have left if you sold all your assets to pay off your debt.


This means that Olamide Badoo’s net worth is all his assets minus his debts. thankfully that’s what we’d be looking at in this post.

Personal Life (Olamide Family)


I remember this one time he did a skit that was titled “do the waka Jeje”.


In the skit, I saw him dancing to a very funny sound.


If you don’t understand pidgin English language I doubt if you Know what waka Jeje means.


But let me translate that into English for you.


Here we go:


Do the waka Jeje means walking slow or counting your step while walking.


Personally, I think he was mimicking the ladies of Nigeria on that catwalk. You didn’t see it but it was very funny I swear.


I had to bring that up because for a guy like him he’s just super fun to be with if you want to talk about his personal life.


Let’s start with the name of Olamide’s son and his longtime girlfriend.

Olamide net worth

The name of Olamide’s son is Batifeori Maximiliano Adedeji birthed by his longtime girlfriend Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman.


The pair have dated for more than 3 years now. although I sometimes imagine why they aren’t married yet.


But if anything the life of a celebrity might have thought me, it will be that marriage is secondary.


I mean look at the likes of world football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, he is sure still single.


You are quite often tempted to question yourself like why are these guys just impregnating these ladies. and not actually get married to them right?


Just leave it at that, they are celebs and probably they are the ones that understand better.


His personal life has also been free of scandals.


The only time I could associate him with one is when Kemi Nkem, A Nigerian female said Olamide did money rituals.


But up to date, her claim didn’t hold any water as the Naija-born musician continued to prosper.


How much is Olamide’s Net worth in 2022


I won’t tell you that for now because there are still lots of things that sum up a net.


That is what I will be sharing with you under this subheading.


But wait there’s more!


The net worth of Olamide can be summed up by carefully considering what his asset is like.


Here we go:


  • Olamide net worth and cars


  • Olamide net worth and Houses


  • Record label and businesses


  • Endorsement deals


  • Awards


 Olamide net worth and cars


When you want to talk about cars, he knows how to buy cars that are luxurious. so, I thought his cars will be a good addition to this post.


While you may think cars are a necessity, Olamide’s current net worth has cars that are worth millions of Naira.


My job is, to sum up, a list of Olamide cars, the prices attach to each car, and give you the total price of Olamide cars.


Here is a complete list of Olamide cars and prices.


  • Rolls Royce  N68 million


  • Mercedes Benz G class N23 million


  • Toyota Camry 2017 model N4 million
  • Range rover sport N18 million


  • Landrover range rover N32 million


  • Bentley 70 million Naira


Let’s do a little math together, shall we?


70+32+18+4+68+23= 223


So, therefore, if you sum all his cars at least presently, that’s a staggering N223 million.


I mean to be worth N2 billion to N4 billion is one thing but to have cars worth the money above, that’s a whole different thing altogether.




Yes when you try to compare his net worth with Dbanj net worth, 2face net worth, Davido’s net worth, Don Jazzy’s net worth, Wizkid’s, and others, he may be running a marathon to cash up.


But heck, 2-3 billion Naira is a lot of money you know.


I would have loved to post each of his cars here but too many pics consume lots of bandwidth


Plus if this site runs very slow, it can interfere with your user experience.


and I can’t have that because the user experience is a ranking factor for Google. I will drop the picture of only 1 of his cars below.


Picture of Olamide cars below:

Olamide Range Rover Sport (1)
Photo Credit: Naijaauto

Let’s check out his house…


Olamide Net worth and Houses


Usually, I knew about Olamide’s house in Lekki is gigantic. but what I am positive I didn’t know about was the one in his hometown.

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I had to stumble upon it while doing my research for this post. honestly, the house is beautiful but personally, I fancy the one at Lekki more.


I like the location better because business-wise it’s much more centered. but this is a personal opinion.


Olamide Lekki home has an estimated cost from N28 million to 37 million Naira. this is because houses in such areas in Lekki tend to cost more.


But when considering the interior decorations, furniture, rooms, parlors, and all that. You can quite agree that it’s Naira well spent.


His house in Bariga costs an estimated price range of N18 Millon to N25 million. This is the first house he built before moving to his mansion in Lekki.


Rumor has it that his house in Bariga is close to his filling station which we will get into further down this article.


But honestly one of the houses that I loved more was the Square villa of the defunct Psquare group.


Here we go with another math!


Since his houses have an estimation I will pick the cost of each of the houses and add it together.


Here we go:


House in Lekki= 38 million Naira


House in Mariga= 25 million Naira


The total cost of Olamide houses= 63 million Naira.


Record label and businesses


Did you know there is a story that dates pre-Ybnl?


It is the one about his previous record label ID Cabasa.


I told you I am going to touch every aspect. So, you do not have to worry about where to supplement your research.


I have everything you need to complete your research about his net worth here.


When Olamidebaddosneh first came into the Nigerian music industry, he signed with ID Cabasa.


Under Coded Tunes, he recorded his first album Rapsodi while being managed by Toni Payne.


That same here one track from Rapsodi hit which is Eni Duro. the debut album Rapsodi quickly shot Olamide’s career into the pleasant limelight.


How to Satisfy Fans(Personal Opinion)


In my knowledge, if you really want to do well in music, satisfy your fans. This way they would spend all day on social networks discussing you.


I mean take look at Michael Jackson’s fans even in his death, they still talk about him. by the way, I love MJ very much.


I remember when I was a kid, I would wear this skinny Jean and Start practicing the moonwalk. and be singing Billy Jean, not my lover, she is just a girl who claims I am the one. but the kid is not my son….


Now that I think of it, I am laughing my ass out honestly.


As a kid, it was magical, I mean nothing could beat that feeling you know.


People fainted in each of his shows, that’s like 3000 faints per show. I do not think anyone can ever equal that record.


Yea it probably isn’t a good one but then come and tell me about it when you are a star.


Recently after the comparison between MJ and Queen Bey, I made a post about the two. Check it out and leave your take on it.


So you know it is about who is the best performer.


My point is that, if you please your fans, they will sing your praises. I don’t know why but that’s just how it is.

Olamide Break From Coded Tunes


In 2012 Baddo broke out of ID Cabasa coded tunes and formed his own record label YBNL.


His breakout paved the way for the history of YBNL which as some of you may know is doing really well.


Under YBNL he dropped several studio albums.


In some of Olamide’s studio albums, he featured the likes of Davido, Tiwa Savage, and Reminisce to name a few.


Let’s take a look at Olamide’s list of albums he has dropped so far right from his debut album to now.


But if you haven’t listened to Olamide Woske lyrics, I implore you to check it out.


It’s quite the hottie if you are his fans too, I am sure it will resonate.


Olamide studio album list


  • Rapsodi 2011 16 tracks


  • YBNL 2012 with 19 tracks


  • Baddest Guy ever liveth 2013 with 21 tracks


  • Street OT 2014 with 22 songs


  • 2 Kings 2015 with 10 tracks


  • The Glory 2016 with 14 tracks


  • Lagos Nawa 2017 with 17 tracks
  • Mafia Family 2018


Here is also the list of artists currently signed to the YBNL record label.


  • Lil Kesh


  • Adekunle Gold


  • Temmie Ovwasa


  • Eniola Adede


  • Pheelz




According to Naijauto, Olamide is diversifying his sources of income.


It’s quite smart to do this because when I checked the list of Forbes richest musician, I see each of them venturing into one business or the other.


I mean take 50cent, for instance, he is producing and acting in Power which is a very big movie globally.


In this session we will talk about;


  • Olamide petroleum business


  • His Olic show


  • Olamide charges per show appearance


Olamide petroleum Business


If you know Nigeria a little bit as I do, then probably, you do know Crude oil is her major natural resource. that fetches the streams of money for her citizens.


I won’t go into the origin of crude oil but I may know a thing or two about it because I studied oil and gas engineering.

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Just in case you want to know more about crude oil, I have this guide for you. It will take you from the early days of where it was found in Nigeria.


OlamideBaddo has two filling stations in Lagos state. while one is on the mainland of the state, the other one is on the Island.


Each of his filling stations records more than 2 million Naira returns on a monthly basis.


But that’s putting it at the worse days where there aren’t sales. at its pick, his gas station records anywhere from 3 million Naira to 4.5 million.




The meaning of Olic is Olamide Live in Concert. It’s a show business he started in 2014.


To date, the show records sales of all tickets even before the event.

Olamide Net worth 2019

While talking about Olamide’s net worth and assets, it may be easier to forget Olic. but for me, that’s an added source of income and as such, it needs to be recognized.


Olamide Charges per show


The fees Olamide aka Baddo charges per show add to his net worth. this is because if you define a net worth as an asset.


Then you understand that every penny that comes into Olamide’s pocket, his assets, and sources of income would all be considered.


This is the only way to truly measure Olamide’s worth.


Olamide charges anywhere from N3 million to N4.5 million just to show up in your show and perform.


That’s good money for an hour or two on the stage. There are world celebs like Beyonce that charges more for just an appearance.


Olamide Endorsement deals


In this session, we would look at all of his deals.


Olamide’s new endorsement deal is with play Nigeria. According to PMNEWSNIGERIA, the deal came a few days after his mother passed away in 2008.


While it may have been a sad couple of days, it’s okay to say that, TV network Play Nigeria added something of a tongue on the cheek.


So quickly here are Olamide Endorsements from new to old.


  • Play TV deal worth N6 million to 10 million Naira


  • Ciroc deal worth N31 Million


  • Etisalat deal worth 30 Millon Naira


  • His Guinness deal is worth N60 million to 80 million Naira


Let’s do a little calculation now, shall we!


Ciroc deal= 31 million Naira


Play TV= 10 million Naira


Guinness deal= 80 million Naira


Etisalat deal= 30 million Naira


So, therefore,


Olamide’s total net worth = N151 million Naira.


Main while his deal with Ciroc puts him as the first Nigerian musician to ever bag an Endorsement deal with Ciroc vodka.


In case you are wondering what’s Ciroc, it’s a brand that deals in Vodka. A bottle of Ciroc Ultra-premium vodka cost about 29.9 dollars the last time I checked.


His Awards


First, let me thank you for sticking around to this point. It ain’t easy reading a more than 3000 words article.


That’s just how it goes!


I will quickly touch on the Ultimate list of Olamide awards and nominations for this session. After which I will crown it up with his net worth in dollars and Naira.


2011 to 2012


  • Headies 2011- Nominated for next rated artist


  • The Headies 2012- Nominated for Hip hop world revelation of the year, Best rap single and best rap album with Young Erikina and Rapsodi


2013 to 2014


  • Headies Award- Won best Rap album under YBNL


  • Won Album of the year 2013


  • Best album of the year 2013


  • Artist of the year 2013 – Nominated but did not win


  • Best rap single 2013- “Ghost mode” featured by Phyno- Nominated


  • MTV Africa music award 2014- Nominated for best hip hop, musician of the year and rap artist of the year


  • City People entertainment award 2014- Eleda Mi Nominated for a most popular song of the year, Rap album of the year


  • World music award- Nominated World best male artist, world best live act and world best entertainer of the year


  • Nigeria music video awards- won best Afro hip hop video, won best Street hip hop Street artist with Durosoke


  • Headies 2014- Nominated for artist of the year


  • Won best rap album- Headies Award


  • Album of the year- Headies Award 2014


  • Nominated for best single at the Headies award 2014


  • Won 2014 Channel O music video award- most gifted West “Turn Up”


  • Nominated for Nigeria entertainment award for best rap act of the year


2015 to 2016


  • Headies Award 2015- won artist of the year with Himself


  • Nominated for best pop single “bobo”


  • Won the City People entertainment award for rap artist of the year 2016


  • Win Nigeria entertainment award for Rap act of the year with “Himself”


  • Won album of the year 2016 with “Eyan Mayweather”- NEAs


2017 to 2018


  • Nominated for Headies Award as the artist of the year, the song of the year, Headies viewers’ choice, and best Street hop artist.


In 2018 he was only Nominated but failed to pick up any of the awards.


It’s 2019 and the organizers of the Headies award would be busy with compilation. If Olamide’s name is listed, our list will be updated.


Here is the big Question!


How much is Olamide’s net worth in Naira and Dollar


His net worth in Naira is 3.168 billion Naira and his net worth in dollars is 8.8 million US dollars.


  • N3.168 billion


  • $8.8 million




Olamide’s net worth and properties in 2022 put him at 3.168 billion Naira. but if you convert this figure into dollars, we would have $8.8 million.


That’s a huge net worth for any musician plus the fact that he is also a businessman. with his record label and OLIC shows is another thing to be proud of.


Over to you guys!


How much would you predict to be the net worth of Olamide Badoo come 2023?


Leave a comment below and please Share this post on Facebook and Twitter.


I love you and thanks for reading.


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