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Who is Mr P Psquare? Have you ever been faced with this question and wonder who he is? 


people will have different answers because I am sure not everyone really knows him right? 


However, a musician could be easily the best description to answer the question above. 


No doubt that’s what he is most popular for in Nigeria and other parts of the world. 

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I mean type his name into Google and you will see what comes up, right? 


In this post you will find every tiny detail there is to know about Peter Okoye of Psquare. 


I decided to make this post to cover and answer every tiny bit of question possible. 


but since it’s a pillar post, there will be other parts going into details such as Mr P Psquare cars, net worth, houses, family, kids, wife, endorsement, and more. 


before you and I dive into all of that, here is an outline of what to expect from today’s post. 


  • Mr P Psquare biography 


  • Mr P Psquare family


  • Mr P Wife and Kids 


  • Mr P musical career start


  • Mr P Songs 


  • Mr P net worth 


  • Mr P business and investment


  • Mr P endorsement 


  • Mr P cars


  • Mr P Psquare houses 


  • Mr P Psquare awards 


  • Conclusion 


Mr P Psquare Biography 


If you live in Nigeria, chances are you are familiar with the name Psquare. 


What about if you live in other countries in Africa? 

Mr P Psquare

Well, I have to ask for your forgiveness because I almost forgot Psquare didn’t belong to just Nigerians. 


The group had fans all over Africa and the rest of the world. 


Peter of now-defunct music group Psquare is a Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur. 

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He was born in Jos Northern part of Nigeria but originally is a native of Ifite Dunu. 


Peter Okoye was born in the year 1981 on November 21st as a twin. 


The twin brother of Peter is popularly known as Rudeboy but his real name is Paul Okoye. 


Peter is an Igbo by tribe and was born into a monogamous home alongside his other brothers and sisters. 


Here is a link where you can read all about the complete Mr P biography completely. 


The singer and stage performer has other brothers and a sister. 


So in the next subheading, you and I will talk about this to give you an idea. 


Mr P Psquare Family 


The family of the Psquares has been known to be pretty quiet in Nigeria. 


This has been the case even before the passing of Mr. and Mrs. Okoye. 


Peter is one of the four children born by Mr. Okoye and Mrs. Okoye. 


His siblings are… 


  • Jude Okoye 


  • Paul Okoye 


  • Sarah Okoye 


Paul Okoye happens to be the twin brother of Peter who together formed the record label Get Squared. 


However, their split back in 2017 made sure the record label is no longer operational. 

YouTube video player

Jude Okoye is the oldest of the siblings and has been the one who stood by the brothers during their humble beginnings. 


As for Sarah, he has managed to stay away from the public eye for so long. 


You hardly hear anything about her even while the twin were in conflict. 

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The mother and father of Mr P, Rudeboy, Jude are dead. 


During the breakup of Psquare, it was believed that the reason for their problem is because the mother asked Peter not to marry his wife Lola Okoye. 


Although another source claimed that this may not be the case stating that it could be a rift between the Okoye brothers. 


According to these speculations, there were claims that Peter felt aggrieved that the songs of his brother were being picked on their album over his. 


Personally, if this was the case then I believe it could have been easily rectified. 


but you know men and pride and what do we know about pride, it goeth before a fall. 


Having said that you can read all about Mr P family here now. 


Speaking of family, now let’s look at his wife and kids, shall we? 

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Mr P Wife and Kids 


Marriage is a union between a man and a woman right? 


I remember this was the definition back in the days of pre-homosexuality. 


Today that’s no longer the case because there is gay marriage now which has become rampant. 


Peter got married to Lola Okoye back in 2012 which caused a bit of a problem in the home. 


Although this was the speculation that surfaced online after the Psquare group broke up. 


It was rumored that the mother of the Okoye sons never really liked Lola Okoye. 


but Peter been the man who will live with his wife said that’s who he wants in his life. 


Today Peter and his wife are the proud parents of two children. 


The first being a boy named Cameron Okoye. 


Cameron Okoye was used in the video of Ebaeno (Internationally). 


A song which was done by Peter after the group broke up back in 2017. 


His and Lola’s second daughter is Aliona. 


You can read more about Mr P’s wife and kids here. 


Now that you know about Peter Okoye’s wife and kids, come let’s continue this journey. 


Mr P Musical Career 


Peter Okoye musical career started in the Northern city of Jos where he was born. 


He started singing and dancing in ceremonies, events alongside his brother Paul. 


Soon he and his brother became popular for their dancing skills while mimicking the late King of Pop Micheal Jackson. 

Mr P Psquare biography 

During this time the twin brothers formed the musical group MMMPP. 


This group performed all around Jos becoming household names in the Northern city. 


Soon after the group name Psquare was born which became famous all over Africa. 

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Psquare won several awards in Nigeria and Africa while featuring big names in the American music industry. 


Names such as T.I, Genuine Wine, and Akon are among the names featured on this list. 


As a group, Peter and Paul release several studio albums before their split in 2017. 


The split of Psquare led to Mr. P’s solo music career in the Nigerian music industry. 


His solo career has been something of a bliss releasing several singles along the way. 


Peter has released his first studio album which he titled “The Prodigal” on April 2nd, 2021.


You can read more about Mr P’s musical career here today. 


Speaking of songs, let’s find out some of his songs, shall we? 


Mr P Songs 


If you are looking for songs that were done by Peter Okoye then you are in the right place. 


I say this because here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment, I dedicated a category to all his songs. 


You can be sure to download as many as you would want, all you have to do is search SMCE. 


Having said that when the group Psquare split, you and I became divided, right? 


Some of us followed Peter and others followed Paul. 


Although somewhere within us we know we are still fans of these two. 


Because I don’t know if anyone could say that Peter and Paul weren’t just exceptional during their days as a group. 


During their peak, both were rated as the richest musicians in Africa


Peter Okoye has released several singles during his solo career. 


Among these tracks is Wokie Wokie… 


Wokie Wokie is a track about a guy who visited a club and fell in love with a girl. 


The video tells the story of a guy with a dark side buried within him but unknowing to him. 


The end of the video expresses how protective he could be when his woman is threatened. 


You can download Wokie Wokie here if you love cool songs and beats. 


Trust me you won’t regret making the decision once you click on that link. 


The first song he released after splitting from Psquare is Cool it Down. 


Another great song, by the way, the song tells the story of how he wants his woman to be cool amidst the crisis rocking them. 


It has garnered more than 1 million views on YouTube as of when writing this blog post. 


Here is a list of some of his songs since going solo… 


  • Wokie Wokie 


  • Cool it down 


  • Zombie 


  • For my head 


  • Karma 


  • One more night 


  • Too late 


If you which to listen and download Mr P’s songs then click the pink, it will take you to the category containing all his singles. 


Speaking of songs come let’s see how his net worth stack up. 


Mr P Net Worth 


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Sometime last year I wrote about Peter and Paul Okoye’s net worth. 


Up to date, it has brought more than 10,000 visits to this site as I speak. 


I recently updated the article to include some new details about him and his brother’s wealth. 

Mr P musical career start

Peter Okoye’s wealth has grown to a point where he conveniently says that he can no longer be broke. 


He said this while showing some of his houses that he bought on social media. 


His worth increased due to having different or multiple streams of income. 


Somewhere down this post, I will talk about some of his investments. 


However, you should know that music is his primary source of income. 


These sources created other sources of money that he has currently. 


Like I said the wealth that Peter has today ranks him among the richest musicians in Nigeria


He sits comfortably alongside the likes of 2face Idibia, Timaya, Don Jazzy, and Wizkid as some of the billionaires in the music industry. 


Now you can find out about Mr P net worth here if you are interested in that. 


Mr P Businesses and Investment 


The simplest way to double and increase your net worth is by investing. 


Thankfully, Okoye has a lot of money to buy assets and double his worth. 


Since going solo, Okoye has several investments that he has put his money. 


One of the most popular so far is his company Zoom Lifestyle. 


Zoom Lifestyle is a raffle draw company where you buy tickets to enter the draw. 


The draw of Zoom lifestyle is done towards the end of each month. 


A total of 4 winners is selected and announced via social media especially his Instagram. 


At least that’s the channel I visit more so you can be sure to check other channels too. 


As of 2020, Peter Okoye Zoom Lifestyle has paid out over $4 million Naira to participants on Zoom. 


During the Pandemic, he decided to run this from his house in Lagos. 


He also has a clothing line called Zip which he founded too. 


It deals on a male clothing line. You and I know that he loves looking really good and chilly. 


Mr P Square also owns a record label where he signs artists to his label. 


This is another investment that has helped him make more money from his art. 


He currently has only two artists signed to his label and he did songs together with these two artists on his recent album. 


You can find all about Mr P Psuare businesses and investments here. 


Now come let’s look at some of his endorsement deals, shall we? 


Mr P Endorsement Deals


Peter has put pen to paper on several occasions signing huge deals. 


This started from his days as one of the Psquare duo group. 


He signed an endorsement with GLO back when it was still Psquare. 

Peter Okoye business and investment

However, by the time the group finished the dance with Peter, GLO refused to renew the contract. 


He also currently has an endorsement deal with Tecno Mobile. 


This can be seen on his Instagram Channel where a Tecno android phone was delivered to his house. 


He unboxed the phone and promised to give it to his fans who will state why they need it more. 


Before the split of Psquare, one of the endorsements that were big was when they signed a distribution deal with Universal Music’s South African branch. 


The deal was sealed but the price and cost were not disclosed. 


but sources closed to the group then said it could have been worth more than $50,000. 


Now you can read more on Mr P endorsement deals here, as all you have to do is click on the pink link above you. 


Quickly let’s look at his cars, shall we? 


Mr P Cars 


To be fair I do not think I have met any musician who doesn’t love cars. 


Some love cars more than others but it’s pretty clear they all do right? 


I mean why make money if you are just going to trek with all that dollar sitting idle in your bank account. 


It just doesn’t make any sense, you know because it is crazy. 


Although I have seen people with millions of Naira trekking and I am a witness. 


In the apartment where I live, my landlord has 3 houses but he loves trekking even though he has a car. 


Peter on the other hand love cars and he drives his every now and then you know. 


His cars include Range Rover, a Wrangler, a Porche, and heck a Mercedes Benz. 


Each of Peter Okoye’s cars cost more than 5 million Naira in Nigeria currency. 

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If you think about it, Mercedes Benz is a model that can easily be worth more than 7 million Naira. 


What about his Range Rover, well I believe that could start anywhere from 10 million Naira to 30 million Naira. 


but hey don’t take my word for it until you read all about Mr P cars here now. 


Now that you know about his cars, come let’s talk briefly about his houses, shall we? 


Mr P Psquare Houses 


One of the things you could easily enjoy from being a celebrity is fame and which leads to limitless opportunities. 


Take for example if Jay Z comes down to Nigeria to buy a house from you and Peter Psquare comes to buy the same house who would you sell to? 

Peter Okoye Wife and Kids 

Leave a comment below with your answer, I would love to hear your thoughts on that… 


Personally, I will sell to Jay Z any time any day considering he has more fame than Peter or Paul. 


The same example could apply to myself and Peter, I don’t have the kind of wealth he has now right? 


So if I go into bidding for a house, once the seller sees him, he would sell to him because he is popular. 


These are some of the privileges enjoyed by musicians in brokering deals. 


Now speaking of his house, he currently has a home in Banana Island. 


Banana Highland is known as the land for the super-rich, right? 


His house in Banana Island cost more than 10 million Naira according to sources. 


He also owns a house in the United States of America which he posted on his Instagram. 


Many a time he goes there to chill out whenever work has become stressful. 


Peter took to his Instagram a couple of months back to share pictures of his home in Atlanta Georgia. 


He captioned it has one of his homes in Atlanta which sits on the 23rd floor. 


This means that he owns another home in Atlanta Georgia which you and I will cover in a much later article. 


You can read all about Mr P houses here. 


Finally, you and I should talk about his award right? 


Mr P Psquare Awards


As a musician, nothing beats that feeling you get when you are called to the podium to receive an award. 


I mean ask Wizkid or Davido, I believe both would have a much better idea. 


I say this considering the fact that both have added more than 10 awards to their award gallery. 

Mr P Psquare houses 

As Peter Okoye, he has won just one award since his going solo. 


So for the best part of this post, you and I will tailor it to the award he has won prior to splitting from the group Psquare. 


As part of the Psquare group, he won the Nigeria music award for artist of the year. 


He has also won the KORA award back in 2003 when they released the album Last Night. 


Peter also won the MTV Europe music award between 2006 and 2014.


Busy body in 2006 won the award for best video of the year thanks to Peter and Paul. 


City Mag award also crowned Psquare as one of the most prominent faces from Africa music. 


You can read all about Mr P awards here should you have some time to spare. 




Music has become one of the occupations that a lot of Nigerians are going into today. 


back in the 80s African parents considered music as an abomination and would never agree for any of their kids to go down this part. 


It’s interesting how over the years the perception has changed and parents now want their kids to be musicians. 


The question now is are parents now doing this for the money or for passion? 


I remember my mom never wanted my kid brother to even say the word music in her face. 


She gets pretty upset at the thought of it because she believes it’s for lesser people. 


Hopefully, her thoughts will change about this especially if she considered the fact that she almost ruined her son’s life because of her hate for music. 


If anything, Peter has shown you and me that music could be very lucrative right? 


After all, this is how he has built several businesses and own several houses home, and abroad. 


Now tell me would you not give anything to own such cars and houses? 


Plus here is a question for you… 


Since the split of the Psquare to Peter and Paul, who have you been a fan of? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you like this post then please hit the share button and follow us here on Twitter


Thanks for reading and a big cheers to you because I love you. 


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