Papoose and Joe Budden net worth
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How much is Papoose and Joe Budden net worth? Joe Budden and Papoose net worth is estimated to be more than $5.2 million as of today. 


Joe Budden net worth 2020
Joe Budden in the pool

Look, so many great musicians have come and gone and the ones that are still here earn our loyalty right? 


Well, chances are if you are here you have probably asked questions like how much is Papoose net worth 2020 right? 




How much is Joe Budden net worth 2020 right? and today I decided to create this post just to answer that question. 


but first, it’s important you know what you will get from today’s post. 


So here is all you will get from Papoose and Joe Budden net worth. 


Here we go! 


  • Papoose brief bio 


  • How did his career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • What is his source of income 


  • How much is Papoose net worth 2020


  • Joe Budden brief bio 


  • How did his career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • What is his source of income 


  • How much is Joe Budden net worth 2020


  • Who is the richest between Papoose and Joe Budden 


  • Conclusion 


Prior to writing this blog post, I had to do thorough research to make sure every detail here is up to date. 


So be rest assured that every detail you get on Papoose and Joe Budden’s net worth is updated. 


and if there is ever a fluctuation, I and my team here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment pride ourselves with updating articles to reflect recent changes. 


Now that you know what you will be getting, hop on let me take you on this wonderful ride. 


but first, hit the play button to listen to Joe Budden 2006 Pump it up below…

Papoose Brief Bio 


Since this post is basically about finding out Papoose and Joe Budden net worth who is richer, let’s start with Papoose brief bio, shall we? 


Chances are if you live in the US then you probably have heard of the name Papoose before right? 

How much is Papoose net worth
Papoose and Remy Ma


Well if you haven’t then now is the time to tell you that he is a husband to Remy Ma. 


You know Remy Ma right? Well if you don’t then here is a link to her biography. 


You can read up on that to catch a clue. 


Now let’s continue… 


I don’t know if it’s a course or it’s just what it is, have you notice that celebrity musicians rarely get called by their real name? 


Take for example P Diddy’s real name is Sean Combs right? but when last has he been called that? 


I bet if he steps on a music stage what you will hear the crowd screaming is P Diddy. 


and for someone like Papoose, the same can be said for the rapper. 


So what is the real name of Papoose? 


Well, the real name of Papoose is Shamele Mackie


and he was born in the United States of America precisely in Brooklyn in the year 1978 December 31st. 


Papoose recent work in the hip hop genre of music is titled Underrated which was released in 2019. 


The album contain 12 tracks with the first track titled Underrated amongst others such as God MC and Numerical Slaughter. 

Having said that who is Papoose? 


Papoose is an American rapper and songwriter and she is a husband to female rapper Remy Ma. 


He is one of the lead acts on TV series Love and Hip Hop which started aired in 2015 and has continued into 2020.

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Prior to Love and Hip Hop, Papoose starred in the movie Righteous Kill which was released in 2008. 


So how did his career start knowing it is been filled with up and downs? 


How Did His Career Start 


Interestingly, Papoose is among some of the rappers who didn’t have a label and was still able to do well. 


I mean if we look back to his signing to Jive records which ended in a disaster considering he left the label with dropping any album. 

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and from 2006 to 2013, he has been without a record label but has managed to achieve success releasing his songs independently. 


So how did his career start? 


Well, Papoose’s career started in 1998 after he was featured on the Kool G album Root of Evil. 


and in the early 2000s, he decided to rap and release his tracks without a record label. 


Seeing his gift and artistry, Jive Records approached him with an offer of $1.5 million. 


While he was signed to the label, he planned on releasing is first studio album Nascirema. 


However, this did not happen and led to frustration from Papoose and Kay Slay. 


This frustration of delayed album release later led to the exit of Mackie from the label. 

Papoose net worth 2020

After leaving Jive records, he decided to go into underground hip hop where he received love and gathered a huge fan base. 


In 2009 Papoose revealed during one of his mixtapes that he was able to keep all the money with which Jive record had signed him. despite the fact that he did not get to release any studio album before exiting the label.


The deal with Jive Records helped to put the net worth of Papoose at $1,500,000 at the time. 


and I know right about now you are about asking me is, is that Papoose net worth 2020 Forbes? 


The answer is NO…. 


and you and I will get into that shortly, all I ask is be patient okay? 


Now let’s take a dive into his album and songs… 


Album and Songs 


I really like to call him the mixtapes father considering that’s what drove him to meet Kay Slay in the first place. 


between 1998 to 2004 Papoose released several mixtapes as an artist trying to find his feet. 


This eventually led to his signing to Jive record which didn’t work out. 


Though this deal may have hit rock bottom, this did not stop Papoose from releasing mixtapes. 


As a matter of fact from 2009 to 2012, the rapper released more than 4 mixtapes. 


He currently has 3 studio albums to his credit with the latest being a 12 track album released in 2019.


Pappose’s first studio album was released in 2013 and it was titled Nascirema Dream the supposed album he was to release in 2006.


By 2015 he released his second studio album titled They Can’t Stop Destiny. 


Papoose fan base from underground music appreciated his work despite not gaining mainstream popularity. 

The singer waited 4 years after his second studio album to drop his 3rd which he titled Underrated. 


All of these albums did one thing, and that’s help skyrocket Forbes Papoose net worth in 2020. 


Here is a list of his studio album in bullet points… 


  • The Nascirema Dream 2013


  • They Can’t Stop Destiny 2015 


  • Underrated 2019 


Personally I have to say I love the title of his second studio album simply because of the title. 


The title reminded me of what my mom almost believed to be true… 


She would say son look they can’t stop your destiny, all they can do is try but a delay is not denial. 


and she would hug me really tight and say you have to keep that at the back of your mind when things get tough. 


Having said that, what is Papoose net worth and where does his income come from? 


You will find out shortly…


What is His Source of Income 


Papoose enjoy more than one source of income thanks to the life of a celebrity that comes with a ton of good stuffs. 


Look it’s not all shining and rosy if you know what I mean but hey, the fame is what corporations look for. 


Papoose first source of income is his songs, I told you he signed a $1.5 million deal with Jive records right? 


Although he has been without a label for the vast part of his career this, however, did not limit his fan base. 

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and you know what they say that the new money is a following aka (Audience). 


Papoose second source of income comes from television series, one which he has been part of since 2015. 


That’s like 5 years in a role earning more than $300,000 for being part of the main cast in Love and Hip Hop. 


Papoose also makes money from shows, what this means is whenever he gets called up the stage to perform, he earns a paycheck. 

Net worth of papoose

All the above sources of income have help to boost the net worth of Papoose over the years. 


and it just so happens that you and I are discussing this topic… 


So how much is Papoose worth? 


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Okay I will cover that below… 


How Much is Papoose Net Worth 2020


How much is Papoose net worth 2020? Papoose’s current net worth is $200,000. He makes a huge part of his money from the sales of his album and songs, Another source of his income also comes from being an actor in the 2015 series Love and Hip-hop which still air to the present. 


Papoose Networth: $200,000


You probably missed a chance to get some of these details. 


and right on this table below you will find all the tiny details you may have missed. 


Here it is…

[table id=15 /]

Now that you and I are done with Papoose net worth 2020, let’s get on to Joe Budden’s net worth. 


After that, then you and I can take look at who is the richest between Joe Budden and Papoose


As this post on Papoose and Joe Budden net worth will not be complete without all of that. 


Come on it’s time!


Joe Budden Brief Bio 


It is still very fresh in my head whenever I remember what my childhood was like. 


It was packed with dreams of wanting to become a footballer and to be rich like CR7. 


Yeah during my time the names on top of that list were Zidane, Okocha, Ronaldinho e.t.c.

Papoose and Joe Budden net worth
Papoose and Joe Budden

Things didn’t go my way eventually, and I had to go to school graduated with a Diploma in Oil and Gas. 


but I still felt lost because somewhere in my head this isn’t what I have always dreamt of you know. 


Long story short, here I am writing about Forbes Joe Budden’s net worth in 2020.


From the dream of becoming a footballer to a writer of celebrity net worth. 


Stuff happens right? 


So why did I tell you this story? 


Well, it is because for someone like Joe Budden he had this clear vision of what he wanted to become so he went for it. 


So who is this guy right? 


Well, you and I know him by his popular name Joe Budden. 


These days it’s hard to keep track of a musicians real name considering fame happened. 


So what is the real name of Joe Budden? 


Joe Budden real name is Joseph Anthony Budden II


Joseph was born in New York City in the year 1980 precisely on the 31st of August. 


So who is he? 


Well, according to Wikipedia Joe Budden is a former rapper, cultural critic, tv personality, and a podcast host. 

He currently hosts the Joe Budden Podcast which is released on YouTube and Spotify twice every week. 


For some, quitting music can be challenging right? but not for Budden. 


Today you see him on his Podcast which talks about hip hop music and a little about sports. 


but it’s mainly hip hop music since that’s the genre he partied in for a number of years.


Hip Hop is no longer that crazy as it was back in the days of 2pac Shakur. 


May his gentle soul rest in peace because I believe his lyrics had a lot of meaning engraved in it. 


Joe Budden attended Lincoln High school. Joe, his older brother, and his mother moved to New Jersey. 


He later also attended Laurinburg Institute due to his constant troubled nature in his Neighbourhood. 


Quickly let’s see how his career started right? 


I have to walk you through all of these because the net worth of Joe Budden is what it is today thanks to a wonderful career start. 


How Did His Career Start 


Joe Budden’s career started in New Jersey as a troubled Youth who literally hard to do drugs. 


He served Jail terms in exchange for a one-way ticket to prom.


However, Laurinburg is where the 40 years old started owning his skills as a rapper. 


he discovered that there is more to his life than he thought. 


This new discovery helped transformed from a troubled soul to one that started taking hip hop more seriously 

How much is Joe Budden net worth

So when did that big moment came? 


Well, Joe Budden Big moment came after he released the single to his debut album. 


The song was titled Pump It Up and was released in 2003 which was produced by Just Blaze. 


I wasn’t joking when I say this: Budden single was a commercial success and topped charts. 


As a matter of fact, it debuted at Number 14 on Billboard RnB/Hip Hop songs. 


but wait that’s not all… 


Did you know that the song was also used on 2 Fast 2 Furious which was released in 2003. 


and it also got featured on video games such as Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam Fight for New York. 


At the 46th annual Grammy Award, Joe Budden Pump It Up nomination for the Best Male Rap Solo Performance. 

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This was the defining moment in Joe’s career. 


To date, the song has done some crazy numbers on YouTube. 


and here is a screenshot for you… 


Now let’s look at his album and song, shall we? 


Album and Songs 


As someone who has been very fascinated with several genres of music, I find hip hop to be an expression of life in the hood. 


and Joe’s several lyrics expresses how he feels about the world around him. 


Joe also didn’t shy away from the fact that his father wasn’t present in his life. and he wrote a couple of lyrics with regards to this. 


So, let’s see some of his albums shall we? 


Joe Budden first studio album was released in June 2003 and the album was titled Joe Budden. 


His self titled album sold more than 90,000 copies in the first week of its release. 


and later did more than 400,000 copies globally. 


Budden’s first studio album also peaked at number 8 at the US Billboard 200.


Joe released 2 studio albums in 2008 5 years after his first studio album. 


His second studio album was released in 2008 and it was titled Mood Muzik 3: The Album and Halfway House. 


In 2009, he released Escape Route and Padded Room. 


He decided to retire from music by 2018 and went into full-time TV broadcast and Podcast host. 


Here is a list of some of the albums that have contributed and helped increase Joe Budden net 2020 Forbes. 


  • Joe Budden 2003 


  • Halfway House 2008


  • Escape Route 2009 


  • No Love Lost 2013 


  • All Love Lost 2015


Each album listed above contributed to Joe Budden net worth in dollars as of 2020. 


and in the next subheading, you and I will be looking at the sources of income of this guy. 


What is His Source of Income 


Joe makes money from quite a number of sources and this is good considering the fact that all his money does not come from a single source. 


Joe’s first source of income before retirement came from his songs. 

Net worth of Joe Budden

and this includes all the songs he has written and sang over the course of his amazing career. 


Budden also makes money from his Podcast on Spotify and on YouTube. 


Usually, when your podcast is on some of these platforms, you could monetize this which creates another source of income entirely. 


Another source of Joe’s income is been called on to shows. 


As a musician, retired or not, you still get called for shows, and you will have to pay Joe Budden more than $15,000 to get him on stage. 


Finally, he also makes his money from TV broadcasting where he became popular after his retirement from rap. 


Here is a complete list of his source of income… 


  • Music 


  • Shows 


  • Podcast 


  • TV broadcasting 


Right now I believe its time to ask me what is Joe Budden net worth? 


Well, I will cover this shortly so come let’s continue, shall we? 


Now let’s see how much is Joe Budden worth considering you and I now know his source of income. 


How Much is Joe Budden Net Worth 2020 


How much is the net worth of Joe Budden? Joe Budden current net worth is 6,000,000 US dollars ($6 million). He made a huge part of his net worth from music before retiring to go into podcasting and TV broadcasting both of which have also helped increase his net worth. 


Joe Budden networth: $6 million.


Note Forbes Joe Budden’s net worth is an estimate of what he is currently worth. 


and these figures can fluctuate year in year out due to several underlying factors. 


I won’t be discussing factors that affect a net worth but if you wish to look into that, here is a link for you

[table id=16 /]

Now that you and I know Papoose and Joe Budden net worth, let’s find out who is richer between the two right? 


Papoose and Joe Budden Who is the Richest 


How much is Papoose and Joe Budden net worth in 2020 (who is the richest)? Papoose currently has a net worth of $200,000 and Joe Budden currently has a net worth of $6 million. With that said Joe Budden is richer than Papoose. 

and just in case you are wondering who amongst these two has the most albums. I have to tell you Joe Budden also comes up on top.




Papoose and Joe Budden net worth has been an interesting read correct? 


Well, I try to put every little detail in this blog post so you have an idea of how much both stars are worth. 


but more so to determine who is the richest between the two American superstars. 


Now there you have it, all you need to know about Joe Budden and Papoose net worth. 


What is the one key takeaway from this post? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you like this post then please share it on Facebook and follow us on Facebook here. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you…


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