Top 30 Best Nigeria Musicians in 2023 (Updated List)

Top 30 Best Nigeria Musicians
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Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 07:25 am

Top 20 Best Nigeria Musicians 2022


I believe the first question you need to ask me is who are the top 20 best musicians in Nigeria? 


Here is a complete list of the top 20 best artists in Nigeria


  • Flavour 


  • Banky W


  • Asa 


  • Fela Anikulapo Kuti


  • Yemi Alade 


  • Tekno 


  • 9ice


  • Simi


  • Teni


  • M.I


Flavour Nnabania


Flavour was born on the 23rd of December 1983.


You and I both know Chinedu Okoli as a multi-instrumentalist but. he is not only skilled with the instrument but also with his voice. 

Flavour Nabania

Flavour has been awfully quiet althrough 2019 down to the first month of 2020.


but this does take him off the list of best singers in Nigeria. 


Flavour is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer. 


His rise to fame came with the release of Nnabania. but it was his album Uplifted that cemented his place in the industry. 


Flavour’s ability to use the Ibo language to sing distinguishes him from other artists. 

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Although the likes of Phyno could easily rival 36 years old. 


Today Flavour has more than 4 studio albums credited to his name and here are some of the albums… 


  • Nnabania 2005


  • Uplifted 


Just in case you missed some details, you can read about Flavour’s net worth here now. 


and here are some of the most important details you probably didn’t take note of… 


  • Real Name: Chinedu Okoli


  • Stage Name: Flavour Nnabania


  • Date of Birth: 1983 November 23rd


  • Occupation: Music 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Banky W


Banky W was born in the year 1981 precisely on the 27th of March. 


Olubankole Wellington is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, politician, and record producer. 


His fame rose the more after he discovered Wizkid aka Starboy. 

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However, Banky W schooled abroad, and tried breaking into the US music industry but failed. 


After several trials, he decided to come back home to pursue music, and there he formed his record label EME. 


EME record is an acronym for Empire Music but later dissolve the label after the exit of Wizkid. 


On the 11 of November, Banky stated his interest to run for office in the house of representatives. 


Today Banky W has more than 3 studio albums all of which were hits. 


Here is a couple of Banky’s albums…. 


  • Back in the building 2006


  • Mr Cappable 2008 


Here is some details you probably didn’t know about him. 


  • Real Name: Olubankole Wellington 


  • Stage Name: Banky W


  • Date of Birth: 1981 March 27th


  • Occupation: Music and politics 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 




Asa is another very famous Nigerian musician who was born in the year 1982 precisely September 17th.


She is a Nigerian French singer and songwriter and recording artist. 


The song that drove Asa’s popularity is Be My Man off her Beautiful Imperfection album. 


Asa went to study in Paris but was told to go become a recording artist as she didn’t need schooling. 


Soon she came in contact with Cobham Asuquo who helped produce her first studio album. 


Asa went platinum worldwide and her second studio album hit the gold plaque. 


and after the success of her first studio album, she won the French Constantine award in 2008. 


Asa drew inspiration from the likes of King Sunny Ade, Diana Ross, Bob Marley, and more. 


Today she has more than 2 studio albums with her most recent work coming in 2019. 


Here are some of the albums… 


  • Asa 


  • Beautiful Imperfection 2010


Get yourself acquainted with these below… 


  • Real Name: Bukola Elemide


  • Stage Name: Asa


  • Date of Birth: 1982 September 17


  • Occupation: Music 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Fela Anikulapo Kuti


Fela was born in the year 1938 precisely October 15th in Abeokuta of Ogun State. 


Kuti’s history is one that’s been told all through the 90s to date.

Fela Kuti performing live

and the most interesting thing is that it’s still fresh because of his music which still echoes through time. 


Fela is a Nigerian musician, activist, and the founder of Afrobeat you and I both enjoy today. 


Why you may want to put Davido or Wizkid first on this list, I think Fela did more than both artists combined. 


Fela’s education was geared toward raising the consciousness of Nigerians about the corrupt nature of government entities in politics. 


and for this, he was persecuted severally for speaking out. 


Fela died in the year 1997 but in the world of today, you and I still dance to Afrobeat which. is a genre he created. 


Afrobeat is a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Ghanaian highlife, salsa, calypso, and traditional Nigerian Yoruba music. 


I didn’t think twice when piecing this article together to name him the best Nigeria musician of all time. 


Here are a couple of Fela albums you did not know about…


  • Zombie 1977


  • Sorrow Tears and Blood 


  • Afrodisiac 1973


  • Unknown Soldier 1981


Here are some useful details for you! 


  • Real Name: Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome Kuti


  • Stage Name: Fela Kuti or Fela 


  • Date of Birth: October 15th, 1938


  • Occupation: Music 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 



Simisola was born in the year 1988 precisely on April 19th.


Simi is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and an actress whose career started as a Christian musician. 


Her success in the music industry can be attributed to hard work and perseverance. 


Simi won the award of Nigerian Entertainment award for the best act to watch out for in 2016. 


and then at the Headies of 2018, she took home 3 different awards with her hit single Joromi. 


Simi is now married to Adekunle Gold and some time last year the singer released a single titled by you. 


To date, Simi has 3 studio albums with 1 EP… 


Here are some of her albums… 


  • Ogaju


  • Simisola


  • Omo Charlie Champagne Vol 1


and here is her real name…


  • Real Name: Simisola Simi Ogunleye


  • Stage Name: Simi 


  • Date of Birth: 1988 April 19th


  • Occupation: Music


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


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