Kiss Daniel Net Worth 2019
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Today you will discover 10X growth of Kizz Daniel net worth and also you will find out Kizz Daniel’s biography, cars, age, awards, endorsements, and houses.

Kiss Daniel Net Worth 2019

You will agree with me that the kind of money music and soccer stars make these days is insanely good.


I mean the numbers is just too good to be true that it would almost make people in the 50s a bit jealous.


Especially in the Naija music industry where you see young 9ja artists become billionaires in their 20s.


Okay now let’s continue, please!


Originally I was planning to do a post on Kiss Daniel’s biography separately but I changed my mind.


This translates to I have to convert this post to Kizz Daniel’s net worth and biography instead.


This way I get to kill 2 birds with one stone plus it takes the extra workload off my shoulders.


Don’t worry I did thorough research to make sure I serve you an up-to-date Kizz Daniel biography and net worth.


Why I Decided To Do a Post on Kizz Daniel Net Worth


A few days back I was doing a search on Google and I typed in Patoranking net worth.


but some of the posts I saw on the first page of SERPS weren’t exactly on par with what I wanted.


So I decided to do my post so I can give my audience the best experience possible.


but one of the things that drove me to write this post is because I saw a post that compared. Patoranking and Kizz Daniel’s net worth 2024.


The information was also half-baked and it got me thinking about why not do this post instead.


I mean for one I know I would be able to rank Shoutmeceleb Entertainment for search intent like the net worth of Kizz Daniel.


Long story short!


I am writing this post that you are reading now for you and you alone.


So if by the time you finish reading this post, you feel like I tried, please do me a favor and share it on Facebook.


Having said that, here is a quick question for you!


Who is your top 10 favorite Naija musician in 2019?


Got an answer for me?


Please make sure you leave a comment with your answer, I love comments because it’s engaging.


Let’s dive into Kizz Daniel net worth and biography deeper devouring every question and answer.


Kizz Daniel Net Worth and Biography


The first session of this post will help you and I answer some questions like:


  • Who is Kizz


  • Where is he from


  • How old is he


  • What state he is from and many others


Now hop on and let’s go on a Disney cruise, shall we?


Who is Kiss Daniel


Kizz Daniel is a Nigerian (also Nahigher and songwriter of the genre Afropop.


If you are looking for one of the finest singers in the country, am positive in a top 20 list. Daniel should rank fairly higher alongside the likes of Davido and Wizkid.


Have you ever noticed that when a celeb reaches that height of success their real names are almost lost in the shadowless pit?


Don’t ask me what’s a shadowless pit!




What is Kizz Daniel’s real name?


Kizz Daniel’s real name is Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe but professionally known as Kizz Daniel.


If you are googling things like how old is Kizz Daniel, then it’s my job to provide your answer!


Kizz Daniel’s age is 31 years old, he was born precisely in The hear 1992 May 1st.


Where is Kizz Daniel from


I am not sure why I didn’t title this subheading something like what state is Kiss Daniel from? probably would sound better.


Oluwatobiloba Anidugbe originates from Abeokuta in Ogun State.

Kiss Daniel Net Worth and Biography

If you are familiar with the history of Nigeria, you probably have realized. that Ogun is one of the 36 states in the country.


But just in case you are not!


Ogun State has its capital as Abeokuta.


The people or inhabitants of this State specialize in farming.


The history of Ogun dates as far back as the OYO Empire.


I love a little bit of history but I won’t cover Ogun State history in depth so here is a resource from Britannica.


Nigeria is one of the countries in West Africa with the largest population. and it’s considered one of the richest in the continent of Africa.


At least now that you know a little of his origin let’s look at his place of birth.


Where was Kizz Daniel Born


Kizz was privileged to have been born in the state where he comes from and also grew up there.


For me, that’s a different story altogether but I can tell you that despite not growing up in my state her cultural heritage was inscribed in my heart.


Thanks to my parents who made sure stories of the historical past were constantly being told to us.

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Here comes the part I have always hated even though I am positive it made me better.


Of course, it’s school!


What School did Kizz Daniel attend?


Kola’s son spent the basic part of his growing up in Abeokuta which influenced his choice of school.


So, where did Kizz Daniel school?


Kiss Daniel attended Abeokuta Montosori grammar school in Ogun state.


Like most of us, primary School was way fun for the singer according to a source close to the singer.


Although there is no account of what primary school he attended at such a tender age.


It’s very natural to see that after secondary school, the next phase of your life is to get into the University.


So which University did Kiss Daniel attend?


Kizz Daniel attended the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (Also FUNAAB).


He gained admission to study water resources management or you can fancily call it agrometeorology.


Simply put Agrometeorology is water science.


So did he graduate?


You bet he did but before graduation, Oluwatobi found a new hobby.


Music became his new direction of focus.


Life’s Lessons


One thing my mom always told us while I and my kid brothers were growing up was to find your path and do that which makes you happy, never mind what the world thinks.


Those words had a huge impact on my life thanks to Ma. Today I am building a company and a brand for myself.


Kizz Daniel’s family were very supportive of the singer’s choice of profession.


Kizz Daniel’s parents Mr. and Mrs Kola Anidugbe supported his dreams.


Let’s get right back into Kizz Daniel’s biography and net worth.


Kizz Daniel’s Early Life


Yes, the truth is when you are super-rich,  it’s easier to forget the rough path you took.


Mostly in a country like Nigeria where her citizens are suffering without the provision of jobs.


Since I am taking you down the alley of Kizz Daniel’s early beginnings, let’s look at his life story.


Oluwatobiloba which is his tribal name grew up in a family of four boys and a girl.


In the country of Nigeria, the Yoruba are referred to as the scholars in the country.


And Kizz Daniel’s native tongue is the Yoruba Language.


Here is how he described his growing up!


I practically grew up in a rat-infested house while my father wanted the best education for me and my siblings.

Kizz Daniel Net Worth 2019

Today I am thankful because I am rich and I can afford a life that only existed in my dreams.


Pretty amazing words right


Much like some Nigerian musicians do you know Kiss grew a passion for music at an early age?


Precisely his passion for music started at age 6 to 8, they’re about the same age as Tekno.


But it took him till after graduating from University to follow his hobby and dreams.


How Did Kizz Daniel’s Musical Career Start


Kizz Daniel’s stage name was given to him by a girl whom he refused to reveal her name.


Starting up as a musician without any mentor can be a disaster you know.


Much like anything, if you focus on having a good career in any occupation or profession, one of the most important things would be to have a mentor.


This is because you want to do the things that are working for your mentor.


The study also shows that if you emulate the successful person, chances are you will be successful too.


Daniel ventured into music in 2009 after meeting Sugarboy who exposed him to the life of a musician.


It didn’t take long for Anidugbe to meet the CEO of G-worldwide which is his first recording label.


Under G-worldwide, the singer produced some singles which I will be discussing in a few headings.


You are probably wondering what’s Kiss Daniel first song right?


Oluwatobiloba Anidugbe’s first song is Shoye and the song was released in 2014. after signing for Emperor Geezy G-worldwide in 2013.


Shoye introduces Kizz Daniel to Nigerian music industry even though it wasn’t a hit.

Kizz Daniel’s Album and Single


I will talk about Kizz Daniel’s album and singles for the most part.


At least you will get to see the very song that kick-started his musical career, his first album, and more.


Let’s go on, please…


Kiss Daniel Single Woju


The one thing every musician prays for is that one song that will change your life forever.


For Kiss, I would say that musical break came when he released Woju in 2014.


The instrument syncs well to make the song have originality in tone.


Woju was a massive hit in Naija and immediately received lots of positive reviews.


The song was produced by Dj Coublon and the lyrics were written by Daniel himself.


The song went straight up into MTV Base’s Top 10 Naija Chart.


But wait there is even more!


Woju topped charts for about 10 to 11 weeks and quickly moved to number one for another 6 weeks.


I played Kiss Daniel Eko early this morning before writing this article. But I could swear Woju still outclassed that sound honestly.


Just 3 months after Kiss Daniel hit song Woju, a remix featuring Davido and Tiwa hit 9ja hard.


This time the vocal prowess of Tiwatope combined well with Davido who is currently one of the richest musicians in Nigeria to all fuse the originality of Kiss’s voice.


Guess what the result was!


A complete banger it was and both the remix and the original version. debuted at number 1 and 2 on MTV Base’s top 10 Naija charts.


These feet earned Oluwatobiloba more popularity across the country.  to become the first Naija musician to have both the original and remix song debut at No. 1 and 2 respectively.


Laye Kiss Daniel Song


The beauty of Music in Africa especially Naija is the fact that once you have a hit that’s it.


Subsequent songs to come will do well because you have established a fan base.


Laye was released in 2015 before Kizz Daniel’s first studio album New Era.


Precisely the song was released on the 1st of May as his birthday gift to fans around Africa.

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The video of the song was produced by Aje Films same production company responsible for Patoranking Alubarika.


Laye also received a positive review from music lovers.


Kizz Daniel First Studio Album New Era


Daniel released his first studio album in May 2016 13 days after his birthday.


Like most of the singles, the album was also a success but it was the album No Bad Songs that completely changed the game for him.


List Of Songs From Kiss New Era Album


  • New King
  • Another Day
  • Jombo
  • Mama
  • Gobe
  • Napo
  • Good Time
  • Give Into
  • Kudi
  • Ghetto Boys
  • Laye
  • Are You Alright?
  • Alone
  • Kiss Me
  • Sin City
  • Upon Me
  • Duro
  • Woju
  • All God
  • Nothing Dey


Second Studio Album No Bad Songz


No bad Songz made me proud of Kizz Daniel.


The album was released on the 30th of December 2018. 


And my God!


It was everything you could expect from a top-class African performer.


No wonder he made the list of the top 30 richest musicians in Africa in 2024.


I mean every track was a hit receiving a positive review.


The promotional singles were all on point especially One Ticket with Davido and For You ft Wizid Ayo.


Both songs were a massive success but most noteworthy for me was One Ticket Ft Davido.


The song picked the number 55 spot on US iTunes chart. and the album did so well to peak at number 1 on the world album Charts.


Here are some of the features on the album…


  • Wizkid


  • Davido


  • Diamond Platnumz


  • DJ Xvlusive


  • Nasty C


  • Demmee vee


  • Sarkodie


List Of Songs From Kiss Daniel No Bad Songz Album


  • gods
  • No Do
  • 3. Tere (feat. Diamond Platnumz)
  • One Ticket
  • Oyibe
  • Time No Dey
  • Maye
  • Bad (feat. Wretch 32)
  • Ghetto (feat. Nasty C)
  • Somebody Dey (feat. DJ Xclusive & Demmie Vee)
  • Ayee
  • Happy
  • Ja
  • Madu
  • Poko
  • Ikwe (feat. Diplo)
  • Nesesari (feat. Philkeyz)
  • Over
  •  Kojo (feat. Sarkodie)
  • 20. Tobi


Kizz Daniel Record Label problems


Kiss was doing pretty fine at G-worldwide before the Fiasco which led to his exit from the label.


According to Pulse NG, Emperor Geezy sued Daniel to the notorious Chambers (court)


After the judge listened to the case, the case was decided in Favor of Kiss Daniels.


According to Pulse NG a statement by his lawyers, Kiss Daniel formally terminated. his contract with G-Worldwide Entertainment on October 31, via a letter.


“The termination was done in compliance with the provisions of the recording contract between the parties,” it read.


Kiss Daniel had earlier filed a lawsuit against the label at the Lagos State High Court. which the label has acknowledged and filed for its defense and objection.


Thankfully you can get a complete story of what happened if you follow the above link.


Sources and comedians have claimed that the singer has refused to show support to other artists.


While the public blamed G-worldwide Entertainment, there are sources. who said the label isn’t responsible for Daniel’s nonsupportive nature.


After leaving G-worldwide, the singer opted to change his name to Kizz Daniel.


The name quickly reflected on his streaming profile accounts such as iTunes and Apple.


Before leaving G-worldwide, the singer tipped a personal record label Flyboy Inc.


And in 2018 Oluwatobiloba created Flyboy Inc. 


He took to his Instagram to thank fans and media for their unwavering support.


I have noticed that singers have lofty dreams but how they leave their label is questionable due to a lot of factors.


Such as:


  • Is the record Label reviewing the contracts


  • Are the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Kiss Daniel, and more receiving a proper cut? from the nonperformance & performance fees?


Under Flyboy Inc. Kiss Daniel released No Bad Songz album which was promoted with singles. like One Ticket, a song that features DMW boss Davido.


Kizz Daniel’s Family and Personal Life


Well, the true nature of how less supportive he is could reflect on the death of his father.


A sad story that the singer took to his social profile to announce and blame himself for the death of his father.


Although I can’t say I blame it because the truth is having such money and fame. could get into the head of any man.

Kizz Daniel Family

I can’t say Kizz was an exception because of his young mind.


Mr. Kola Kizz Daniel’s father was a painter before passing away from an ailment.


Typhoid is the cause of death according to the singer who thinks he could have done more.


and regretted being unable to buy the car he had promised his father before passing.


Kizz Daniel’s older sister Sophire Anidugbe is a Cool FM air personality.


Also, his industrious brother Uthman Anidugbe is a fashion designer.


So what is the name of Kiss Daniel’s brothers and sister?


Kiss Daniel is the second born of 5 children comprising 3 boys and 2 girls.


Here is the name of Kizz Daniel brothers and sisters:


  • Toluwalope Sophire Anidugbe


  • Mofoluwato Uthman Anidugbe


For now, these are the names I have at my disposal.


What about his personal life?


Daniel has been very private with his personal life.


Though there was some rumor he was dating Chidinma Ekile after the two were spotted together.


However, neither party voiced a word about it to brands like Shoutmeceleb, Pulse, or Legit ng.


Daniel reveals though that One Ticket was inspired by the complication he was having in his relationship.


To date, Fans are still keen to find out who Daniel is dating presently.


 So is Kizz Daniel married?


The answer to this question is No Oluwatobiloba Anidugbe is not yet married.


How Much is Kiss Daniel Worth 2024


How much is Kizz Daniel’s net worth? Kizz Daniel has a net worth of 2.3 million US dollars ($2.3 million). His fortune comes from YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and shows.


He is one of the top 50 richest African musicians according to SMCE’s updated list.


But I will take this post a little deeper by covering how much he charges per show, his houses, and his cars.


But first here is a question you might have!


What is Kizz Daniel’s Net Worth 2024


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Kiss Daniel’s net worth is the total of all of his property, assets, precious stones, and landed properties minus everything he owes in debt. In this case, Kizz Daniel’s net worth is 2.3 million US dollars including assets in cash and kind.


The way I arrive at this calculation is through this mathematical formula below.


Net Worth – Debts


How to calculate Kizz Daniel’s net worth:


Here is the simple formula you can use to calculate the net worth of Kiss Daniel


Kiss Daniel asset Minus – kiss Daniel Debts.


How Much Does Kizz Daniel Charge Per Show


Sources close to the singer told SMCE that the songwriter charges between 4 million and 10 million Naira per show in the country.


Kizz Daniel may charge a higher fee for shows outside the country depending on negotiations.


Having said that let me take you to Kizz Daniel’s house and car collections.


Kiss Daniel House and Cars


Celebrities love beautiful lifestyles. I don’t know about you but it’s good to spend your money on things that make you happy.


Kizz Daniel has two houses in the city of Lagos within 5 years of being in the Naija music industry.


You could say that’s quite an achievement right?


Lekki is one of the most popular places in Lagos where musicians and actors alike like to have a home.


but with places like Banana Island taking the food away, you can say Lekki might soon become history.




I almost forgot the upcoming structures in Eko Atlantic City in Lagos which is regarded as home for the super-rich.


However, Kizz Daniel’s house in Lekki costs between 30 million to 50 million Naira.


His second apartment was bought from the Haven home. a real estate company in Lagos.


What about Kiss Daniel cars?


The singer currently has 3 cars in his garage and also bought his younger brother Uthman, a Chevrolet as a birthday present.


Here is the list of Kizz Daniel Cars:


  • Mercedes 2016 CLO – 16 million Naira


  • Bentley – cost 20 million Naira


  • Chevrolet


Kiss Daniel Mercedes Benz cost a total sum of 16 million Naira and his Bentley cost. a whopping 20 million Naira.


What all this does is increase the value of Kizz Daniel’s net worth 2024. Because expensive cars are assets that can Produce monetary value.


Let’s look into his Endorsement deals a little shall we?


Kizz Daniel Endorsement Deals


I honestly think Kizz Daniel is one of the musicians in Nigeria with very few endorsement deals.


I mean he has just one endorsement which came in after creating Flyboy Inc.


Here is Kizz Daniel’s endorsement deal;


  • Kizz has an Endorsement deal with Henessy worth an estimated $1 million to $2 million


Kiss Daniel Awards


As a musician, if you aren’t winning awards, in my opinion, you aren’t touching lives with your songs.


 list of Kizz Daniel’s awards


  • Nigeria Entertainment Award Afropop Artist of the Year 2016


  • Nigeria Entertainment Award Hottest Single of the Year 2016


  • City People Music Award Music Artist of the Year (Male) 2016


  • The Headies Best R&B/Pop Album of 2016


  • Headies Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year 2016


  • Nigeria Entertainment Award Best New Act to Watch 2015


  • (Nigeria) Entertainment Award Best Afropop Artist of the year 2017


  • Nigeria Entertainment Award Music Artist of the Year 2017


Source: Wikipedia & InformationCradle


SMC Kiss Daniel Net Worth H2H Comparison With Other Naija


Since I love a direct comparison let’s see how Kizz Daniel fares on a head-to-head comparison with other Nigerian superstars in the music industry.


I bet you would love this but who should we compare him to first?


I would love Wizkid but let’s take Patoranking first.


Kiss Daniel and Patoranking who is the richest


Kizz Daniel and Patoranking who is richer; Oluwatobiloba Daniel is the richest of the two. He currently has a net worth of over $2.3 million while Patoranking has $1 million. The source of income for these two singers is music, shows, and endorsement deals.




Kizz goes head-to-head with Kingrudy!


So, let’s find out who comes out on top shall we!


Kizz Daniel and Rudeboy Net Worth Who is The Richest


Rudeboy and Kizz Daniel who is richer? Kingrudy is the richest of the two with a net worth of $15.4 million. Oluwatobiloba, on the other hand, is worth $2.3 million.


The one thing that’s surprising though is that Rudeboy and Mr P split and did not strip. them completely from the top 10 list of richest musicians in Naija.


Guess you now know how much Kizz Daniel is worth on a head-to-head comparison with Rude boy in the food chain.


But I will take it even further!

Come on let’s do this!


Kizz Daniel and Olamide Net Worth Who is the Richest


Olamide and Kiss Daniel who is richer? Olamide is the richest of the two with a net worth of $8.8 million. Olamide is also one of the top richest musicians in Nigeria. He currently holds the 10th spot of the richest artist in the country.

Olamide and Kizz Daniel’s net worth isn’t a very favorable comparison though. I think he had been in the game a couple of years before Daniel got his shot.


Kizz Daniel and Don Jazzy who is the richest


Kizz Daniel and Don Jazzy who is richer? Don Jazzy is richer than Kizz Daniel. The producer and singer Collins Michael Ajereh has a net worth of $50 million. Oluwatobiloba, on the other hand, is worth $2.3 million.


Don Jazzy is one of the top 20 richest musicians in Africa.


He sits at the number one spot as an African-rich singer alongside Davido and Wizkid.


In one of my blog posts here on Shoutmeceleb, I covered Collins Ajereh’s biography and net worth.


Kizz Daniel and Davido Net Worth Who is the Richest


Davido and Kizz Daniel who is richer? David is the richest of the two musicians. David has an estimated $27 million while Oluwatobiloba Daniel has a net worth of $2.3 million.


As of 2019 Davido charges between the random figure of 4 to 5 million Naira for local appearance. While Daniel charges between 1 million to 2 million Naira.


Kizz Daniel and Wizkid Net Worth who is the Richest

Wizkid and Kizz Daniel who is richer? Wizkid is richer than Kizz Daniel. Starboy currently has a net worth totaling $25 million making him one of the top 10 richest musicians in Africa. 


Wizkid net worth after a performance in India puts him on the list of the highest-paid musicians in the world.


On the ground of achievement which centers on Kizz Daniel and Wizkid’s net worth Wizkid emerges as the richest of the two Stars.




Kizz Daniel’s success in music can be attributed to talent and hard work.


But most especially thanks to Emperor Geezy who Sugarboy influenced his decision to sign him.


Although there are people who think Kizz does not support other artists in the form of commitment.


Now it’s your turn!


What do you think can increase Kizz Daniel’s net worth in 2025?


I am dying to hear from you…


Also, please share this post on Facebook and Twitter. this way you help me reach more people.

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