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What is Davido net worth? Davido net worth 2023 Forbes alongside all his assets valued at between $10 million and $25 million. scroll down to see his actual worth.


What’s up? I hope today has been better than cool for you? well, while you are here, be sure to take your time to read this post.


There is a lot of gem on this topic but the fact that it also dived into David’s biography, his family members, cars, and girlfriend makes it an interesting topic.


So, I was wondering what is Davido’s net worth? I decided to do a little research and here is what I found.


How Much is Davido net worth 20223


How much is Davido net worth 2022? Davido net worth Forbes is currently estimated to be a whopping 24,000,000 million US dollars ($24 million). A huge portion of his wealth comes from his scintillating musical career which has spanned a decade.


To discover some of the luxuries he spends his money on, read SMCE’s detailed blog post on Davido cars.


Davido Networth: $24 Million


This estimated net worth of Davido includes all his assets and investment as of 2020 when this post went live.

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Davido Kids: How Many Children Does Davido Have

[table id=54 /]

Wizkid and Davido’s net worth makes the Forbes list of highest-grossing celebrities in Africa and the two have been wonderful in the past 7 years.


While some say Davido fans think he is very talented and has swag, there are others who think Wizkid betters Adeleke’s son.


Wizkid and Davido Who is Richer


One of the comparisons I have seen all the time is who is the richest between Wizkid and Davido?


Davido is one of the richest Nigerian musicians in 2022. but then again what is davido and Wizkid net worth?


David has a worth of $24 million and Wizkid has a worth of $25 million. I understand why you compare the two greatest in Nigeria but must you?


Davido or Wizkid’s net worth in my understanding is the total asset of Wizkid and David. after subtracting what each of them owes from what the two earn currently in 2020.  And whatever is left is the net worth of the two Naija superstar musicians.


Here is also another comparison between Davido and Kiss…


Davido and Kiss Daniel Net Worth Who is The Richest

Kiss Daniel and Davido who is richer? Davido is the richest when compared head to head with Kiss Daniel. Kiss Daniel net worth is estimated to be over $1.34 million and Davido has a net worth estimated to be $24 million.
David Net worth
Davido laughed with contentment and joy
David and Kizz Daniel recorded One Ticket, a song which is owned by Kiss. when the song was released, oh my it was a hit gaining more than 2 million views on YouTube.


For example!


For this example, I am assuming Wizkid’s 2018 net worth is $1 million, and owes a debt of $500,000.


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so if the definition of net worth is Assets minus debt(Asset – Debts) then we have!


Star Boy or Wizkid worth = $1 million


…Wizkid debt = $500,000


Wizkid total net worth= Net worth- debts


Wizzy net worth= $1000000 – $500000


…Wizkid 2018 worth = $500000


Hope you understand now?


OBO, as he is usually called is one of his stage names and it, means “ A child whom his father is Super Wealthy “. and today we will also look briefly at his wealth.


But wait that is not all!


Davido’s net worth 2023 also ranks him higher than some of Nigeria’s favorite icons like Psquare. He is number one on the list of the top 50 richest artists in Nigeria, He is also ranked above African icon 2face aka 2baba, and lastly Timaya.


I know what you must be thinking by now.


You are thinking how is it that Davido has more money than Psquare who is number one? Okay! Perhaps let me clarify your understanding. Remember the feud between the Psquare brothers where one feels marginalized, well they did not handle it well.

Screenshot (77)

Their split caused them to drop in the rankings as Nigeria’s highest-earning artists. Feet which may be very hard for the two talented stars to achieve in their respective solo careers (Note, Peter and Paul have reconciled).


Davido Nigerian Artist biography


Although popularly known by his stage name Davido, he has a real name. So, what is Davido’s real name? Now that I have your attention, let us continue.


His real name is David Adedeji Adeleke. Born into one of Nigeria’s most wealthy families and son of Adedeji Adeleke.

Davido Biography and net worth

Davido’s net worth and biography are quite the teaser but stick with me. I have more to share with you, all I ask is that you read to the end. Have you ever wondered where the rich kid is from?


Where is Davido From in Nigeria?


David Adedeji Adeleke hails from Osun state and he is the son of Deji Adeleke who is of Yoruba origin. As you know, the Yorubas are one of the 3 major ethnic groups in Nigeria besides Hausa and Igbo.


How old is Davido and Where was Davido Born?


Which state did davido come from? I get asked this question a thousand times a year. OBO is from Osun state.


Nigerian own songwriter, producer, and singer was born overseas. Precisely he was born in Atlanta Georgia to Deji and Veronica Adeleke. He was born in the year 1992 November 21st and spent part of his growing up abroad.

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As a kid that fancied music, Davido’s father and mother did not stop him from chasing his career and forging his own path. But before music, he was a student at Oakwood University.


Recently Shout Me Celebs had the privilege to interview a few Naija Davido Fans. In the interview, some of the fans had no clue if Davido even went to school. Further digging we realize that it is because Davido did not grow up in Nigeria.

How much is davido net worth

Image Credit: Instagram


Which University Did Davido Attend?


While he was abroad since Georgia was his place of birth, he went to Oakwood University. but he later dropped out to pursue his career in music. Some years after when he got back to Nigeria, Davido’s father Deji persuaded him to go to school.

Davido net worth 2020

He listened to his father’s advice and went to school in Naija where he studied music at Babcock University. Davido’s Wikipedia page read that his father paid the school to erect a musical structure for him alone.


But wait that is not all!


So if anyone asks you Where did davido school? Tell them he was an Oakwood university dropout but that he further his schooling at Babcock university.




I admire David’s Educational background because his father was always there for him. Veronica did not shut the door on his son and the same goes for the father. Having said that, we live in a country where father dictates what they want their kids to study.


The history of Davido is particularly one that is especially inspiring to kids growing up. I say this because when you talk about him. then we know the name of the father and mother cannot be far behind.


His History from childhood to his musical career is enough to motivate kids to be a better version of themselves. Also for parents to be always there for their kids and to guide and support them.


Davido Family


Davido’s brother and sisters are everything to him. He is the 3rd born of Mr. and Mrs. Adedeji Adeleke. He has a brother named Adewale Adeleke. Two sisters Ashley and Sharon.

Davido net worth & Family
Davido, Older Brother Adewale, Sharon, His Dad, and Ashley.

Image Source: Pinterest

Adewale, who is called in the family in the short form of Wale is the CEO of the HKN music group. Sharon and Ashley now answer the name of another family Ademefun and Adaji respectively since their marriage.


Davido’s siblings are really far from the public. However, their name will come up whenever a finding into Davido is done.


Deji Adeleke is the father of the four kids. Davido’s father refused to marry after his wife passed on over a decade now. And he is generous enough to make each of his four kids the company’s Board of Directors.


Pacific Holdings is the name of Davido’s father’s company. And his father’s wealth puts him alongside some of the country’s rich billionaires like Aluko Dangote.


Pacific Holdings Brief History


Founded in 1983, Pacific Holdings is a company that deals in Borehole construction. Later in the 90s, it was other branches were formed.


As a result, Pacific Holdings is now a growing conglomerate that deals in Freight Services. Its Head office is located in Lagos State. and Adedeji is the Chairman of the company.

Pacific Holdings
Adedeji Adeleke company Pacific Holdings

Image Source: Pacific Holdings

Like a Billionaire, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke saw that his children all lived comfortably. David’s older brother Wale is a multi-millionaire with assets all over Lagos.


Although, he is known for his calm nature, unlike his kid brother. Well, now that you know about Davido.


Let us talk about his musical career from the days of struggle to the days he peaked. Hold tight now, would you!


His Musical Career


We obviously can’t talk about Davido’s net worth of 2022 without referencing his career. I call it a man’s humble beginning.


Quickly remember I told you he dropped out of Oakwood University right?


Well, that is because he wanted to forge a path that had to lead him to the spotlight. Today he is one of Nigeria’s most celebrated celebrities because of the decision he took many years back.


Before we continue, let me tell you a brief story. While I was growing up as a kid, my dream was to become a footballer.


I would sleep and wake up with the ball. All I wanted was to be a soccer player but guess what!


That dream never saw the day of light. Because my father didn’t want to even hear me talk about it.


He made sure I had all the balls in the world but deep down, his thoughts were; Everyone wants to be something like a medical doctor and you all you want. is to be running and chasing that damn round thing.


In a nutshell, here I am telling you my stories 3 decades after. My father had stopped me from playing ball then but I may have been the one who let him.


It sounds crazy I said that right!


Wait and hear me out. I said that because if I had carried that flame I had as a child and worked on developing myself. Chances are I probably would be a star right now.


True or false?


Davido developed his Skill and that is one of the big differences he and I have. Plus his father supported him mine did not but that’s a story for another day.


Early Days of Davido’s Musical Career


His musical debut started with KB International. He is part of the group before he later called it quits to join HKN.


His drop from Oakwood University due to his bad grades saw the Naija Celeb go to UK. There he concentrated on strengthening his vocals.


After graduating from Babcock University with a degree in 2015, he was set to become the best.


In 2011, on May 6th precisely, his first song “ Back When “ was released. The song saw major airplay and it hit. However, that is not the song that brought him fame.


What Back When did was introduce Davido to the Nigerian music industry as an upcoming artist. On the 10th of May 2011, The video for Back When was uploaded to YouTube.


Clarence Peter directed and shot the video to date. it has only managed 1.1 Million views on Youtube

Back When introduced the singer well. but then the likes of P square and 2baba were the wonder Kids.


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Fast forward to 2022, Davido’s song is played in every home. And on every device, advancements in tech made it possible… Lolz


Omo Baba Olowo Studio Album (Davido’s First Album)


His debut studio album Omo Baba Olowo came up in 2011 and by 2012 all songs in it were released. Dami Duro is the song from the album that brought Davido into the spotlight.

omo baba olowo album cover

In August Dami Duro was recorded with Shizzi and later on October 29th, the song was released.


Clarence Peter again directed and shot the song in Lagos. and it got recognition all over the country and led Davido to stardom.


Dami Duro was leaked due to the producer’s carelessness. Shoutmeceleb gathered that Dami Duro was leaked after he sent it to friends.


HKN music later that same year released “Overseas” as a single off the album Omo Baba Olowo.


Before the song could be finished, it was leaked and In August 2012, “All of You” video was released.


All of You was produced by Gospelondebeatz who Davido met while chopping. In a bid to promote Omo Baba Olowo Album, Ekuro, Feel Alright and Gbon Gbon video was released.


Davido Second Studio Album


Gobe is the single used to promote the second studio album. Gobe resonated with fans, and on YouTube, it garnered more than 30 million views.


Globe was well received and it marked a new era for the music wizard. It was produced in South Africa by Godfather Production.


South Africa is a home of beauty and it makes sense it was produced there. Also, the song took the number 2 spot on Premium Times of 2013 top 10 songs.


“One of a kind” was released in May 2013 and it is the second Single of the Album Baddest. It was also produced by Godfather production in SA.

On the 14th of August “Skelewu was released. The song was the third single of the album and to spice things up, Davido organized a challenge.


The challenge was worth $3000. This is the prize that will is won by whoever dances the song better than Davido.


In October the winner of the challenge was announced. he declared Moshood Abiola the winner of the challenge.


Davido and Music director had a little misunderstanding after a video was released to the public. He was not happy and reported the action on Twitter.


In his Tweet, he said he was betrayed and as such will reshoot the video in the UK. Moe Musa is a UK-based director and together Skelewu Video was shot.


Skelewu to date managed 25 million views on YouTube and climbing. However, it was “Aye” which is the fourth single of the studio album. That drove YouTube into a Frenzy.


The music video for Aye was released on February 8th, 2014. “Tchelete” was released on April 30th.


The fifth single for the upcoming album was released by HKN. It features South African duo Mafikizolo.


MTN play and CallerTune platform distributed Aye. Sources tell Shout Me Celebs that the collaboration of the two. came due to the Marketing of MTN Nigeria’s Elite Night in December 2013.


Check out Davido’s song list for his second Studio album below.


  • If 2017
  • Assurance 2018
  • Fall 2018
  • Bum Bum 2019
  • FIA 2018
  • Flora My Flawa
  • Aye 2015
  • Gobe 2015
  • Dami Duro
  • Skelewu
  • Coolest Kid in Africa
  • Nwa Baby 2018
  • The Money
  • Tchelete
  • Fans Mi
  • Like Dat
  • Ekuro
  • All of you
  • Ji Masun
  • Pere
  • Back When
  • Gbagbe Osi
  • Feel Alright
  • Dodo
  • Summer Body
  • One of a Kind

Davido International Recognition, Awards & Nominations


In June 2018, Davido Nigeria artist was named the first African-based artist by BET Awards.


The award was presented by Hollywood. and Power actor Omari Hardwick alongside actress Tika Sumpter.


Prior to 2018, he also won The MOBO Award for the Best African Act. and he became the first African to perform live at the award night.


Check out the below screenshot for all of Davido’s nominations and Awards received!
















Davido Music Worldwide ( All Its Stars)


HKN music is where Davido came to fame. However feuds between him and his cousin b red. is rumor to be the reason why he ditched the Production.


Davido Music Worldwide was formed after he broke up from HKN. The producer and singer signed Artists like Mayorkun, Ichaba, and Peruzzi amongst others.




Call him DMW star and you will be way right. Mayorkun is the first son of his parents alongside two others.

His real name is Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel and began was signed by Davido into DMW. Born on March 23,  1994. Adewale Mayowa won the Headies Award of 2016 for Rookie of the year.


Mayorkun in 2018 won Headies Award for Next Rated artist After he sang Mama.


He features his boss Davido when they did Bobo and the song was a hit. When ask how Mayorkun was discovered!


Davido in his words; I discovered him on Twitter after he posted a cover to my song “The Money”.


I asked him if he could more than play a keyboard. Just like that, I got him signed after he decided to quit his banking job.


Mayorkun was born into a family of entertainers. His mother is a Nollywood actress and his father is a producer.


So when next someone asks you how Davido met Mayorkun, simply answer with Twitter… Lol and am kidding you on that one.


You probably want to know all about Mayorkun. so, visit here now to have a full. and check out some of Mayorkun’s songs below!


P.S: He is no longer signed to DMW.


  • Eleko
  • Dapada
  • Mind
  • Jonze Me
  • Sade
  • Mama
  • Bobo
  • Red Handed
  • Aya Mi
  • Bambiala
  • Oshepete
  • Aye Kan
  • Touch
  • Alele
  • Blessing
  • Your Body
  • Sope
  • Back 2 Back




His real name is Victor Tobechukwu Okoh. He is a Nigerian Musician signed by DMW. The songwriter and singer saw fame shortly after his feature in 2face Amaka.


Born on December 5th, 1992, and is popularly called TC Peruzzi. At age 7 his love for music grew because his father bought him a keyboard.


Yet to add any Award to his Arsenal but he looks very promising. Some of Peruzzi’s songs include;


  • Mata
  • Aza ft Davido and Duncan Mighty
  • Aje
  • Mind
  • For my Pocket


These are some of the artists that have made names for themselves on the DMW record label. This list will be updated but for now, let us discuss. about Davido’s ex-girlfriend Sophia Momodu and Chioma.

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Davido Ex-Girlfriend Sophia Momodu


He is a sexy guy and a star in addition. Davido’s ex-girlfriend Sophie Momodu and the star together had Baby Imade Adeleke.

Davido net worth 2019

Although the two are exes but still maintain a somewhat bond due to Imade. Sophie Momodu sometimes accused Davido’s family of trying to deprive her of seeing her baby girl Aurora Imade Adeleke.


She is famous for dating Deji Adeleke’s son and for giving birth to Davido’s daughter. However his cousin Dele Momodu is a prominent Nigerian reporter.


How Davido Meet Chioma


Davido’s life story keeps getting better and in 2018 came Chioma. Chioma is the love of Davidos life and the inspiration for Davido Assurance.


Mid last year it was a rumor that the two broke up but were later seen together. in a mall holding hands and laughing.

Davido Chioma

Davido’s profile fits Chioma because for a queen to be a queen she sure needs a king and Davido is Chioma’s king.


Now do not ask me how I coined that phrase because I have no idea…. Lolz….  


Davido met Chioma back when she was in university. In a video on Daily Post she said, I met him through my friend and then my friend was dating David’s friend.


In 2018 Davido is also rumored to have bought Chioma a Porche worth 40 Million Naira and some Nigerian comedians made jokes with it.


Chioma Avril Rowland is currently involved in a partnership with Dune to run a cooking show. It is the davido Midas Touch in play.


On one special occasion, in a comedy video, this guy was walking by. and a reporter stopped him to ask if he thinks buying Chioma. a car worth 40 Million is a good investment.


In a comedy fashion reply, he replied 40 Million that Miracle did 3 months imprisonment for. So, you are wondering, Miracle is the guy that won the Big brother Naija 2018 edition.


Davido children are Aurora Imade Adeleke and Hailey Veronica Adeleke Born to his UK girlfriend.


Do you wish to know more about Davido children then refer to this post? Davido’s net worth won’t be complete without mentioning his cars and houses.


Davido Cars and His Houses


Am I the only one who thinks celebrities love cars? Well, I know that when it comes to love for cars Taylor Swift is the bae.


But don’t take my word for it!


Wait until you have seen his collection of songs and her listing her cars. But let’s talk about Davido cars 2019.


The below list is 2019 updated so hold your breath. Okay let’s go, here comes the list;


  • Honda Accord worth 5 Million Naira


  • Bentley worth 21 Million Naira


  • Audi Flat Back GGX cost 7 Million Naira


  • Chevrolet Camato worth 11 Million Naira


  • Range Rover Autobiography 39.9 Million Naira


  • Porsche Turbo worth 19.9 million Naira


  • Audi R8 Coupe cost 15 million Naira


  • Porsche Carrera worth 40 Million Naira


  • Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG cost 35 million Naira


  • Toyota Land Cruiser worth 17.4 Million Naira


  • Bentley Bentayga cost 93 Million Naira


Davido Bentley Bentayga is one of the costliest cars in his arsenal. and so, Shoutmeceleb decided to do a total of all davido cars.


Here is the result!


All Davido cars cost more than 300 Million Naira in networth. And he is among the list as one of the Naija Celebs with the highest number of cars.


He also wrapped 2021 with a 2022 car release costing about 350 million Nigeria Naira. That’s for his cars alone. Davido’s new car in 2021 is the Rolls Royce Cullinan

Davido Rolls Royce Cullinan
Davido 350 Million Naira Rolls Royce Cullinan

Image Source: Within Nigeria



Let’s look at Davido Houses…


Davido List of Houses Home & Abroad


Oftentimes than not, we mistake wealth for a source of happiness. But in the rarest of truth, It is actual people that provide happiness.


Having said that, do you know that Davido’s happiness is not centered on money?


Now hold on, I will tell you why. I will say people follow him not because he is rich. But because Davido background has what can turn you from nobody to somebody.


It takes only men of virtue to do this. A good example will be Mayorkun. There is something called the Midas touch. Look it up on Google.


Fast track to today Adewale Emmanuel is a star. Argue but then come to think of a reality If OBO didn’t touch his life positively, chances are he’d still be struggling to break through.


Now I have digressed a little but it is good to speak to you like this. The reason is that I want you to see that life is actually beyond the money.


But in all, it is important to know that money functions in the area in which it is important and extremely unimportant in areas in which it is not.


Now, going back to the initial subheading, Davido’s house in Atlanta Georgia the place of his birth cost him quite a fortune.


There is a strong affinity a man shares with where he grows. So, it makes sense that even after coming back to Nigeria. he still owns a house in Georgia.


Also, according to Nigerian Finder, he also owns a house in Lekki. His house in the busy city of Lagos cost between 130-140 Million Naira.


Unveiled is the beauty of the interior and posterior of the house. The house in Lekki was bought between 2014 and 2015.


His Deals Endorsement


Guys, do you know that a check into Forbes Davido’s net worth will not be complete. Without shedding light on his endorsement deals?


Well, you now know. Davido’s endorsement deals with MTN are worth 30 million Naira. This figure was unveiled in 2012 which made him the FACE of MTN Pulse.


He also has an endorsement with Infinix. A mobile company that deals with Smartphones for a fee that is not made known to the public.


Infinix mobile was particularly glad. Claiming it took the company 7 months to pull the deal through.


Now that is not shocking considering Davido’s fame. He is definitely a man on the clock.


Guinness Nigeria also signed Davido to an endorsement deal. This deal puts him on stage with other Naija artists like Tiwa savage.


Other artists to grace the stage with him on Guinness World of More Concerts. were Mr. P and Rude Boy, Olamide, Wizkid, D’ Banj among several others.


In 2019 Davido bagged an endorsement deal with Travelbeta. the worth of this endorsement was never released but sources like Sahara Report claim this deal is worth more than $10,000.




Wizkid’s net worth places him almost on equal footing with Davido. However, in the ranks, Davido seems to be worth more than the Naija crooner.


From his biography to his cars, houses, and relationships, David has won many hearts. This has put him in constant comparison with Wizkid.


So, over to you guys!


How would you predict Davido net worth in 2022, will increase or will decrease. Also what other Nigerian artists would you predict to beat him to the top spot?

Use the comment box to drop your contribution and remember we love you and we read all the comments.


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